Sunday, March 6, 2011

Special Sunday Edition!

Seems like Monday may end up being an interesting day. As I write this, 8:30 a.m. EST, oil is a few cents shy of 105.00. If, like some reports are saying, there is widespread protesting in Saudi Arabia this coming week, we will see oil go much higher. How much would only be a guess on my part but, I would not  be surprised to see 120.00 or higher. Like I said, I'm just guessing. We'll have to wait and see.
Also, I got a donation yesterday and would like to thank Kim for her kindness and generosity! I literally hopped up and down like a little kid. LOL I don't know who Kim is, but, I sincerely thank you. I'm so happy to know that people are enjoying the blog and getting some use out of it.

Here are some links about Saudi Arabia.
Reuters: Saudi Arabia detained 22 Shi'ites, activists say
Forbes: The Truth Behind Saudi Arabia’s Spare Capacity
MinivanNews: Saudi Arabia bans protests, drafts troops ahead of weekend demonstration
TheIndependent: Saudi Arabia bans all marches as mass protest is planned for Friday
Extra troops are sent to north-east to quash any Shia protest as King Abdullah's regime gets jittery and oil prices soar in response to the region's continued unrest
and from Lybia:UKIndepentent: Heavy fighting in Libya as rebels advance toward capital

I'd also like to thank DOA for the link to  Major General Smedley Butler, USMC "War is a Racket" speech. It might be a good time to re-read that one.
And as always, I want to thank my friend rj at Global Glass Onion for all the links and support and encouragment. His weekly wrap-up is just great, do check it out.
He's also doing all his blogging while battling floods at his place. He said there were 6-8 inches of water standing on about a hundred acres around his farm and his basement is running 2 pumps trying to keep the water out. Good luck to you rj, hope that everything will be ok soon. We're having flooding here too, it's raining "piss out of a boot" here right now and the creek sounds like a monster out back. LOL
Anyway, just wanted to say thank you to everyone and good luck over the coming weeks and months, looks like we're in for a wild ride!

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