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When all is said and done

Fascism has come to the industrialized world, and the evidence is particularly clear in the United States. As I wrote in a book published in 2004 regarding the executive branch of the U.S. government:
[The administration] is characterized by powerful and continuing expressions of nationalism, identification of enemies as a unifying cause, obsession with militaristic national security and military supremacy, interlinking of religion and the ruling elite, obsession with crime and punishment, disdain for the importance of human rights and intellectuals who support them, cronyism, corruption, sexism, protection of corporate power, suppression of labor, control over mass media, and fraudulent elections. These are the defining elements of fascism.
The situation has progressed, and not in a suitable manner from the perspective of the typical self-proclaimed progressive. Along with fascism, we’re firmly ensconced in a totalitarian, surveillance-obsessed police state. We’ve been in this state for many years and the situation grows worse every year, but most people prefer to look away and then claim ignorance while politicians claim we’re not the people indicated by our actions. As long as you’re not in jail (yet) or declared a terrorist (yet) and subsequently killed outright (yet), you’re unlikely to bring attention to yourself, regardless what you know and feel about the morality of the people running ruining the show.

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Peak Oil and Energy News
BigPictureAgriculture: EIA Chart of U.S. Biodiesel Production from 2009 through 2011
WSJ: Oil Continues Slide as Traders Brace for Jump in Supply Oil prices fall for sixth straight day
UPI: Saudi crude stockpiles grow
UPI: Vermont set to ban fracking
WSJ: Vital Signs: Price of Oil Tumbling - The price of oil has been falling in May. The cost of a barrel of crude oil fell 93 cents to $97.01 on Tuesday. The price is down more than $9 this month and is far below the year’s peak of nearly $110, reached in late February. Fears of slowing economies in the U.S. and Europe, along with apparently easing tensions in the Middle East, are among factors behind the decline.

WashingtonPost: Iraq oil industry experiences new boom

Global Conflict
CNN: NEW: No danger to air travel by bomb plot, homeland security secretary says
CNN: U.S. official upset over leak about double agent in bomb plot
VOA: Reports: Al-Qaida Bomber Was Double Agent
VancouverSun: Syria fighting persists, last chance to avoid war: Kofi Annan

ABC: Annan warns of civil war in Syria
CNN: Source: Double agent infiltrated AQAP bomb plot 
Reuters: U.S. military embraces robots with greater autonomy

Time: Hints of Milosevic in Assad's Actions in Syria 
NYT: Netanyahu's New Partner Less Hawkish on Iran Nuclear Issue
CNN: Threats halt 2 Southwest flights

CBSNews: Ex-analyst: "Made men" make best double agents
Guardian: Six Syrian soldiers injured in blast near UN observer mission convoy
BBC: Breivik 'joy' at massacre scene

Telegraph: US ambassador to Pakistan steps down early
America's ambassador to Pakistan has announced he is stepping down early, raising fears of a renewed period of diplomatic uncertainty between the uneasy allies.
Reuters: Middle East nuclear talks thrown into doubt

Domestic Financial News
CuriousCapitalist: BofA Initiates Home Loan Modification Offers — Homeowners with a Bank of America mortgage have good reason to check their mailbox. The lender said Tuesday it has begun mailing out letters to customers who may qualify to have their home loans reduced as part of a multistate settlement over alleged foreclosure abuses.

BusinessInsider: These American Companies With Europe Exposure Are Now Getting Punished
Economix: Food Stamps and Unemployment Insurance - The Department of Agriculture’s food-stamp program, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, was originally intended as a program for the poor. But it has transformed itself into an important source of support for the unemployed. Traditionally, food-stamp program participants were subject to an asset test – households with a total of more than a few thousand dollars of assets in their bank accounts, automobiles and other assets were not eligible even if income was zero. President Obama's "To-Do List" for Congress - The White House - President Obama has put together a "to do" list for Congress that, if acted upon quickly, will create jobs and help restore middle class security. These initiatives all have bipartisan support, and the President believes that they will help create an economy built to last that supports secure American jobs and makes things the rest of the world buys - not one built on outsourcing, loopholes, or risky financial deals. Here are the items on Congress’s To-Do List:
LSE: A Boost in Your Paycheck: How Are U.S. Workers Using the Payroll Tax Cut?

CNNMoney: Americans buried under debtFDL: Bank of America Begins “Pay Settlement With Other People’s Money” Scheme - Bank of America says they have begun mailing notices to their borrowers about principal reduction opportunities under the foreclosure fraud settlement.

