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I'd like to start out with a bit of a rant if I may. Here is a story sent in this morning by my good friend Tube that illustrates something that has been a topic on some of the forums lately.
Sexism. And online! Who'd a thunk it?

Over six days of competition, though, her team’s coach, Aris Bakhtanians, interrogated her on camera about her bra size, said “take off your shirt” and focused the team’s webcam on her chest, feet and legs. He leaned in over her shoulder and smelled her.

Ms. Pakozdi, 25, an experienced gamer, has said she always expects a certain amount of trash talk. But as the only woman on the team, this was too much, especially from her coach, she said. It was after she overheard Mr. Bakhtanians defending sexual harassment as part of “the fighting game community” that she forfeited the game.

Sexism, racism, homophobia and general name-calling are longstanding facts of life in certain corners of online video games. But the Cross Assault episode was the first of a series this year that have exposed the severity of the harassment that many women experience in virtual gaming communities.

Also, there's this article sent in by RJ today.

Many of the couples discussed unmet mental health needs, and ongoing problems with depression and preoccupation with suicide.

Another key to understanding these violent relationships was the extent to which the couples had accepted traditional heterosexual gender roles, which were often justified through religion, Bonomi explained.

"We commonly heard the couples discuss how women are supposed to marry and have children, and how men are supposed to be strong and in control," Bonomi said. "Men tended to use these traditional gender role prescriptions to justify their use of violence."

It amazes me how most people wouldn't go online in the forums or other online venues and start screaming the "N" word without the sky opening up on them and all sorts of people raising hell, but, for the most part you can go online to a forum or site and say derogatory things about women, call them names, make fun of female body parts and use them as insults, and it's A OK.
Like an inside joke, everyone gets a chuckle out of it.
As a woman with 4 sisters and a mother of 2 daughters, I'm here to tell you it ain't funny.

Much thanks to our good friends, RJ at the Global Glass Onion and the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer , and to Doug at 3Es News and David at ETF Daily.

Peak Oil and Energy News
Reuters: Analysis: China unveils oil offensive in South China Sea squabble  
Hosted: Tulsa, Okla., refinery fire contained, no one hurt

LAT: Shell offers free fill-ups for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
The oil company opens a station in Newport Beach where hydrogen will be available at no charge, but only 200 cars statewide can take advantage of it.

Reuters: U.S. refinery shutdowns - Valero, Chevron, Exxon
IndiaInk: Did ‘Solar Storms’ Cause India’s Massive Blackout?
NBC: Fire breaks out after explosion at Okla. oil refinery

Global Conflict
JPost: US: Sanctions failing to force Iran to end nuke program
Hosted: Former Israeli spymaster: Iran should be worried
Haaretz: Former Mossad chief: Iran should be very fearful over next 12 weeks
WSJ: US Reassures Israel on Iran Plans
Reuters: House to vote on new Iran sanctions on oil, shipping sectors 

NYT: Syrian Warplanes Strafe Aleppo as Rebels Commandeer Tanks 
Reuters: Exclusive: Obama authorizes secret US support for Syrian rebels
Hosted: Rebels use captured tank against Syrian forces 
WSJ: Witnesses Report New Executions in Syria 

Guardian: Panetta meets Peres: 'Iran should not and will not develop a nuclear weapon' - video
WashingtonPost: Where's Assad? Mystery deepens as Syrian leader appeals _ in writing _ for army to boost fight 

SeattlePI: Panetta asks Israel for patience on Iran
Telegraph: CIA authorised to offer intelligence support to Syrian rebels
The CIA and other US agencies have been given carte blanche to supply intelligence information to the Syrian opposition, sources in the US have disclosed.

