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I hate to do this on a Monday but I'm posting extra early today because I have a project to do, I'm papering the kitchen. LOL Want to get it going before it gets too hot so, here's the news for today, see  y'all tomorrow!

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EnergyBulletin: The conversation we need to have - Age of Limits conference May 25-28 in Pennsylvania
by John Michael Greer

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Peak Oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: More On Hydraulic Fracturing - There is a real, practical limit to the amount of oil that can be recovered from a reservoir. Depending on the availability and economic viability of different technical approaches, that limit might be less than 25% of the total volume of oil originally in place, or it can be more than 50%, as has been achieved in some of the fields in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
NYT: Last Reactor of 50 in Japan Is Shut Down - Japan’s last operating reactor was taken offline Saturday, as public distrust created by last year’s nuclear disaster forced the nation to at least temporarily do without atomic power for the first time in 42 years.

Fuelfix: Battle for China Gas Heats Up Again - The battle for China Gas Holdings Ltd. could be taking another dramatic turn as another potential suitor ups the stakes.
Reuters: Keystone XL pipeline takes second shot at U.S. OKFuelfix: Futures Movers: Oil futures lose more ground on Europe worries

NakedCapitalism: Shale Gas Hype: Subprime 2.0?  - If my RSS reader is any guide, most of the press about shale gas has focused on two issues. First, shale gas is in considerable supply, cheap to produce, and burns far cleaner than other fossil fuels. Second, shale gas does not look so hot environmentally, all in. Fracking can pollute ground water (and potable water is our most scarce resource) and releases enough methane to make shale gas as detrimental as coal. Still, it has been treated as the Great Hope for America’s energy woes, a way to turn the US into an exporter, and maybe it will cure cancer too.

CNBC: OPEC Says Supply Ample, Speculation Driving Price
EnergyBulletin: The peak oil crisis: Implications - by Tom Whipple

Global Conflict
TheAtlantic: Egypt's Mishandling of Sinai Could Risk Unwanted Confrontation With Israel US eyes more cuts in India's oil imports from Iran
NYT: Militant Tied to Bombing of U.S.S. Cole Said to Be Killed - WASHINGTON — A senior Qaeda militant in Yemen linked to the deadly bombing of an American warship there in 2000 was killed in an airstrike on Sunday, the Yemeni government said, in the latest sign of an escalating American campaign to counter the terrorist threat there.

CBSnews: Is the Air Force's F-22 fighter jet making pilots sick?
BusinessInsider: These Air Force Pilots Were On 60 Minutes Tonight Explaining Why They Refuse To Fly The F-22
GlobeAndMail: Peaceful protest outside Kremlin turns violent, hundreds arrested WSJ: Chaos at Sept. 11 Hearing Signals Case Will Take Years 
CBSNews: Putin takes oath as riot police muffle protesters

CNN: Widow: Army captain 'knocked forward' while on Skype session from Afghanistan 
USAToday: Soldier's death during Skype session a mystery
NYT: Netanyahu Calls for Early Israeli Elections 

DetroitFreePress: US hostage appeals to Obama in video released by al-Qaeda 
MSNBC: Report: US secretly releases Afghan insurgents 
ABCNews: Soldier Who Died While Skype Chatting Was Not Shot, Army Concludes 

Telegraph: I will shoot down rogue aircraft during Olympics, vows Defence Secretary
Hijacked airliners that pose a risk to the Olympics will be shot down, the Defence Secretary has vowed.

Guardian: Iran election results cause major setback for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad  - President's supporters were relegated to small section of parliament and hugely outnumbered by conservatives

SeattlePI: Iran says US-Afghan pact will increase instability
RT: US secretly frees high-level Afghan militants as bargaining chip – report
MSNBC: Suicide bombers kill 12, wound 110 in Dagestan, Russia


Counterpunch: Wait Till Chen Guangchen Goes on His First Occupy Demonstration in New York

Slate: You Can’t Occupy This
The government says the anti-protest bill was just a small tweak of the existing law. Don’t believe it.
Hacker News

Domestic Financial News
BusinessInsider: Turning Student IDs Into Prepaid Cards Is Making Colleges Rich
STLtoday: For chronically unemployed, more bad news in Calif
CNNMoney: Too broke to go bankrupt

Marketwatch666: US & EU unemployment, ISM PMIs, the march LPS mortgage monitor, et al, week ended may 5th

EconIntersect: Commercial Mortgage Delinquencies Much Worse than Single Family: Trepp Wire reports that CMBS (commercial mortgage backed securities) have rising delinquency rates. Haven’t we been hearing that mortgage delinquency rates were falling? That has been for residential mortgages. The types of numbers that have been reported by CoreLogic for residential mortgages have been down from a year ago and changing very slowly over recent months. Not only are the commercial delinquency numbers increasing, they are approximately 25-30% greater (on a percentage basis) than residential mortgages.

