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Happy Thurs. everyone. I hope you are all having a good week so far. We've been having a lot better weather here and the garden is coming in like crazy! LOL
Hope it stays this way for a while, but it probably won't.

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Peak Oil and Energy News
CommodityOnline: Crude Oil to witness upward movements
EarlyWarning: Tight Oil could not Render OPEC Irrelevant
EnergyBulletin: The peak oil crisis: Technology races depletion 

FinancialSense: Two Sides of the Same Flag: How Israel's Natural Gas Will Change the World 
FuelFix: Woman pulls gun to keep smart meter out
CNNMoney: U.S. missing out on Arctic land grab - NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- There's an international race to divvy up the Arctic Ocean's oil and mineral bounty, but the United States could lose out on a big chunk of it because it hasn't signed a United Nations treaty governing the area.
Minyanvile: Natural Gas May Start Playing Catch-Up To Crude Oil

Bloomberg: Oil Rises for a Seventh Day on U.S. Gasoline Stockpiles

SeattlePI: Iraq inaugurates prized southern oil field

Global Conflict
NYT: Residents Flee Damascus as Battle Enters Its Fifth Day
CSMonitor: Iran denies involvement in Bulgaria bus bombing
NYT: Suicide Attacker With Fake US ID Blamed in Bus Bomb
WSJ: Israel Cites Iran in Deadly Bulgaria Strike

CBS: Israel vows to strike back at Iran 
Reuters: No rush to war in Israel over Bulgaria bombing
JPost: Bulgarian president: Mossad did not warn attack was coming

TheAtlantic: Bashar al-Assad Has Reportedly Left Damascus
CNN: Russia, China veto Syria resolution as speculation surrounds al-Assad
NYT: Assad Remains Out of View After Syrian Rebels' Blow to Inner Circle
WSJ: Bombing in Damascus Takes Toll on Syrian Regime

WashingtonPost: Israel vows tough response to Iran after deadly bus attack kills 7 in Bulgaria
BusinessInsiderBulgaria Bomber Was A 'Caucasian' Dressed Like A Tourist With Fake US Documents 

WSJ: Human Rights Lawyer Arrested in U.A.E.
TheGlobeAndMail: Kim's new title aimed at reining in North Korean military
CBSNews: Ex-elite troop: Iran set to try to strike in U.S.

NYT: Egypt State Media Says Suleiman, Former Vice President, Dies
Counterpunch: Israel’s Annexation Plan
Guardian: David Cameron warns Taliban against mounting attack after troops withdraw

McClatchy: Israel sees Bashar Assad’s fall as certain, worries about al Qaida in Syria
McClatchy: GAO: Post 9/11, flight schools still security threat

Wired: Pentagon, CIA Sued for Lethal Drone Attacks on U.S. Citizens
TheAtlantic: The Terrifying Background of the Man Who Ran a CIA Assassination Unit

Hacker News
BBC: Sun journalist held in hack probe
Independent: Security researchers take out botnet responsible for 18 billion spam emails a day

Domestic Financial News
CNNMoney: Why is the SEC investigating the Amish?- As it polices the seedy underbelly of Wall Street, the Securities and Exchange Commission is taking on financial wrongdoers of all sorts, including the Amish.
BusinessInsider: PETER SCHIFF: Our Children May Have To Lead A Violent Revolution To Bring Back Capitalism

CNNMoney: Unemployment claims up sharply 
FinancialPost: U.S. jobless claims bounce higher 
Reuters: Jobless claims signal tepid labor market

TheNation: CFPB Demonstrates Why Banks Fought Its Creation Tooth-and-Nail - The financial sector went all-out against the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in 2010, and against its implementation ever since—and Wednesday, we saw a case study on exactly why.

