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Mortgage-free, tiny home on a housekeeper's salary
I hope you enjoy this short video. This is a good way to go about doing things and this fellow is really on the right track. Pay attention to what he's saying in the video. He makes some of the best sense I've heard in a long while.

Also, hat's (and everything else) off to this brave fellow!
TheStar: Man strips naked at airport to protest security screeners

Just popped in to add this news.

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Peak Oil and Energy News
Bloomberg: Obama to Urge Congress for More Regulation of Oil Markets - President Barack Obama urged Congress to bolster federal supervision of oil markets, including bigger penalties for market manipulation and greater power for regulators to increase the amount of money traders must put up to back their energy bets.
IBTimes: Brazil Oil Chief Expects Oil At $119 A Barrel For 2012 - The CEO of the biggest oil company in one of the world's fastest-rising economies thinks high oil prices are here to stay.
Maria das Gracas Foster, who heads Petrobras, Brazil's state-owned oil company and the largest oil company in Latin America, said on Tuesday that she does not expect global oil prices to fall below $119 throughout the rest of the 2012, Reuters reported.
EnergyBulletin: Easing Off the Gas - The Do the Math blog series has built the case that physical growth cannot continue indefinitely; that fossil fuel availability will commence a decline this century—starting with petroleum; that alternative energy schemes constitute imperfect substitutes for fossil fuels; and has concluded that a very smart strategy for us to adopt is to slow down while we sort out the biggest transition humans have ever faced.
WorldNews: Spain threatens 'decisive' action as Argentina moves to nationalize oil firm 
ETFDaily: The Oil and Natural Gas Ratio Explodes To 52:1

Global Conflict
This is a link posted by Ran Prieur this morning.  Good stuff.
Reddit: Military personnel of Reddit, what misconceptions do civilians have about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?
LAT: US troops posed with body parts of Afghan bombers
A soldier from the Army's 82nd Airborne Division with the body of an Afghan insurgent killed while trying to plant a roadside bomb. The photo is one of 18 provided to The Times of U.S. soldiers posing with corpses.
BBC: Abu Qatada deportation appealed - Radical cleric Abu Qatada cannot be deported yet from Britain, the European Court of Human Rights says, after an appeal was lodged.
Alternet: Warcrimes prosecutor arrives in Libya

MSNBC: Diplomats' wives to Syria's first lady: 'Stop your husband'
Reuters: Homs shelled as Syria demands "neutral" U.N. mission

CNN: Afghan police question school workers over poisoning - Afghan police are questioning two school caretakers after more than 170 women and girls were hospitalized with suspected poisoning, a district official said Wednesday.
Police took the school employees into custody in the town of Rostaq, district administrator Moelam Hussein said.
Local health officials blamed the act on extremists opposed to women's education.
MSNBC: Pentagon sees progress, challenges in cyber warfare
WinstonSalemJournal: Afghan official: Army on track for handover
RawStory: North Korea vows retaliation over rocket - North Korea has warned of retaliation after the US scrapped food aid over its rocket launch, raising fears of a new nuclear test, asChina reportedly suspended a refugee deal with its wayward ally.
In a defiant statement late Tuesday, the nuclear-armed North said it was no longer bound by a bilateral agreement to halt testing of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles after Washington suspended much-needed food aid.

Hacker News
LegitGov: Anonymous downs Home Office site for second time
NYT: British Prosecutors Consider Charges in Phone Hacking Case 

Domestic Financial News
Cryptogon: ‘Factor in taxes, transportation costs, clothing and lunch — what is the true net that you bring home after salary?”
CharlesHughSmith: Crony Capitalism and the Expansive Central State
MyBudget360: The long debt emergency has arrived – From 1950 to 1980 total US credit market debt to GDP held a ratio of 1.5. Today that figure is above 3.5 with total US credit market debt at $54 trillion.
CNNMoney: Moms: 'I can't afford to work' - NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- After factoring in the rising cost of child care, the daily commute and other work-related expenses, a growing number of mothers are figuring out that having a job just doesn't pay. 

