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Breaking News Fri. Feb. 25, 2011

 Good Lord what a week this has been! The stories are happening so fast it's hard to keep up!
People that are members over at Collapse Net know that Mike is moving from LA.
Good luck to you Mike!
As always, many thanks to everyone taking the time to send links and point out interesting developments for me to link in our Breaking News blog. Today is Friday, and you should check out rj's weekly wrap-up on the financial situation. Global Glass Onion. rj sends me tons of links everyday and my sincerest thanks go out to him.
Also, let's remember to keep the people of New Zealand in our thoughts and prayers as they continue to struggle with the aftermath of that terrible earthquake.

Protests and Revolutions
ZeroHedge: Germany Sends Three Warships To Libya
Reuters: WRAPUP 10-Gun battles rage in Libya, U.S. examines options
ZeroHedge: Stratfor On Why Developments In Bahrain Are More Important Than Libya's
Reuters: Cables show Libya pressed oil firms to reimburse terror costs
BBC: US union protests: Wisconsin Democrats avoid police
Democratic senators delaying a vote on an anti-union bill in the US state of Wisconsin have avoided police sent to find them.
Republicans sent state patrol officers to the homes of Democrats who have fled the state to deny the senate a quorum for a vote on the bill.
Time: Iran: Why Workers Aren't Joining the Protests
Montreal.ctv: Gadhafi retaliates as Libya uprising gains ground
WashingtonPost: China sends navy ship to protect Libya evacuees
BEIJING -- China has dispatched a navy ship to protect its citizens who are being evacuated from conflict-ridden Libya.
MonstersandCritics: Saudi youth call for protest in solidarity with Libyan uprising
VOA: Former Libyan Diplomat: Killing Gadhafi Only Way to End Violence
ibtimes: 18 and Counting: Political and Social Unrest Ensnare the Globe
Political and Social Unrest Ensnare the Globe
Egypt and Tunisia were not the only countries hit by severe unrest. They are just the highest profile cases in a list of many countries which experienced unrest because of deteriorating economic troubles - and that is for the first month of 2011 alone.
ibtimes: Swiss banks freeze luxury and other assets of Moammar Gadhafi
Telegraph: Libya: Middle East airports turn away Gaddafi planes
Airports around the Middle East were on Wednesday night turning away planes carrying members of Col. Muammar Gaddafi's family.
ZeroHedge: Gaddafi Son Says Army Will Protect Oil Infrastructure, Blames Al-Qaeda For Carpet Bombing As 10,000 Now Reported Dead
Forbes: Amidst Rumors That Gadhafi’s Been Shot, Swiss and Brits Freeze His Assets
Guardian:  History should come down hard on Tony Blair for embracing Gaddafi
Tony Blair knew what a murderous 'mad dog' Gaddafi was. The only convincing reason for the rapprochement was the promotion of British interests in Libya
Time: As Gaddafi Teeters, Will the Mystery of Lebanon's Missing Imam Be Solved?
Bloomberg: Al Jazeera Enrages Dictators, Wins Viewers With Coverage
WashingtonPost: UN rights chief: reports of mass killings in Libya
GENEVA -- The U.N.'s top human rights official says there are reports of mass killings of thousands in Libya that should spur the international community to "step in vigorously" to end the crackdown against anti-government protesters in the North African country.
Spiegel: Al-Qaida's Embarrassment
Revolutions Mark Setback for Terror Group
WashingtonPost: 6 killed as Iraqis protest in 'Day of Rage'
BAGHDAD -- Thousands marched on government buildings and clashed with security forces in cities across Iraq on Friday, in the largest and most violent anti-government protests here since political unrest began spreading in the Arab world several weeks ago.
Reuters: South Korea leaflets tell North of Egypt, but change unlikely
(Reuters) - South Korea's military has been dropping leaflets into North Korea about democracy protests in Egypt, a legislator said on Friday, but doubts lingered it would trigger calls for change in the tightly controlled country.