CalculatedRisk: Starts and Completions: Multi-family and Single Family
BlacklistedNews: The Federal Reserve Is Not Going To Save Us From The Great Depression That Is Coming

Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley Misses Estimates on Decline in Trading Revenue
CNN: Calif. city votes to file bankruptcy
FiscalTimes: The Bad News Buried in Positive Earnings Surprises 

NakedCapitalism: Quelle Surprise! New York Times’ “Deal Professor” Ignores Facts and Law to Defend Citi Employee Stoker in SEC Toxic CDO Case Rakoff Highlighted - Yves Smith - While the New York Times’ DealBook section generally hews to a financial-services-industry-
friendly line, presumably as a Faustian bargain for being a preferred leakee, there’s not even a weak defense for the article by the New York Times’ so called “Deal Professor” Steven Davidoff, “If Little Else, Banker’s Trial May Show Wall St. Foolishness.” It’s yet another brazen effort to diminish the seriousness of rampant fraud by arguing it was just carelessness.
CNNMoney: Payday loans cost average $520 a year in fees
SeekingAlpha: JPMorgan Trading Debacle Is Ugly, But Why Were You Looking At The Stock To Begin With?

FiscalTimes: Congress Plays War Games with Defense Budget 
FiscalTimes: Defense Jobs Disappearing Even Before the Cuts 

WSJ: US June Existing-Home Sales Fall 5.4%
Zerohedge: Deep Into The Lieborgate Rabbit Hole: The Swiss Hedge Fund Link?
Economix: The Federal Reserve and the Libor Scandal

Dealbook: Consumer Watchdog Fines Capital One for Deceptive Credit Card Practices
FDL: Democrats Join Bid to Provide Safe Harbor For Mortgage Brokers
OregonLive: Oregon Court of Appeals rules against banks, MERS in foreclosure case

Forbes: Ron Paul Warns Bernanke: The Financial Crisis Is Far From Over
Businessweek: The Last Years of America's Historic GDP ReignTime: Ebooks Suit Could ‘Wipe Out Publishing Industry As We Know It,’ Senator Says 

Global Financial News
Bottomline: Berlin may owe trillions from 450-year-old debt ... may
GlobeAndMail: Euro zone in ‘critical’ danger: IMF 
CreditWritedowns: Chart of the day: Germany biggest winner from euro fixed exchange rates
FinancialSense: The Growing Pressures Likely to Blow the Eurozone Apart
Mish: "China Rebalancing Has Begun"; What are the Global Implications? 

Telegraph: Monti plans ‘Greek-style’ takeover of Sicily to avert default --Italian premier Mario Monti is mulling emergency action to take direct control of Sicily’s regional government before the island spirals into a full-blown financial crisis, fearing contagion to the rest of Italy.

FT: Rate probe turns to four major banks - Regulators are focusing on at least four of Europe’s biggest banks as they investigate the attempted manipulation of the region’s benchmark interest rate, suspecting that Barclays’ traders were the ringleaders of a circle that included Crédit Agricole, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and Société Générale.
Dealbook: Scrutiny Intensifies on Collusion in Rate Manipulation Inquiry

SeattleTimes: Germany: Spain doesn't need sovereign bailout - Germany's finance minister dismissed concerns Wednesday that Spain's government may itself need a bailout on top of an international rescue for its ailing banks, which the German Parliament is to vote on this week.
Reuters: China strengthens Africa ties with $20 billion in loans

BusinessInsider: Record Haul Of Silver Bullion Recovered From WWII Shipwreck
CommodityOnline: The precious metals risk pyramid

FinancialSense: Allocated Bullion Storage: Do You Really Own the Bullion?
CommodityOnline: Comex Silver volume tumbles 41% in H1 2012 
Mineweb: Gold's trading range "converging"

BBC: Afghanistan minerals fully mapped

The data distinguish a range of different minerals and snow or vegetation cover

M 3.9, 52km SE of Old Iliamna, Alaska
M 2.6, 41km NE of Valdez, Alaska
CSMonitor: New invasive, swarming insect found in the US for the first time
DesdemonaDespair: Poll: Generation X dismissive about climate change – Significant decrease in concern since 2009
ENENews: Fukushima “was almost Biblical” says top US nuclear official — Horrifying… “It’s forever changed me” 

io9: China’s Worst Self-Inflicted Environmental Disaster: The Campaign to Wipe Out the Common Sparrow [Video] 

