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TheAmericanDream: Radioactive Cesium With A Half-Life Of Approximately 30 Years Is Being Released At About 60 Percent Of Chernobyl Levels

KYODONews: French nuke fuel firm head, 5 experts to visit Japan to offer aid
Reuters: Consumer morale ebbs, home prices near 2009 lows
(Reuters) - U.S. consumers turned gloomy in March as rising energy prices ignited fears of inflation, a change in mood that could dent economic growth.
Bloomberg: Japan Ports Still Open to World’s Biggest Supertanker Operator 
Hosted: TEPCO president hospitalized in Tokyo
nytimes: Japanese Operator Says It Will Scrap Four Reactors at Plant 

Global Conflict
WashingtonPost: Israel considering annexing West Bank settlements if Palestinians seek unilateral recognition

WiredDangerRoom: NATO Chief Opens The Door to Libya Ground Troops
DailyBail: RAW VIDEO: The Massacred Entering Bahrain Hospital
CSMonitor: Sexual attacks on journalists: Why foreign women are seen as fair game
The recent assaults on New York Times photojournalist Lynsey Addario and CBS foreign correspondent Lara Logan underscore the new dangers that female journalists face in covering conflict in a culture where the clash of liberal and traditional values is especially intense.
BlackListedNews: The World’s Largest Arms Importer is Now India, not China
ibtimes: Eleven more opposition members quit Bahrain parliament
CNN: Alleged Libyan rape victim's mother would slap Gadhafi if she could 
Time: Fleeing Libya: Hundreds of Children Caught in Italy's Migrant Crisis 
Spiegel: Chaos and Uncertainty in Libya's Revolutionary Leadership
Guardian: Ivory Coast rebels advance on capital
Ouattara envoy claims forces loyal to would-be president control two-thirds of war-torn country after Gbagbo loses more towns
USAToday: CNN: Woman attacks Syrian president's car after speech
Mcclatchydc: Libyan rebel leader spent much of past 20 years in suburban Virginia
Legitgov: Obama Expands Bush Doctrine
ABCLocal: Lejeune Marines prepare to deploy off Libyan coast

Financial News

MineWeb: China TV reports gold sales ‘going through the roof' and shortages for fabricators
CNNMoney: House votes to kill Obama mortgage plan
Reuters: Qantas to curb flights, cut management jobs to offset fuel(Reuters) - Australia's Qantas Airways (QAN.AX) plans to scale back flights and cut management jobs to help offset soaring fuel prices and an estimated A$140 million ($144 million) hit to its earnings from a string of natural disasters in key markets.
WSJ: Korean Economic Growth Hits 8-Year Peak

Guardian: Walmart sex-bias case divides US supreme court 
Potential liability in the ten-year-old case could reach into billions of dollars
ABCNewsMoney: Impostor Grandchildren Scam the Elderly for Big Bucks'Grandparent Scams' Are Among the Impostor Scams That Generated 60,000 Complaints Last Year
AmericanDream: Broke And Getting Broker: 22 Jaw Dropping Statistics About The Financial Condition Of American Families
ZeroHedge: Fed Expert Network Lowers Q1 GDP Expectation From 4% To 2.3%
ibtimes: China may raise regional prices to help power firms 

YahooFinance: G20 meet to highlight China's world finance roleG20 talks in China to focus on push for monetary reforms, as players clash on other issues 
WSJ: Private Sector Adds Jobs

MotherJones: The GOP's New Gold RushInside the conservative plan to take down the Fed from the bottom up.
Guardian: New Lloyds boss receives 'golden hello' worth £4.6mLloyds Banking Group annual report also shows that the bank is pumping up to 75% of his £1.06m salary into Horta-Osório's pension each year

Peak oil and Energy News
Reuters: Obama wants to curb U.S. oil imports by a third
(Reuters) - President Barack Obama will set an ambitious goal on Wednesday to cut oil imports by a third over 10 years, focusing on energy security amid high gasoline prices that could stall the U.S. economic recovery.
BusinessInsider: Obama Unveils His Plan To Massively Cut US Oil Imports (And Yes, It Includes Nuclear)
Environmental News
MotherJones: BP Still Doesn't Want You to See Its Tarballs

