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Breaking News Thurs. March 10, 2011

This story will break your heart.

Scott Pelley reports on the growing number of children who are falling victim to the financial crisis

Also this morning, let's take a closer look at a story that's making the rounds. about how over 30% of wages in the US are being paid by the government. Thanks to rj at Global Glass Onion for this information. 
AngryBear: Gov; Transfer Payments in the US: It's All About Health Care

Protests and Rebellions
ZeroHedge: Live Video Stream Of Wisconsin Protests Where Hundreds Of Protesters Rush Wisconsin Capitol, Vastly Outnumbering Security
NPR: Shock Vote: Wisconsin Senate Approves Controversial Anti-Union Bill
Republican state senators in Wisconsin figured out how to pass controversial budget repair legislation without the help of missing senate Democrats. In a sudden move Wednesday evening, GOP senators stripped all the financial proposals from the bill but kept the language ending many collective bargaining rights from nearly all public sector unions.
It's no longer a budget repair bill. 
Cryptogon: Yemen: Anti-Government Protesters May Have Been Hit with Nerve Gas
BusinessInsider: CIVIL WAR LIVE: Qaddafi Attacks Ras Lanuf By Air, Land And Sea

BBC: Protest after 13 dead in Copt-Muslim clash in Cairo 
FinancialTimes: Libya’s main oil terminal ablaze after raid
UPI: ElBaradei would seek Egypt's presidency
CAIRO, March 10 (UPI) -- Mohamed ElBaradei, the former leader of the U.N. nuclear agency, said he intends to run for president of Egypt, outlining conditions under which he would run.
BBC: BBC team's ordeal at hands of Gaddafi troops
Three members of a BBC team trying to reach the besieged town of Zawiya were detained and mistreated for 21 hours by the Libyan military. They were beaten and subjected to mock executions, the BBC's Wyre Davies in Tripoli reports.
StrategyPage: Why Russia Opposes Arab Rebels
March 10, 2011: Russian arms exports for 2010 reached a record $10 billion. That's an 18 percent jump from 2009 sales of $8.5 billion. That was less than two percent more than 2008s $8.35 billion. But the 2010 sales  may be as high as it gets for a while. This is because the current political upheavals in the Arab world may lead to large cancellations of orders, in part because of Russian willingness to use bribes to obtain sales, and past help in security matters to keep the ousted dictators in power.
FTAlphaville: The great Gaddafi cash call 
AlterNet: Goon-Squad Politics: How the Wisc. GOP Trampled Democracy to Appease Their Wealthy Backers
When Wisconsin's G.O.P. senators couldn't get what they wanted in an open process, they resorted to goon-squad democracy. You got a problem wi' dat?

Financial News
PragmaticCapitalism: Bifurcation in Precious Metals & the Complex Implications
DenverPost: In Colorado, some famous faces, names get ag-land tax breaks, too
Tom Cruise, Goldie Hawn, Walker Stapleton, Charlie Ergen considered 'farmers'
Bloomberg: Americans in Poll Show Scant Confidence as Plurality See Decline
BusinessInsider: Forget The Trade Deficit, Everything Is Pointing To Blistering Activity This Year
Guardian: The fallout from the crash of 2008 has only just begun
Spiking oil prices risk derailing recovery, but politicians cling to the failed economic model that lies behind them
BusinessInsider: Why Is Bill Gross Betting On A Vicious Move Higher In The Dollar?
WSJ: Sen. Conrad Pushes to Drop Tax Breaks for Wealthy
Today: Awkward! Couples stick together for sake of economy
Improving conditions could lead to surge in divorces, lawyers say
WSJ: China Logs Surprise Trade Deficit
BusinessInsider: A Depressing Look At Income Growth Compared To Health Care And College Cost
BusinessInsider: Tim Armstrong's We're-Firing-Hundreds Memo
AOL is going to fire hundreds of people today following its merger with the Huffington Post.
WSJ: Europe's Growth Divide Widens
ModeledBehavior: A Major Problem Facing the Poor is Lack of Money
Mish: Five Years of Housing Supply and 5 or 6 Trillion Dollars of Additional Pain
Reuters: BofA doesn’t believe in treating borrowers fairly
Bank of America is setting up a bad bank, which will be run by Terry Laughlin. Roughly half of its 14 million mortgages are going to be carved off and put into the bad bank, in an attempt, according to FBR analyst Paul Miller, “to get investors focus on the good” and as “a way to talk about good things and ignore the bad.”
Guardian: US jobs and trade data adds to market unease
Guardian: Spain and Portugal 'in debt denial'
Traders consider Portugal a bailout certainty, while Spain's banking and property sectors face a similar problem to Ireland's – but this was the situation a week ago, so what has changed?
 YahooFinance: "No Way Out" of Debt Trap, Gross Says: U.S. Living Standards Doomed to Fall
EconomicPolicyInstitute: Desperate techniques used to preserve the myth of the overcompensated public employee

