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AngryBear: The Trickle-Down Theory of Happiness - A poem by Philip Appleman via Bill Moyers. I think that about covers it. But if it was not for you, try this one: The Ant.
And...this from Tube! LOL thanks Tube!

“Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away!

Рut Putin away! Put Putin away!”

The shining bronze-plated walls inside Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour echoed with the raised voices of an acapelo choir of strident female voices on February 21 this year, suddenly and unexpectedly shattering the silence. The anonymous feminist punk band Pussy Riot had begun an impromptu performance of their protest song ‘Holy Shit!’
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Peak Oil and Energy News
WSJ: Gulf OPEC States Oppose Prices Meeting
Telegraph: Nasa scientists develop flying wind farms
For years wind farms have been criticized for blighting the landscape, but scientists at Nasa and other organizations in the US are developing a possible solution – wind turbines in the sky.

TheLand: Peak theories 'trashed' - PEAK theories - peak phosphorus, peak oil, peak potassium - are, in the words of Mick Keogh, being "trashed by the cold, hard and ruthless rules of economics".
Crash-Watcher: The Carter Doctrine: Is It Working? - ASPO 2012 presentations have come out on You Tube, and among them is this interesting presentation from Michael Klare entitled, The Geopolitics of Oil and Gas. As part of his presentation (6:30-8:30 min) Klare talks about the Carter Doctrine:
TAE: Peak Oil: A Dialogue with George Monbiot

Global Conflict
ABCNews: Taliban Claim Afghan Blast That Killed 6 US Troops
GlobeAndMail: Defying military, Egypt's Morsi orders parliament to reconvene
ANN: Pakistan police foil huge artefact smuggling attempt 

WSJ: Japan Weighs Buying Disputed Islands 
Guardian: Afghan woman accused of adultery shot dead in public
Parwan province officials say man behind the public shooting, captured on video, is a member of the Taliban
A man Afghan officials say is a member of the Taliban shot dead a woman accused of adultery in front of a crowd near Kabul, a video obtained by Reuters showed, a sign that the austere Islamist group dictates law even near the Afghan capital. Syrian army rattles sabres as Annan arrives
WSJ: Israel Grapples With Influx of Africans
Israel has stepped up its efforts to round up and repatriate South Sudanese migrants, as Netanyahu's government struggles to stem the monthly tide of thousands of Africans crossing illegally from Egypt.
BBC: Afghanistan: US Nato soldiers killed by roadside bomb
Reuters: Annan arrives in Damascus, Syria tests missiles
NYT: Assad Says Public Support Assures He Will Continue to Lead Syria

Guardian: Morsi orders parliament to reconvene in defiance of military - Egypt's new president appears set for confrontation with army which was behind dissolution of Islamist-dominated parliament
IBTimes: New Great Game Being Played In Afghanistan, Without The US

SeattleTimes: 37 killed in central Nigeria raids and reprisals Authorities in central Nigeria say 37 people have been killed in Christian villages near a city that has seen religious violence in the past. 
NYT: 5 Killed in U.S. Drone Strike in Pakistan
CNBC: Iran plans to sell oil via private group, evade ban
CSMonitor: Egypt's president reopens parliament, Army response awaited

SoberLook: Iran threatens action in the Persian Gulf, again
Spiegel: Raids on Neo-Nazis : German Police Uncover New Militant Group

ENENews: Watch: Police clamp down in Tokyo streets — “We’re not allowed to get anywhere near protest” (VIDEO)
TruthOut: The Aftermath of Occupy Will Surpass the Gains of 1960s Activism

Hacker News
Technolog: Hackers steal BMWs in 3 minutes using security loophole
Wired: Drone Hijacking? That's Just the Start of GPS Troubles

Domestic Financial News
BusinessInsider: ROUBINI: Break Up The Banks Or Hang Someone In The Streets
FiscalTimes: Angry Brokers Leave Firms — and Take $59B with Them
Reuters: Employers not rattled yet by "fiscal cliff"

