Thursday, February 3, 2011

Breaking News Thurs. Feb. 3, 2011

Egyptian Revolution

WashingtonPost: PHOTOS: Protests In Egypt  Mubarak wants to step down but fears chaos
Street battles in Cairo continue, journalists targeted
VOA: Egyptian Police Start Wave of Arrests
Cryptogon: Egyptian Army Starts Rounding Up Journalists
Bloomberg: Egypt's Anti-Mubarak Protesters Vow to Hold Ground
Wired: Leading Egyptian Facebook Activist Arrested, Friends Say
BlackListedNews: Doing the regime’s bidding, British-based Vodafone shut down Egypt’s phone and internet service.
The American company called Narus — owned by Boeing — sold Egypt the surveillance technology that helped identify dissident voices. We are joined by Tim Karr of Free Press and CUNY Professor C.W. Anderson. Karr outlines how communications was shut down in Egypt and discusses the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, a proposed Senate bill that could lay the foundation for blocking communications in the United States in the case of a “national threat.” Anderson traces the activist roots of Twitter to U.S. protests at the 2004 Republican and Democratic conventions. [includes rush transcript]
 CounterPunch: Frank Wisner in Cairo The Empire's Bagman
TheAtlantic: The Battle in Cairo's Tahrir Square
A first-hand account from our correspondent on the scene in Egypt
DailyBail: Bizarre Video: Mubarek Thugs On Horseback Beat Up Anderson Cooper & CNN Crew
RawStory: Fox hosts slam ‘anti-Semitic, anti-American’ al-Jazeera amid Egypt protests
DemocracyNow: Robert Fisk: Obama Administration Has Been Gutless and Cowardly in Dealing with the Mubarak Regime
Spiegel: Revolution Is Bad for Business
No Quick Fix for Arab Youth's Economic Woes

Financial News
Staho: War on Cash. MasterCard, 2nd Bank-Card Network, Expands E-Commerce With DataCash Credit Card Processor
CEO Ajay Banga is seeking growth in emerging markets through acquisitions, after declaring a “war on cash”.
WSJ: Some 43 Million Americans Use Food Stamps
DeclineoftheEmpire: America's Invisible Poor
DeclineoftheEmpire: Finite Earth Therapy
NakedCapitalism: Call Your Attorney General Tomorrow, February 3, to Call For Tough Penalties for Foreclosure Fraud
hat tip to rjs, over at the Global Glass Onion!
BusinessInsider: BOOM: Look What Gold Did When Bernanke's Speech Hit The Wire

Peak oil and Energy News
Bloomberg: TOP Oil Market News: IEA Says Crude Over $100 Risks Recovery
WSJ: India, Iran Settle Crude Oil Payment Issue
HeatingOilblog: Oil Trading Activity at the NYMEX Hit Record Highs Twice in Two Days

Environmental News
ClimateProgress: Fox News science columnist seeks sources to mock climate science — even it they know it is accurate
Fox also hosts Joe Bastardi to push 'utter nonsense' on climate -- but fails to question his unscientific claims about cooling.
Poleshift: Sea Floor DROP at the edge of west Sumatra and south Java
thanks to my friend Ellie for this information and link!!
TreeHugger: TED Talk: Blue is the New Green As Water Footprints Enter The Economy

Food and Water
IBTimes: China makes fake rice from plastic : report
CBSNews: In-Vitro Meat Still Not on the Menu
ProcurementLeaders: The benefactors of food scarcity
FinancialExpress: Ensure food security well in time

War, Conflict and Terrorism
TruthOut: Noam Chomsky "The Arab World Is on Fire"

Science and Technology
Wired: Russia Working on Mysterious Space Plane of Its Own

Medical and Health
RSOE_EDIS: Epidemic - Asia - Bangladesh: 02.02.2011 - 19:14:26 - Epidemic event happened in Asia / Bangladesh.
The death of seven people from 'mystery' fever in a northern border district has the experts scrambling to find out whether it was caused by a fresh outbreak of highly fatal 'nipah virus'. The virus is highly infectious as it has killed 113 people out of 152 who had the fever since its first outbreak in 2001 when it was unknown to all. The disease has become a cause of anxiety among Bangladesh's health authorities as it unfailingly strikes every year and there is little the doctors can do except circulating awareness message 'not to drink raw palm juice'. The juice, scientists say, is thought to be responsible for causing the infection. "The government has taken the fatalities in Hatiabandha upazila of Lalmonirhat district seriously," said Prof Mahmurdur Rahman, director of the Institute of Epidemiology Disease Control and Research (IEDCR).

TheTelegraph:  WikiLeaks: tension in the Middle East and Asia has 'direct potential' to lead to nuclear war
Tension in the Middle East and Asia has given rise to an escalating atomic arms and missiles race which has “the direct potential to lead to nuclear war,” leaked diplomatic documents disclose.
TheTelegraph: WikiLeaks: terrorists 'plan to use teddy bear bombs to blow up planes'
Terrorists are planning to use children’s toys such as teddy bears to get bombs onto planes, according to leaked diplomatic dispatches.
TheTelegraph: WikiLeaks: al-Qaeda 'is planning a dirty bomb'
Al-Qaeda is actively tring to secure nuclear material and recruiting rogue scientists to build a radioactive "dirty" bomb, according to leaked diplomatic documents. 
robertscourt: Latest Round of Wikileaks Docs Hype Manufactured Terror 
hat tip to SlowDazzle at Hubberts-Arms for the link.

Other News 

TheTelegraph: Newly-formed Thai airline recruits 'Ladyboys' as air hostesses
A newly-formed Thai airline has recruited transsexuals as air hostesses, in a pioneering move it believes will be copied by other carriers.
TheTelegraph: UFO hovers over Jerusalem shrine
Two different films have surfaced of a glowing ball hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem before zooming off skywards
DailyKos: President of Arizona Senate proposes secession measure
BusinessInsider: SURPRISE! Leaked Emails Show Fox News' Exec's Attempt To Link Obama Campaign To Marxism
DailyKos: H.R. 3 hides even bigger dangers than redefinition of rape

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Orchestrated "Colour" Revolutions
TinfoilPalace: Is there something they're not telling us about the weather?
TheOilAge: Peak Oil Game Changer ??
TheOilAge: Wholesale food prices rise for 7th consecutive month...
Hubberts-Arms: NYC bans smoking OUTDOORS!
Hubberts-Arms: Taleb says Saudi Arabia is 'unstable' like Egypt
SilentCountry: Detroit in ruins: the photographs of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre
SilentCountry: With every passing day...

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