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This Article from Conflicted Doomer is just a beautiful ."Does Anyone Know You’re Here?" by theozarker.
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James Howard Kunstler: An Odd Rumination
Can't we just drop Pee Wee Herman on Tripoli? Surly this shocking manifestation of everything toxic in America's existential zeitgeist arsenal would send the Gadhafi corps shrieking for the blank Saharan interior - somewhere between Murzuk and Timbuktu - where timeless dunes shift in the eternal wind, and the cares of modern life, armies, geopolitics, banks, bombs, and crusaders in red bowties are but grains of sand under the uncountable stars. To recline there, outside the tent, in the bracing chill of the desert night, against the warm backrest of a sleeping camel, with a glass of strong tea, would bring one into communion with the peace of Allah - don't you think?
But it appears we're going for the heavy ordnance instead, aided by the latest and greatest in video-gaming technology, and, by Gawd (yes, that one, ours, the one Michelangelo painted in Rome) we are going to give this cheeky Gadhafi fellow something like a Semtex colonoscopy and few around the wide world will shed a tear as he is translated into just another late-night snack for the rats and scorpions.
Good gracious what an exhausting month this has been!

CSMonitor: Workers evacuated from Japan nuclear plant, again
But workers made progress over the weekend on restoring electricity to the cooling system at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant, which will help stabilize overheated reactors.
Reuters: WHO spokesman: Japan food safety situation "serious"
(Reuters) - The World Health Organization said on Monday that the detection of radiation in food after an earthquake damaged a Japanese nuclear plant was a more serious problem than it had first expected.
DailyCrux: Japanese power company manager weeps after revealing the truth about the nuclear disaster Some critics of Japanese storage system see a worse-than-Chernobyl scenario ahead
DylanRatigan: Episode 41: How Japan Will Bounce Back with Marshall Auerback
ScientificAmerican: Fate of Nuclear Plant in Japan Hangs in the Balance as Melting Continues
Exposed fuel pools and low-pressure readings at the Fukushima Daiichi plant suggest growing hazard levels there, raising serious concerns about the course of the crisis
MetroOnline: Japan earthquake increases risk of Tokyo disaster, scientists warn
Scientists have warned that Tokyo could be at risk from a powerful earthquake, after the recent shock that hit the country put more stress on a nearby geological fault line in the earth.
WashingtonPost: Aftershocks keep Japanese in fear as residents worry about another ‘Big One’
LAT: Smoke seen at Fukushima reactors
Workers are evacuated at Fukushima Daiichi reactors Nos. 2 and 3. The cause of the plumes is unknown, but it does not appear to be associated with a radiation spike. Meanwhile, the executive director of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission says 'that things appear to be on the verge of stabilizing' at the nuclear complex.

Middle East
WashingtonPost: Arab League condemns broad Western bombing campaign in Libya
smh.AU: The West practises selective dudgeon
Saudi Arabia and Bahrain grease our wheels, so they're all right, writes Eric Ellis in Dubai.
BusinessInsider: YEMEN NEARS COUP: Most Of The Army And Dozens Of Key Figures Join The Revolution
Time: Thuggery: Who Is in Charge of Bahrain's Street Gangs?
CNN: Wave of top Yemen officials and generals quit after crackdown

Financial News
and this from JC! thanks for the link! ConflictedDoomer
Bloomberg: Fed Will Release Bank Loan Data as Top Court Rejects Appeal (2)

YahooFinance: The New Robber Barons: All Politicians "In the Hands of the Super Wealthy," Sachs Says
AmericanDream: Drowning In Debt
MSNBC: Buffett: Japan a ‘buying opportunity,’ Disaster the kind of event that creates a buying opportunity, billionaire investor says (Just imagine how excited he'd be if an asteroid hit the planet!)
Bloomberg: GM, Ford, Chrysler May Seek to Put More Autoworker Pay at Risk
ibtimes: Morning Silver Market Report for 3/21/2011
MyBudget360: Austerity nation – 45 million Americans on food assistance programs. Americans shopping at discount dollar stores confronting the realities of a shrinking dollar and disappearing middle class.
WSJ: Chicago Fed Index Indicates Slow Economic Improvement
Reuters: Existing home sales dive, prices near 9-year low
(Reuters) - Sales of previously owned U.S. homes fell unexpectedly sharply in February and prices fell to their lowest in nearly nine years, an industry group said on Monday. 
YahooFinance: Deals,Disasters Spell "Emotional" Traders' Market
BusinessInsider: Huge Plunge In Taiwanese Exports Shocks Analysts, And Spells Trouble For The Entire Region
WSJ: Democrats Split on Social Security
Democrats have broken ranks over a move to consider Social Security changes—including possibly raising the retirement age—to ensure its long-term fiscal health in combination with an effort to reach a deficit-reduction package.
NYT: A Crisis That Markets Can’t Grasp
USTreasuryDept: Treasury to Begin Orderly Wind Down of Its $142 Billion Mortgage-Backed Securities Portfolio
Bloomberg: U.S. February Existing Home Sales Fall to 4.88 Million Rate (2)
BlackListedNews: Shaken: 10 Economic Disasters Which Threaten To Rip World Financial Markets To Shreds
DailyBail: Pentagon overpaid billionaire oil tycoon by $200 million in rigged procurement scandal