ClimateCentral: Climate Change Fuels the Perfect Firestorm
Grist: China’s per-person carbon emissions rival Europe’s, but U.S. is still on top

I had this next story up yesterday too, but I didn't want anyone to miss it so here it is again.
Rawstory: Geoengineers to release planet-cooling gas into New Mexico atmosphere

Two Harvard engineers are planning to spray thousands of tonnes of sun-reflecting chemical particles into the atmosphere to artificially cool the planet, using a balloon flying 80,000 feet over Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

The field experiment in solar geoengineering aims to ultimately create a technology to replicate the observed effects of volcanoes that spew sulphates into the stratosphere, using sulphate aerosols to bounce sunlight back to space and decrease the temperature of the Earth.

WUnderground: Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog : Morocco hits 121°F (49.6°C): a national all-time heat record

Businessweek: Record Heat Wave Pushes U.S. Belief in Climate Change to 70%

America in Decline
HuffingtonPost: Bank Contractors Break Into Occupied Homes, Terrify Residents, Lawsuits Say
It usually happens when homeowners are at work or out of town.

In Clawson, Mich., Nancy Cox returned home to find her possessions in the front yard, smashed with a sledgehammer, and a chalk drawing of a clown face on her garage with the tagline, "another job well done."
BlacklistedNews: FBI Wants a Database of Your Tattoos
Counterpunch: The Relentless Decline of the News
DailyCensored: US Cities Going Bankrupt 

EconomyWatch: Many use payday loans to cover food, rent
Rawstory: Joe Arpaio Wants Your Papers, Will Not Accept Them
Man, wingnuts in Arizona really are obsessed with people of color and having your “papers”. Despite the fact that it makes you an automatic laughingstock to do this, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County in Arizona made a big to-do over his “investigation” of the President’s birth certificate. I’m sure you’ll all be surprised to discover that Arpaio has determined that Obama’s birth certificate doesn’t measure up to his standards of authenticity, because he looked closely and frankly, he doesn’t want it to be real, though there’s some gobbledy-gook about how the numeric codes aren’t filled out to their satisfaction. Since there is literally no birth certificate pristine enough to be filled out to their satisfaction, however, the exact complaints aren’t particularly relevant.

This would all seem very funny, except that Arpaio’s agency has all these fancy new powers to demand citizenship papers from random people the officers deem the wrong shade to walking around like they’re all free and shit. The main concern previously was that they’d spend a bunch of time arresting people who are here legally but don’t happen to carry all their paperwork on them when they run down to the grocery store to buy milk. Now I have to point out that the leadership has set an example wherein no matter how rock solid and swiftly presented a person of color’s papers are, the papers can be deemed “fraudulent” as long as you come up with a horseshitty-sounding enough complaint about the kerning or whatever. Sure, your own papers could never measure up to the standards, but your skin color means they never will have to. Win-win, if you think that phrase means “I get to fuck with you and don’t get fucked with myself, so two wins for me!”

JessesCrossroadsCafe: Chris Hedges: Brace Yourself, the American Empire Is Over - Hedges offers an interesting interpretation of events that one rarely hears in the mainstream media. (this is a great interview. )

NYT: Facing Foreclosure After 50 - Roy Johnson fell so far behind on his $1,000-per-month mortgage payments that last year he allowed the redbrick, three-bedroom ranch he had owned since 1963 to lapse into foreclosure. That decision swept Mr. Johnson, 79, into a rapidly expanding demographic: older Americans who have lost their homes in the Great Recession.