...Not that I can just waltz onto this public beach to see all that—not everything has changed. Like some lame iteration of Groundhog Day, the hundredth time I try to pull onto the Elmer's Island access road from Highway 1 in southern Louisiana—some 200 days after the last time I tried it—I am, once again, stopped. Last year, it was cops blocking the road. Now it's private security hired by BP.
NatGeo: Pictures: Top Ten Nuclear Nations' Quake Hazard
ScientificAmerican: Aircraft contrails stoke warming, cloud formation
Aircraft condensation trails criss-crossing the sky may be warming the planet on a normal day more than the carbon dioxide emitted by all planes since the Wright Brothers' first flight in 1903, a study said on Tuesday.
ScientificAmerican: Shift in Northern Forests Could Increase Global Warming
Vegetation change underway in boreal forests as a result of climate change creates a feedback loop that prompts more warming, scientists say
WashingtonIndependent: EPA finds radioactive iodine in rainwater in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced yesterday that it has found radioactive iodine in rainwater water in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts at levels higher that those considered safe in drinking water.
ABCNews: Oklahoma Town Fears Cancer, Asthma May Be Linked to Dump Site EPA Proposed Declaring Coal Ash Hazardous Waste, Considering More Lenient Standards
CNN: BP loses laptop with private info on 13,000 people
Guardian: Gas emissions reduced by changing farm animal diet says studyResearch shows how to reduce the amount of methane produced by cows and sheep belching and breaking wind
CNN: Ray slams woman on boat in Florida Keys 

BangkokPost: At least 15 dead in Thai floods
Floods across southern Thailand killed at least 15 people and stranded around 15,000 tourists on storm-swept islands, officials said on Wednesday, as the navy's aircraft carrier joined the rescue. 

America in Decline
FDL: Eric Cantor Admits Republicans Want to Kill Social Security

“50% of beneficiaries under the Social Security program use those moneys as their sole source of income. So we’ve got to protect today’s seniors. But for the rest of us? Listen, we’re going to have to come to grips with the fact that these programs cannot exist if we want America to be what we want America to be.”
 BlackListedNews: Sock Puppet Planet: The Secret State's Quest for 'Persona Management Software'
RollingStone: The Kill Team 
TruthOut: The New American Dream (thanks to Satori for posting this. Check out the forums linked below!) 

Food and Water
FoodSecurityStanford: Gates Foundation's Jeff Raikes and Cargill's Greg Page on improving global food security

FarmPress: ASTA seeks funding for Germplasm Enhancement of Maize
FarmPress: Apple snail infestation hits Hawaiian taro fields

Science and Technology
Conceivablytech: NASA Obtains First Orbital Image Of Mercury

RawStory: North Carolina bill would prohibit cities from upgrading Internet access
NewScientist: Born to be viral: Flying robots team up to juggle 
(You have to see this one to believe it.)

Medical and Health

LegitGov: Tip of the iceberg': 42 clusters of different diseases identified in 13 U.S. states
FutureImperative: Study Claims Apple Pectin Reduces Cesium-137 Levels by 62.6% in "Chenobyl" Children 
Hosted: 9 dead after infection outbreak in Ala hospitals

Other News
WashingtonPost: Wis. GOP faces another hurdle in battle over public-sector unions as judge issues new order

RawStory: Santorum: Abortion is slowly killing Social Security
Time: One City Takes On a Plague of Prostitution 
TPM: GOP Stumbles Explaining Double Standard On Tax Cuts 
RawStory: Arizona enacts ban on abortions based on fetus’ gender, race

The Forums

TinfoilPalace: Whistle-Blowing Witch Fired at TSA 
TinfoilPalace: ANOTHER news reporter talking gibberish...  
TheOilAge: Saudi's full of it...
TheOilAge: BP May Face Manslaughter Charges
Hubberts-Arms: Obama fronts for US nuclear power industry
Hubberts-Arms: Bleak Future for Sarah Palin
SilentCountry: NAMIBIA: 2011 Sees the Worst Floods EVAH
Silentcountry: The NEW AMerican Dream

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