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Hello guys, I'd like to say happy Birthday to my grandson who turns lucky 13 today!
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Here's a video interview with Naill Ferguson laying down some serious Euro Doom.
BusinessInsider:  Niall Ferguson: The Eurozone Has Become A Government Killing Machine

And as always, sincerest thanks to our friend rj for all the help and links to stories. You can follow his weekly economic wrap-up, posted every Friday at, Global Glass Onion.

JapanToday: Pipes inside condenser found damaged at Hamaoka nuclear plant

DesdemonaDespair: Fukushima nuclear plant: Radioactive water leak into ocean 100 times more than permitted 
ScientificAmerican: Details of Japan Earthquake Explain Its Extraordinary Strength and UnexpectednessThe first scientific analyses of the deadly event confirm its power and suggest what might happen next

Global Conflict
YahooNews: Accounts of militant training camp near bin Laden

FinancialSense: Spain’s Icelandic Revolt; Protests Spread to Italy 
PBS: In Bahraini Government Crackdowns, 'Nobody's Untouchable'
BostonHerald: Former Watertown man held in bomb probe deported to Pakistan
BOSTON - Federal immigration officials say a Pakistani man arrested in Massachusetts during the investigation into last year’s failed Times Square bombing has been deported to Pakistan.
Reuters: At least 4 killed in attack on Pakistani naval base
(Reuters) - Militants attacked a Pakistani naval aviation base Sunday, killing at least four people, officials said, the latest attack on a heavily guarded military installation in Pakistan.

RawStory: Spaniards vote amid protests over mass unemployment 
BusinessInsider: Obama Throws Palestine Under The Bus As World Hails His Courage
Telegraph: Violence as anti-government protests spread to Georgia
Anti-government protesters and plain clothes police use giant plastic sticks to attack one another in the Georgian capital Tbilisi.
CNN: US, UK and European envoys rescued from Yemen embassy
(CNN) -- A helicopter plucked Western and Arab diplomats from the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Yemen on Sunday after the mission was surrounded by armed supporters of Yemen's embattled president, officials from the Emirates and Yemen's government told CNN.
Spiegel: Rising Literacy and a Shrinking Birth Rate
A Look at the Root Causes of the Arab Revolution
BBC: Sudan: Abyei seizure by North 'act of war', says South
ActivistPost: US, Pakistan Near Open War; Chinese Ultimatum Warns Washington Against Attack China has officially put the United States on notice that Washington’s planned attack on Pakistan will be interpreted as an act of aggression against Beijing. This blunt warning represents the first known strategic ultimatum received by the United States in half a century, going back to Soviet warnings during the Berlin crisis of 1958-1961, and indicates the grave danger of general war growing out of the US-Pakistan confrontation.
BBC: UK's Operation Telic mission in Iraq ends at midnight
The UK's military operation in Iraq will officially end at midnight, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.
BBC: Saudi Arabia shuns thought of Arab Spring

Saudi Arabia has not seen the large-scale protests of the kind sweeping many Arab countries - it is a place which, above all, values stability.
FinancialTimes: Pakistan turns to China for new naval base
ISLAMABAD, May 21 – Pakistan wants China to build it a naval base, in the latest sign of moves to strengthen ties with Beijing as relations with Washington falter.
The announcement from Pakistan’s defence minister came a day after Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani returned from a four-day visit to China, Islamabad’s biggest arms supplier.
BusinessInsider: 30,000 Protesters Are Denying The Government Ban And Camping Out In Spain
TheHill: Lawmakers largely silent on war powers authority in Libya
U.S. operations in Libya hit the 60-day mark Friday, but Congress has grown largely silent on the administration’s unilateral intervention into the war-torn North African nation.
RawStory: Saudi Arabia, UAE funded jihadi networks in Pakistan: Wikileaks cable
(Reuters) - Islamic charities from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates financed a network in U.S. ally Pakistan that recruited children as young as eight to wage holy war, a local newspaper reported on Sunday, citing Wikileaks.
BBC: Sudan: Abyei seizure by North 'act of war', says South
WashingtonPost: Southern Sudan asks for help from international community after north seizes border area
Time: The Trouble with Democracy: Albania's Worrisome Vote
BusinessInsider: Militants Are Staging A Big Attack On A Karachi Base In The Middle Of The Night 
LAT: Pakistan retakes control of naval base raided by militants
A military spokesman says 12 troops were killed. The attack renews questions about the nuclear power's ability to defend its weapons installations. 
CSMonitor: How the American dream went global: interview with Fareed Zakaria
Even as America’s middle class plateaus, says author and CNN host Fareed Zakaria, emerging nations are celebrating a confident new class of consumers.