Unofficial Problem Bank list declines to 913 Institutions
CalculatedRisk: Percent Job Losses: Great Recession and Great Depression - The causes of the Great Recession were similar to the Great Depression - as opposed to most post war recessions that were caused by Fed tightening to slow inflation - and I'm frequently asked if we could compare the percent job losses during the two periods. Unfortunately there is very little data for the Great Depression.
MSNBC: High rents, tight credit put many at market's mercy 

MoneyWatch: U.S. economy hits another big bump - Latest batch of data unlikely to show improvement in growth
Bottomline: Get ready for the end of record corporate profits

MSNBC: 62,000 pennies used to pay off mortgage - What started out as a joke 35 years ago ended with a Massachusetts man paying off his mortgage using 62,000 pennies.
NakedCapitalism: Roubini Warns a Crisis in 2013 Would Be Worse Than 2008
Nouriel Roubini, the dour seer who was early (too early in the minds of some) to warn of possible financial crisis prior to the Great Upheaval, has been more cautious in his calls since having ascended to official pundit status. Nevertheless, he’s been warning of a possible crisis in 2013 for some time and is not backing off from that call as the date approaches. In this Bloomberg interview, Roubini describes why a meltdown next year would be even worse than what we saw in 2008. Notice how he ducks the question of safe havens. He also discusses the prospects for the Eurozone.
NextNewDeal: 38 Million Missing Quits, the Battle to Quit and Replacing Government with a UBI: Three Points on Workplace Coercion

EconoMonitor: More Weak Job Data: Have we Reached the Natural Rate? Is this as Good as it Gets? 
RobertREich: The Wall Street Scandal of all Scandals - Robert Reich - Libor is the benchmark for trillions of dollars of loans worldwide – mortgage loans, small-business loans, personal loans. It’s compiled by averaging the rates at which the major banks say they borrow. So far, the scandal has been limited to Barclay’s, a big London-based bank that just paid $453 million to U.S. and British bank regulators, whose top executives have been forced to resign, and whose traders’ emails give a chilling picture of how easily they got their colleagues to rig interest rates in order to make big bucks.
CreditSlips: Location, location, location: ATM Fee Disclosure Edition
USAToday: Obama: End Bush tax cuts for the rich

WashingtonPost: Is this the beginning of the end for federal unemployment benefits? 
Zerohedge: Things That Make You Go Hmmm - Such As The Transition From Conspiracy Theory To Conspiracy Fact

Economix: Social Security and the Stork - The proverbial stork, bringer of babies and emblem of fertility, has been driven off course by the socialist welfare state. Now that people can rely on the state for income security in old age, they no longer need children. Social Security is undermining parenthood. This conservative argument, flapping recently through the news media, leads to the distinctly unconservative argument that we should provide more public support for parents – a policy that many liberals and feminists (including me) also advocate. A closer look at this political paradox helps explain some basic points of disagreement about the impact of the welfare state.

TheAtlantic: The U.S. Economy Is Suffering From a Severe Case of Seasonal Affective Disorder

Global Financial News
German Economists Denounce Summit Decisions - A group of German economists has denounced decisions made during last week's European Union summit, arguing Thursday that they risk increasing the exposure of taxpayers, retirees and savers to the debts of struggling banks.

WSJ: Delayed Rains Strain India Economy - Swaths of northern India are facing water shortages due to the late arrival of monsoon rains and a time when India's economy is already fragile.

Telegraph: German president tells Angela Merkel to come clean on EU debt deal
Joachim Gauck, the German president, has ordered Chancellor Angela Merkel to clarify exactly what she agreed behind closed doors at the EU crisis summit ten days ago.
Reuters: OECD sees slowdowns deepening in China, India - China and India have entered more marked economic slowdowns while growth continues to moderate in most major industrial economies, the OECD said on Monday.

Telegraph: Debt crisis: Spain poised for further spending cuts - The Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy has urged the eurozone to quickly implement measures agreed in June and said he will unveil further austerity measures to reduce the country’s debt mountain.