Peak oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: Tech Talk - Oil producers just below 1 mbd: India, Argentina, Egypt, and Oman

Environmental News
MarketWatch666: go nuke yourself
a short history of the "cold war"..."... a haunting visualization of the 2053 atomic explosions that occurred on this planet, from the “Trinity” test at Los Alamos.."
Via Slate: EPA.Gov: Real time charts of west coast radiation levels.
ScientificAmerican: Taking Waves: Nation's First Tsunami-Resistant Building Could Be Built on the Oregon Coast
The design, which features reinforcements at the base of a large stilted building to help prevent damage from powerful tsunamis, aims to provide a new city hall and vertical-escape shelter for 1,500 people

ExtinctionProtocol: India: 500 tremors leave Nanded residents in the grip of fear

TreeHugger: King Crabs Invade Antarctica for First Time in 40 Million Years

Food and Water
Grist: Debunking the stubborn myth that only industrial ag can ‘feed the world’

FarmWars: Big Ag Targets Exposers of Animal Abuse in CAFOs

War, Conflict and Terrorism
ynetnews: Libya denies report of Gaddafi son's death 
Opposition says Khamis Gaddafi killed Saturday when plane deliberately crashed into family compound in Tripoli 
MSNBC: Photos show GIs posing and smiling with dead Afghan civilians
Officials involved in a related court-martial had sought to severely limit access to pictures 

WashingtonPost: The sons of war: Why the famous keep quiet about their children’s military service
TruthOut: Body Bagger in Iraq (If you don't read a single other thing today, read this article.)
The members of the mortuary unit were shunned by the other Marines. The stench of dead flesh clung to their uniforms, hair, skin and fingers. Two members of the mortuary unit began to disintegrate psychologically. One began to take a box of Nyquil tablets every day and drink large quantities of cold medicine. He was eventually medevaced out of Iraq.
RawStory: Kucinich: Obama could be impeached for attacking Libya
WashingtonPost: What do we know about our commitment to Libya?
NavyNews: Misawa Air Base Amplifies Bioenvironmental Efforts
MISAWA, Japan (NNS) -- The Bioenvironmental Engineering Department at Misawa Air Base, Japan, a base with more than 1,200 Sailors, stepped up its efforts to ensure local water and air conditions remain within standards March 21.
USAToday: Rebellion in Libya (photo gallery)
FP: The Myth of the Useful Dictator
In propping up autocrats in countries like Yemen and Bahrain, the United States has long weighed its interests against its principles. Is it a false choice?
ForeignPolicy: The Drama in Delhi
India's government has been rocked by scandal after scandal. So why hasn't it fallen?

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance
Cryptogon: Obama Creates Indefinite Detention System for Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
FarmWars: Homegrown terrorism: the threat of Homeland Security and spy agencies
We should have stormed the streets when TSA was set loose in our airports to assault travelers, but we didn’t. Instead, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of us mewled that TSA was “only trying to keep us safe”.  These assaults have nothing to do with our safety; we are being systematically trained to comply, to submit.  Now, because so many of us did comply, TSA is setting up shop in our train stations and courthouses among other public places and is expanding their assaults on US citizens.  The government has now openly declared war on its own citizens.  Think I’m wrong?
BusinessInsider: Abu Ghraib Part Two? Der Spiegel Publishes US Army 'Kill Team' Images

Science and Technology
Radiation Dose Chart (thanks for the link Daniel!)
NewScientist: Biology's 'dark matter' hints at fourth domain of life

Medical and Health
NationalCancerInstitute: Radioactive I-131 from Fallout
Information and resources for Americans exposed to I-131 (a form of radioactive iodine) through fallout from above-ground nuclear testing in the 1950s and early '60s.

RawStory: US activists arrested at Manning protest

Other News
ModernSurvivalOnline: 2011 Preparedness Goals: Updated 3-21-2011
DailyBail: Sean "Voice of The People" Duffy Took $480,000 From Political Action Committees Last Year
TheExiled: How Long Has “New Media Strategies” Been Trolling Wikipedia On The Kochs’ Behalf?
SurvivalBlog: Useful Tidbits on Radiation and Journalists--The Season of Isotopes and Misanthropes
RawStory: Top Republican: Cut taxes by 10% … for the rich
DeclineoftheEmpire: The Astounding World Of The Future
TruthOut: Five Lessons from Genesis (About Being Human) That Still Apply Today
MetroOnline: St Bernard mistaken for bank robber has last meal before being put down
Arthur - the St Bernard accused of bank robbery - enjoyed a final meal of steak, pork chops and mince, as well as his favourite boiled eggs for his last meal.
Metro: 7ft-wide home for sale - but it will cost you £95,000
A Suffolk home that is only 7ft wide (2m) and boasts an upside-down design has gone up for sale - for the grand total of £95,000.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Earth Changes and the Pole Shift 
TinfoilPalace: I took another weird photo tonight............are these orbs?
TheOilAge: Libya
TheOilAge: why China is cutting exports crucial to Western technologies
Hubberts-Arms: Gaddafi's son killed.
Hubberts-Arms: Tennessee attacks teachers, funds charter operations
SilentCountry: More Wierd FL Stuff - Tallahasee Noise
SilentCountry: Gardening reality check?

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