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Here's something sent in by the Ozarker this morning that really rang the bells for me! Makes me think of Matt Simmons and his warnings about Saudia Arabia's oil having already peaked.

A report by Citigroup has warned that Saudi Arabia could run out of oil to export by 2030, raising fears that oil prices may rise significantly in coming years.

the sun is finally out here today so I'm going to wrap it up and go do some weedeating! See you all back here again tomorrow!

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Peak Oil and Energy News
IBTimes: Finance, Oil Ministries Push for Fuel Price Increase
Hosted: Nigeria navy retakes hijacked oil tanker off coast  
Reuters: U.S. crude stocks fall sharply after hurricane-API
TexasTribune: In Texas, Moving Crude Relies on Aging Pipeline System
IBTimes: 'We Have Oil and the World Needs it,' Iran Braves US Sanctions
Telegraph: Democrats and Republicans Support Harmful Ethanol Subsidies for the Sake of Votes

Global Conflict
TehranTimes: Iran has right to peaceful use of nuclear energy: Clinton
MSNBC: Pentagon OK with selling US drones to 66 countries
Guardian: Syria: refugee crisis - live updates

Reuters: Russia's Putin defiant on Syria, says Romney "mistaken" 
VancouverSun: Pakistan, Afghanistan, US discuss safe passage for Taliban leaders to join peace talks
Reuters: Analysis: Some Gulf rulers wary of U.S. shifts on Islamists, Iran

Hacker News/Wikileaks
Businessweek: Hackers Claim Release of 1 Million Apple IDs

Domestic Financial News New report puts a harrowing face on the plight of N.J.'s working poor - You stroll past them in the grocery store, sit behind them at the gas station, stand next to them at your kid’s soccer game. They look like you, talk like you, fuss over their children like you. They have skills and jobs like you, and they seem just fine. They are security guards, child care workers, bank tellers and cashiers. But they are not fine. They live one broken transmission, one layoff, one illness away from ruin. And they exist in numbers you probably never dreamed of.
Trulia: Trulia Reports Asking Home Prices up 2.3 Percent, Biggest Year Over Year Increase Since Recession

Soberlook: Fed's unemployment target is unrealistic
WashingtonPost: Nokia shares continue to drop after Windows 8 launch fails to impress markets 

GlobalPost: Robbers strap 'bomb' to kidnapped bank manager in bizarre East LA heist 
Reuters: Jobless claims fall to lowest level in a month 
DetroitNews: U.S. productivity grew at 2.2% rate in spring

Reason: The Worst Welfare Benefits the Best-Off: Corporations
Corporate welfare has all of the disadvantages of social-welfare spending with none of the benefits.
ABC: Bob Woodward Book: Debt Deal Collapse Led to 'Pure Fury' From President Obama
Slate: Out of money? No way—America can never run out of money.
Financial Armageddon: Another Indicator in the Danger Zone 

TheNation: Students, Beware: Private Student-Loan Companies Are Not Your Friends  

Global Financial News
Zerohedge: Nomura: "Spain Will Need Full-Blown Bailout"
WSJ: Card Giants Lead Rush to Myanmar  - MasterCard and Visa are leading the push among financial services firms to get into Myanmar, arguably the world's sexiest new frontier market. 

NYT: O.E.C.D. Warns of Recession in Germany
Hosted: Recession 'taking hold' in Eurozone, OECD says  

NYT: North Korea May Take Action to Jolt Economy, Analysts Say

The gold standard and economic growth - Tyler Cowen acknowledges that the gold standard as implemented in 1929-1932 was a disaster, But in the interests of promoting a balanced discussion, he asks: Dare anyone critical of the gold standard bring themselves to utter these (roughly true) words?: "For the Western world, the gold standard era, defined say as 1815-1913, was arguably the greatest period of human advance ever, at least in matters of economics, culture, and technology."  

M 4.6, 44km WSW of Kuripan, Indonesia
M 4.6, 36km N of Ndoi Island, Fiji
Reurters: Powerful quake hits Costa Rica, two dead Hurricane Michael becomes a Category 3 storm

NBC: Hurricane Michael becomes year's first Category 3 storm; Leslie eyes Bermuda

ENENews: Busby: I think plutonium probably reached critical mass at Reactor 3 which caused explosion (VIDEO) 
ClimateCrocks: Another Blow to Arctic Ice?
WSJ: Cathay to Restrict Shark-Fin Shipments 

DailyFinance: BP May Face $21 Billion in Fines Over 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill
ClimateCrocks: Why 2012′s Drought Will Rumble 2013

America in Decline
CBSNews: Plane returns to Philly after possible prank call

Food and Water
CommonDreams: Food Crisis Looms, UN Agencies Urge Action to Avoid 'Catastrophe'
Reuters: Nearly 17 million Americans repeatedly short of food: report

Science and Technology
Reuters: 'Occupy' comes to DNA: A genome for the 99 percent
CosmicLog: Obama and Romney take science quiz and rekindle climate controversy

MSNBC: Electricity from waves? Idea could swim, or sink, off Oregon - 'First commercial deployment in the U.S. is very, very positive,' European observer says
LAT: Scientists unveil new blueprint of how the human genome works

Medical and Health
MSNBC: Girl, 7, battles bubonic plague - DENVER -- A seven-year-old girl is recovering at a Denver hospital from a rare case of bubonic plague she likely contracted from fleas feeding on a dead squirrel at a southwestern Colorado campground, hospital officials said on Wednesday.
(just something I wanted to say, I don't believe fleas feed on dead animals, only live ones. They jump off and animal once it is dead.)
Statesman: Worst year ever for West Nile in Texas; 43 dead
TodayHealth: More kids eating colorful detergent capsules

Other News
CBSNews: NBC's Tom Brokaw hospitalized after TV appearance

BBC: France shootings: Girl hid under bodies in car
Time: Girl Spent 8 Hours Beneath Bodies in French Alps

MSNBC: 3 anarchists plead guilty to Ohio bridge bomb plot 
SeattlePI: 11 arrested for blaze at India fireworks factory
Guardian: Vladimir Putin leads Siberian cranes on migratory route in deltaplane – video

Newsday: Bill Clinton delivers keynote address at the Democratic National Convention
Newsday: Putin: Russia can work with Romney if elected
MSNBC: Platform politics and religion

Tinfoil Palace
The Oil Age
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Silent Country

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