Financial News
CalculatedRisk: New Home Sales decrease in January 
ZeroHedge: Frontrunning: February 25
Time: Why Libya's Uprising Is Bad for the World Economy
ZeroHedge: Korean Bank Run Spreading: Eighth Bank Closes Following "Massive Withdrawals"
TheDailyCrux: Federal Reserve president breaks rank: This is the greatest risk to the U.S. economy Really Bad Reporting in Wisconsin: Who 'Contributes' to Public Workers' Pensions?
Gov. Scott Walker says he wants state workers covered by collective bargaining agreements to "contribute more" to their pension and health insurance plans.
Accepting Gov. Walker' s assertions as fact, and failing to check, created the impression that somehow the workers are getting something extra, a gift from taxpayers. They are not.
Out of every dollar that funds Wisconsin' s pension and health insurance plans for state workers, 100 cents comes from the state workers.

CharlesHughSmith: Egypt, Libya et al.: Demographics, the Oil Curse and Post-Colonial Karma
DeclineOfTheEmpire: Watching America's Decline In Real-Time
ReutersBusiness: Japan seeks to cut rare earth usage by a third
(Reuters) - Japan aims to cut rare earth consumption by a third within a few years and reduce its reliance on China, by providing subsidies for recycling and investing in new ways to limit their use.
WashingtonWire: FedEx’s Inconvenient Truth
DailyCrux: This frightening report shows investors are bingeing on risk all over again

at 4 a.m. Eastern time this morning.
EconomicTimes: LSE share trading hit by tech problem-spokeswoman
LONDON: Trading in British shares was halted at the open on Friday with bourse operator London Stock Exchange saying it was because of technical issues."There is a pause in order driven securities trading, we are investigating problems in Sets and Sets QX," said Lauren Crawley-Moore, spokeswoman for the LSE.
She added that she was not able to say when the problem may be resolved.
NakedCapitalism: Matt Stoller: The Liquidation of Society versus the Global Labor Revival
TheDailyCrux: The absolute must-read editorial of the week... of the month
Bernanke, You Stupid B%#%^*d
Yes, you.
And Trichet, and the rest of the Central Bank fools.
But especially you, Bernanke.
There's dumb and then there's really dumb. Let's take a short walk back down history lane.
Reuters: Fourth-quarter growth revised down to 2.8 percent
(Reuters) - The economy grew slower than initially estimated in the fourth quarter as government investment contracted more sharply and consumer spending was less robust, a government report showed on Friday.
again, thanks to rj at Global Glass Onion for many of these really good financial links today!
ritholtz: How the Servant Became a Predator: Finance’s Five Fatal Flaws
DailyCrux: Forget the "fear trade"... This is the No. 1 reason gold is soaring

Peak Oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: World Oil Supplies as Reported in EIA’s most recent International Energy Statistics
GizMag: Agave shows potential as biofuel feedstock
Reuters: Oil eases below $111 on Saudi assurances, all eyes on Libya
ibtimes: Oil rises above $112 on Libya output cuts
OilPrice: Why a Stable Libya is So Important to OPEC and World Oil Production
ClimateProgress: The Corn Ultimatum: How long can Americans keep burning one sixth the world’s corn supply in our cars?
Bill Clinton warns: Too much ethanol could lead to food riots
MacroAdvisers: Calibrating the Macro Effects of Higher Oil Prices:
Results from the MA Model Recent turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East has contributed to a sharp rise in oil prices and raised uncertainty about where they are headed.

Environmental News
NZHerald: Christchurch earthquake: Rockfall threat still strong, say experts
ClimateProgress: The year of living dangerously. Masters: “The stunning extremes we witnessed gives me concern that our climate is showing the early signs of instability”
Munich Re: "The only plausible explanation for the rise in weather-related catastrophes is climate change"
ExtinctionProtocol: Eagles fall out of the sky over Washington- more evidence food chain unraveling
ScienceMag: Indonesia's Infamous Mud Volcano Could Outlive All of Us
NYT: New Zealand Earthquake’s Toll Continues to Mount
The bodies of at least 113 people, including two infants, have been recovered from a number of heavily damaged buildings since the 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck central Christchurch in the early afternoon on Tuesday. Most of the victims have not yet been formally identified, but they were thought to include many of the 228 people still listed as missing, but feared dead.
ScientificAmerican: NOAA scientists cleared in climate email review
U.S. officials on Thursday cleared scientists of charges that they manipulated data about climate change in e-mails that were stolen from a British university in 2009, triggering a climate scandal.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. officials on Thursday cleared scientists of charges that they manipulated data about climate change in e-mails that were stolen from a British university in 2009, triggering a climate scandal.The Department of Commerce's Inspector General conducted the independent review of e-mails taken from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in England, at the request of Republican Senator James Inhofe, a climate change skeptic.
CNN: Deaths of baby dolphins worry scientists
NASA: Comet Elenin is coming (2011)
ClimateChangePsychology: Eyewitness account of New Zealand earthquake
Climate researcher Kevin Trenberth describes experience