CNNMoney: Stocks tumble 1% on Europe woes
FiscalTimes: Banks Accused of Racial Bias on Foreclosed Homes
CreditWritedowns: Achuthan: The US will be in recession by the end of next month

CNNMoney: Wells Fargo faces new fines for mortgage ripoffs
Businessweek: The Ryan Budget May Cut Economic Data
DailyFinance: What the Looming Retirement Bubble Means for You

PoliticalCalculations: Are Baby Boomers Stealing Jobs from the Young? (Part 2)
CapitalSpectator: Is The Recent Fall In Inflation Expectations A New Warning Sign? 
Fox40: Long Term Unemployed Californians' Benefits Will End - California's Employment Development Department is warning long term unemployed people that their benefits will be cut off next week.

Forbes: 'Don't Go To Law School,' 'Move To Asia,' And 28 Other Pearls Of Wisdom...

Global Financial News
MarketWatch: Greece ‘worst-case’ outcome sparks new turmoil
Telegraph: Greek Syriza leader hands rivals ultimatum to renounce austerity
BusinessInsider: The Disaster You Forgot: PORTUGAL

EconomistsView: Greece, Again, by Tim Duy: It is shaping up to be another long, hot summer, and not just because of global warning. As has been widely noted, the austerity backlash in Europe began in earnest this past weekend. And Greece is once again the epicenter, at least for now.

Mish: Chinese Architect Comments on "Dark Apartments", Vacancies, Residential Malinvestment 
NYT: German Patience With Greece on the Euro Wears Thin
Zerohedge: The Pain In Spain Is Mainly, Well, Everywhere

WSJ: The Odd Bedfellows Behind The Euro's Resilience
TAE: Spain Has Been Shut Out
BBC: PM's plans 'will rebuild Britain' - David Cameron says the economy is his top priority in the Queen's Speech - but Labour says the plans will do nothing to kickstart growth.

Reuters: New Greek poll looms as government efforts founder
Zerohedge: Germany's Roadmap For A Greek Return To The Drachma
Reuters: Defiant Greeks have no regret for anti-austerity vote

Mineweb: Fickle gold and silver prices - a pragmatist's viewpoint
ArsTechnica: China's restrictive rare earth mineral policy draws global ire

M 2.6, Northern California
M 4.3, North Indian Ocean
Fairwinds: Hot Particles and Measurement of Radioactivity
WildlifeNews: Impeach Governor Schweitzer? More rancher extremism
DesdemonaDespair: Antarctic octopus tells story of ice-sheet collapse

ABCNews: Over 1,300 Tubes Damaged at Calif. Nuclear Plant

ExtinctionProtocol: Two inbound CMEs could spark moderate geomagnetic storms
Grist: Born to bee wild: How feral pollinators may help prevent colony collapse disorder

Guardian: Pacific 'garbage patch' changing insect mating habits
LAT: Space weather expert has ominous forecast  - Mike Hapgood, who studies solar events, says the world isn't prepared for a truly damaging storm. And one could happen soon.
ClimateCrocks: I, for one, Welcome our New Blood Sucking, Disease bearing OverLords. Tick Population Explodes after Winter MIA
WaldenEffect: Colony collapse disorder is different in Japan
ExtinctionProtocol: 5.2 magnitude tectonic earthquake strikes off the coast of the Philippines
CNet: 'Monster sunspot' could bring solar flares

America in Decline
BBC: 'Vomiting and screaming' in destroyed waterboarding tapes
When Khalid Sheikh Mohammed appeared before a special military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay last Saturday, he refused to put on the headphones that would enable him to hear the translator.
His civilian attorney, David Nevin, said he could not wear them because of the torture he had suffered during his interrogation.

His "torture" at the hands of his CIA interrogators at a secret "black site" to which he had been rendered, included being deprived of sleep for over a week, standing naked, wearing only a nappy, and being waterboarded 183 times.

IBTimes: California Police Beating Homeless Man Kelly Thomas to Death Captured on Film [DISTURBING VIDEO]
ABCNews: Doctor: Chest Compression Led to CA Homeless Death - The video — which brought some of Thomas' supporters to tears Monday and prompted them to leave the courtroom — shows Ramos and another officer swing their batons at the shirtless man and pin him to the ground as he pleaded with them to stop. It later shows Thomas being hit repeatedly with a Taser while he screamed.

MyBudget360: How to bankrupt a generation of young Americans in four steps - young Americans living at home surges by 50 percent from 2005.
EPI: Price of a diploma: Class of 2012 faces tough job market, rising costs, and increasing debt  
IND: The Kids Will Be Pissed

Alternet: Ask Your Doctor if This Big Pharma Scam Is Right for You: The Dangers of a Drugged Up America
Wired: Oops! Air Force Drones Can Now (Accidentally) Spy on You

CNNMoney: Rural post offices won't close, but hours will be cut

Food and Water
CityFarmer: 1891 – The Ladies Fruit and Salad Gardens – employment opportunity in the UK

Science and Technology
BigThink: How Soon Will Humans Marry Sex Robots?

