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The Mummy's Tomb
...and speaking of hams, down in the Ancient Kingdom of the Nile, another curious transformation is taking place: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is metamorphosing  from a flesh-and-blood pharaoh into that most enduring of Old World personalities, a mummy, to be entombed in the presidential palace for all time with his entourage of scribes, police captains, publicity managers, and boatloads of bejeweled scimitars laid upon him by fellow satraps and potentates of the region over the many years of his natural reign.

Egypt and the Middle East
BlacklistedNews: The Egyptian Tinderbox: How Banks and Investors Are Starving the Third World
TheAtlantic: Paranoia Strikes Among Egypt's Protesters: A Day and Night in Tahrir
As circumstances on the ground shift less rapidly, the protest movement now faces subtler threats, with dissent and subversion becoming major preoccupations

ZeroHedge: American Warships Heading to Egypt
ChristianScienceMonitor: Iran kicks off espionage trial of US hikers
Iran's espionage trial of US hikers, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, comes ahead of the Feb. 11 anniversary of Iran's 1979 revolution and as tensions are rising over Iran's nuclear program.
USAToday: Egypt approves 15% raise for government employees

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt's embattled regime announced Monday a 15% raise for government employees in an attempt to shore up its base and defuse popular anger amid ongoing protests demanding President Hosni Mubarak's ouster.
NPR: Thousands Of Protesters Dig In Their Heels In Cairo
USAToday: Google executive freed in Egypt after 10 days detention
Cryptogon: Egypt: Pentagon Moving Warships, Preparing for Possible Evacuations

Financial News
Wired: Rentalship Is The New Ownership in the Networked Age
WSJ: Governors Chop Spending
Politicians in Both Parties Aim to Balance State Budgets Through Cuts, Not Taxes
BusinessInsider: Why It Could Easily Be Another 7 Years Before We're Back To Old Employment Levels
MotherJones: Take this APR and Shove It "No one ever went to hell for not paying a debt."
He’s been called a “credit terrorist,” but Steven Katz says you shouldn’t feel guilty about sticking it to Wall Street. MJ’s Kimberly Thorpe tells the story of Katz’s transnational jihad on banks and debt collectors.
CharlesHughSmith: The U.S. Economy Is About to Grow Explosively, Or Whatever

Peak oil and Energy News
CounterCurrents: The Globe's Limitations: How Peak Oil Threatens Economic Growth 
 By Richard Heinberg

FDL: ‘Advanced’ Civilization: The Long Party is Over
NPR: Meat-eating Furniture

Environmental News

Herald-Tribune: Big blob of gunk found in the Gulf (thanks to my friend Faith for the heads up on this one!)
Grist: USDA ‘partially deregulates’ GM sugar beets, defying court order
MotherJones: Kochs Spent Big on EPA Foes

Food and Water

PoliticsofthePlate: Obama Administration Allows Unrestricted Planting of GMO Alfalfa. Bye-Bye Organic Milk and Beef
NYTKrugman: Droughts, Floods And Food
NYT: Slow Food

War, Conflict and Terrorism
DangerRoom: One in 50 Troops in Afghanistan Is a Robot

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance
CounterPunch: When We Gonna Wake Up ...Americans are Oppressed, Too
thanks to RJS over at the Global Glass Onion for the above link!

RawStory: ‘Anonymous’ hacks security firm that probed its membership‎
DangerRoom: U.S. Has Secret Tools to Force Internet on Dictators

Science and Technology
BBC: Stereo satellites move either side of Sun
Two US spacecraft have moved either side of the Sun to establish observing positions that should return remarkable new information about our star.
Wired: Why Ham Radio Endures in a World of Tweets

Guardian: WikiLeaks cables: Egypt's Omar Suleiman demonised Muslim Brotherhood
Former spymaster turned vice president accused Islamist group of extremism in his contacts with US officials, leaked cables reveal
Reuters: Q+A: What Assange extradition case really is about
(Reuters) - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is fighting a request from Swedish authorities for his extradition to face questioning in a sexual misconduct investigation. A hearing on the case began Monday before a London district judge

Other News
WashingtonPost: Bush trip to Switzerland called off amid threats of protests, legal action
Telegraph: Underground world hints at China's coming crisis
To understand how far ordinary Chinese have been priced out of their country's property market, you need to look not upwards at the Beijing's shimmering high-rise skyline, but down, far below the bustling streets where nearly 20m people live and work.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Many Scientists are Evil - Have no Morals nor Care for our World 
TinfoilPalace: The Biggest Secret
TheOilAge: Cyclone Zaka Heads Toward New Zealand
TheOilAge: Alex Jones CLEARLY does not get it...
Hubberts-Arms: Hundreds of Yellowstone Buffalo Face Slaughter
Hubberts-Arms: U.S. Copper Pennies Now Worth Over 3 Cents
SilentCountry: Thread: Panic and Urgency Meters Moved!
SilentCountry: Blizzard Pics!

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