Food and Water
Reuters: Hungry North Korea appears to be stockpiling food
(Reuters) - Impoverished North Korea is headed for another year of sharp food shortages but its multiple requests for aid appear disproportionate, suggesting it wants to stockpile food rather than feed the hungry, officials in the South said.
Blasphemy! Is nothing sacred! LOLBloomberg: Breathing More Profit into Chocolate Bars
As commodity prices soar, candy makers are adding air to recipes 
Reuters: Analysis: In food vs fuel debate, U.S. resolute on ethanol
GoogleSearch: US warns extreme food prices will stay (thanks rj! :D)
TheEconomist: No easy fix
Simply using more of everything to produce more food will not work

War Conflict And Terrorism
What now passes for terrorism. I just ran across this story and was kind of surprised at what passes for terrorism these days. It didn't say what kind of 'explosives' he had put on someone's doorstep. I'm wondering if it was a firecracker or something. If it had been dynamite or anything like that, it would have been named in the news report. Usually if it's something silly like firecrackers or something, they just say explosives. Before you know it, just jumping out from behind a shrub and yelling BOO at someone will be called terrorism and land you in prison. LOL
CapitalRegion: Steven Raucci sentenced to 23 years to life
TimesUnion: DA plans discussion on domestic terrorism
Schenectady's Carney will use Raucci trial as a case study in college talk
Chron: Saudi held in plot against Bush home
W. Texas college student allegedly had bomb materials for 'martyrdom'
WASHINGTON — A 20-year-old student from Saudi Arabia who studied chemical engineering at Texas Tech University is facing a federal charge of attempting to construct homemade explosives to serve as weapons of mass destruction on potential targets including the Dallas home of former President George W. Bush.
Athenscms: Question to Broun: Who’s going to shoot President Obama?

Police State, Big Brother and Surveillance
Gizmodo: TSA Harasses 9-yo Boy and Other Train Passengers After Their Trip
laTimes: U.S. military to examine alleged misuse of 'psy-ops' in Afghanistan
Gen. David Petraeus calls for an inquiry into findings in a Rolling Stone magazine article that a U.S. general in Afghanistan pressured troops trained in psychological operations to persuade visiting lawmakers to provide more funding and support.
msnbc: Report: Army targeted U.S. senators with psy-ops
General sought to manipulate VIPs in order to elicit more funding, troops, according to Rolling Stone article 
Cryptogon: New Stealth Bomber Could Control Drones, Fire Lasers, Bust Bunkers

Science and Technology News
ScientificAmerican: Automaton, Know Thyself: Robots Become Self-Aware
Droids met the challenge of perceiving their self-image and reflecting on their own thoughts as part an effort to develop robots that are more adaptable in unpredictable situations

Medical and Health
Discovery: Cats Adore, Manipulate Women
Cats attach to humans, and particularly women, as social partners, and it's not just for the sake of obtaining food.

Other News
AngryBear: Eisenhower as a lefty politico
DailyKos: Federally funded abstinence group has ties to 'Kill the Gays' Uganda minister
Reuters: Judge strips taco-eating Texas beauty queen of crown
(Reuters) - A teenaged Texas beauty queen accused by contest sponsors of infractions including gaining too much weight by eating tacos was stripped of her crown on Wednesday.
CNN: Sheriff: Three adopted children suffered horrific abuse
HuffingtonPost: Thai Police Free 14 Women From Illegal Baby-Breeding Farm In Bangkok  

News From the Forums
TinfoilPalace: They were trying to make "tidal wave bombs" 53 years ago....
TinfoilPalace: 1500 Men Found Buried Alive in Underground Room - Benghazi Libya
TheOilAge: Calculating Family of four food supplies...
TheOilAge: To all the Doomnymphs
Hubberts-Arms: Pandalerium - Walker Budget Cutting Bill Passes Suddenly in Wisconsin
Hubberts-Arms: US political establishment escalates attack on abortion rights
SilentCountry: Keep alert! The worst is about to hit!
SilentCountry: Odd rumbling sound yesterday...

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