StarTribune: Clinton, in Africa, readies security talks with Uganda, South Sudan leaders
ReutersJuly bloodiest month in Iraq in 2 years

CBSNews: Teddy bears bring down 2 generals 

Hacker News
Computer hacking for 8-year-olds

Domestic Financial News
CNNMoney: Why the Fed's stimulus 'didn't work'
NBCNews: Temp jobs become a permanent way of life for some
Businessweek: The Peregrine Fraud Case Is Worse Than You ThoughtBusinessInsider: How All The Good Jobs Disappeared 

Businessweek: Glitch causes big swings in dozens of stocks
WSJ: Judge Rules in Favor of Hewlett-Packard in Oracle Case
MSNBC: $5.5 billion Postal Service default won't stop the mail 

EconBrowser: The Fed stands pat, at least for now
WashingtonPost: Rich, poor increasingly likely to live apart - Rising income inequality has led to a growing number of Americans clustering in neighborhoods in which most residents are like them, either similarly affluent or similarly low-income, according to a new study detailing the increasing isolation of the richest and the poorest.

CuriousCapitalist: Jobless Rates Rose in 90% of U.S. Cities in June — Unemployment rates rose in nearly 90 percent of large U.S. cities in June, partly because many young people graduated from school with no firm job prospects.
Guardian: Winner of US election will have limited economic options | Mohamed el-Erian
CNBC: US Economy Added More Jobs Than Expected in July: ADP
Bottomline: San Bernardino, Calif., files for bankruptcy with over $1 billion in debts

TulsaWorld: House votes to keep Bush tax cuts

Global Financial News
GlobeAndMail: Central London suffering business drought during Olympics 
StarTribune: Ghost town: London businesses bemoan Olympic slump

CNN: Selling sperm, eggs to survive
- CNN's Isa Soares reports on those in unemployment-wracked Spain who are selling their eggs and sperm to make ends meet.

WSJ: Bank of England Stays on Hold as Lending Scheme Kicks In

iMFDirect: Japan Stands Up - As a Japanese proverb has it: “Knocked down seven times, get up eight.” In a display of its resilience, Japan is getting up once again after the devastating earthquake and tsunami of a year ago.

WSJ: China Hits Back at U.S. Sanctions Against Bank
IBTimes: Despite Oil Reserves And Billions In International Aid, Iraq's Economy Falters
NewsOK: BMW earnings fall 28 percent 

Spiegel: The Cartel: Behind the Scenes in the Libor Interest Rate Scandal
Spiegel: Deutsche Bank 'Too Bloated to Remain Competitive'

Mineweb: Vietnam's new war - this time on gold
ETFDailyNews: Opportunities for Investors in Precious Metals? (GLD, IAU, SGOL, AGOL)
Zerohedge: In Gold, Silver, Diamonds, & Stock Markets, Controlling Perception is the Banker Weapon Du Jour

M 4.2, 18km NNE of Road Town, British Virgin Islands
M 5.4, 114km N of Saumlaki, Indonesia

Hosted: Taiwan flooded with almost 5 feet of typhoon rain - TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — A typhoon inched across northern Taiwan on Thursday after already dumping up to five feet of rain that has flooded farmland, swollen rivers and paralyzed life on much of the densely populated island of 23 million people.
BusinessInsider: Maps Show Every Major Fire In America Since 2001 
CSMonitor: Oceans, plants help put the brakes on global warming, study finds (+video) NASA sees twin typhoons headed for double China landfall

MSNBC: Half of all US counties deemed 'natural disaster areas' 
SeattlePI: NJ man finds pythons in yard twice in 4 days
SacBee: Purple martins flock to Va. for annual summer stay

MSNBC: Humanlike skin cancer found in wild fish
First case looks eerily similar to melanoma that humans have
Rawstory: Video catches Taipei man being killed by sinkhole during typhoon - Cameras in Taipei caught remarkable footage of the moment a deadly sinkhole opened and swallowed a man. 

America in Decline
NextNewDeal: The "Pain Funnel" and the Harkin Report on For-Profit Schools - Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) has finally released his major report on for-profit schools, the result of two years of studies and investigations. It's a telling look into the numbers in the for-profit college industry and the growing future of higher learning amid a collapsing public sector. It gives us a reason to reexamine some of the deregulation that took place around this industry during the George W. Bush years. The report also also clarifies one of my new favorite metaphors, and that is the role of the "pain funnel" in our new system of higher educaiton. Instead of government planning, we now have the for-profit industry. And one of the things it brings to the table is its aggressive recruitment techniques, one of which is called the "pain funnel." The Harkin report uncovered a for-profit recruiter's handbook from ITT that included this sales technique. As the Harkin Report notes, "After a recruiter located a prospective student’s pain point, the 'pain funnel' presented a number of questions that the recruiter can ask that are progressively more hurtful. In 'Level 1' a recruiter asks prospective students, 'tell me more about that' or 'give me an example.' In 'Level 2' the recruiter asks 'What have you tried to do about that?' The highest level asks a hurtful question to elicit pain." There's even a chart of the pain funnel from the recruitment materials:

