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This top story is from Doug at 3Es News.
What was that man smoking??? (not Doug, the man in the story. LOL)
I've been like Guy McPherson, hoping that Peak Oil would save us from Global warming. I don't think that's going to happen anymore. Looks like we're in for some terrible times. But, no worries, we'll adapt.

Tillerson, in a break with predecessor Lee Raymond, has acknowledged that global temperatures are rising. "Clearly there is going to be an impact," he said Wednesday.
But he questioned the ability of climate models to predict the magnitude of the impact. He said that people would be able to adapt to rising sea levels and changing climates that may force agricultural production to shift.
"We have spent our entire existence adapting. We'll adapt," he said. "It's an engineering problem and there will be an engineering solution."

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Peak Oil and Energy News
PeakProsperity: Coal: The Ignored Juggernaut - Oil, natural gas, and alternatives dominate the headlines when it comes to energy. But there's a big and largely-overlooked revolution occurring with the energy source likely to become the most preferred fuel for a world in economic decline: coal.

Statesman: Texas OKs big boost in wholesale electricity rate 
IBTimes: Iran Oil Sanctions: China Gets Exemption From White House; U.S. Will Boost Monitoring Of Banks

USAToday: U.S. opens more Arctic, Gulf areas for oil, gas drilling
CNBC: Saudi Readies Oil Line to Counter Iran Hormuz Threat
Saudi Arabia has reopened an old oil pipeline built by Iraq to bypass Gulf shipping lanes, giving Riyadh scope to export more of its crude from Red Sea terminals should Iran try to block the Strait of Hormuz, industry sources say. 

Global Conflict
PopSci: Army Demonstrates a Weapon That Shoots Laser-Guided Lightning Bolts 
NYT: Lying About Earning War Medals Is Protected Speech, Justices Rule

Reuters: Blast hits Damascus, Turkey sends troops to border
WSJ: U.S. Clears China From Iran Oil Sanctions

Businessweek: Assad's Exit Focus of Geneva Meeting as Russia Objects
WSJ: Jordan's King Meets Hamas Leaders

CSMonitor: What happened at Fort Bragg?
WSJ: UTC Fined for Arms Sale to China - United Technologies pleaded guilty to illegally helping China develop its first military attack helicopter and agreed to pay more than $75 million in penalties.

WashingtonPost: Spoiler or voice of reason? Russia plays major role in Syria crisis negotiations
Aid workers kidnapped from Kenya's Dadaab camp near Somalia

Heads up! Olympics false flags coming 'fast and furious:' Two Muslim converts arrested over Olympic terror plot 28 Jun 2012 Two Muslim converts have been arrested in East London on suspicion of plotting an attack against the Olympics. Sources said the arrests were based on a tip-off and the investigation was at an early stage. One source said it was unclear if the alleged plot was serious or developed or what method of attack was to be used but said the Olympics could have been the target. The two men, aged 18 and 32, were arrested at separate residential addresses in east London, according to Scotland Yard.

CBSNews: NYPD gets $10M radiation-spotting chopper 
Hosted: Clinton, Lavrov set for Syria showdown

NYT: Assad, in Taped TV Interview, Calls Iran a Wise Friend 
Guardian: Syria crisis: Assad vows to 'annihilate terrorists' - live updates

Telegraph: What now for Egypt's uneasy peace with Israel?
NYT: Syrian Groups Say Bloody Day Left High Toll of Civilians

TheExtinctionProtocol: Oil, spies, terror groups, Turkish vengeance: the Syrian nightmare may be just beginning 
VOA: UN Warns Sudan About 'Heavy-Handed' Suppression 

JPost: Mursi to Tahrir Square: There's no power above people power
ABCNews: Syrian Troops Besiege Rebellious Suburb

Domestic Financial News
WSJ: Consumers Become More Pessimistic - U.S. consumers were more worried about the economy at the end of June than they were last month, according to data released Friday. 

