Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weekend Doucumentary! 2210: The Collapse? also, Your Personal Baker - A Bakery CSA

Good Morning guys! I hope everyone is going to have a great weekend! I found this for us to watch, 2210 The Collapse? with Dr.Jared Diamond.
(he always makes me think of an Amish doomer!) LOL
also, I got the nicest email from Janaia Donaldson thanking us for the positive response to "The Worm Guy" video we recently watched. I put a link to her tv site with the radio and now tv links to the left.
Hope you all enjoy the documentary and be sure to check out Janaia's site.
And now for 2210: The Collapse? Also, I wanted to add this Peak Moment show about baking! LOL Tasty good!
Also, rj posted his weekly wrap-up yesterday over at Global Glass Onion. Make sure to stop by and check it out!

2210: The Collapse?

Your Personal Baker - A Bakery CSA

Odds and Ends
Cryptogon: With a Heavy Heart… The Dervaes Family’s Apparent Descent Into Madness
Path to Freedom inspired me to change my life. Early last decade, it was a candle in a dark room for me, so to speak. I can’t make similar statements about too many other things. Over the years, I’ve read their sites, sent them traffic with links from my sites, made several cash contributions to them and even bought a couple of T-shirts back in December to promote their message on my body! So, when I first heard the news about what they’re doing, I glanced at it and told myself, “This isn’t happening. Give it a few days and look again. Please, don’t let this be happening.”
NYT: The Struggles of Men
NakedCapitalism: We Explain the Mortgage Mess on Harry Shearer’s Le Show on Sunday
Economist: The 2011 oil shock
More of a threat to the world economy than investors seem to think
(gotta run out to greenhouse for awhile, will add more links later today. Have a great weekend guys!)

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