Financial News

TheDownwardSpiral: “Worst City in America” -- How Rampant Globalization Transformed Rockford, Illinois By our very own Bill Hicks!
BusinessInsider: Another Massive Free Trade Region May Be Just Around The Corner
TheDailyBail: When Greece Finally Defaults, The Real Mayhem Will Begin
ZeroHedge: China Prepares To Launch Gold ETFs As Utah Becomes First State To Make Gold And Silver Legal Tender 
Bloomberg: Uranium Rebound Seen on China Nuclear Plans
The biggest drop in prices of uranium in two years may be ending as China and India plan atomic power developments that will more than double global production even after Japan’s nuclear disaster.
Guardian: Europe's right to name International Monetary Fund chief is challenged
Australia and South Africa call for change in convention behind selection as Trevor Manuel emerges as candidate of the 'south'
BusinessInsider: Debunking The Cramer Myth
The New York Times Magazine recently did a profile of Jim Cramer, titled “Jim Cramer Hits an All-Time High.”
The author concludes that Cramer is a regular guy, who just happened to go to Harvard Law School, hit the jackpot managing a hedge fund, and accumulate “eight figures” in the bank.
CalculatedRisk: "Dismal Start" for Auto Sales in May
BusinessInsider: The Assets Greece Needs To Sell To Get Another Bailout
ZeroHedge: Was Dominique Strauss-Kahn Trying to Torpedo the Dollar? 
LayOffList: 99ers and the Long-term Unemployed Are the Elephants in the Economic Recovery Room 
HuffPostBusiness: Bush-Era Tax Cuts Projected As Largest Contributor To Public Debt [CHART]
NakedCapitalism: Taibbi: “US Politics – Reality Show Sponsored by Wall Street”
Taibbi discusses the lack of financial reform and failure to prosecute Wall Street on RT America
ZeroHedge: As Spain's Socialists Lose Local Elections, The Bond Vigilantes Stir
ChicagoTribune: Sinking values prompting homeowners to consider strategic default as best business decision
Slight drop in strategic defaults unlikely to last as more people do the math, see they can't recover and make a business decision to walk away from their mortgage, even if it ruins their credit
SaltLakeTribune: Judge sides with homeowners in foreclosure suit
YahooFinance: Invasion of the Chinese Reverse Mergers: “We Are Under Attack,” Josh Brown Says 
ZeroHedge: Zimbabwe To Trade Diamonds For Gold As It Prepares To Launch Gold-Backed Currency 
RawStory: Three dead in Chinese iPad factory explosion
MSNBC: Strapped states trying to trim jobless benefits
To save money, cutting the length of time that payments are offered
SOTT: The sordid sexual history of Dominique Strauss-Kahn
MineWeb: Leading global business adviser sees China's remnimbi replacing the role of the $USA leading Australian business and political adviser believes China's Remnimbi currency will take over from the American dollar as the global currency for commodity and other trading.
Spiegel: Aftermath of Budapest Sex Party 'This is All Incredibly Embarrassing'
The head of German insurance company Ergo, Torsten Oletzky, has told SPIEGEL in an interview that the Budapest sex party arranged for high-achieving salesmen was "completely unacceptable" and "incredibly embarrassing," and explains why many of them are still working for the firm.
BBC: Markets hit by continuing eurozone debt crisis
The euro and stock markets across Europe have fallen, with the eurozone debt crisis showing no sign of abating.
CSMonitor: Stock prices fall sharply in Asia
Stock prices slide more than 1 percent in Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Investors expect stock prices to go lower, analyst says.
ZeroHedge: Here Is What Happens After Greece Defaults  (thanks rj!)
When it comes to the topic of Greece, by now everyone is sick of prevaricating European politicians who even they admit are lying openly to the media, and tired of conflicted investment banks trying to make the situation appear more palatable if only they dress it in some verbally appropriate if totally ridiculous phrase (which just so happens contracts to SLiME). The truth is Greece will fold like a lawn chair: whether it's tomorrow (which would be smartest for everyone involved) or in 1 years, when the bailout money runs out, is irrelevant. The question then is what will happen after the threshold of nevernever land is finally breached, and Kickthecandowntheroad world once again reverts to the ugly confines of reality. Luckily, the Telegraph's Andrew Lilico presents what is arguably the most realistic list of the consequences of crossing the senior bondholder Styx compiled to date

