Saturday, February 5, 2011

Breaking News Sat. Feb. 5, 2011

 "End of the Line"

I hope you guys enjoy today's documentary!
HealthLand: New Dietary Guidelines: Cut Salt and Sugar, Eat More Fish
BBC: Global fish consumption hits record high
BlacklistedNews: Taco Bell Sells Fake Meat. So What? Everybody’s Doing It
Gourmet: Politics of the Plate: The Price of Tomatoes
If you have eaten a tomato this winter, chances are very good that it was picked by a person who lives in virtual slavery.
TheOilAge: Rice price surges, China resorts to.. plastic rice
FarmWars: Move Over GMO Alfalfa, Here Come the Beets

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and Robert, over at  The Daily Economic Update. Today's post is, THAT WHICH IS NOT SEEN…

More odds and Ends!
CNN: Justice Department says BP fund should be spent faster
BP claims fund manager told to speed up payments as "a matter of urgency"
RawStory: Failed assassination attempt on Egyptian VP leaves two dead, FoxNews alleges
ZeroHedge: The BLS: A History Of (Downward) Revisions, Or How The Department Of Truth Goosed Markets With Half A Million Fake Jobs In Two Years
Nation: Gas flow stopped after Egypt's North Sinai pipeline blast

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