CNN: Big banks are a mess. Run away! - The Buzz
LAT: Jerry Brown cuts $195.7 million from budget
Bloomberg: Barclays Big-Boy Breaches Mean Libor Fixes Not Enough
USAToday: Peter Madoff in custody, to serve 10 years in Ponzi scheme
Reuters: May consumer spending weakest in six months
Fortune: Wall Street still ignoring the fiscal cliff

Forbes: In Mississippi, Toyota Tests Radical Redesign For Factories And Itself 

SeattleTimes: Stockton is largest US city to seek bankruptcy 

Economonitor: Latest Data Show U.S. Corporate Profits Falling Due to Global Woes While GDP Growth Remains Sluggish 

ETFDaily: Economy: 17 Reasons Why The Second Half Of 2012 Could Be A Disaster

Global Financial News
WashingtonPost: European leaders agree to use bailout fund to help banks
NYT: Ford Motor, Citing Europe’s Woes, Says Foreign Losses to Triple in Quarter
MarketNews: Microsoft's Headquarters in Greece Has Been Firebombed
27 Jun 2012 According to a report by Reuters, Microsoft's Athens, Greece headquarters was firebombed this morning. The publication reports that the attackers drove a van carrying a number of gasoline canisters into the building. The assailants used multiple firearms to keep security guards at a distance, as they proceeded to set the van ablaze. The fire gutted the building's lower floor, but didn't collapse the building. So far, it is believed that at least two individuals were involved in the incident.

Zerohedge: The Story That Got Bloomberg News Blocked In China 
 Bloomberg News may be the most read news source in the world, but as of today, it is no longer available in China. Why? According to Bloomberg TV News Editor Denise Pellegrini, all it takes is for some investigative reporting exposing the dirty laundry, or in this case the even dirtier assets of one Xi Jinping - "the man in line to be China’s next president."
Ibtimes: Japan's Industrial Production Plunges In May
ETFDailyNews: Jim Rogers: ‘Armageddon’ to Happen Despite EU Deal

NYT: European Leaders Agree to Use Bailout Fund to Aid Banks
Independent: Barclays faces fresh scandal over interest rate swaps

CNN: European leaders reach key deal on banks
AngryBear: No, the Greeks Aren't Lazy. The Germans Are. 

Zerohedge: Italy's Revenge: VAFFANMERKEL

ETFDaily: Gold and Silver Prices Will Move Higher As A Safe Haven (GLD, SLV, AGQ, GDX, UUP, RIO, CCJ) 
Mineweb: Copper on track for worst quarter since Q3 2011

M 2.8, 6km E of Sutton-Alpine, Alaska
M 4.2, 53km NE of Roshtqal'a, Tajikistan

WitsEnd: The Inferno Ignites -The ability of humans to deny the obvious seems infinite and immutable.

MSNBC: India floods displace more than 850,000

CSMonitor: Colorado blaze: Most destructive in history (+video)
CBSNews: Raging wildfire most destructive in Colorado's history

DesdemonaDespair: Heat wave rolls through U.S., toppling records – Over 2,300 broken in June 
Gazette: WALDO CANYON FIRE: Hell in the rearview mirror 

MSNBC: Heat hub for US is Kansas farm town -- not Death Valley
Hill City resident: 'To have days on end, plus this early in the year ... that's what worries people'
EarlyWarning: Latest US Drought Map and Colorado 1 dead, estimated 346 homes burned in Colo. fire
ENENews: Fukushima radiation monitor spikes twice after M5.2 quake near plant (CHART)
Guardian: Flood sweeps man to death as UK storms continue

Reuters: Worst wildfire ever in Colorado claims first victim
RTTNews: Highest Radiation Detected In Japan's Fukushima Reactor 

CNN: Colorado wildfire turns deadly; Obama plans visit 
CNN: Blistering, potentially deadly heat forecast for much of U.S.

