Thursday, January 6, 2011

Breaking News Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011

Financial News
TheDailyBail: South Park Bailout Episode - "And...It's Gone!"
Newsweek: First-Quarter Layoffs Back in Fashion, Big Time
ZeroHedge: Baltic Dry Free Fall Continues: 4%+ Drop For 3rd Consecutive Day, At Lowest Since April 2009
cnbc: US Gov't Seen Hitting Debt Limit in March or April
ForeignPolicy: 10 Percent Unemployment Forever?
Why the good news about the economy doesn't necessarily mean that jobs are coming back anytime soon.
Reuters: Record high food prices stoke fears for economy
cnbc: Volcker to Step Down From White House Panel
Reuters: December retail sales dented by blizzard, frugality
WashingtonPost: Bank of America will begin offering greater rewards to its most affluent and active banking customers but reduce services for its most basic users

Peak Oil and Energy News
Thanks to Deckard for this link!
Marketplace: What does the future hold for gasoline prices?
Bloomberg: North Sudan Oil Output to Rise to 170,000 BPD by 2012
Guardian: Gulf oil spill: BP set to avoid gross negligence charge 
Shares rise as US commission blames 'systemic' causes for spill and analysts say
inquiry unlikely to contradict findings
OpEdNews: Peak Oil and Climate Change - An Introduction

War and Conflict
AmericanEveryman: Allen West: If You Want to Free Palestine… Give it Back to the Jews
CNN: Small explosions at Maryland state offices injure 1 (can't wait to see what this turns into)
EnglishKyodoNews: China military eyes preemptive nuclear attack in event of crisis
afp: US sending 1,400 more Marines to Afghanistan
InformationClearingHouse: The Culture of the Occupation. 1
CNN: Is China closer than thought to matching U.S. fighter jet prowess?
ForeignPolicy: Portraits of a Rising Military Power
TheTelegraph: China 'leaks' pictures of stealth fighter jet test run
PressTV: US sets up center for 'secret war'

Environmental News
BeforeItsNews: Detailed Google Map:Mass Animal Deaths
TampaTribune: Shift of Earth's magnetic north pole impacts Tampa airport
Suite101: Earth's Magnetic Fields May Be Causing Bird and Fish Die-Off
CNN: 2 million fish found dead in Maryland
The U.S. Southwest may be on the verge of a 60-year drought unlike anything seen since the 12th century
AllVoices: Now East Texas also reports hundreds of dead birds
CommonDreams: Suicide by Pesticide: India's Hidden Climate Change Catastrophe
Over the past decade, as crops have failed year after year, 200,000 farmers have killed themselves
NaturalNews: Monsanto connected to at least 200,000 suicides in India throughout past decade

Police State, Big Brother and Surveillance
WillyLoman: Israel Announces Probe of Antiwar NGOs: Yisrael Beiteinu Insists Groups Be Probed for ‘Terror’ Links
MotherJones: Does Crime Pay? Why we have more prisons than we need
theAtlantic: The Tyranny of Defense Inc.
WillyLoman: St. Louis Police Officer Beats down and pepper sprays man
RawStory: White House’s ‘insider threat’ program targets federal employees for surveillance
cnbc: Has the iPhone Become Big Brother Plus Terminator?
Wired: Grad Student Watches Gitmo Grow With Google Earth
BeforeItsNews: Utah's $1.5 billion cyber-security center under way

Intrigue and Wikileaks
ComputerWorld: WikiLeaks fiasco prompts new Fed effort to boost data security
VOA: WikiLeaks: Israeli Officials at Gaza Crossing Corrupt
CBSNews: U.S. Envoy to Libya Wikileaks' First

Science and Technology News
PBS: Is Technology Wiring Teens to Have Better Brains?
DiscoveryNews: NASA Unveils Rules for Space Taxis
ScientificAmerican: Why is the north magnetic pole racing toward Siberia?

Medical and Health

CNN:Retracted autism study an 'elaborate fraud,' British journal finds
NYT: As for Empathy, the Haves Have Not
CNN: Doctor defends retracted autism study

Other News
ForeignPolicy: Think Again: American Decline
BeforeItsNews: Before Death, Wheeler Seemed Disoriented, May Be Tied To Attempted Arson
TheTelegraph: Suffolk tourist board embarrassed after metal band Cradle of Filth voted county's greatest icon (this was just plain funny!)
Tourism chiefs who carried out an internet poll to find Suffolk's most iconic image were embarrassed to find that most votes were cast for the lead singer of black metal band Cradle of Filth.

News From Our Forums

If You're looking for people who share your concerns about the future and want to learn things that you can do to protect yourself and your family, then visit the forums linked below.
TinfoilPalace: Collation of Dead Birds and Fish 
Hubberts-Arms: The European Union and freedom of the press
TheSurvivalPodcast: Storage / Storm Shelter from a RailCar
SilentCountry: Rumor: Obama to announce UFO visits and US contact with ETs in 2011?
Hubberts-Arms: Global Food-Price Index Hits Record 
TheOilAge: Weather, Supply and China to Dominate Grain Prices
TheTinfoilPalace: Digital Totalitarianism - The Conspiracy to Abolish Cash

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