Peak oil and Energy News
Fortune: Don't sweat the oil speculators
Rounding up the speculators sounds almost as appealing as killing all the lawyers. But neither will cool seething crude prices.
RealityZone: Kuwait, China setting up $ 9 billion joint project in oil sector

Environmental News
ABCNews: What Is a 'SuperMoon'?
Biggest Full Moon Possible Will Be Visible March 19
Hosted: 22 dead as quake topples buildings in SW China

Food and Water
Here's Ellen's Post for today.
LivingOnStoredFoods: Why Economic Security Does Not Equal Food Security
Cryptogon: Sedgwick, Maine Declares Food Sovereignty
Cryptogon: Britain: Rising Food Prices Could Spark Riots

War, Conflict and Terrorism
ChristianScienceMonitor: Mexico lawmakers livid over US 'Operation Fast and Furious'
Mexican lawmakers have condemned the US 'Operation Fast and Furious,' which purportedly allows gun smuggling in order to track weapons to Mexican drug lords.
ChristianScienceMonitor: 'Sovereign citizens': Is Jared Loughner a sign of revived extremist threat?
Since 2010 began, 'sovereign citizens' have shot police officers, flown a plane into an IRS building, and stolen a strip mall. Jared Loughner, the alleged Tuscon shooter, may be an adherent.
StrategyPage: X-Ray Vision For The Infantry
WiredDangerRoom: Pakistani General: Actually, The Drones Are Awesome
TheIndependent: Japan must develop nuclear weapons, warns Tokyo governor
Tokyo's outspoken Governor says his country, which suffered history's only nuclear attack, should build nuclear weapons to counter the threat from fast-rising China. 

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance
StrategyPage: X-Ray Vision For The Infantry
Two years ago, RadarVision 2 showed up, which has similar capabilities as Xaver 400. Both of these devices sell for between $20,000-$30,000, but the Prisim is even cheaper. Police departments buy a lot of these, as well as military organizations that can afford to provide their infantry with high-priced gear.

Medical and Health
CNN: How the human penis lost its spines
WashingtonPost: Preemie birth preventive spikes from $10 to $1,500 
Bloomberg: Southeastern States Mired in the 'Diabetes Belt': CDC Report
Wide swath cutting across U.S. needs better prevention and treatment efforts, study suggests
Forbes: More Small Businesses Offering Health Care To Employees Thanks To Obamacare
PsyOrg: Mutation identified that might allow H1N1 to spread more easily
In the fall of 1917, a new strain of influenza swirled around the globe. At first, it resembled a typical flu epidemic: Most deaths occurred among the elderly, while younger people recovered quickly. However, in the summer of 1918, a deadlier version of the same virus began spreading, with disastrous consequence. In total, the pandemic killed at least 50 million people — about 3 percent of the world’s population at the time.

Other News
MotherJones: Ron Paul: Hemp for Victory
America's most famous libertarian talks about making hemp legal again—and what budget cuts he and liberals can agree on.

Time: Stolen Oil: A Gusher of Cash for Mexican Drug Cartels
RollCall: King Hearings Called Political Witch Hunt
NPR: Dalai Lama To Relinquish Political Role
theLocal: Text messages to replace stamps in Sweden
LewRockwell: Murray Rothbard on the Kochtopus

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Eva Braun - new photos - and the Nazis
TinfoilPalace: A Royal Mindblowing Coincidence?
TheOilAge: Oil markets brace for Saudi 'rage' (Ambrose Evans-Pritchard)
TheOilAge: Largest US Purchase of Grain from Canada in decades
Hubberts-Arms: Wisconsin Senate rams through anti-worker bill
Hubberts-Arms: US: National Public Radio chief quits in new surrender to extreme right
SilentCountry: Heat Damages Colombia Coffee, Raising Prices
SilentCountry: Goldman says SA has no spare capacity, has been over producing

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