Friday, January 7, 2011

Breaking News Friday Jan. 7, 2011

History Channel "Prophets of Doom"
watch it while it's up on YouTube.
Thank you Emeline of Tinfoil Palace for the link!

Financial News
BusinessInsider: The Truth Comes Out: Paul Volcker Was Forced Out, Because The White House Is Going More "Pro Business" 
Bloomberg: Food Stamps Used by Record 43.2 Million in October, USDA Reports
NYT: A Little-Known Strategy for Cutting Mortgage Payments
ZeroHedge: Some Very Bad News For The "Sweep Fraudclosure Under The Rug" Brigade
Bloomberg: Jackpots No Sure Thing for Ailing States as Lottery Sales Slide
TheSmirkingChimp: Liberal BS on Income Inequality: Some Weasels Are More Equal Than Others
ZeroHedge: Gallup Finds Unemployment Increased In December, Underemployment Is At 6 Month High, Blasts Government Data Fudging
FinancialArmageddon: No Comment Required  
CharlesHughSmith: No Wonder We're Failing: Our Power Elites' Sole Expertise Is Being Privileged
The Power Elite which has been raised to occupy the privileged seats of political and financial power in America has a skillset limited to navigating the world of privilege.
MSNBC: Census: Number of poor may be millions higher
1 in 6 Americans — many of them 65 and older — are struggling in poverty
CommodityOnline: Jim Rogers: Chinese Renminbi will replace US Dollar 
MyBudget360: FDIC and US banking industry continued insolvency – 11 percent of US banks are labeled as troubled financial institutions. CEO on the record of exporting American middle class.
FireDogLake: Just 103,000 Jobs Added in December, but Topline Unemployment Rate Drops to 9.4%
BusinessInsider: Bernanke Is Being Grilled About Muni Debt Because Republicans Want The States To Collapse
Reuters: Snap analysis: The incredible, shrinking U.S. workforce Even the "good" news had a dark lining in Friday's U.S. employment report.
TheBurningPlatform: Jobs-Spin Baby Spin
BusinessInsider: Alan Greenspan Sees A Huge Chance Of A Bond Collapse, While Lashing Out At His Critics
Reuters: Jobs growth stumbles even as jobless rate falls
ZeroHedge: Economy Needs To Create 235K Jobs A Month To Return To Pre-Depression Levels By End Of Obama Second Term
And now something from Dylan Ratigan's site.

DylanRatigan: The Bears Talk China’s Manipulated Currency.  Free Market Fraud.While American’s watch The Jersey Shore, the Chinese take 6,000 jobs for every billion dollars in trade deficit.

Peak Oil and Energy News
CBCNews:Oilsands blast ignored internationally
thanks to Targe at TheOilAge forum.
JeffRubin: Is There Enough Oil to Pay Our Debt?
Bloomberg: Pemex 2010 Output Falls to Lowest Level in 20 Years
Guardian: Deepwater Horizon oil spill: The real cause is peak oil
Complacency, systemic failure, management incompetence resulted in the BP spill, says a US government report, but the real cause lies deeper still

War and Conflict
ZeroHedge: China In Diplomatic Gaffe, Backtracks After Leaked Report Discloses Country Ready To Use Preemptive Nukes
Reuters: UPDATE 4-U.S. to dip into defense budget, slash troops
CNN: Police silent on security as threat level for London is raised
InformationClearingHouse: Freedom Fighters for a Fading Empire
TPMMuckraker: Report: Incendiary Packages Sender Was Mad About Traffic Signs

Environmental News
HuffingtonPost: Birds Dying In Italy: Thousands Of Turtle Doves Fall Dead From Sky
Guardian: Republicans kill global warming committee
Republicans have disbanded the one committee devoted solely to climate change and energy issues.
At least it went out on its own terms 
ModernSurvivalBlog: Sudden Activity at Katla Volcano
TheDailyBail: SLIDESHOW: The Photos That BP Doesn't Want You To See - Dying Birds, Corexit & Corruption
InnovationTrail: Chernobyl, Three Mile Island... West Valley? A lesser-known nuclear failure in N.Y.
West Valley's legacy: teachable moments for other nuclear cleanups

Police State, Big Brother and Surveillance
RawStory: San Francisco police shoot wheelchair-bound man twice in the groin
GlobalResearch: America's Next Failure: the Police State
Wired: Is Blackwater Heading for the Holy Land?

Intrigue and Wikileaks
Neithercorp: WikiLeaks: Now a Household Term

Science and Technology News
Wired: This day in Tech. Jan. 7, 1851: Foucault Gets the Swing of Things
Slate: The Most Worthless Week in Tech-The case against the Consumer Electronics Show.
BeforeItsNews: Groundbreaking! Princeton Scientists Construct Synthetic Proteins That Sustain Life, Never Before Seen in Nature

Food and Water
BBC: Germany dioxins: Officials probe 'illegal activity'
Some 4,700 German farms have been shut.
Guardian: World food prices enter 'danger territory' to reach record high
OilPrice: A Perfect Storm is Settling Up for the Grains
FarmWars: The USDA’s Organic Deception

Medical and Health
RawStory: Blue Shield of California plans huge rate increases
NewScientist: A new kind of colour blind
BusinessInsider: Citi Downgrades Tobacco Stocks Saying Smoking Will Cease To Exist By 2050
WashingtonPost; Some young adults with STDs say they've never had sex
CNN: Californians braces for 59% health premium hike
Slate: The Mathematics of Narcissism
The common statistical thread between psychiatric diagnosis and grad school rankings.

Other News
RawStory: Maddow: GOP declares war on own promises
Spiegel: Russia Woos Orthodox Sect to Repopulate Siberia
CNN: L.A. officials receive video of men sexually assaulting disabled women 
TheSmokingGun: Child Porn Probe Leads To FBI Headquarters
TheStir:blog: Birds Fall From Sky = Third Apocalyptic Sign 
SmirkingChimp: Ted Williams and the Triumph of American Dream Propaganda

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