MJPerry: Decline in Labor Force Participation Reflects Demographics, May Not Be as Bad as Reported - The civilian labor force participation rate (LFPR) is calculated by the BLS as the Civilian Labor Force (employed + unemployed) divided by the Civilian Noninstitutional Population (16 years and over), and not by the working age population as both the WSJ and IBD report.

McClatchy: 4 years after Wall Street crash, regulation of financial markets is still spotty
CharlesHughSmith: Global Reality: Surplus of Labor, Scarcity of Paid Work - The industries that are increasing productivity do so by eliminating entire industries and entire job categories.

MyBudget360: The chicanery between the Fed and ECB - twin balance sheets near peak levels and many European nations back in recession. Methods of understating US unemployment rates.
CNNMoney: Manufacturers to banks: We need money now

LAT: Rents soar as foreclosure victims, young workers seek housing 
FT: There are few sparks in a sputtering US recovery
NakedCapitalism: Frontline Takes Issue With Our Critique of Its “Money, Power & Wall Street” Shows

PhotoblogMSNBC: Protesters in Miami clean garbage from foreclosed homes and dump it at bank  
CNNMoney: Wall Street worried about Europe 
Reuters: House Republicans target social cuts to shield military

FiscalTimes: Economy Hits a Speed Bump and May Dive Further

Global Financial News
'CNNMoney: Jitters' from Europe
Reuters: Greek pro-bailout parties fail to win majority
Hosted: Angry Greeks redraw election map

NYT: Spanish Banks Resist Idea of ‘Bad Bank’ Bailout
Reuters: Greeks punish main parties, risk euro exit
Reuters: Victorious French left reclaims the Bastille

CreditWritedowns: Norway dumps Irish and Portuguese bonds, Switzerland increases Sterling reserves
Cryptogon: ‘Iceland Holds the World Record in Household Debt Relief’
Spiegel: Merkel's Less than Super Sunday: For Chancellor, Torturous Months Lie Ahead

Businessweek: Greek Election Gridlock Raises Risk for Bailout, Euro Future
NYT: Those Revolting Europeans - The French are revolting. The Greeks, too. And it’s about time. Both countries held elections Sunday that were in effect referendums on the current European economic strategy, and in both countries voters turned two thumbs down.

IBTimes: Why NATO And Eurozone Are Concerned About Hollande
DailyMail: Vulgar, rude and egotistical, President Bling-Bling has met his Waterloo
So the French have got their wish: they have evicted the brash, egotistical and hyperactive President Bling-Bling from the Elysee Palace after just one term, along with his disliked Italian supermodel spouse.
Few will mourn the departure of a man who promised so much but delivered so little with his strutting cockiness and super-rich friends.
Telegram: Francois Hollande has ten weeks to avert a French bond crisis
MacroBusiness: Is Australia turning Japanese?
WSJ: Tokyo Shares End With Biggest Fall Of 2012 On Yen’s Rise  

GlobeAndMail: Is the ‘biggest bull market in history’ ahead?
MSNBC: Disability rolls may be holding economy back 
CNNMoney: World markets falter after French elections

Guardian: French president François Hollande promises 'a new start' for Europe  - After victory over Nicolas Sarkozy, Socialist says he will fight back against German-led austerity measures
Counterpunch: The French Chose a New “President”; Will the Eurocrats Let Him Do Anything?
BusinessInsider: The Euro Area Economy Is Deteriorating At A Disastrous Pace
IndiaInk: Never Mind Europe. Worry About India.ETFDaily: This One Little Detail Could Tell You When The Euro Will Lose Support

Mineweb: Curious goings-on in the gold (and silver) market
Zerohedge: Is Gold Hinting At Imminent Coordinated Global Intervention?
CommodityOnline: Rising euro risks could put Gold in euro terms back into focus: UBS

ETFDaily: Golden Staircase: Price of Gold Has Simply Entered A Consolidation Phase

M 3.1, Virgin Islands region

ABCNews: Deadly tornado rips through eastern Japan

A tornado ripped through eastern Japan, killing one person and injuring at least 20 people, destroying houses and cutting power to around 20,000 households.
IBTimes: Once In A Supermoon: Spectacular View of the Moon From Around The World [PHOTOS]

ExtinctionProtocol: Palomar Mountain: plague-infected ground squirrel found

ClimateCrocks: Heartland Denial Palooza coming. This won’t be the First One with Punch Bowl floaters
- Oldie but Goodie. Some long time viewers may remember how keynote speaker Pat Michaels nearly cleared out the room at the 2008 Heartland Climate Denial conference, when he suggested that in fact, the world is getting warmer, and humans have something to do with it, and that a favorite climate denial claim might in fact be, in his words, “a little unfair to the data”.