WorldCrunch: Save The Elephants: Gabon President Ignites Huge Bonfire Of Illicit Ivory

America in Decline
Guardian: Shooting of lesbian teen couple leaves Texas town searching for answers - As Americans across the country prepared to take part in a weekend of gay pride celebrations last Friday, Mollie Olgin and her girlfriend Mary Kristene Chapa, gay teenagers in a small Texas town, were gunned down and left for dead in the tall grass of a local park.

TheNation :How the US Rendered, Tortured and Discarded One Innocent ManOilPrice; Budget Cuts Force U.S. out of the Nuclear Fusion Race

Food and Water
Economist: How to Feed A Planet - THIS chart is the nearest thing to a snapshot of everything you need to know about feeding the world. It comes from Cargill, a grain trading company, and shows which regions of the world have a food surplus or deficit, and how imports or exports have changed since 1965. 

Internet and Online Privacy News
ReadWriteWeb: Online Merchants Wrestle With The 'Creepy' Factor In Web Personalization

Science and Technology
MSNBC: Chinese space trio lands after historic trip 
UniverseToday: Titan’s Tides Suggest a Subsurface Sea 

CosmicLog: Weird life preserved, Pompeii-style
CSMonitor: The latest in cybercrime? Fully automated bank heists 
CNET: Google: Yes, Chrome is crashing MacBooks
FutureOfTech: Scientists develop a spray-on battery

Medical and Health
MSNBC: Porn gives man severe headaches‎
CBSNews: How the Affordable Care Act affects you

Vitals: Thrilled and relieved, sick patients cheer court ruling 
BodyOdd: Psst: asparagus pee. Are you in the club?

CNN: Your health care is covered, but who's going to treat you?
USAToday: Poll: Americans split on health care decision

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
PeakProsperity: International Homesteading Education Month, September 2012
PermacultureUK: Wild Fermentation: how to make sauerkraut, kimchi, and preserve other vegetables

PreppingToSurvive: Eating the Fruits of the Land: Blackberry Pie
PeakProsperity: How to Make Primitive Kilns

WaldenEffect: Excalibur heat

Other News
NYDaily: New York girl, 11, died of electrocution at miniature golf course in Florida

WashingtonPost: Man collapses in court, dies after learning jury convicted him of burning his Phoenix mansion An Arizona man collapsed in court and died after hearing a jury convict him of burning down his $3.5 million mansion.

MSNBC: Official: Battalion commander dead in Fort Bragg shooting
BBC: Israel stages Holocaust survivor beauty pageant
MSNBC: Unemployed hero gets job, visits rescued tot 
OrlandoSentinel: Zimmerman will be back in court Friday to seek bail

CNN: Air Force identifies 31 women in sex scandal
Today: Flight attendant loses cool aboard NYC plane

TheSmokingGun: Suspect Returned Used Enemas To Florida CVS - A Florida man is under investigation for repeatedly returning boxes of used enemas to a CVS pharmacy where workers re-shelved the items, cops report.

MSNBC: House holds Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt 
Politico: Holder legal wrangling could last past election
Bloomberg: House Makes Holder First Cabinet Member Cited in Contempt
LAT: Conservatives seize on tax label to attack healthcare ruling

ABCNews: White House: Sorry, Roberts, Obamacare mandate is a penalty, not a tax
Rawstory: MD governor: Only mandates Republicans embrace are ‘trans-vaginal probes for women’ 

WashingtonPost: House Republicans win contempt vote against Attorney General Holder, but legal dispute ahead

TinfoilPalace: Man gnaws womans face
TinfoilPalace: 10 Disturbing SHTF Threats that most Preppers Haven’t Prepared For

TheOilAge: US-China tensions in SE Asia
TheOilAge: Video on Rio summit: "green economy" = capitalist power grab

HubbertsArms: Maya archaeologists unearth new 2012 monument
HubbertsArms: Fukushima Radiation at Record High

SilentCountry: ObamaCare lives
SilentCountry: That'll teach ya to outsource that shit

DestinyCalls: Tesla vs. Edison (viral cartoon), Forbes Response
DestinyCalls: Timeline shifting events :Or Abe Vigoda never dies P

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