Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Breaking News Wed. Jan. 5, 2011

DailyBail:Economic Hitmen  How Broken Capitalism Rules The Globe (Animated Short - John Perkins)

Financial News
AmericanDream: The Debt Ceiling Debate Really Doesn’t Matter
Either Way U.S. Government Finances Are Going To Crash
TheBurningPlatform: The Long Swim – How the Fed Could Become Insolvent
TechnologyReview: Undermining China's Monopoly on Rare Earth Elements
Full operations will start at a U.S. mine by the end of next year.
TheAtlantic: Why Bank of America Must Be Thrilled to Pay a $3 Billion Penalty
FTAlphaville: Casualties of the currency war
"Oh, but this is ironic, Brazil."
TheDailyBail: Federal Reserve works to strip a key mortgage protection for homeowners - Rescission
WSJ: Why California’s Budget Gap Isn’t as Bad as Low-Tax Arizona’s

Peak Oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: New High of Liquid Fuel Production
ZeroHedge: Contrary To The IMF's Lies, The IEA Finds That Surging Oil Price Actually Will Be A "Threat To The Recovery"
BLN: Oil price ‘threat to recovery’
Neithercorp: Oil Juggernaut Unleashed

War and Conflict
USAToday: Al Qaeda threat involving hotels buffets 'credible,' report says
Guardian: Chinese jet fighter 'sighting' raises fears over region's military power balance
ForeignPolicy: The FP Survey: Terrorism
"What is the state of global terrorism today, nearly a decade after the Sept. 11 attacks? Foreign Policy asked the top terrorism experts in the field. Here's what they told us: "
RawStory: China completes stealth fighter prototype

Police State, Big Brother and Surveillance
SFGate: Court OKs searches of cell phones without warrant
SmirkingChimp: Signing Statements More Dangerous Than Guantanamo 
BBC: The new vehicle set to revolutionise the skies (Used for surveillance)

Intrigue and Wikileaks
WillyLoman: Wikileaks Helping the Neocons Build a Fabricated Case for War
DemocracyNow!: WikiLeaks: Israeli Blockade Meant to Keep Gaza on "Brink of Collapse" 
BeforeItsNews: The (Bill) Gates of Hell Foundation

Environmental News
 BBC: The eco-friendly pigs genetically modified for food
The video above is a vitally, please watch.

HuffingtonPost: Dead Birds Fall From Sky In Sweden, Millions Of Dead Fish Found In Maryland, Brazil, New Zealand
Guardian: Apocalypse now? Mystery bird deaths hit Louisiana
Hundreds of blackbirds fall from sky over Louisiana, days after similar phenomenon in neighbouring Arkansas
ModernSurvival: Bird Kill Explanation? Beebe, Arkansas
cbc: Flood waters peaking in Australian city
Flooding affects 40 communities, recovery costs could top $5B
Guardian: Forest of Dean protesters fight big woodland selloff
More than 3,000 people at rally pledge to defend 'the people's' trees from what they fear will be corporate land grab
YahooNews: Two Million Fish Found Dead In Maryland
PostCarbon: Peak Nature? (pdf.)
ScientificAmerican: Why dire climate warnings boost skepticism
Undermining belief in a fair world may mean that climate warnings go unheeded.
ZeroHedge: Humans Have Intentionally Modified Weather for Military Purposes and Climate Control for Decades
BBC: Greenland ice sheet future grim, says Aberystwyth study 

Science and Technology News
ScientificAmerican: Walking Speed Predicts Life Expectancy of Older Adults
Baby boomers who keep up the pace as they age are likely to outlive those who slow down

Food and Water
Spiegel: Germany's Food Contamination Scandal Widens
ZeroHedge: Food Riots Next? FAO Says Food Prices Surpass Record Highs Seen During 2007-2008 Bubble

Medical and Health
ScientificAmerican: More Than Meets the Mirror: Illusion Test Links Difficulty Sensing Internal Cues with Distorted Body-Image
Can you guess your heart rate? Those who have trouble doing so might also have a less accurate external picture of their bodies, suggesting that body-image problems may not necessarily result from media messages alone

Other News
NYT: A Triage to Save the Ruins of Babylon
CBSNews: Mega Millions Numbers Have Eerie "Lost" Tie-In
BLN: Everything Is Falling Apart: 20 Facts That You Will Not Want To Read If You Still Want To Feel Good About America’s Decaying Infrastructure  
MotherJones: Davos Man Is Different From You and Me 
Quote from the article linked above:
The U.S.-based CEO of one of the world’s largest hedge funds told me that his firm’s investment committee often discusses the question of who wins and who loses in today’s economy. In a recent internal debate, he said, one of his senior colleagues had argued that the hollowing-out of the American middle class didn’t really matter. “His point was that if the transformation of the world economy lifts four people in China and India out of poverty and into the middle class, and meanwhile means one American drops out of the middle class, that’s not such a bad trade,” the CEO recalled.

News From Our Forums
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TinfoilPalace: Bumblebees at risk of being wiped out in the US after 96% decline in 4 species 
Hubberts-Arms:Missile seen off Texas coast - 1-2-2011 - Video
SilentCountry: Wikileaks exclusive - too important for wikileaks forum 
Hubberts-Arms: Hospitality employers to give employees "See something, say something" cards
Hubberts-Arms: Daily Survival - Winter checklist for your house
TinfoilPalace: Woman Announces Suicide on Facebook- And None of her One THOUSAND "Friends" Reach Out
SurvivalPodcast: Mossad using vultures, Taliban using baboons
TheOilAge: Deep Water Horizon not over
TheOilAge: The little red book that swept France
SilentCountry: World Food Prices at Fresh High
SurvivalPodcast: Looking for what I can do to prep at hotels (driving distance)

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