Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breaking News Tues. Feb. 8, 2011

Egypt and the Middle East
FDL: Massive Tahrir Square Protests Today Despite Stage-Managing in Egypt
BusinessInsider: The Egypt Situation Isn't Over, As The Biggest Crowd Ever Is Now Gathered In Tahrir Square
ynetnews: Army Chief Ashkenazi: Prepare for all-out war
AlJazeera: Blogger's release 'reignites' Egypt
Google executive Wael Ghonim speaks after release from Egyptian custody, sparking outpouring of support from protesters.
BusinessInsider: Wikileaks Releases Info On Egypt VP Omar Suleiman's Connections With Israel
ABCNews: Egyptian Activist Known as 'Sandmonkey' Reveals Identity After Police Beating
Mahmoud Salem: Egyptian Police Record, Leak Torture Videos Because They 'Operate on Fear
NYT: Protests Linger as Normal Life in Cairo Begins to Resume
ForeignPolicy: The inside story on the exploding Egypt “envoy,” Frank Wisner
ABCNews: Google Hero Wael Ghonim Vows to 'Not Aband Our Demand' That Mubarak Quit
Guardian: The west clings on to the old Arab order at its peril
Arabs across the region are ready for life after the autocrats. If the west remains reticent, they will look elsewhere for support

Financial News
DylanRatigan: Strategic Default, A Mortgage Isn’t a Life Sentence 
DailyBail: Trichet Says 'No Haircuts' For Billionaire Bondholders: "The Plan For Ireland Has Already Been Approved By The World"
DeclineoftheEmpire: Ronald Reagan Would Be Proud
FDL: FDIC Advances Bonus Pay Curbs, But Execs Have a Work-Around 
YahooFinance: The World Isn't Ending But You Can Profit from the 'Apocalypse', James Altucher Says 
EndoftheAmericanDream: 4 Ways Barack Obama And The Federal Reserve Are Destroying Our Long-Term Economic Future For Their Short-Term Gain
CharlesHughSmith: Why Small Business Isn't Hiring and Won't Be Hiring

Peak oil and Energy News
Grist: Real-life Darth Vader/ Emperor Palpatine duo now in charge of U.S. energy policy
TheOilDrum: Tech Talk - Oil Tankers in the wake of the Egyptian Crisis

Environmental News
DailyMail: Birds use quantum theory to literally 'see' Earth's magnetic field as they fly
DailyMail: 'Super pack' of 400 wolves terrorise remote Russian town after killing 30 horses in just four days
EarthObservatory: Record Low Arctic Sea Ice Extent for January

Food and Water
BusinessInsider: Here's Who's Going Hungry In The Global Wheat Price Spike
WashingtonPost: U.S. military purchases Gulf of Mexico seafood, boosting an industry battered by oil spill

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance
RawStory: Torture complaints hit Bush on ninth anniversary of key decision
ZeroHedge: Urgent: Congress Will Vote to Renew the Patriot Act, Tuesday Feb. 8th
Cryptogon: Homeland Security Hijacks Domain Names of Sites That Allegedly Linked to Copyrighted Materials

Science and Technology
Gizmag: Kepler finds rare multiple planetary system in 'habitable zone'

Medical and Health
GizMag: Gesture-controlled computers and robotic nurses being developed for operating rooms

Telegraph: Julian Assange extradition hearing: woman's text messages 'showed she wanted revenge'
A woman who accused Julian Assange of raping her sent text messages speaking of getting revenge on the WikiLeaks founder and making money by “giving him a bad name”, a court has been told.
Telegraph: WikiLeaks: Israel's secret hotline to the man tipped to replace Mubarak
The new vice-president of Egypt, Omar Suleiman, is a long-standing favourite of Israel's who spoke daily to the Tel Aviv government via a secret "hotline" to Cairo, leaked documents disclose.

Other News
PRI: A 2012 safe haven in Bucharach, France?
Examiner: 'Death by armed rooster' karmic retribution 
WashingtonPost: Bangladesh arrests clerics over whipping a girl (to death)
FederalNewsRadio: FCC: Presidential emergency alerts to be tested
ibitimes: Flying cars set to hit market by 2012

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: - White Hat Report #10 - The White Hats Have the Attention of the World 
TinfoilPalace: Hillary recalls almost all U.S. ambassadors for a meeting Monday
TheOilAge: Most Chicago streets still unplowed
TheOilAge: Marines heading to Egypt
Hubberts-Arms: My credit card had a 79.9% APR
Hubberts-Arms: FINALLY! - Ireland Issues Threat To Billionaire Bondholders
SilentCountry: Arctic Defrost Dumping Snow on U.S. and Europe
SilentCountry: Thread: Student Loan Debt Swindle

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