NPR: White House Unveils New Fracking Regulations
CNN: Mystery pelican deaths prompt beach warning in Peru

EnergyBulletin: Too hot not to notice?
Cosmiclog: Your views of the supermoon

 America in Decline 
ABCNews: Arizona Bans Funding for Planned Parenthood, Organizations That Perform Abortions
TheAtlantic: Congressman Endorses Apartheid, Ethnic Cleansing for Palestinians - In a Washington Times op-ed, Rep. Joe Walsh, a Tea Party Republican from Illinois, unveils his new plan for solving the Israel-Palestine problem:

Offhand, I don't recall a member of Congress in my lifetime saying anything so grotesquely at odds with American ideals about ethnic relations and for that matter basic human rights. Will the Anti-Defamation League denounce Walsh? Will the American Jewish Congress? Will AIPAC have anything to say about the congressman whose strongly pro-Israel views its newsletter approvingly highlighted? If not, why not?
Good: Infographic: America's Not-So-Proud Tradition of Government Corruption - Government corruption doesn't only affect developing nations with long histories of dysfunction; it happens in nearly every American state (and, famously, the District of Columbia). From perjury and tax evasion to outright bribery, corruption has taken down thousands of elected officials over the past 35 years. Which states are home to the most convictions for government corruption?

BlacklistedNews: First-Grader Suspended For 'Sexual Harassment' After Singing 'I'm Sexy and I Know It'
Cryptogon: Footage of Judge Rotenberg Center Torturing a Person with a Disability Aired in Court

Alternet: Dozens of Police Evict Georgia Family at Gunpoint at 3am - Four generations of a Georgia family were evicted at gunpoint by dozens of sheriffs and deputies at 3am last week in an Atlanta suburb. The eyebrow-raising eviction, a foreclosure action, might have been another anonymous descent into poverty were it not for Occupy Atlanta activists who tried to help the family stay in Christine Frazer’s home of 18 years. The eviction came as Frazer, 63, who lost her husband and then job in 2009, had been challenging the foreclosure in county and federal courts by seeking to restructure the terms of a delinquent mortgage. However, the latest holder of her loan, Investors One Corporation—the fourth company that bought her mortgage in an eight-month period—allowed the eviction to proceed even though it was "negotiating" new loan terms with her attorney one day before the police raid.

HipcrimeVocab: What If A Collapse Happened And Nobody Noticed? 
TruthOut: Robots "R" Us: Military-Style Drones Reported on 63 Bases in the US

Food and Water
BigThink: Is Being a Vegetarian a Genetic Condition? 
ScienceDaily: Slaughtering animals without prior stunning should be curbed, if not banned, professor urges -The slaughter of animals for commercial meat supply without stunning them first should at the very least be curbed, if not banned, concludes a former president of the British Veterinary Association (BVA) in an opinion piece in this week's Veterinary Record.

CivilEats: Mad Cow in California: What Does “Atypical” Mean?
Reuters: Salmonella linked to dog food, sickens at least 14 people - An outbreak of a rare strain of salmonella poisoning linked to dog food has infected at least 14 people in nine states, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention said.

Internet and Online Privacy News
NYT: How to Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet
Legal and technology researchers estimate that it would take about a month for Internet users to read the privacy policies of all the Web sites they visit in a year. So in the interest of time, here is the deal: You know that dream where you suddenly realize you’re stark naked? You’re living it whenever you open your browser.