ETFDaily: Tim Geithner Spills The Beans, U.S. Debt Crisis Looms 
ChrisMaretnson: The Trouble with Money  - Recently I was asked by a high school teacher if I had any ideas about why students today seem so apathetic when it comes to engaging with the world around them. I waggishly responded, "Probably because they're smart."
CalculatedRisk: Industrial Production unchanged in March, Capacity Utilization declines 
Businessweek: Why Warren Buffett Revealed that he has Prostate Cancer

BusinessInsider: Goldman Explains Why The Amount Of Total Student Loan Debt Has Quadrupled Since The Year 2000
Moneyland: Subprime Lending Returns as Lenders Deal Credit to Risky Clients - “Even I wouldn’t make a loan to me.” That kind of admission from a borrower ought to be a tip-off that banks shouldn’t be showering him or her with car financing and credit card offers, but lenders hungry to raise revenue are turning again to the business practices many contend turned “too big to fail” and “bailout” into household terms.
TNR: Has The Tide Turned On Taxes? - Tax Day 2009 was a very steamy affair. As you may recall, tempers got so hot at several anti-tax Tea Party protests in Texas that the Lone Star governor who was riling up the crowds, one Rick Perry, declared that he might just be open to his great state seceding from the union.
MaddowBlog: Why government, family budgets aren't the same - The Romney campaign today pushes a line we've all heard countless times: "Your family has to operate on a budget, so why doesn't the federal government have to do the same?" Team Romney even put together this "infographic," which presumably helps prove a point the campaign considers important. Given how common this sentiment is, it's worth taking a moment from time to time to occasionally reemphasize why this analogy is so very wrong. At first blush, I can appreciate its appeal -- the argument has a certain down-home, common-sense sort of quality to it. If American families and American businesses can't run massive deficits and borrow billions from China, the argument goes, why does the American government? The point that generally gets lost is the detail that matters: families and businesses borrow money and run deficits all the time. This is a positive, not a negative, development.

Forbes: Merrill  Lynch Eats Its Own - A decade ago, Merrill Lynch was exposed for abusing its clients with tainted research it was peddling.
Internal Merrill emails showed at the time that the firm pushed technology stocks on its customers. All the while, it internally viewed the stocks as “pieces of junk” and “pieces of s—t.” Merrill’s actions led to a $1.4 billon regulatory fine for the industry and massive litigation payouts.

Businessweek: Economist Sees a Dark Side to Falling Unemployment
BusinessInsider: 25 Signs That Middle Class Families Are Being Wiped Out - If America wants to be great again, it is going to need a thriving middle class.  But right now the federal government and the big corporations are gobbling up all of the power and all of the money and the middle class is shrinking rapidly. If current trends continue, eventually there will not be much of a middle class left.
NYT: Sony Plans Major Cuts in EMI Jobs 

HuffingtonPost: Bank Of America Sues Itself In Unusual Foreclosure Case
Salon: Does anyone realize what the GOP just did?  - Republicans save an unpopular tax loophole that favors the super-rich, and they might just get away with it
NYT: Citigroup's Chief Rebuffed on Pay by Shareholders - In a stinging rebuke, Citigroup shareholders rebuffed on Tuesday the bank’s $15 million pay package for its chief executive, Vikram S. Pandit, marking the first time that stock owners have united in opposition to outsized compensation at a financial giant. The shareholder vote, which comes amid a rising national debate over income inequality, suggests that anger over pay for chief executives has spread from Occupy Wall Street to wealthy institutional investors like pension fund and mutual fund managers.  
HuffingtonPost: Federal Reserve Officials Leave For Wall Street With Privileged Info
BusinessInsider: TRUE CONFESSIONS: I Quit My Job To Stay At Home And Become A Farmer
CreditWritedowns: The Curious Case Of Liquidity Traps And Missing Collateral – Part 1

AZCentral: Budget-battered IRS sinks under workload - At 12:30 p.m. Monday, about 50 people waited for help at the IRS center in Fort Myers, Fla. Another dozen who couldn't find seats stood in a line that stretched out the office suite door and into a lobby. The long waits are the result of the IRS' expanded workload and diminished workforce, says IRS Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson, whose 2011 annual report identified inadequate resources as the most serious problem facing taxpayers.
CNNMoney: U.S. Postal Service closings make small businesses nervous
ETFDaily: Time To Confront Central Bank Liars

Global Financial News
Marketwatch: Bank of Spain: Country is back in recession -- Spain's economy is back in recession after a mild recovery in early and mid-2011, and faces an "exceptional" situation that may led to further increases in unemployment, Bank of Spain Governor Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordonez said Tuesday.
Bloomberg: European Car Sales Fall to 14-Year Low as Economy Stalls
Reuters: Bank of Spain warns of risks as debt costs jump
Zerohedge: Quote Of The Day - Angela Merkel is not happy that financial markets have not made any contribution to resolving the financial crisis -RTRSReason: Financial Crisis II  - European governments fail to learn from history.

