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Happy 4th of July to those that celebrate this holiday! Today's post is going to have to be a bit short as I got celebrating to do! EeeeHaaaa! 
yes, that means beer, bar-b-que and fireworks, not necessarily in that order. hehehe
I hope that you all have a good day and can spend time with friends and family.

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Peak Oil and Energy News
ETFDaily: Crude Oil Market: A Perfect Bear Storm Despite The Euro Pop

Global Conflict
SeattleTimes: Palestinians ready to exhume Arafat body for tests
Yasser Arafat's body may be exhumed to allow for more testing of the causes of his death, the Palestinian president said Wednesday, after a Swiss lab said it found elevated levels of a radioactive isotope in belongings the Palestinian leader is said to have used in his final days.
Bloomberg: Clinton's 'Sorry' Helps Reopen Pakistan Supply Routes
Time: Pakistan Reopens Afghan Supply Routes, But Larger Diplomatic Crises Loom

MotherJones: Syria Hit List Targets Thousands 
NYT: Syrian Opposition Fails to Draw Up Unified Plan for Change in Government

CSMonitor: Why did Pakistan open Afghan supply lines? (+video)
BBC: Bodies of Turkish jet pilots shot down by Syria found

YNetNews: Iran: We can hit US, Israeli targets 'within minutes'
WashingtonPost: Iran threatens retaliation on US military bases within minutes of attack

Reuters: Trail of carnage in trash bins of Damascus suburb - Syrians in the ghost city of Douma have recovered mutilated corpses and sifted through trash for body parts hacked off by death squads who swept through anti-government districts after the army drove out rebel fighters, activists said on Wednesday.

TheNation: NAFTA on Steroids

Domestic Financial News
McClatchy: Large U.S. banks submit 'living will' crisis plans
BusinessInsider: Consumer Discretionary Spending 'Plummets'

Bloomberg: There’s Something Rotten in Banking
Minyanville: Ford Is A Better Investment Than Facebook 

FDL: California Passes Significant Protections Against Illegal Foreclosure Processes
NewEconomicPerspective: How Barclay Manipulated the Libor Rates - Al Jazeera briefing, interview with Bill Black

Zerohedge: Goldman Lowers Q2 Tracking Estimate To 1.5%
S&P: Something's Gotta Give
When I think of the equity markets’ recent advances despite rising global risks, I can’t help but picture an individual in a catastrophic earthquake that has become optimistic that the cracks in the crust will go around them rather than underneath them.
WSJ: Barclays Notes Suggest Government Pressure on Libor

Barron's: Big Banks Set for Weak Q2 Earnings
Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan could see precipitous drops. 
Gallup: U.S. Hiring Steady in June at Four-Year High

Reuters: U.S. consumers better at debt repayment for now - U.S. consumers continued to make improvements in paying back their debts during the first quarter of this year but the trend may slow in the coming quarters, the American Bankers Association said on Tuesday.

Global Financial News
WorldCrunch: Oh What Shall We Buy Today On eBay? How About A Village In Tuscany
It’s time to add “Tuscan village” to the list of stuff you can buy on eBay. Facing a stalled Italian real estate market, the owners of the small village of Pratariccia are hoping to sell it to the highest bidder on the U.S.-based online auction exchange website.

Zerohedge: Germany Rumbling As Spiegel Leads With "Euro Endangers German Economy"

BBC: German gunman 'kills hostages in Karlsruhe eviction'
BusinessInsider: The Greatest Economic Collapses In History
VOA: Greece to Present 'Alarming' Economic Data
ETFDaily: Gold & Silver Prices: Explosive 2010 Rally Poised To Repeat
Zerohedge: Gold Coin Demand In H1 2012 Shows Fundamentals Driving Current Demand

M 2.7, 8km WSW of West Yellowstone, Montana
M 4.7, 19km S of Angol, Chile
Thanks to my daughter for the following hysterical video!

George Bush on Global Warming - Spoof by Will Ferrell

MSNBC: Wyoming now focus of nation's firefighting efforts 
ClimateCrocks: If you Like Oysters, You’ll Hate Ocean Acidification
TheDailyBeast: Bill McKibben on the Global Warming Hoax  - The special effects guys were doing their best in Colorado: first they cranked up the heat, setting a new state record at 115 degrees. And then came the fire stunts!  

HuffingtonPost: North Carolina Fracking: Governor Beverly Perdue Vetoes Bill

CBSNews: Guns blamed for sparking some wildfires in West

GripOnClimate: Why our biggest moral challenge doesn’t act like one « getting a GRIP on climate solutions

ArcticNews: Arctic waters are heating up

Reuters: More than 1 million in US still without power 5 days after storm TVA: Diminished rainfall, high temperatures impacting area lakes, electricity

America in Decline
NPR: Illinois Services Threatened As Pension Hole Grows

Food and Water
NYT: Small-Scale Farmers Creating a New Profit Model
Businessweek: Tenn. crops, livestock in peril as drought spreads

Internet and Online Privacy News
Telegraph: European Parliament rejects ACTA piracy treaty
Guardian: Acta down, but not out, as Europe votes against controversial treaty

Science and Technology
Businessweek: CERN Physicists Observe Higgs-Like Particle
Reuters: "It's a boson:" Higgs quest bears new particle

PopSci: A PopSci Fourth of July: Blowing Things Up in Extreme Slow Motion 
TechReview: TED Has Competition -- From An Advertising Firm 

BigThink: How Fireworks Work.

Medical and Health
ChicagoTribune: Cancer society calls for Surgeon General study of sugary drinks
MSNBC: Video: ‘Fake pharmacies’ ascend as drug wholesalers
Congressional investigators claim “fake pharmacies” are popping up around the country that purchase drugs in short supply, and then turn around and sell them at higher prices. NBC’s senior investigative correspondent Lisa Myers reports.

Other News
ChicagoTribune: UPDATE 1-JetBlue pilot who disrupted flight declared insane, not guilty
Grist: This abandoned Walmart has been reclaimed as a public library

NYT: Fears of Fires Take Fireworks Out of July 4th Celebrations
NYCBSNews: Police: Apparent Double Murder-Suicide After 3 Bodies Found Inside Brooklyn
NYT: How to Make Optimism Work for You
WSJ: New Search for Amelia Earhart's Plane

ABCNews: NC State Rep Pushes Wrong Button, Overrides Veto
MotherJones: The Dog That Voted and Other Election Fraud Yarns

Reuters: Dark economic clouds gather anew over Obama campaign
MSNBC: Romney plans trip to Israel as Bain problem hits the big screen

FDL: Republicans Can Also Opt Out of Exchanges, Force Defunding for Federally Administered Ones
BostonGlobe: President Obama praises John McCain as Mitt Romney chums up to Bill Clinton

TinfoilPalace: The Latest Max Igan - The World We Think We Know
TinfoilPalace: Financial News Thread

TheOilAge: The Anti-Empire Report
TheOilAge: Don't Fear the Reaper - Student Loans

HubbertsArms: 2012 salmon radioactive fallout test results.... 

HubbertsArms: Captain Kirk groped by TSA

SilCo: Live from Chicago, it's stooooorm damage with RayGun19
SilCo: Black Death Discovered In Oregon: Man Contracts Bubonic

DestinyCalls: Farsight Remote viewing of 2013
DestinyCalls: The Nag Hammadi Library

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