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Breaking News Mon. March 7, 2011

Hello guys! Hope everyone had a good weekend and is ready for an interesting week this week. Right now, about 1:00 p.m. est here, oil is over 105$ and silver is over 36$ today! Wow!
Anyway, hope you enjoy today's post. Thanks go to rj over at Global Glass Onion! I am headed outside to work in the greenhouse and get my worm bed ready for new worms. Hope everyone has a nice day!
and now, for the news!

Protests and Rebellions
SOTT: Egypt not granting Israelis travel visas 
NYT: Rebel Advance in Libya Set Back by Heavy Assault
TheTrench: U.S. Terror Alarm Can’t Stop Yemen’s Revolution
Reuters: Knives, petrol bombs return to Cairo streets
FinancialTimes: Libya lurches close to full-blown civil war
MailOnline: Fancy your chances against the SAS, Gaddafi? Elite troops and MI6 spies poised to help Libyan rebels
TheTrench: Cracks In the Saudi Mothership 
Bloomberg: Saudi Government Says Demonstrations, Marches Prohibited by Kingdom's Laws
Mcclatchydc: In person, on camera, Obama calls for Gadhafi to go
Time: Why is Turkey Arresting Journalists?
ProjectWorldAwareness: Petroleum and Empire in North Africa. NATO Invasion of Libya Underway Muamar Gaddafi Accused of Genocide…
Telegraph: Britons advised to leave Yemen
British and American citizens are being advised against all travel to Yemen and those without a pressing need to remain are being advised to leave the country immediately.
WashingtonPost: Stranded Egyptians sail home on German warships

Financial News
BusinessInsider: The Week Begins With Japan Diving, And Silver Exploding Higher Again
ZeroHedge: On The Mean Reversion Of America's Luck, And Why Interest Outlays Are Really 30% Of US Revenues
MoneyNews: Zell: Dollar's Global Fall Will Be 'Disastrous’ for US Living Standard
MyBudget360: Financial dismantling of the American middle class in 8 charts – Peak debt, credit card addiction withdrawal, banks hoarding cash, financial sector dominance in pay, Federal debt will never be paid off, and struggles of the middle class.
NYTimes: MERS? It May Have Swallowed Your Loan Balancing inflation and the rouble
Mcclatchy: Why employee pensions aren't bankrupting states
MarketWatch 666: a teacher, a taxpayer, & a bank CEO (Something funny from our friend rj!)
ZeroHedge: Egon von Greyerz: "A Hyperinflationary Deluge Is Imminent", And Why, Therefore, Bernanke's Motto Is "Après Nous Le Déluge"
NakedCapitalism: More Public Infrastructure Sale Tales of Woe
AngryBear: "Where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost" (guess who said that? not clear he meant it though. LOL)

Peak oil and Energy News
Bloomberg: Iraq Refinery Bombed; Libya Plant’s Supply Cut: Persian Gulf Oil
TheOilDrum: Tech Talk - countries producing around 2 mbd - Nigeria, Angola, Libya and the UK
GlobalEconomicAnalysis: Record Gasoline Prices in Europe, Over $8 in UK, Italy, Germany; California Faces $4; Reflections on "Inflation"
DeclineoftheEmpire: Where Is U.S. Oil Production Going?
Reuters: U.S. keeps oil options open as gasoline surges 
Bloomberg: Oil at $110 May Trigger Pain Chief Executives Weathered at $100
NYT: Obama Considers Tapping Oil Reserve
BusinessInsider: Citi Hikes Its Outlook For Oil, While Questioning Saudi Arabia's Spare Capacity Claims
BusinessInsider: Barclays On How The Oil Price Spike Could Crash The Housing Market Again
HuffingtonPost: High Oil Prices Here To Stay, Says IEA Economist
OutsideTheBeltway: Leave The Strategic Petroleum Reserve Alone

Environmental News
BBC: Christchurch quake: 10,000 homes 'cannot be rebuilt'
New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key has said 10,000 homes in Christchurch are lost forever and cannot be rebuilt after the 22 February earthquake. 

NYT: Waste Wells to Be Closed in Arkansas

Two oil and gas companies agreed to temporarily shut down wastewater disposal wells in Arkansas that some experts believe are connected to a recent swarm of earthquakes.
WashingtonPost: Lava spews 65 feet high after crater collapse
ExtinctionProtocol: Mystery: A dozen animals drop dead in zoo in India
GoogleHosted: La. tornado displaces 1,500; cleanup under way
MyWayNews: Mom sheltering child dies as tornado hits La. town
ExtinctionProtocol: We now declare an H5N1 avian bird flu pandemic is underway in animals
ExtinctionProtocol: Scientists alarmed as bumblebee numbers plunge worldwide
MercuryNews: Scientists try to determine whether life on Earth is quickly heading toward extinction
JapanToday: 50 melon-headed whales stranded on Ibaraki shore; 22 rescued
YahooFinance: Quakes to almost halve NZ economic growth in 2011
Gov't says quakes to halve NZ growth; residents allowed into worst-hit area as cordons relaxed
IBITimes: Sun’s awakening sends trouble to Earth
Earth has to brace for the Sun's new activity after a long and deep sleep, scientists at the Institute of Science Education and Research said today.
USGS: Magnitude 6.6 - SOLOMON ISLANDS 2011 March 07 00:09:38 UTC
ClimateChangePsychology: Humans on Verge of Causing 6th Great Mass Extinction

