Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend Documentary! A Farm for the Future and The Worm Guy!

I love this documentary! It always makes me feel better to watch it.
The second one is my other favorite, an episode of "Peak Moment".
When events in the world get especially frightening, I like watching programs like these to give me some hope and an image of how things 'could' be, given the opportunity. Hope you enjoy them!Going out now to plant eggplant seeds in the greenhouse! LOL

A Farm For the Future

Peak Moment: The Worm Guy

Here are some news links compliments of our friend rj! Remember to check out his blog this week
right HERE!

Tennessean: Tennessee bill would jail Shariah followers 
mungowitzend: The distressing distribution of unemployment
TheEconomicPopulist: Corporate Profits Soaring Thanks to Record Unemployment
NakedCapitalism: Anonymous Speaks With Westboro Baptist Church
Desmogblog: Natural Gas Industry Rhetoric Versus Reality
As the recent natural gas industry attacks on the Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland demonstrate, the gas industry is mounting a powerful PR assault against journalists, academics and anyone else who speaks out against the dangers of hydraulic fracturing and other threats to public health and the environment from shale gas development.
OfftheChartsBlog: Five Things You Might Not Know About Public Employees
LeftWingNutJob: Hannity, Limbaugh and OReilly are all union members..
ProjectSyndicate: The Last Resource Frontier
OXFORD – In the coming decade, extraction of oil, gas, and mineral ores will constitute by far the most important economic opportunity in Africa’s history. Africa is the last frontier for resource discovery, having long been relatively neglected by mining and other resource-extraction companies, owing to difficult political conditions. But rising commodity prices are overcoming reluctance, and prospecting is generating a multitude of new discoveries.

NYBooks: ‘The Revolution Is Not Yet Over’
NYBooks: Nuclear Madness in Tripoli
If any further proof is needed of Libyan strongman Muammar Qaddafi’s mental instability it is provided by WikiLeaks dispatches from US diplomats in Tripoli in November and December of 2009. At issue was some nearly loose nuclear material, a Russian plane, and a lone security guard—a footnote in the WikiLeaks scandal that many may have missed. But first, a little background.

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