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This Time We’re Taking the Whole Planet With Us
The global economy is built on the erroneous belief that the marketplace—read human greed—should dictate human behavior and that economies can expand eternally. Globalism works under the assumption that the ecosystem can continue to be battered by massive carbon emissions without major consequences. And the engine of global economic expansion is based on the assurance that there will always be plentiful and cheap oil. The inability to confront simple truths about human nature and the natural world leaves the elites unable to articulate new social, economic and political paradigms. They look only for ways to perpetuate a dying system. Thomas Friedman and the array of other propagandists for globalization make as much sense as Charlie Sheen.
 TruthDig: This Time We’re Taking the Whole Planet With Us
(thanks to Mangrove at Hubberts Arms for linking to this article. It's been a long time since I've read anything  so spot on.) 

Protests and Rebellions
CalculatedRISK: Downside Risks
Not only is the situation in Libya looking more and more like a prolonged civil war, but the unrest may spread to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia (March 11th is the "Day of Rage" in Saudi).
Time: On Riot Anniversary, China Closes Tibet to Tourists
BlackListedNews: Why is Hillary Not Defending the Rights of Saudi Protesters?
ForeignPolicy: Revolt in the Desert Libya's ragtag rebels on the long road to Tripoli.  (Slideshow)
Guardian: Libya unrest: Tripoli tries to turn the tide
Fighting in Zawiyah, Misrata, Bin Jawad and Ras Lanuf as the Tripoli government tries to claw back gains made by the rebels
BlackListedNews: Beyond Libya: Upheaval in Saudi Arabia Threatens to Send Oil Prices to New Highs
TheAtlantic: Feeding The Rebels
For the military campaign against Qaddafi to succeed, Christopher Albon thinks grain is as important as bullets:
NPR: 8 Wis. State Senators Targeted For Recall Elections
BlackListedNews: Will The Day Of Rage In Saudi Arabia On March 11 Send The Price Of Oil Into Unprecedented Territory?
Spiegel:Zero Hour in the Middle East What the Arab World's Past Can Tell Us About Its Future
RawStory: Exclusive: ‘Make Wall St. Pay’ campaign debuts by occupying bank branch, House speaker’s office
A new campaign by a national network of activists kicked off Monday morning with a splash as it led hundreds of fed up homeowners in a series of protests that brought business to a halt at a major bank and the House speaker's office.

Financial News
MarketWatch666: february unemployment reports, et al     (this is rj's other blog, great information there, be sure and sign up for the newsletter also check out Global Glass Onion)
MarketWatch: Fed must be flexible given oil prices, Lockhart says Dallas Fed chief says prices could go even higher
BigThink: Why the American Economy Will Stay Slow
CBOBlog: Four Observations about the Federal Budget
CNNMoney: States: Let's make a deal to help homeowners
State A.G.'s are trying to cut a deal for more mortgage mods with banks accused of illegal foreclosures
Economist'sView: Social Security is *Not* Welfare
TaxPolicyBlog: The Domestic Manufacturing Deduction: A Fossil Fuel Subsidy?
Rortybomb: Some Thoughts On The Expanding Service Industry: Nickel and Dimed, Decent Jobs, Pity-Charity Liberalism.
NakedCapitalism: Mortgage Settlement Term Sheet: Bailout as Reward for Institutionalized Fraud
BusinessInsider: The One Group Of Americans That Doesn't Mind The Higher Gas Prices
BusinessInsider: The Myth Of The Exploding US Money Supply
SeekingAlpha: Oil Price Spikes Often Precede or Coincide With Previous U.S. Recessions
CreditWritedowns: Has Anyone Noticed the Mammoth Shifts in Chinese Economic Policy?
I don’t think people realize that the Chinese have just made a rather sizable shift in economic policy. The Chinese are moving on multiple fronts now toward a new economic paradigm that includes slower growth but more domestic consumption. And this will have major implications for the rest of the world.