Guardian: IMF: Global economic recovery fragile and risk of relapse high  - Disorderly default and exit by eurozone member could spark market panic and cause bigger crisis than after Lehman collapse, IMF says in World Economic Outlook report
BusinessInsider: An Awesome Presentation On What Everyone Is Getting Wrong About China
Zerohedge: A Quick Reminder Ahead Of Tomorrow's Spain Debt Auction

Reuters: Italy shifts priority from austerity to growth
EuropeOnline: German public debt rises to record 2.09 trillion euros
DailyMail: One million jobs for young people lost since 2007 as Labour is accused of hiding scale of unemployment on its watch - Almost a million jobs have been lost since 2007 in sectors which traditionally appeal to young people, a new study has revealed.
ETFDaily: Euro Collapse: While Everybody Is Watching Spain, It Is France That Could Topple

The Big Rally In Gold Is Getting Closer and Closer
ETFDaily: KWN Cyber Attacked Following Gold Market’s Deep Interview; The Secrets Of The Temple Revealed
Mineweb: Gold eases fourth day as Euro sags under pressure

M 5.1, southeastern Iran
M 4.2, Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska
Cryptogon: Human-Made Earthquakes Reported in Central U.S.
ClimageCrocks: Public Linking Severe Weather to Climate Change - A poll due for release on Wednesday shows that a large majority of Americans believe that this year’s unusually warm winter, last year’s blistering summer and some other weather disasters were probably made worse by global warming. And by a 2-to-1 margin, the public says the weather has been getting worse, rather than better, in recent years. The survey, the most detailed to date on the public response to weather extremes, comes atop other polling showing a recent uptick in concern about climate change. Read together, the polls suggest that direct experience of erratic weather may be convincing some people that the problem is no longer just a vague and distant threat.
Alternet: Elephants terrorise villagers in Mozambique
"We are using traditional ways to try to scare the animals, but all in vain, because whenever we do something, the monsters disappear for a few days, and when they come back there is no peace," local farmer Joseph Maithe told the paper.
"It even seems they come back to take revenge." (emphasis mine)

MSNBC: Spain's king 'sorry' for elephant-hunting safari
USNews: What to do with frozen cows stuck in cabin?

SeattleTimes: Oil industry promises to help clean up trash in ND - A group representing companies working in North Dakota's booming oil patch announced an effort Tuesday to clean up the human waste, old tires and other trash littering the state's highways.
USAToday: Study: Electric car owners save up to $1,200 a year

McClatchy: Experts: Another BP-style Gulf blowout all too possible  
ArsTechnica: Nest-making orangutans build for comfort and strength
RawStory: Gulf fishermen report eyeless shrimp, malformed fish hearts after oil spill

ExtinctionProtocol: Giant sinkhole in Sweden creating tremors as it expands

RawStory: Illinois man dies in attack by swans
ExtinctionProtocol: Large explosion seen on the Sun’s northeastern limb

ScientificAmerican: Melting Glaciers Liberate Ancient Microbes
WildlifeNews: Untrustworthy: the history of Montana cattle ranchers and Yellowstone bison

America in Decline
Here's another great article from eXiled
eXiled: Class Warfare On Two Fronts: From Afghanistan To Middle America, The Untold Story Of Sgt. Bales
BlacklistedNews: 10 Disgusting Examples Of Very Young School Children Being Arrested, Handcuffed And Brutalized By Police

WSJ: New Details in Secret Service Case
CSMonitor: Secret Service: Scale of prostitution party in Colombia revealed
CNN: US Special Forces members involved in prostitution scandal, sources say 

SeattleTimes: Food stamps, federal pensions face GOP cuts - Republicans controlling the House are targeting food stamps, federal employee pensions, tax breaks for illegal immigrants and subsidies under President Barack Obama's health care law in a multifaceted drive to swap cuts to domestic programs for big Pentagon cuts scheduled next year. 

Zerohedge: Guest Post: Precrime In America
Precrime In America
The U.S. Department of Homeland security is working on a project called FAST, the Future Attribute Screening Technology. FAST will remotely monitor physiological and behavioural signals like elevated heart rate, eye movement, body temperature, facial patterns, and body language, and analyse these signals algorithmically for statistical aberrance in an attempt to identify people with criminal or terroristic intentions.

