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Special Sunday Edition of End of Empire News!

I was going to work outside today but, #1 it's raining and #2 there is just too much going on that we need to keep our eyes on.
First, I'd really like to thank Rourke over at Modern Survival Online for posting my article today. Do check out his site and the article if you have time. His site has a lot of good information as well as links to items of interest for people who are serious about prepping.
This morning's post will be just a bit of an update today. I usually just have the documentaries on the weekends but with the new conflict in Libya as well as the catastrophe in Japan, I wanted to put post at least an update today and will probably be adding to it throughout the day so check back later.
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CNN: Workers see some success at nuclear plant as cooling efforts continue
Guardian: Two Japanese earthquake survivors pulled from rubble - video
An 80-year-old woman and her 16-year-old grandson are rescued nine days after earthquake
Guardian: Japan prays for success of Fukushima 50 in fight to save nuclear plant
A fearless band of scientists and workers trying to stop a meltdown have inspired the entire country
MailOnline: 'Radiation is good for you,' says Ann Coulter as she weighs in on Japan's nuclear crisis 
MSNBC: Radiation found in Japanese milk, spinach
Official insists contaminated foods 'pose no immediate health risk'; situation at nuke plant 'stabilizing'
ABCNews: Japan's Nuclear Crisis Stabilizes, But Some Foods Contaminated
As Conditions at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant Reportedly Stabalize, Food and Water Contamination Fears Emerge Across Japan
CNN: Search for missing continues in Japan as death toll rises
Meanwhile, the March 11 tremors shifted the Oshika Peninsula near the epicenter by just over 17 feet and dropped it by just over 4 feet, the Geospatial Information Authority in Tsukuba, Japan, reported Saturday.
Those two land mass movements are records for Japan, according to government figures.

Middle East Turmoil
RawStory: Egyptian crowd attacks ElBaradei at voting station
CAIRO (Reuters) - A crowd of people blocked Mohamed ElBaradei from entering a polling station in Cairo on Saturday to cast a vote in Egypt's constitutional referendum, shoving him and smashing his car window with rocks as he left.
Time: How the Bahrain Regime Wants to Erase Its Bad Memories
ZeroHedge: UAE And Qatar Pledge Aircraft In Libya Conflict, As Iran Calls On Saudi, UAE To Leave Bahrain Immediately
Reuters: UPDATE 2-Yemeni troops on streets, two party members quit
Aljazeera: Syria to free child prisoners
Protests continue for a third day as the government announces it will free children arrested for pro-democracy graffiti. (How positively "enlightened" of them! Wow!) 

Financial News
BlackListedNews: Buffett banks another $3.7 billion from Goldman Sachs investment in the depths of economic crisis
Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A) has made about $3.7 billion, including paper profits, from its $5 billion investment in Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) at the depths of the financial crisis in 2008.
TheAtlantic: The F-35: A Weapon That Costs More Than Australia
The U.S. will ultimately spend $1 trillion for these fighter planes. Where's the outrage over Washington's culture of waste?
Economist: You want to cut what?
Mississippi Republican Haley Barbour breaks with political rank and proposes a cut to defense spending
YahooFinance: Lehman Brothers trustee sues Citibank for 1.3B
Lehman Brothers brokerage trustee seeks to recover $1.3 billion from Citibank
Guardian: Japan's debt default line could be felt in countries a world away
How Japan pays the bill for recovery will have knock-on effects in Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain…
BlackListedNews: Anonymous Indicates Widespread Insurance Fraud; Bank Of America Owns A Force Placed Insurance Subsidiary; Other Banks Earn Commissions

Peak oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: Fukushima Thread: March 19, 2011
FutureImperative: OPEC Oil Production in January -- Looking Grim 

Environmental News

TheAtlantic: The Other Global Toxic Cloud: China's Pollution 
Cryptogon: Oil Spill Reported Near Deepwater Drilling Site in Gulf of Mexico
CNNMoney: Map: How close is your home to a nuclear power plant?
If a crisis at a nuclear reactor happened in the U.S., could you be living in a danger zone? In a 10-mile radius, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission says the air could be unsafe to breathe in the event of a major catastrophe. In 50 miles, food and water supplies may be unsafe.
yonhapnews: Yellow dust from China contains radioactive substance: institute

Food and Water

bnet: Pig Farmers to USDA: Too Many Antibiotics? La-La-La, We Can’t Hear You
Cryptogon: Canada: Free-Range Egg Ban Shuts Bed and Breakfast that Operated for Decades
 ClimateProgress: Wheat prices climb after Russia cuts crop forecast, export ban still in effect

War, Conflict and Terrorism
LewRockwell: US Makes War on Another Muslim Country With Oil
ZeroHedge: Video Of Jet Shut Down Over Benghazi, Unclear Whose As Gaddafi Claims He Is Holding To Ceasefire Terms
A dramatic video of a Libyan jet being shut down over Libya has been captured and is making the rounds in the YouTube-sphere. As the Independent observes, "A warplane was today shot down outside the opposition stronghold of Benghazi, as international leaders including David Cameron gathered in Paris to make final preparations to impose a no-fly zone over Libya.

BlackListedNews: World War III: One Nation at a Time
LAT: Hamas fires mortars into Israel
The Islamist militant group says the firing of dozens of projectiles into southern Israel is in response to Israeli airstrikes. Two are injured in the attack, which is the first from Hamas since January 2009.
WashingtonPost: Gaddafi could turn to Libya's mustard gas stockpile, some officials fear
Time: Libya: How a No-Fly Zone Can Become a Red Hot Mess
CNN: The U.S. Navy releases images of Operation Odyssey Dawn.

 Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance
Cryptogon: Attempts to Replace Confetti Currency Federal Reserve Notes with Precious Metals Are, ‘A Unique Form of Domestic Terrorism’

RawStory: Vietnam Whistleblower Ellsberg Arrested as White House
Daniel Ellsberg Arrested at March 19, 2011 Anti-war and Bradley Manning Protest

Other News
RawStory: Koch-founded group recycles misleading video to support union-busting in Ohio

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: You have to admit....Hillary looks a little reptilian in this!
TinfoilPalace: Bad Moon Rising....but It Hasn't Been Eighteen Years
TheOilAge: Oil sheen reported 20 miles north of the Deepwater site
TheOilAge: Consumers Say Recession Changed Way They Blow Paycheck On Crap
Hubberts-Arms: Russia: Bombing Libyan territory could mean large-scale conflict: Russia
Hubberts-Arms: GOM Possible Oil Sheen Under Investigation
SilentCountry: US and British Navies Attack Lybia
SilentCountry: Radiation impacts outside of Japan- monitoring, models and discussion

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