NYT: Chinese Premier Urges Action to Spur EconomyWSJ: Cyprus Asks Russia for €5 Billion Loan

EconomyWatch: IMF chief sees deteriorating global economy
Reuters: Fed officials favor QE3; Asian data signal drop in global demand
A truck is driven down a road at a yard where cars are parked before being exported at a port in Incheon, west of Seoul June 17, 2012.  Credit: Reuters/Choi Dae-woong

MarketWatch: German anti-euro backlash gathers pace - The backlash against Germany’s apparent readiness to dig still deeper into taxpayers’ pockets to stem the euro’s malaise is gathering momentum. As Finland fuels alarm over a possible unraveling of economic and monetary union (EMU), a protest action by 172 German economics professors slamming Chancellor Angela Merkel’s agreement on direct recapitalization for ailing European banks has sparked a furious war of words with the Berlin government.

LibertyStreetEconomics: Location, Location, and Pacification: The Effect of Crime Reduction on Residential Property Value - In this post, we document the relationship between crime and house prices in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

ETFDailyNews: Why Gold ETF and ETN Product Selection Matters (GLD, IAU, DUST, NUGT, GDX, GDXJ, GLDX, TBAR)
CommodityOnline: Silver Institute to release China Silver report in Oct 
Mineweb: Gold nears two-week lows on cloudy U.S. outlook

M 2.6, 5km NW of Mira Loma, California
M 5.0, 98km NNE of Anatahan, Northern Mariana Islands
USAToday: Temps cool after heat wave that left more than 35 dead
CNN: Photos: 'Wall of water' kills scores in Russia
ENENews: Caldicott: “We’re talking about a disaster of unbound proportions” from Fukushima Daiichi — 2.5 to 3 million deaths a possibility (VIDEO) 
ENENews: Gundersen: We just tested an air filter that has highest radioactivity seen in North America after Fukushima Daiichi — Found in Seattle HEPA filter used since 3/11 (VIDEO) 

Guardian:  Putin visits flood-hit region as death toll rises
Care2: Volunteers Stop Bulldozers from Burying Tortoises Alive 

CBSNews: Great white sharks coming closer to shore, people
CSMonitor: Great white sharks: Close encounters on East and West coasts (+video)
CNN: Emilia expected to become major hurricane in Pacific
CNN: Cold front breaks heat wave, brings storms
NPR: Texas Seeks New Water Supplies Amid Drought
TexasTribune: Soot is an Underrated Threat, Texas Scientists Say 
CNN: Rogue waves sweep teen kayakers into Pacific

America in Decline
Guardian: What lies behind the battle over the New York Public Library - The NYPL wants to 'replace books with people', but do we have to turn our beaux-arts research library into a giant internet cafe? Libraries across America are facing swingeing budget cuts and uncertain futures. But here in New York, home to the second-largest library in the country, the future is now. The hottest cultural controversy of this already hot summer concerns the New York Public Library (NYPL), and a plan to disembowel its main building – a plan that will slice open the stacks and "replace books with people", in the words of the NYPL system's CEO, Tony Marx. It's enraged writers and professors, demoralized a staff already coping with layoffs, and called the entire purpose of the system into question.

TheAtlantic: Let's Talk Infrastructure! Reports From Brooklyn, Berkeley, and Kentucky 
FireEngineering: Scranton's Public Workers' Pay Cut To Minimum Wage

Redtape: Obama paying utility bills? Scam victims nationwide think so
Scammers committing a particularly painful form of identity theft appear to have hit on just the right formula to trick thousands of victims: A punishing heat wave, large utility bills, a bad economy and a good story.
TheAtlantic: The Pentagon's Vision: Pervasive Drones on Land, Air, and Sea
...The Pentagon intends for the trend to continue. Take this passage (try to read past the annoying acronyms for air, ground, and undersea drones):