FDL: Remember “Rathergate”? A Key Instigator Admits the Killian Memos Can’t be Debunked via the “Fonts” Argument - Remember how the right wing ginned up the “Rathergate” hoo-ha to take down Dan Rather and pave the way for George W. Bush’s coronation?
Guess what — in 2008, eight years after the fact, the key guy behind the political hit admitted the argument used to do it was bogus:

RedTape: Revealed: What cops learn, and carriers earn, from cellphone records - Analysis of cellphone tracking data suggests millions is being spent on what some describe as a war on privacy.

USNews: Kindergartner handcuffed by cops after tantrum

OpenChannel: No forensic background? No problem - This is how I -- a journalism graduate student with no background in forensics -- became certified as a "Forensic Consultant" by one of the field's largest professional groups.
TulsaWorld: Texas drops federal funding for women's program - AUSTIN, Texas — Texas officials have proposed phasing-out federal funding for the women's health program through November after Washington said it was illegal to ban the participation of Planned Parenthood.

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Agriculture News April 18, 2012
BusinessInsider: South Korean Oreo Ad Suggests Complementing Oreos With Breast Milk
 (doesn't all milk comes from breasts? LOL)
CivilEats: Our Chemical Cocktail Evaluated in New Report - When it comes to the chemicals used in food packaging, there is much we still don’t know. After a recent U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) decision last month to not put further restrictions on bisphenol-A (BPA), a new report today in the Washington Post takes a closer look at studies that reveal that such endocrine-distrupting chemicals are not only ubiquitous, they might also be harmful at much lower doses than previously thought.

MSNBC: Ammonia used in many foods, not just 'pink slime'

Spiegel: Addicted to Antibiotics: How Factory Farm Drug Abuse Makes Vets Rich - Its no secret that factory farms use unconscionable amounts of antibiotics when fattening up animals for market. In Germany, however, veterinarians play a crucial role in the abuse. Many are getting rich in the process, but the risks to both human and animals are many.
DesdemonaDespair: Farmers must spend more on herbicides as effectiveness fades – ‘We’re going backward 15 years’

Internet and Online Privacy News
LegitGov: CISPA draft allows Internet companies to share customer data and communications with NSA
ModernSurvival: Take Control Of Your Online Privacy

Science and Technology
Arstechnica: Diablo III beta taken down temporarily after brief "Starter Edition" leak - Blizzard has temporarily taken down Diablo III's closed beta servers after an apparent glitch opened up a "Starter Edition" of the game to anyone with a account for a brief period earlier this morning.
(damn! I missed it!)

MSNBC: Why huge dinosaurs had such tiny babies  - A new study may explain many mysteries about dinosaurs, such as why enormous species had such small offspring, why non-flying dinos went extinct, and why today’s birds fly. 
SingularityHub: DARPA’s New Robot Conquers Stairs
DesdemonaDespair: How corporations corrupt science at the public’s expense

16 February 2012 (UCS) – Federal decision makers need access to the best available science in order to craft policies that protect our health, safety, and environment.
Unfortunately, censorship of scientists and the manipulation, distortion, and suppression of scientific information have threatened federal science in recent years.
This problem has sparked much debate, but few have identified the key driver of political interference in federal science: the inappropriate influence of companies with a financial stake in the outcome.

MSNBC: Adult anime app hides dangerous Android trojan
ScienceDaily: Can behavior be controlled by genes? The case of honeybee work assignments


Medical and Health
LAT: Maggots increasingly used to clean wounds - Maggots are increasingly used to clean wounds that are not healing or healing only very slowly. The maggots eat away the dead (necrotic) tissue while ignoring healthy tissue that is forming during the healing process. The alternative, which has been used for centuries, is to physically scrape out the dead tissue, which can be painful for the patient and may not remove all of the dead tissue. Some researchers also think the use of maggots has an antibacterial effect and promotes healing because of chemicals released by the insects. Although the use of maggots has many advocates, there have been few clinical trials of their efficacy and those trials that have been performed have mixed results. Nonetheless, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved use of the technique in2004.