Politico: Study: Millions in voter ID nightmare

Food and Water
ChicagoTribune: USDA'S Vilsack prays for rain, warns on food prices
BlacklistedNews: Corn Prices Headed for Record Highs as Crop Shrinks

While I'm not in favor of telling people what size drinks they can buy, I do find it interesting the way big business pulled together this "grassroots" movement.
CivilEats: The Masterminds Behind the Phony Anti-Soda Tax Coalitions 
DeclineOfTheEmpire: Good Luck Farming In Hell

Privacy News
ArstechnicaL Faceless freedom: YouTube adds face-blurring tool
Cryptogon: NSA Building Dossiers on Every American

Science and Technology
io9: The bigger a mammal's brain, the less likely it is to go extinct [Biology]
CBS: Video: Robot mimics human facial expressions - Italian scientists have created a robotic face that can accurately mimic six human facial expressions. FACE (Facial Automation for Conveying Emotions) utilizes 32 motors while the human face has over 100 muscles.
Cosmiclog: Scientists find medicinal plants caught in Neanderthal teeth

NBCNews: Handicapping NASA's commercial space race
BodyOdd: Gephyrophobics fear crossing that bridge when they come to it

Medical and Health
Gallup: Americans' Concerns About Obesity Soar, Surpass Smoking
Atlantic: Study: What Motivates Us to Punish - Previous studies have established, more or less predictably, that negative emotions are behind the human desire to punish others, and that the act of punishment activates our rewards center. But why are we so vehement about making sure that cheaters get their due?

McClatchy: West Nile case levels in Texas fit 'definition of an epidemic'
Atlantic: A Bipartisan Effort to Let States Decide on Medical Marijuana
LowellSun: Highly anticipated weight-loss pill wins approval  

TheChart: Food allergy treatment shows promise

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
CanadianDoomer: Winter French Fries - No Freezer
Grist: Flying the coop: The scrambled world of backyard poultry

ModernSurvivalOnline: Guest Post: First Aid Back Pack
Grist: New San Francisco legislation will jump-start urban farming

Other News
BusinessInsider: George Zimmerman Speaks Out And Says He Doesn't Regret Following Teen Or Packing HeatMcClatchy: George Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin's death was 'God's plan'
CBSNews: Trayvon Martin's parents: This wasn't "God's plan"

Reuters: Muslim congregation seeks court order to use mosque for Ramadan
NPR: Judge Grants Tenn. Mosque's Petition To Open 
IBTimes: Pakistani Father Arrested for Burying Newborn Girl Alive

CNN: Girl, 10, fights off would-be abductor 
CNN: Gay teen stripped of Eagle Scout honors
DailyCensored: Olympiad Readiness: Militarized London Total Policing

IBTimes: Nazis Planned To Kill Winston Churchill With Exploding Chocolate Bars
MSNBC: 600-year-old linen bras found in Austrian castle

UPI: 3 accused in slaying had sex dungeon - FALLBROOK, Calif., July 19 (UPI) -- The three people accused of killing a 22-year-old Marine wife in California had a sex dungeon where they may have assaulted the victim, court documents said.

BBC: Texas debuts one-drug execution 
HuffingtonPost: Did Jesus Eat Chick-fil-A at the Last Supper?

PoliticalCarnival: U.K. Parliament calls on Barclays executives to stop donating to Mitt Romney MSNBC: Should Romney listen to Limbaugh?
FoxNews: Fox News poll: Voters pick Condi Rice as Romney running mate
CBSNews: McCain slams Bachmann over Muslim Brotherhood accusations

TheCaucus: Lawmakers Condemn Michele Bachmann' s Claim of an Islamist Plot
BBC: VIDEO: America's fascination with the apocalypse 

TheNation: Are Republicans Secretly Anxious About Opposing Campaign Finance Reform?
Rawstory: Michele Bachmann Runs From Her Own Conspiracy Theories
ABCNews: FBI Raids City Hall in New Jersey's Capital - FBI agents on Thursday raided City Hall in New Jersey's capital, a day after searching the home of the city's embattled mayor, his brother and a campaign donor. 

TinfoilPalace: Remember Those Big Booms? This Explains Them!
TinfoilPalace: UK admits torture claims after 50 years

OilAge: Ultimate AR Anti-Zombie

OilAge: West Coast to receive dangerous levels of Fukushima radiation

HubbertsArms: Another Virus Pops up in the ME: Mahdi
HubbertsArms: Starbucks experience coming to funeral home

SilentCountry: Historic megadeaths
Silentcountry: Bank of America Layoffs Coming

DestinyCalls: A wtf movie in november
DestinyCalls: Gordon Duff on timeline shift tech

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