While UAS [unmanned aircraft systems] may fly in and around urban settings, and UUVs [unmanned undersea vehicles] and USVs [unmanned surface vehicles] may operate in and around ports and marinas, UGVs [unmanned ground vehicles] will be the predominant vehicles expected to conduct missions within buildings, tunnels, and through city streets. This requires that UGVs be able to operate in Global Positioning System (GPS)-denied areas, traverse stairs, deal with elevators, open doors, and possibly even open windows, desk and file drawers, and cupboards, etc. In addition to the challenge of navigating and traversing within buildings, UGVs will need to navigate within and through city streets that will be busy with traffic and pedestrians. Urban streets also mean UGVs will have to contend with curbs, trash, water drains, etc.
PopSci: Army's Smart 'Sense and Avoid' System Key to Letting Drones Cruise Domestic Skies
TeemingBrain: Technology and schools: Update on a techno-utopian delusion

Food and Water
EnvironmentalResearchWeb: The case of the missing wheat - Global demand for agricultural products continues to rise as population grows and people get richer. As they get richer, people have fewer babies but eat more. And they use a lot more energy, which is increasingly derived from agricultural products.
NPR: How One Drought Changed Texas Agriculture Forever
Bloomberg: U.S. Corn Growers Farming in Hell as Midwest Heat Spreads
MSNBC: Meatball company recalls 300,000 pounds of meat over listeria risk 
Reuters: Floods damage Russian grain export routes

Reuters: Corn Belt heat wave breaks, but rains to miss driest areas
Rodale: Why Is Your Ice Cream More Expensive? Blame Natural Gas Drilling

Internet and Online Privacy News
WashingtonPost: Cellphone carriers report surge in surveillance requests

Science and Technology
ExtremeTech: Real-life Avatar: The first mind-controlled robot surrogate
Technolog: What to know before July 9 'Internet doomsday' arrives
MSNBC: Future planetary rovers may explore more on their own - Visual cues will help space robots make decisions without Earth-bound operators

MSNBC: Astronaut's photo captures blazing Wyoming wildfire - Space station crew member snapped shot of Bridger-Teton National Forest
WSJ: Malware Threat to Internet Corralled
Smithsonian: How the Weak Inherited the Earth - In a new study, evolutionary biologist Sergey Gavrilets makes a fascinating claim for how monogamy took root several million years ago.
Rawstory: New technology produces spectacular 3-D images of ancient artifacts

Medical and Health
BigThink: Why We Blame Others but Not Ourselves
CNN: Parents' anxious wait over mystery illness
Reuters: Texas governor rejects two provisions of health law

Chron: AP NewsBreak: Texas docs cut back on poor patients
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The number of Texas doctors willing to accept government-funded health insurance plans for the poor and the elderly is dropping dramatically amid complaints about low pay and red tape, showed a survey by the Texas Medical Association provided to The Associated Press on Sunday before its Monday release.
TheChart: Company studying OxyContin's effect in children
MSNBC: NYT: To save one of their own, cancer researchers make a breakthrough
ScientificAmerican: Why We Sunburn 

TheScientist: Obesity Vaccine Success

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
WalsenEffect: Anna: Successful persimmon germination
ModernSurvivalBlog: Prevent Dehydration with Proper Hydration Avoiding Electromagnetic Pollution in Solar Photovoltaic Systems 

WaldenEffect: Anna: More porch-building tips
PreppingToSurvive: When the SHTF – Gardening Afloat, part 1 
ResilientCommunities: A Must-See Home Transformation

Other News
now for some good news! thanks for this one Ozarker!
USAToday: Drive-in theaters are making a comeback across the USA
New outdoor theaters are opening, and shuttered ones are being revived as people rediscover the pleasures of watching movies outdoors with no restrictions on chatting, screaming kids, cellphone use or smoking, says Kipp Sherer of

MSNBC: 2 kids left in cars on 104-degree day — 1 die  -The two children were left in separate vehicles in the Indianapolis area on a day in which the temperature hit 104 degrees, a record for the date.
BigThink: Out-of-Body Experiences Highlight the Nature of Consciousness 

WSJ: Influential Saudi Prince Dies - Saudi Arabia said Prince Mohammed bin Saud died at age 78. He wielded influence as part of a council of royal family members that helps select the heirs to rule the country.
WashingtonPost: Woman dies hours after meeting Obama at diner on bus tour
CNN: Actor Ernest Borgnine dead at 95
Here's one sent in by hubby this morning, and since we'd don't have a WTH category, I'll put it here. 