TodayHealth: Tattoo remorse? New technique offers quick removal

MSNBC: Flesh-eating bacteria case spurs study, treatment
Today: Wallower, bottler or yeller? Understand your anger style
MSNBC: Turmeric may protect heart after surgery

Telegraph: 'Universal' cancer vaccine developed  - A vaccine that can train cancer patients' own bodies to seek out and destroy tumour cells has been developed by scientists.
MSNBC: Vitamin D may lower risk of deathly prostate cancer

Vitals: Pharmacies deter teens from Plan B, study shows
Reuters: Belief in God grows as mortality nears, survey says
ScientificAmerican: Depression in Teens Could Be Diagnosed with Blood Test

Hosted: China reports bird flu outbreak - BEIJING — Agricultural authorities in northwest China have culled about 95,000 chickens after an outbreak of the H5N1 bird flu virus, state press reported Wednesday
NATDA: Driving While Stoned: Saliva Test Coming Soon – Reuters

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
CanadianDoomer: Chickens Don't Like Hammers
CityFarmer: Boise City Council approves new rules for urban agriculture


PreppingToSurvive: Why Cotton Pads Should Be in Your Survival Kit - Sometimes the most useful items for survival are not found on the camping aisle of your local big box store.
CityFarmer: Growing Cities: A film about Urban Farming in America – 80+ urban farms

Other News
Guardian: Remorseless and baffling, Breivik's testimony leaves Norway no wiser
TheAtlantic: Kim Jong Un to George W. Bush: Why the World Still Has Hereditary Rulers

WSJ: Rapper's De-Light: Tupac 'Hologram' May Go on Tour 

Businessweek: JetBlue pilot indicted for flight disruption 

NADTA: Marijuana use by athletes disappoints Draymond Green, high school administrators – The Saginaw News – 
Reuters: Top U.S. colleges to offer free classes online

SeattleTimes: Dog that stood guard over body of another is reunited with family
A loyal Labrador retriever named Maggie, who was videotaped as she guarded the body of a yellow Lab hit and killed by a car in Southern California, was reunited with her family. 

USNews: Anger as teens play 'subway chicken' in video

HuffingtonPost: Sledge Hammer, Porn Star, Dies After Being Tasered By Police 

Reuters: Norway's mass killer complains he is being ridiculed

BlacklistedNews: Conned 2012: Joseph Kony Is A CIA Contractor
WSJ: 'Stand Your Ground' Backer Retreats

TheCaucus: Romney Talks of Ending Some Tax Deductions for Wealthy - Mr. Romney’s comments were overheard by reporters standing outside the event on a sidewalk and first reported by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News.
Reuters: Romney campaign backs away from Nugent's Obama remark
LAT: Santorum mailer: Romney as GOP nominee 'frightens me'
CBSNews: Boehner: 2012 election is all about economics
NYDaily: Ted Nugent not backing down from fiery Obama remarks: ‘I’m a black Jew at a Nazi-Klan rally’
Team Romney — who sought out Nugent's endorsement — also weighed in after the DNC called on the GOPer to condemn Nugent's remarks
The Republican rocker and Mitt Romney backer stood by his controversial remarks, in which he called the commander in-chief "vile," "evil" and "America-hating," in addition to saying if Obama is reelected, “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year."
"I spoke at the NRA and I will stand by my speech,” Nugent told the Dana Loesch radio show on Tuesday, adding he was being unfairly criticized.
IBTimes: Ted Nugent Implies He'll Kill Obama: Secret Service Looking Into Explosive Comments 
Politico: 10 little-known facts about Ted Nugent
NBCPolitics: Romney wrestles with how to turn wealth into political asset  - Mitt Romney is worth as much as a quarter billion dollars. Democrats are taking every opportunity to remind voters of that.
ThinkProgress: Gingrich: Extend Right To Gun Ownership To ‘Every Person On The Planet’
CBSNews: Poll: Obama, Romney in dead heat
RawStory: NH GOP-er: Equal pay is really about workers ‘suing their employers unnecessarily’

TinfoilPalace: More Sun Prophecies
TinfoilPalace: periol's poetry hour
TheOilAge: The Kunstlers: energy "independence" will require collapse
TheOilAge: WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to Launch TV Show
HubbertsArms: Scientists suggest evidence of recent lunar volcanism
HubbertsArms: NASA satellite movie shows Great Plains tornado outbreak from space
SilentCountry: Mysterious Particle Found After Decades of Searching
SilentCountry: Tax time pushes some Americans to take a hike

DestinyCalls: Am I the only one that does this?
DestinyCalls: Interesting page on Irish Druids


  1. from the Maddowblog piece: "The point that generally gets lost is the detail that matters: families and businesses borrow money and run deficits all the time. This is a positive, not a negative, development." Really? The propaganda is shameless.

  2. yes it is Periol.
    we're in a mess aren't we.

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