FiscalTimes: Nearly 40% of Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck
NBC: Tennessee candidates engage in anti-Islam contestFirstRead: Republican likens contraceptive mandate to Pearl Harbor, 9/11

Food and Water
CattleNetwork: Cattle producers on the lookout for more than just cattle thieves 
FoodFreedomGroup: Doctors Prescribe Non-GMO Diets; People and Animals
EXCERPTS: Many of the same categories of disorders identified in animal feeding studies (gastrointestinal, immune, and reproductive), also cleared up in humans and livestock when they switch to a non-GMO diet.

Science and Technology
Rawstory: Saturn’s moon Enceladus holds promise of alien life Female spiders produce mating plugs to prevent unwanted sex from males
TechReview: Augmented Reality Is Finally Getting Real

Technolog: Man distracted by phone falls onto train tracksNBCNews: Cargo ship makes same-day delivery to space station
Russia's robotic Progress craft docks just six hours after launch, cutting travel time
DeclineOfTheEmpire: Stupid, Self-Defeating Technology Strikes Again

Medical and Health
GlobeAndMail: The bullying gender gap: Girls more likely to be targets WSJ: Uganda Raises Death Toll From Ebola Outbreak
Vitals: Antiseptic wipes made in China pulled in U.S.
CNN: Two more Ebola deaths in Uganda, officials say
TheChart: The road to a more dangerous malaria?
- Doctors have dreamed for decades of a vaccine against malaria, which sickens more than 200 million people every year. But a new study warns of a potential pitfall: a malaria vaccine could lead to an even more dangerous parasite.

MSNBC: CDC: West Nile season off to an early start

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
CNN: Architect designs 'world's smallest house'(I love these sorts of ideas and think they can be adapted to many kinds of things.)
ModernSurvivalBlog: Maps and Direction
PeakProsperity: How to Make Lacto-Fermented Pickles

Other News
NBCNews: LAPD officers under investigation over 'military-style' boot campBigThink: Are the Boomers Screwing the Millennials? 
Gawker: This is how you build a labyrinth out of 250,000 books [Video] 

SFGate: Report: Psychiatrist tried to discuss Holmes
WSJ: Teenager Kills 8 in China Knife Attack  

WSJ: Billionaire Sentenced for Hiding Wife's Corpse 
LAT: Gay-rights group plans kissing protest at Chick-fil-A 

WashingtonPost: Two planes taking off from National put on collision course with plane trying to land

NYT: A Tea Party Intellect From Texas, Poised to Join the Senate
USAToday: Republican-led House rejects Democratic tax plan
Guardian: Your guide to the very latest in anti-Obama conspiracy theories

DailyKos: Former U.S. officials call for Bachmann to be replaced on Intelligence Committee
Werewolf: How the Republicans are using voter ID laws to steal the Presidency

CBSNews: Mitt Romney could face huge hurdle with women voters in swing states
Telegraph: White House officials caught out with lobbyists
The White House was accused of breaking its own transparency rules after it emerged that senior officials went to elaborate lengths to conceal back-channel discussions with lobbyists.

TinfoilPalace: Whooping Cough Spreading Like Wildfire
TinfoilPalace: Federal Zombie and Vampire Agency

TheOilAge: Prepping: Finding Balance
TheOilAge: Artificial Telepathy

HubbertsArms: Police Militarization in Anaheim, CA
HubbertsArms: Say no to boat arrivals, ex-Immigration official Des Storer

SilentCountry: Things have gotten out of control in Syria
SilentCountry: The truth about Syria - U.S. Backed Syrian Rebels Killing Christians

DestinyCalls: A Madman's Diary Lu Xun
DestinyCalls: Maurice Cotterel

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