Science and Technology
BigThink: Why Believing in Superstitions Is Good for You
NatGeo: Record Nine-Planet Star System Discovered?
SkepticalScience: Report Warns of Rapid Decline in U.S. Earth Observation Capabilities
"The projected loss of observing capability will have profound consequences on science and society, from weather forecasting to responding to natural hazards," said Dennis Hartmann, professor of atmospheric sciences at theUniversityofWashington,Seattle, and chair of the committee that wrote the report. "Our ability to measure and understand changes in Earth's climate and life support systems will also degrade."
BigThink: What Babies' Brains Tell Us about Adult Creativity
ArsTechnica: Disney researchers put gesture recognition in door knobs, chairs, fish tanks
SingularityHub: Better, Faster, and Cheaper – These Robots Are Invading Car Manufacturing Plants

ANN: Extra gene drove instant leap in human brain evolution
CSMonitor: Alerts say major cyber attack aimed at gas pipeline industry  - Intrusions aimed at control systems, agency of Homeland Security warns
Reuters: AT&T making big investment in home monitoring

Medical and Health
BigThink: Good News! Exercising Less Can Make You Healthier.
ScienceDaily: Higher risk of birth defects from assisted reproduction, study suggests 
RawStory: Ritalin use soars fourfold in U.K. as psychologists warn of untested drug cocktails

ScienceDaily: A single stem cell mutation triggers fibroid tumors: Mutated stem cell 'goes wild' in frenzied tumor expansion 
NYT: When Illness Makes a Spouse a Stranger

Cryptogon: Amish Farm Kids Remarkably Immune to Allergies
ScienceDaily: Losing weight when obese can prevent or cure diabetes, whatever the initial BMI, study suggests 

MSNBC: How Florida 'pill mill' fueled painkiller abuse epidemic 
WashingtonPost: Medical marijuana meets hostility from Obama administration
TheChart: Beastie Boy's death: What is salivary gland cancer?

TodayHealth: It's Melanoma Monday: 4 summer skin tips you should know
Vitals: Obama v. Ryan on controlling federal Medicare spending
Vitals: Stopping US obesity could save nearly $550 billion, report finds

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: Who Will Be The Enemy After The Collapse?
WaldenEffect: What does a cicada taste like?

NYT: Honey, I Got A Year's Worth Of Tuna Fish - Forty-five minutes before midnight on a wintry Tuesday evening, Cathy Yoder and Monica Knight, a pair of 30-something Boise women who run a popular coupon blog called Fabulessly Frugal, strode with purpose through the parking lot of their local Albertsons supermarket. It was the third and final night of “doubles” at Albertsons. This biweekly happening, during which the store issues coupons that double the value of manufacturers’ coupons, is to dedicated coupon clippers what the full moon was to Druids.

Other News
eXiled: The Horror of HBO’s Girls
CNNMoney: Buffett on his cancer: 'It's a non-event'
IBTimes: Afghan Girl Sahar Gul's Torturers Get 10 Years Imprisonment (Photos, Video)

CNN: Last of 11 charged with felony hazing in FAMU case turns herself in 
ABCNews: Missing Tennessee Family: Bodies Found Not Yet Identified, $50,000 Reward Offered

WSJ: Why College Football Should Be Banned
MSNBC: Secret Service agents were 'brutes,' prostitute says
ETFDaily: ?We Are Preparing For Massive Civil War,? Says DHS Informant 

StandardNet: Mormonism, race, collide in historic presidential campaign
CSMonitor: Should Mitt Romney worry about Ron Paul? Libertarian Party picks ticket for 2012

Zerohedge: Ron Paul Is Going to the Republican National Convention, and – Believe It Or Not – It’s Still Possible for Paul to Win
To stop Paul supporters, mainstream Republicans are playing dirty. For example, the Republican National Committee has warned that it may refuse to allow the entire delegation for Nevada to be seated at the national convention for fear that Ron Paul supporters have taken control of the state.

Hosted: Who's who? Obama, Romney projecting mirror image
Time: Biden OK With Equal Rights for Married Gay Couples 
Rawstory: Conservative radio host pressures Romney, then mocks him for caving 

MSNBC: Education secretary says he backs same-sex marraige
AlbanyTimesUnion: GOP leaders start to rally around Romney — sort of

TinfoilPalace: Sacred White Buffalo Born to Lakota Tribe
TinfoilPalace: US Debt Suey-c-i-i-i-i-de Warned Near as Japan Enters Global Currency War (Sorcha Faal)

TheOilAge: Iran to build a nuclear bomb in 60 days?

TheOilAge: Britain's worst "recession" since 1930s

HubbertsArms: Japan to go nuclear-free for first time since 1970
HubbertsArms: Space weather forcaster issues dire forcast

SilentCountry: Deep Ocean Antarctic Research Raises Climate Change Concerns
SilentCountry: Doom in late Summer/early fall?

DestinyCalls: Grey Alien Filmed By KGB
DestinyCalls: The Crowley Thoth Tarot

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