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Foreclosure Crisis
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DailyBail: Jon Stewart On Bank Bailouts And Foreclosure Fraud - Daily Show Video  

Important Breaking News
BBC: US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in Arizona
A US congresswoman has been shot along with several other people in Arizona, US media report.

Financial News
JimHightower: Playing With Economic Dynamite
MercuryNews: Jerry Brown's to-do list really begins after shock-and-awe Monday
BusinessInsider: How A Massachusetts Court May Have Set Off Another Housing And Banking Catastrophe
TruthOut: Attacking Public Employees: Will New York Lead?
Business Insider: Sorry, State And Local Governments Are Not Done Slashing Jobs
TheDailyBail: BOMBSHELL: Check Out This Industry Catalog And Price Sheet For FABRICATED Foreclosure Documents
WashingtonPost: Gates goes after military health care

Peak Oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: Are Green Times Just Around the Corner?

War and Conflict
CNN: In Iraq, a popular cleric cranks up anti-U.S. rhetoric
ReutersAfrica: Iran says to make own fuel for research reactor
CNN: China flexes growing military might
Reuters: Gaza mortar shell wounds two men at Israeli farm
Two Thai agricultural workers were wounded by a mortar shell fired by militants into an Israeli agricultural community close to the Gaza Strip border on Saturday, an Israeli official said.

Environmental News
CNN: Louisiana officials: Parts of coastline still heavily oiled 
SydneyMorningHerald: For wetter or worse: long wait to clean up 
HuffingtonPost: USS Kittiwake, U.S. Navy Ship, Sunk In Cayman Islands To Create Coral Reef (VIDEO)

Police State, Big Brother and Surveillance
Salon: DOJ subpoenas Twitter records of several WikiLeaks volunteers
TruthOut: Army's "Spiritual Fitness" Test Comes Under Fire
Test Was Designed by Psychologist Who Inspired CIA's Torture Program
Cryptogon: White House Calls for ‘Trusted’ Internet Identities for Americans 
PoliticsDaily: On Passports, Mother and Father Will Soon Be 'Parent 1' and 'Parent 2'

Intrigue and Wikileaks
TheSmirkingChimp: 'Illegally shoot the son of a bitch'
Guardian: WikiLeaks demands Google and Facebook unseal US subpoenas
InformationClearingHouse: Betrayal in Beirut;
Wikileaks Fingers Collaborators in Lebanese Government
The Lebanese government collaborated with US officials in a way that ensured that Lebanese civilians would be killed.

Science and Technology News Tool tracks who hires lobbyists 
WSJ: Bye-Bye, PCs and Laptops
Smart phones and tablets will soon handle the majority of our personal computing needs.

Food and Water
ActivistPost: Food Emergency: Millions of Americans Are Heading to Foodbanks for the First Time in Their Lives 
ChrisMartenson: Practical Survival Skills 101 - Water

Medical and Health
NPR: Debate Over Health Law Repeal Sparks Deja Vu
Krugman: Health Care: Feel the Fraudulence

Other News
WSJ: Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior
Can a regimen of no playdates, no TV, no computer games and hours of music practice create happy kids? And what happens when they fight back?
(It's the Borg method of child rearing.)
abcNews: Father Twice Told Uzi Too Powerful for 8-Year-old Christopher Bizilj
TheSun: Dad Can't Watch Son Death Footage 
RollingStone: Matt Taibbi: The Crying Shame of John Boehner
He's a lazy, double-talking shill for corporate interests. So how's he going to fare with the Tea Party?
Be sure and check out the discussion going in the Silent Country forum linked below.

News From Our Forums
TinfoilPalace: powered by The "A Little Safer America" - fantastic article by Linda (The Ozarker)
TinfoilPalace: So. What Do You Think About the Vaccination "Bombshell?"
TheOilAge:Where are we headed?
TheOilAge: Wikileaks Clears Bush of WMDs
Hubberts-Arms: Neurotic Dogs Are Becoming a Big Problem in USA
Hubberts-Arms: Internet Identity System Said Readied by Obama Administration
SilentCountry: How's that Facebook workin' for ya?
SilentCountry: Matt Tabibbi on John Boehner
TheSurvivalPodcast: U.S. to lower guidelines for fluoride level in water
ThesurvivalPodcast: Vegan hunter and fisherman

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