Friday, February 18, 2011

Breaking News Fri. Feb. 18, 2011

Middle East Turmoil
TheAtlantic: In Iraq, Torture and Secret Prisons Continue
Protests hit Iraq as public outrage against Maliki's abuses rises
But detainees from Camp Honor, the Green Zone prison from which the 280 Camp Justice detainees were transferred, said in interviews this winter with Human Rights Watch that the brutalities had gone unchecked. "My hands were tied over my head and my feet were put in water, then they shocked me in my head and my neck and my chest," one former prisoner told investigators. "The interrogators beat me repeatedly and told me that they would go to my house and rape my sister if I did not sign a confession, so I did. I did not even know what I was confessing to." Others said that their captors hung them upside-down for hours or suffocated them with plastic bags.
ForexYard: Egypt says Iran warships can use Suez Canal-source
Egypt has approved the passage of two Iranian warships through the Suez Canal, a source said on Friday, a move Israel's right-wing foreign minister described as "provocative". "Egypt has agreed to the passage of two Iranian ships through the Suez Canal," the security source told Reuters.

State TV and the official news agency subsequently reported the news, without citing sources. An army source earlier said the Defence Ministry was considering a request by the Iranians to allow the naval ships to cross the strategic waterway.
BBC: Libya protests: Death in al-Bayda as unrest spreads
PBS: In Bahrain, Conflicting Views on Deadly Police Raid From Government, Protesters
BlackListedNews:  George Soros writing Egypt's New constitution
MSNBC: Police fire tear gas at Bahrain protesters
Mourners call for end to monarchy after deadly crackdown overnight
CSM: Revered Islamic preacher rallies Egyptians in Tahrir, signaling larger role for Islam
Leading Islamist theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi delivered a sermon to hundreds of thousands at Tahrir Square today. Political Islam is likely to play a larger role in Egypt now.
ForeignPolicy: The siege of Bahrain
Reuters: Four killed in Bahrain clashes as Mideast seethes
AlArabiya: Total isolation of Mousavi & Karroubi urged.  Iran rally demands opposition chiefs hanged
Bloomberg radio is reporting that Egypt has approved Iran's request to send the warships through the Suez Canal and that the ships are not carrying any nuclear or chemical weapons, just ordinary weapons. Don't have a link for that, just heard it on the radio.

Financial News
USTreasury: Treasury Notes
Reforming America’s Housing Finance Market

MyBudget360: Collective financial insanity – FDIC backing $5.4 trillion in total deposits on pure faith – US banking operating with negative deposit insurance fund and massive debt leverage. The greatest Ponzi scheme known in the financial world.
Wired: Go Inside the $56 Billion ‘Black’ Budget
BusinessInsider: One More Remarkable Stat About The NASDAQ's Huge Rally
ZeroHedge: If The CME Hikes Gold And Silver Margins By 50% And Nobody Cared, Did A Tree Fall In The Precious Metal Price Suppression Scheme?
TPM: Report: 25K Protested In Madison On Thursday (VIDEO) 
MoneyWatch: 63 Colleges With the Best Financial Aid 
AmericanDream: Is China Hoarding Gold In Anticipation Of A Global Financial Implosion? 10 Facts About Gold Fever In China That May Surprise You
Thank you rj for the following links. Be sure to check out the weekly wrap-up at the Global Glass Onion today!
DailyKos: Yes, Rep. Mike Kelly, if you shut down government, Social Security checks don't get sent
Economix: The Gender Pay Gap by Industry
SeeingtheForest: Nine Pictures Of The Extreme Income/Wealth Gap
Phil'sStockWorld: Fandango Thursday - Does Anything Really Matter?