DetroitFreePress: Police: Detroit officer's gun kills woman in midst of hug
DetroitFreePress: Trigger of officer's gun in accidental party shooting had no safety, police say

GlobalPost: Why Mongolians don't care - The stakes are high as multinationals eye the country's largely untapped natural resources. So, why aren't voters eager to have their say?

Entertainment: Ted Nugent's drummer flees police on golf cart
Salon: Here comes the reality breastfeeding show - America loves reality TV. America loves getting sanctimonious about motherhood. And America really, really loves boobies. So when news arrived about a reality show starring mothers who breastfeed long-term, perhaps the only genuine shocker was that it took this long for somebody to think of it. Ta-tas plus sanctimony? It's like a license to print money.

Guardian: Texas launches challenge to justice department block of voter ID law
TruthOut: Texas GOP Declares: "No More Teaching of 'Critical Thinking Skills' in Texas Public Schools": The Republican Party of Texas has issued their 2012 political platform and has come out and blatantly opposed critical thinking in public schools throughout the state. If you wonder what took them so long to actually state that publicly, it is really a matter of timing. With irrationality now the norm and an election hovering over the 2012 horizon, the timing of the Republican GOP announcement against "critical thinking" instruction couldn't be better. It helps gin up their anti-intellectual base, The Texas GOP's declarative position against critical thinking in public schools, or any schools, for that matter, is now an official part of their political platform.

Guardian: Obama aide hints at tax evasion in challenge to Romney to release records
The Cowardly Lions of ‘Free Speech’ - Bill opens this week’s show by explaining how last week’s Supreme Court decision not to reconsider Citizens United exposes the hoax that Citizens United was ever about “free” speech. In reality, Bill says, it’s about carpet bombing elections “with all the tonnage your rich paymasters want to buy.”

Chron: Senate Republicans eye budget tactic to de-fund health care law
WSJ: Obama to Push Extension of Middle-Class Tax Cuts

Statesman: Texas' new voter ID law on trial in Washington
SeattleTimes: Tough ID laws could block thousands of 2012 votes - When Edward and Mary Weidenbener went to vote in Indiana's primary in May, they didn't realize that state law required them to bring government photo IDs such as a driver's license or passport.USAToday: Obama team raises $71M in June (well behind Romney)

TheAtlantic: The Best Quotes From Guests at Romney's Hamptons Fundraisers
"We've got the message," she added. "But my college kid, the baby sitters, the nails ladies -- everybody who's got the right to vote -- they don't understand what's going on. I just think if you're lower income -- one, you're not as educated, two, they don't understand how it works, they don't understand how the systems work, they don't understand the impact."
HuffingtonPost: Paul Krugman: Romney Knows The Truth Will Hurt Him
Rawstory: RNC chairman: Obama will ‘put an end to our way of life’ - Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Sunday suggested that President Barack Obama would destroy “our way of life in America,” and “Mitt Romney has to win for liberty and freedom.”

TinfoilPalace; Before Her Untimely Death, A Controversial Abductee Declared That The Evidence Was In...
TinfoilPalace: John Lash Interview : The Archons, Gnosticism, Genesis, Sophia, Possibilities Of Who Jesus Was

TheOilAge: Mounting signs of deepening global slump
TheOilAge: The Baltic Dry Index/Shipping

HubbertsArms: Price to save coral reefs is "one year of GDP growth
HubbertsArms: White Buffalo calf born in Connecticut

SilentCountry: What are your preps for No-Grid?

SilentCountry: City Workers Wages SLASHED

DestinyCalls: Doom pushed back to early 2013 P

DestingCalls: Secrets in Plain Sight - architecture, urban design, geometry - long video

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