Sunday, January 9, 2011

Breaking News Sun. Jan 9, 2011

Today's Breaking News Update will be a little skimpy as I'm changing computers and don't have all my stuff on this one yet.
Here is an update on Congresswoman's condition along with various commentaries.
Also, check out the Documentary Below.
"Garbage Warrior" it's the story of the Earth Ship builder/designer.
An amazing story. Enjoy!

Update on Congresswoman Gifford
FiredogLake: PHOTO: Surveillance Photo of Second Suspect in Giffords Shooting Released 

RawStory: Rand Paul on shooting: ‘Weapons don’t kill people’
CNN: A sampling of Jared Loughner's social-media postings
abc: Rep. Giffords Still in Critical Condition Following Shooting
CNN: Doctors: Arizona congresswoman able to communicate
BlackListedNews: House Dem calls for 'beefed up' security, special treatment for members by TSA
CNN: Witness: Arizona gunman 'was ready for war'
abc: Jared Lee Loughner: School Wanted Mental Evaluation

The Garbage Warrior
this is the first of 6 parts.


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