SkepticalScience: Report Warns of Rapid Decline in U.S. Earth Observation Capabilities
Wired: SpaceX Gets One Step Closer To Carrying People To Orbit  

TechReview: Physicists Store Short Movie In A Cloud of Gas
IBTimes: Scientists Discover Light Emitting From Mysterious Alien Planet
ScienceDaily: New light on enigmatic burial rituals in Cambodian mountains

BigThink: First Light from Super-Earth Detected by Astronomers

Medical and Health

RedditScience: Psychiatry's "Bible" Gets an Overhaul: Psychiatry's diagnostic guidebook gets its first major update in 30 years. The changes may surprise you
DoctorTipster: Lung Cancer Growth Reduced To Half By Max Planck Researchers

ScienceDaily: Reusable grocery bags kept in bathroom implicated in norovirus outbreak
DoctorTipster: Antimalarial Drug Proven Very Effective In Killing Tumor Cells
Vitals: UK doc survey: Deny treatment to smokers, obese 

TheChart: Infections cause one in six cancer cases - One in six cancer cases worldwide are caused by infections, many of which are preventable or treatable, according to a study published Tuesday in the journal The Lancet Oncology.

MSNBC: Psychopaths show signs of brain abnormalities
BodyOdd: Creepy people literally give us chills, study finds

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
RedditScience: Scientists find cheap and effective method for rendering water safe to drink.
ModernSurvivalBlog: Fully Stocked North Idaho Retreat

Other News
Reuters: Half of Americans support legalizing gay marriage: Gallup
WBIR: Morgan Co. deputies discover meth lab in cave 
MSNBC: White supremacists accused of planning for 'race war'

CNN: Russian plane disappears in demonstration flight in Indonesia - Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) -- Russia's newest civilian airliner disappeared Wednesday from radar screens during a half-hour demonstration flight in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, state-run RIA Novosti news service reported.
There were 44 passengers on board.
IBTimes: Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Sexist Sermon: 'Greatest Mistake America Made Was Allowing Women To Vote' [VIDEO]
IBTimes: Muslim Husband Slaps Sister-In-Law, Calls Her A 'Slut' For Taking His Wife To Beach
Reuters: Insight: German sect victims seek escape from Chilean nightmare past

Werner Schmidtke has a recurring nightmare: he is in a room full of boys strapped to metal beds, naked and blindfolded with wax plugs in their ears, being tortured by a man with an electric prod. Any boy who screams is plunged into a tub full of freezing water and given more electric shocks.
LAT: Thinking can undermine religious faith, study finds
USAToday: Report: Fisker Karma blamed for Texas home fire
Reuters: Fisker: Karma battery did not cause Houston fire
MSNBC: Bullied gay student who fired stun gun is expelled 
NYT: Family Battle Offers Look Inside Lavish TV Ministry
Mr. and Mrs. Crouch have his-and-her mansions one street apart in a gated community here, provided by the network using viewer donations and tax-free earnings.

LAT: Tea party upstart Mourdock defeats longtime Indiana Sen. Lugar
BusinessInsider: THE TEA PARTY IS BACK: Here's How They Beat Dick Lugar
CNN: North Carolina's ban on gay marriage sparks cheers, jeers 

CBSNews: 4 in 10 choose convict over Obama in W.Va. 
Alternet: Young vs Old: Will Republicans Turn Class Warfare into Generational Warfare in the 2012 Election? 

Politico: Barrett: Ready for 'drive-by' attacks
LAT: Wisconsin voters fiercely, evenly split as recall vote looms
FirstRead: First Thoughts: The margins told the story

WashingtonPost: Mitt Romney won’t stand up to his own party
Atlantic: How an Inmate Got on the West Virginia Ballot

TinfoilPalace: Whooping Cough Spreading Like Wildfire
TinfoilPalace: ETs Intervene to Prevent Quakes and Earth Changes!!

TheOilAge: Israel Gets Broad New Coalition Government
TheOilAge: What You Might Not Know About The Prison Industrial Complex"

HubbertsArms: New light bulb to last 23 years
HubbertsArms: The Countdown To The Break Up Of The Euro Has Officially Begun

SilentCountry: Gerald Celente America Is A Full Blown Police State!.
SilentCountry: Exposure to Wide Variety of Microbes May Reduce Allergies

DestinyCalls: Gematria Calculator

DestinyCalls: Cold weather linked to witchcraft trials


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