Peak Oil and Energy News
AJC: Plant closure bursts Ga.’s biomass bubble
The premise, and the promise, were brilliant in their simplicity: Turn tree waste into fuel, help break the Middle Eastern choke hold on America’s economy and bring hundreds of jobs to rural Georgia.
What wasn’t there to like?
WSJ: China Rejects American's Appeal of Spy Charge 
ScientificAmerican: Is a U.S. Nuclear Revival Finally Underway?
Four new reactors are under construction in the U.S.--on time and on budget--today
WSJ: Iraqi Crude Exports At Post-2003 Record On Kurdish Oil Flows 
LettersFromMrSunshine:  Colorado Shale Oil Contains No Net Energy Thanks rj! :D

War Conflict And Terrorism
Wired: Latest Pentagon Brainstorm: Nuke-Powered War Bases
ZeroHedge: As Egypt Decides Whether To Allow Iran Warships To Pass Suez, Here Is An Update Of US Naval Deployments 

Environmental News 
ExtinctionProtocol: 5.1 earthquake strikes Baja, California  
TimesLive: Six dead, 15, 000 homeless in Madagascar cyclone 
RJ also pointed me to these environmental stories.
YahooNews: Ark. cities feel unexplained surge in earthquakes
NSIDC: One- to two-thirds of Earth’s permafrost will disappear by 2200
NSIDC: NSIDC bombshell: Thawing permafrost feedback will turn Arctic from carbon sink to source in the 2020s, releasing 100 billion tons of carbon by 2100
ToledoBlade: Peculiar geese deaths baffle wildlife officials
Ailment afflicting birds around Lake Erie

Police State, Big Brother and Surveillance
MailOnline: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the army's latest $4million spy drone disguised as a hummingbird, measuring just 16 centimetres
(I know I'm giving this a  lot of space toda, but you gotta admit, this is pretty impressive as far as tech goes, and pretty scary as far as privacy goes.
Wired: FBI Pushes for Surveillance Backdoors in Web 2.0 Tools
Cryptogon: Air Force Wants Troll Persona Management Software
Online Persona Management Service. 50 User Licenses, 10 Personas per user.
Software will allow 10 personas per user, replete with background , history, supporting details, and cyber presences that are technically, culturally and geographacilly consistent. Individual applications will enable an operator to exercise a number of different online persons from the same workstation and without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries. Personas must be able to appear to originate in nearly any part of the world and can interact through conventional online services and social media platforms. The service includes a user friendly application environment to maximize the user’s situational awareness by displaying real-time local information.
 Science and Technology News
NewScientist: 'Anti-laser' built for first time 

Food and Water
LiveintheNow: USDA Deregulates Yet Another New GMO Crop
ModernSurvivalOnline: Video: Making flatbread from wheat
SOTT: Soth Korea fighting uphill battle against foot-and-mouth disease millions of cows and pigs have been culled
Spiegel: The Controversial Practices of Poultry Mega-Factories
Industrialized chicken farming has become a booming business in Germany, delivering hundreds of millions of birds a year to customers around the world. But the methods they use are controversial -- and opposition is growing.

Medical and Health
ScientificAmerican: Defective Growth Gene in Rare Dwarfism Disorder Stunts Cancer and Diabetes
A long-term study shows that people with Laron syndrome, a genetically based form of dwarfism, almost never succumb to cancer or diabetes

Other News
LunarMeteoriteHunters: Chicago Meteor Fireball ~9:10 pm CST 17FEB2011
Chicago, Illinois "vivid neon green flash"!  (this is a great blog for people who like to keep up with what's going on with meteors. Highly recommend it. )

TinfoilPalace: Huge solar flare jams radio, satellite signals: NASA
TinfoilPalace: Strange clouds and lights in our sky's, updated! Yet again
TheOilAge: Portugal told to seek Bailout by April 1
TheOilAge: Teachers battle riot police in Oaxaca
Hubberts-Arms: The abnormal layer of sediment is up to 5x thicker than it was in August
Hubberts-Arms: While We Weren't Looking: Unrest Erupted in Puerto Rico
SilentCountry: It's All About Food
SilentCountry: got pM's.. better keep it zipped..

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