Peak oil and Energy News
FT: Opec members quietly boost production
ZeroHedge: The Two Most Important Charts For The Near-Term Future Of Oil Prices
DismalScientist: How High for Oil?
TheOilDrum: Oman’s unrest may be a domino, not just to suppliers, but also to customers
ZeroHedge: Oil Breakout Alert - Kuwait, World's Fourth Largest Oil Exporter, Joins Demonstrations Demanding Regime Change
ProjectSyndicate: The Mauritius Miracle
Geology.Com: Utica Shale - The Natural Gas Giant Below the Marcellus?
Stacked plays in the Appalachian Basin produce multiple natural gas pay zones.
ZeroHedge: Saudi Arabia, Which Allegedly Hiked Output, Just Raised Crude Export Prices To Asia And Europe
MSNBC: Yes, the world still has plenty of oil, but ...
Market fears of an unstable Middle East and a growing futures market mean the cost will keep rising

Environmental News
Hawke'sBayToday: New Zealand Mt Ruapehu heating up - GeoNet
ClimateProgress: Frack this: More dangers to public health from natural gas hydraulic fracturing emerge
ExtinctionProtocol: Lithospheric fracturing being reported across the globe
WikiHow: How to Make a Seed Bomb
WashingtonPost: Giant sharks swarm in waters off Mexico
ISLA MUJERES, MEXICO - U.S. and Mexican scientists believe they are close to solving one of the shark world's great mysteries
thanks to Chesire at Hubberts Arms for the following story and link.
SFGate: Millions of fish found dead in SoCal marina
Gabrielli says there are millions of fish and they're so thick in some places that boats can't get out of the harbor.

Food and Water
Telegraph: US farmers fear the return of the Dust Bowl
For years the Ogallala Aquifer, the world’s largest underground body of  fresh water, has irrigated thousands of square miles of American farmland. Now it is running dry.
SeekingAlpha: Beware: Core CPI Follows Food Inflation
ClimateProgress: Time to act on food insecurity
NYTimes: In New Food Culture, a Young Generation of Farmers Emerges
Garry Stephenson, coordinator of the Small Farms Program at Oregon State University, said he had not seen so much interest among young people in decades. “It’s kind of exciting,” Mr. Stephenson said. “They’re young, they’re energetic and idealist, and they’re willing to make the sacrifices.”
WSJ: U.S. Farmers Head Into Key Stretch for Harvests
The world is consuming grains faster than farmers are growing them, draining reserves and pushing prices to the levels that fueled food riots in poor countries three years ago.

SkepticalScience: Interactive animation of the climate change impact on agriculture
ZeroHedge: Cocoa, Coffee Jump After Deposed Ivory Coast President Gbagbo Nationalizes Industries

War, Conflict and Terrorism
WiredDangerRoom: Gates, Karzai Square Off Over Civilian Deaths
Regrets from General David Petraeus and his operations chief weren’t enough to calm an international firestorm over the deaths of nine Afghan boys killed by NATO helicopters. So Defense Secretary Robert Gates made a third apology to Afghan President Hamid Karzai — in person. Oh, and by the way: he let it be known that the U.S. wouldn’t mind staying in Afghanistan forever. If the Afghans want us to, of course.
Time: Pakistan's Christians Mourn, and Fear for Their Future
ForeignPolicy: A Fear of Three Letters
Traveling through Ingushetia, a republic where people are more frightened of Russia's shadowy security forces than the Islamist militants.
Rawstory: Gates, Petraeus joke about attacking Libya
Guardian: US claims to have driven Taliban out of Sangin
US defence secretary Robert Gates praises marines for 'dramatic turnaround' after British forces pulled out
WiredDangerRoom: New ‘ICBMs vs. Terrorists’ Plan: Now 50% Less Crazy!

