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Peak Oil and Energy News
MSNBC: Price of gas continues to fall, but that may change soon
SeattlePI: Iraq warns Turkey over separate Kurdish oil deal
SeattleTimes: Oil falls below $87 as China cautions on economy - Oil fell slightly in Asia on Monday as the Chinese premier's downbeat comments on the economy underlined the possibility of weak demand from the world's second biggest crude consumer.

Telegraph: Was the petrol price rigged too?  - Motorists may have been paying too much for their petrol because banks and other traders are likely to have tried to manipulate oil prices in the same way they rigged interest rates, an official report has warned.
Bloomberg: Abu Dhabi Exports First Pipeline Oil Bypassing Hormuz Strait

Global Conflict
Telegraph: Syria: gunfire rings out on the streets of Damascus
MSNBC: Video: Civil war declared for Syria
WorldCrunch: Clinton In Israel For Tough Talks, After Hostile Sendoff From Egyptian Protesters

CNN: US Navy ship fires at small boat in Persian Gulf
ABCNews: Activists Report Clashes in Syrian Capital
Reuters: Syria says UN's Annan wrong about Tremseh killings
VOA: Syrian Government Denies Attack on Village

Guardian: Iraq war will haunt west, says Briton who advised US military - Exclusive: Emma Sky – British civilian who advised US commanders in Iraq – says Muslim world sees a war on Islam
MSNBC: Red Cross: Syria is now in civil war, humanitarian law applies
Guardian: Bashar al-Assad could face prosecution as Red Cross rules Syria is in civil war Declaration signals that Geneva-based organisation regards all civilians and detainees as protected under international law

Reuters: Fiercest fighting yet reported inside Damascus
JPost: Clinton to Peres: Friends like us must act together 

Hosted: Boston church prays for pastor abducted in Egypt
CNN: Ex-Syrian ambassador calls for foreign military intervention
Time: For Us or Against Us: Egyptians Confront Clinton with Conspiracy Theories

AFP: N. Korea army chief removed from all posts: report 
NYT: After Meeting Clinton, Egypt's Top Commander Accelerates Morsi Feud
NYT: New Fighting in Damascus After Syria Denies Attack on Civilians 

Guardian: Israeli's self-immolation triggers protests
Rawstory: Libyan Olympic chief kidnapped in Tripoli: official
Salon: CNN on the Iran threat Evidence shows Syrian security got comms from West 
UPI: Israel excluded from U.S. terror forum - WASHINGTON, July 16 (UPI) -- Rabbi Marvin Hier, the founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, accused a U.S.-sponsored counterterrorism forum of deliberately excluding Israel.

EconIntersect: Occupy Argument: It’s Constitutional - Antonio Rahman was arrested in the early evening of 15 October 2012, between 7:30 and 8:00 pm, on the park-like grounds of the North Carolina state Capitol building, adjacent to a streetside sidewalk. It was not for public intoxication, indecent behavior, loud and lascivious conduct or even vagrancy; the charges were second-degree trespass. Rahman was sitting in a circle on the ground with 18 others who were also arrested. That’s right, they were charged with trespass on public property. The case is apparently not going to go away quietly. Rahman’s attorney, Scott Holmes of Durham, NC, will argue for dismissal of charges on constitutional grounds. The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to peaceably assemble; that is the plea for dismissal that Holmes will present on behalf of Rahman.
CNN: Tens of thousands demonstrate against nuclear power in Japan
SeattleTimes: 23,000 Egypt workers at factory declare strike - About 23,000 textile workers in a northern Egyptian town are on strike, demanding higher wages
eXiled: SHOCKING VIDEO FROM SPAIN PROTEST: Austerity Gestapo Brutally Attacks Peaceful Protesters, Over 76 Injured And Counting…

Domestic Financial News
NYT: U.S. Is Building Criminal Cases in Rate-Fixing - The [Justice Department]’s criminal division is building cases against several financial institutions and their employees, including traders at Barclays ... The prospect of criminal cases is expected to rattle the banking world and provide a new impetus for financial institutions to settle with the authorities.
Bloomberg: California’s Bad Bet Makes JPMorgan’s Look Minor

MSNBC: Credit bureaus to get federal oversight for first time
WallStreetOnParade: Twelve Senate Democrats Turn to Geithner for Libor Probe Despite His Sitting Mum on the Crime for Four Years

CNN: Asia's millionaires outnumber America's
Time: LIBOR Rigging: What the Regulators Saw (but Didn’t Shut Down) 

BusinessInsider: Bill Clinton: The Economy Would Recover Quicker If We Used Less Energy
Truthout: The 1% Connection: Mexico and the United States, Crony Capitalism and the Exploitation of Labor Through NAFTA
Mark Karlin, Truthout: "Free trade, such as NAFTA, is a way of exploiting labor without national boundaries and ravaging the environment in pursuit of higher corporate profits. Borders only exist for poor migrants seeking money to keep themselves and their families alive. The victims of this trade policy - and its synergistic companion, crony capitalism - eke out an existence on both sides of the Mexican-United States border.... There is no border wall for economic injustice." 