Food and Water
BlackListedNews: Cloned Meat: EU Consumers shall have no choice
FarmWars: Victory Gardens Produce Abundance
USFoodPolicy: The federal government's Dietary Guidelines discuss plant-based and vegetarian diets
GlobalPost: Brazil, putting the penis in passion fruit (thanks for the link rj! LOL)

FarmWars: Welcome to Monsanto Zone…
EarlyWarning: Farm Prices, Food Prices, and Biofuels
Bloomberg: Biotech Companies See Food Prices Boosting GM Crops, FT Says

War, Conflict and Terrorism
WashingtonPost: New Egypt foreign minister likely to be tougher on Israel
CNN: Karzai to Petraeus: Apologies are not enough
ModernSurvivalBlog: Nuclear Weapons World Map
IntelDaily: Out-of-Control Human Rights Abuses in Iraq

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance
NakedCapitalism: Guest Post: Everything You Need to Know About Torture
BlackListedNews: Air Force launches second mysterious space plane

Science and Technology
Time: 2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal
TVNZ: NASA scientist finds 'alien life' in meteorite
SiliconIndiaNews: Cave in moon:Base station for astronauts?
CNN: Capt. Kirk wakes up shuttle crew

Medical and Health
MotherJones: What's Killing the Babies of Kettleman City?
FDL: Mitt Romney: Government Takeovers of Health Care are Constitutional and Effective When I Do It
BusinessInsider: US: Most Inefficient Healthcare System In The World: Forget Medicare, THIS Is The Chart That Shows Why America Is Doomed

WashingtonPost: In brig, WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning ordered to sleep without clothing
Military jailers are forcing Bradley Manning, the 23-year-old soldier accused of passing classified documents to, to strip naked in his cell at night and sleep without clothing, a requirement his attorney says was imposed after Manning made a "sarcastic quip" about his confinement.
Guardian: Bradley Manning's jailers accused of ritual humiliation
Commanders at Quantico brig forcing soldier to strip every night in response to sarcastic comment, says lawyer

Other News
I found this interview with one of Fred Phelps' sons and thought it might provide some insight into what goes on inside that family and why some of his adult children seem to be as unbalanced as he is.
Part 1
Part 2
Here is his sister Marjie in an interview calling Obama "the Beast" from the book of Revelation.
RawStory: Westboro attorney: Obama is ‘The Beast’ from Revelation
Reuters: 17th century witch chronicles put online
HuffPo: Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus
CNN: Road trip to the end of the world

Cryptogon: Jeffrey Epstein: Billionaire Pedophile Kept Secret Journal Which Listed Under-Aged Victims, Celebrity Guests He ‘Entertained’
The Duke of York’s billionaire paedophile friend kept a secret journal, described as “The Holy Grail” by lawyers, which listed his alleged under-aged victims and the celebrity guests he entertained at his Florida mansion.
CNN: Ohio priest bound for rehab after drunken jail cell sermon goes viral 
OutsideTheBeltway: Mike Huckabee Rips Natalie Portman For “Glamorizing” Single Motherhood
NakedCapitalism: Aljazeera: Empire – Hollywood and the war machine
AspenTimes: It's not just unions that Walker wants to kill
OK, let's be clear about this — the protests going on in Wisconsin and other Republican-controlled, Midwestern states have nothing to do with balancing budgets and everything to do with political strategy and union-busting.
Sacbee: Attack on two Sikh men seen as possible hate Crime.
Economist'sView: "Fox News Will not be Moving into Canada" (I know I've already posted this story, but it just tickles me. LOL)
TheAtlantic: More on Dwarves in China
Sacbee: Fla. woman, charged with abusing and killing adoptive daughter, denied bond 
AlterNet: Clarence Thomas Faces Call For His Disbarment in Missouri Supreme Court
In a bar complaint filed with the Missouri Supreme Court, POE attorney Kevin Zeese says Thomas committed multiple violations of the Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct.
FDL: Labor Organizing Jumps in the Wake of Wisconsin
FilteredNews: 20 lies (and counting) told by Gov. Walker
NYT: The Fading Power of Beck’s Alarms

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: The CIA and the Nazis (Documentary)
TinfoilPalace: Former nightclub dancer reveals how she had a 'crazy' six-year fling with Gaddafi's son and watched as he blew millions
TheOilAge: Cargill Buys Almost 1 Million Tons of Sugar in Expiring Futures Contracts
TheOilAge: Is JPMorgan paying an 80% premium on Silver contracts?
Hubberts-Arms: The Moral Underground: How Ordinary Americans Subvert an Unfair Economy
Hubberts-Arms: The tyranny of the future
SilentCountry: Something really big happened at 15:15 UTC, but what?
SilentCountry: Egyptian protesters storm State Security (torture central) to halt evidence shredding

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