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance
Cryptogon: ‘As many as 160 prisoners were injected with live cancer cells…’
Chron: Obama restarts Guantanamo trials
Guardian: Republican urges Islam terror hearings amid 'McCarthyite' witch-hunt claims Peter King, 
chair of homeland security committee, wants to show 'extent of radicalisation within Muslim-American community'
RawStory: Supreme Court rules against Navy’s right to withhold information
WashingtonPost: Obama creates indefinite detention system for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay
President Obama signed an executive order Monday that will create a formal system of indefinite detention for those held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who continue to pose a significant threat to national security. The administration also said it will start new military commission trials for detainees there.

Science and Technology
NPR: Scientists Doubt Meteorite Carried Life To Earth
NewScientist: The internet is a tyrant's friend 
WiredDangerRoom: Army Enlists ‘DNA Origami’ to Spot Outbreaks
What do you get when you cross DNA, origami and the body’s natural defenses against disease? The Army’s newest way to spot smallpox outbreaks, apparently.

Medical and Health
NPR: Scientists Grow Parts For Kids With Urinary Damage
Wired: This day in Tech: March 8, 1918: Killer Influenza
1918: With World War I reaching its climax, the first case of Spanish influenza is reported. It quickly spreads, and the resulting worldwide epidemic — the worst in history — ends up killing more people than the war.
Cracked: 6 Diet Fads For People Who Will Try Anything Except Exercise
NewAmerican: Inflation Drives Up Grocery Prices
In a clear indication of the times, economists predict that the odious tide of inflation will continue to ravage the U.S. economy, as the price of groceries and gasoline continues to soar.

Other News
These next two stories should be read and considered together. Just think about it.
CNN:  Texas lawmakers approve bills requiring ultrasound before abortion
(CNN) -- Abortion rights advocates plan to rally in Texas Tuesday after state lawmakers approved controversial legislaton that requires mothers seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound examination and listen to a description of what it shows.
Cnn: At least 18 charged in alleged gang rape of Texas girl 
(CNN) -- Thirteen adults and five juveniles have been arrested as part of an investigation into the alleged rape of a Texas girl, police said.

The 18 individuals charged thus far are between 14 and 27 years old, he said.
On Friday, the Cleveland police department announced that four students in the Cleveland independent school district had been arrested on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14.
Time: Corrective Rape: Fighting a South Africa Scourge
Wired: The Big Chill Game: Surviving a New Ice Age
Ready for the Big Chill is a three-week long transmedia experience that explores the impact of the global climate change due to a catastrophic event. Players can either witness events unfold through a series of videos at the Big Chill website or delve deeper into the experience by interacting with characters on Facebook, Twitter, and a series of blogs.
abcNews: Newly Released 9/11 Helicopter Video Shows Burning Towers
'It's Gone, The Whole Tower': Officers React In Horror As They Circle Burning World Trade Center
LewRockwell: Charlie Sheen's Heroic Stand Against the Tyrannical Therapy Police
Salon: The truth about Newt and his cancer-stricken wife
WashingtonPost: VIDEO: 'Foolish' college kids 'just vote their feelings,' New Hampshire speaker says
A Washington Post story Monday on GOP efforts to push new voting laws is getting a lot of attention, largely because of some controversial comments about college students by the new speaker of the New Hampshire state House. Speaker William O'Brien called college kids voting behavior "foolish" and ridiculed them for voting "liberal." "That's what kids do," he said.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Star Eyewitness who named Queen of England in Abduction of Aboriginal Children Dies suddenly 
TinfoilPalace: James Gilliland - First Contact Has Begun 
The Oil Age site has been down today, but do keep trying if you have trouble getting to the site.
TheOilAge: Dollar collapse immenent?
TheOilAge: Asian disaster preps push oil higher, US to tap reserve?
Hubberts-Arms: This Time We’re Taking the Whole Planet With Us
Hubberts-Arms: People of The Earth: Prepare For Economic Disaster
SilentCountry: Solar "Death Ray": Power of 5000 Suns!
SilentCountry: Food prices breaking records month on month now...

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