TimeBusiness: Will Amazon Take Over the World?
WashingtonPost: U.S. Postal Service sets record for preorders with baseball stamps
Minyanville: Stock Downgrades: GE All Out of Juice? 

CNBC: Fewer US Companies Planning to Hire; Europe Looms
Telegraph: Wall Street braced as global slowdown hits America
Wall Street is braced for signs that slowing growth has finally caught up with American companies as some of the country's biggest begin releasing their results this week.
BBC: Barclays: 'Other banks to face Libor revelations'
GregMankiw: The Progressivity of Taxes and Transfers
SeattleTimes: Study: Parents pulling back on college spending

Global Financial News
24/7WallSt.: Premier Wen Jiabao Warns On China Growth
FiscalTimes: China's Growth Slows Again – Is the Worst Over?
Barron's: The Euro's Fate

Fortune: The dismal state of luxury
Truthdig: The Pain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain (Folk)
ETFDailyNews: India Investing: The Rain Shortfall May Derail India ETF Gains (INP, EPI)

Mineweb: What role should gold play in your portfolio? 
Mineweb: Silver - a modest outlook at best
ETFDailyNews: Gold ETF Assets Surge But A Closer Look At The Data Tells A Different Story (GLD, GDX)
CommodityOnline: Gold traders taking either smaller positions or shorter time horizons: UBS

M 5.6, 283km NE of Nabire, Indonesia
M 3.2, 93km NNE of Road Town, British Virgin Islands
TimesOfIndia: Morning shower paints rural Kannur red
KANNUR: Though not for first time in the state, red rain in parts of Kannur on Thursday did create some panic and curiosity among the residents in the district. The strange phenomenon happened around 6:50am and lasted for 15 minutes. People in the 1km area in and around Edachery in Puzhati panchayat panicked as their courtyards turned blood red after rain.
CNN: Drought stretches across America, threatens crops
CBS: Japan troops called in as flood deaths rise
Guardian: Japan floods kill 26 and leave thousands cut off

WSJ: Trade Dries Up Along With Mississippi - A year after historic flooding brought the Mississippi River up to record levels, the severe drought hitting the central U.S. has caused water levels along parts of the waterway to plummet, disrupting barge traffic from Cairo, Ill., to Natchez, Miss. In some places, the water level is about 50 feet below what it was during the flood's peak. At one bend of the river between Vicksburg, Miss., and Memphis, Tenn., barges ran aground several weeks ago because of low water and had to be rescued, according to Cmdr. Tim Wendt, chief of the waterways-management branch for U.S. Coast Guard operations. Barge operators have sharply reduced their loads to get through tightening river passages.

EconoBrowser: May Temperatures, Economic Implications - From NOAA: The United States reported its warmest spring since records began in 1895,... ... with 31 states in the eastern two-thirds of the country observing record warmth.
ArcticNews: How extreme will it get?
LAT: Glendale's most popular bear is caught again, sent back to wild
WorldCrunch: Parts Of Poland Flattened In Tornado Aftermath (Video) 
ExtinctionProtocol: Freak wave of tornadoes carve trail of destruction through northern Poland, leaving 1 dead

MSNBC: Video: Shark hunt is on after attack in Australia - After five fatal attacks by great white sharks in less than ten months, officials on the western Australia coast are on high alert, blaming population growth and water sports for the surge in attacks.
Guardian: How has wildlife near you been affected by the 'apocalyptic' summer? | Open thread

Reuters: Anger in India after floods leave 109 dead, 400,000 homeless Scientists analyze potential of using lasers to make rain
ClimateCrocks: Graph of the Day: Heat Records Exceed Cold by Increasing Margins
Reuters: Shell drill ship slips moorings, drifts toward Alaska shore

America in Decline
Alternet: There's No Hiding It: Citizens United Wasn't About "Speech" -- It Was About Takeover of American Democracy
Washington'sBlog: U.S. Drugged Detainees to Obtain FALSE Confessions   

NOC: The Selling of American Democracy: The Perfect Storm - Robert Reich, Op-Ed: With a more equitable and traditional distribution of wealth, far more Americans would have a fair chance of influencing politics. As the great jurist Louis Brandeis once said, “we can have a democracy or we can have great wealth in the hands of a comparative few, but we cannot have both.” Alternatively, inequality wouldn’t be as much of a problem if we had strict laws limiting political spending or, at the very least, disclosing who was contributing what.

AJC: Car buyer mistaken as terrorist

Food and Water
BigPictuereAgriculture: Hot 5: Barn Kits. Agricultural Machinery Sales. Soil Erosion. Farm Tours. Lyme Disease.
CattleNetworkMarkets: World wheat production down sharply this month 

BottomLine: Grocery prices headed higher as drought lingers

Privacy News
ExtremeTech: The camera that can see through frosted glass and skin, and around corners

Science and Technology
USAToday: Former space workers struggle a year after last shuttle
Arstechnica: The fruits of string theory: The Shape of Inner Space
Rawstory: Oxytocin scientist studies what makes humans good and evil

io9: Earth’s magnetic field just might be gearing up for a reversal 
CNN: Has the 3-D hype bubble finally burst?
MSNBC: Space station crew launches into orbit on Russian craft

MSNBC: Solar storm sweeps over Earth  - Skywatchers keep an eye out for northern lights; no negative effects reported
Slashdot: Record Setting 500 Trillion-Watt Laser Shot Achieved 
Smithsonian: Can Computers Predict Crimes?

Medical and Health
NYT: Medicaid’s New Tug of War – - THE new health care law’s individual mandate — the provision pushing people to buy insurance, and upheld last month by the Supreme Court — has garnered huge attention. But about half the planned expansion of insurance coverage under the new law comes from another source entirely: growth of the Medicaid program.
ScientificAmerican: Self-Compassion Fosters Mental Health 

RedditScience: Research shows that genetic factors only modestly affect alcoholic liver disease risk, with environmental factors, such as diet, having a much stronger impact 

NPR: Black Lung Makes A Deadly Resurgence
CNN: Why zombies, robots, clowns freak us out

MSNBC: In the age of anxiety, are we all mentally ill?  
CNN: S.C. flesh-eating bacteria victim to go home

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalOnline: Infographic: Essential Survival Preparedness Skills CanadianDoomer: Self-Sufficiency
CattleNetwork: Strategies to manage cows in dry conditions

PreppingToSurvive: Adding a Zippo Lighter to Your Prepping Supplies 
SabreDancing: The demolition is pretty much done….

Other News
TheEagle: Most-wanted US fugitive caught in Cancun
ChicagoTribune: Artist erases halo over Joe Paterno on mural
Bloomberg: Abolish College Football

UPI: Ontario police find 50 bombs in home - BARRIE, Ontario, July 16 (UPI) -- Police said they have discovered more than 50 improvised explosive devices and potential booby traps in the Ontario home of a man suspected of a 1978 killing.

USAToday: Woman accuses Zimmerman of child molestation

Hong Kong (CNN) -- A 13-year-old boy is in intensive care in Beijing after two adults assaulted him by releasing compressed air into his body using a mechanical pump at an automobile repair shop.
Chinese media reported that the boy, Du Chuanwang, who lives in Shandong Province on China's east coast, suffered from dozens of puncture wounds in his intestines and multiple organ failure.
The boy helped out at the auto repair shop, where two co-workers allegedly inserted the nozzle of an air pump into his anus and filled his body with air. The suspects have been detained.
BlacklistedNews: VIDEO: Senior Citizen Assaulted and Arrested at Bohemian Grove
BusinessInsider: The Story That Led To The Latest Twist In The Mystery Of Natalie Wood's Death
LAT: Texas man tracks down stolen car 42 years later in Los Angeles

Truthout: Paterno Was Paid Off Even as Scandal Played Out
Jo Becker, The New York Times News Service: "[Joe] Paterno was to be paid $3 million at the end of the 2011 season if he agreed it would be his last. Interest-free loans totaling $350,000 that the university had made to Mr. Paterno over the years would be forgiven as part of the retirement package. He would also have the use of the university's private plane and a luxury box at Beaver Stadium for him and his family to use over the next 25 years."  
CorpWatch: United Nations, Olympics Accused of Using “Unaccountable” Private Security 

IBTimes: Oscar-Winning Actress Celeste Holm, Of ‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ And ‘All About Eve,’ Dies At 95

Guardian: Sage Stallone, son of Sylvester Stallone, is found dead

CBSNews: Oprah interviews the Romneys
Reuters: Obama rallies supporters in rainy battleground Virginia
Salon: Veep decision made - Decision made: The New York Times reports that Mitt Romney has already reached a decision on who his vice presidential nominee will be, and “may announce it as soon as this week.”

Motherjones: Voter ID Laws Are the Last Gasp of a Fading GOP Strategy
CSMonitor: A victory for Republicans, Florida wins use of federal database to purge voters

SeattleTimes: Romney proposed 'foolproof' death penalty in Mass.
PoliticalCarnival: Oops! George W. Bush’s name on list of Texas residents who would be ineligible to vote

TinfoilPalace: Weirdest Darn Blog I've Ever Seen...
TinfoilPalace: Nigel Kerner interviewed by ClandestineTimelord 2342 & GLPVC The Raw Feed 2012

TheOilAge: Backyard Harvesting

HubbertsArms: Not that it's news to many, but Mitt Romney is a complete fucking weirdo.
HubbertsArms: Remaining portion of Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 seen from Kyodo helicopter (PHOTOS)

SilentCountry: This years US drought in top 10 largest since 1895

SilentCountry: TSA Screening Statistics

DestinyCalls: The Crowley Thoth Tarot  

DestinyCalls: Britain, America, The Bank of England, The Fed and Two World Wars

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