Peak oil and Energy News

WSJ: IEA: More Oil Needed Urgently 

Good: Video: This Is What a Bicycle Parking Garage Looks Like 
RawStory: Swiss government may move to eliminate nuclear power 
DeclineoftheEmpire: Tax Breaks For The Oil Industry? Who Cares? 
Platts: Another 'perfect power storm' brewing in China, and Beijing seems to be coping, for now
An electricity shortage in the first quarter of this year has seen more than 500,000 enterprises in east China's Zhejiang province operating on insufficient power supplies, with the blame placed on rapidly expanding power demand, sharply reduced hydropower because of a lingering drought, and high coal prices amid regulated power prices that have kept utilities wary of running at full capacity.

Environmental News

BeforeItsNews: Joplin Tornado DR Info
(if you are able to help, here is some information)
This was posted at BusinessInsider: Listen To Horrifying Audio Of People In The Middle Of The Joplin Tornado
I don't know what to say, it is heartrending.

LAT: Tornado kills at least 89, leaves 'total devastation' in Missouri town
A man carries a young boy who was rescued after being trapped in his home after a tornado hit Joplin, Mo. (Mike Gullett, Associated Press / May 22, 2011)
In Joplin, Mo., damage is widespread. Severe weather hits other parts of the Midwest, including Minneapolis, where one person is killed.
Reuters: Tornado Video Report
HowStuffWorks: 15 Tornado Safety Tips
ResourceInsights: Contamination: The totalitarian strategy of the GMO crop industry
Reuters: Powerful tornadoes rip through U.S. Midwest
Tornadoes tore through parts of the U.S. Midwest on Sunday, killing at least one person in Minneapolis and damaging whole neighborhoods as well as a hospital in the Missouri town of Joplin, according to authorities and local television footage.
BBC: New volcanic eruption shuts Iceland airport (video)
MetOfficeNewsBlog: ‘Significant eruption’ of Grimsvotn likely to bring ash to UK
ArchaeologyNewsNetwork: Sea Turtle haven on Turkey's Mediterranean Coast threatened by plan to build holiday homes
ClimateProgress: Prayer as an adaptation strategy: Texas plans to cut budget of agency battling record wildfires
ClimateProgress: Prayer as an adaptation strategy: 
Texas plans to cut budget of agency battling record wildfires
Texas lawmakers are set to slash funding for the agency responsible for fighting wildfires in the midst of a historic wildfire season in which some 2.5 million acres have burned.
CBSNews: Thai police arrest suspected tiger trafficker
ENSNews: Climate Change Blamed for Record Mississippi Floods 
BBC: US to help South Korea in Agent Orange inquiry
South Korea and the US have agreed to hold a joint inquiry into allegations that American soldiers dumped large amounts of Agent Orange on Korean  land
WashingtonPost: Flooding threat along Mississippi River is a test of man vs. nature
TruthDig: Snowmelt Could Flood Western Communities
For all the advantages that record snowpacks offer regions susceptible to summertime drought, a sudden warming of temperatures could soon release millions of gallons of water into river channels and narrow canyons, flooding cities and towns throughout the American West. 
DesdemonaDespair: The oceans are emptying fast
SOTT: US: More than 20,000 people turned down by FEMA in Alabama 
BeforeItsNews: Yellowstone National Park Is Moving

America in Decline
ActivistPost: University "Campus Watch" Citizen Spy Program Partners With Threat Fusion Center To Report Suspicious Activity

TimesStandard: Tech Beat: 10 ways 'the police state' tracks you 
ZeroHedge: Anthrax "Conviction" Falls Apart
Buried in FBI laboratory reports about the anthrax mail attacks that killed five people in 2001 is data suggesting that a chemical may have been added to try to heighten the powder's potency, a move that some experts say exceeded the expertise of the presumed killer.
hat tip to Collapse Net for the following story
MSNBC: Hawaii's other side of paradise: homelessness
It threatens to mar perfect picture Honolulu would like to present to APEC
FDL: Immigrants For Sale: $5 Billion a Year 
 InfoSecurity: FBI sucks in complete internet pipes in latest surveillance evolution.
It looks as though the FBI is quietly canning its long-standing Carnivore methodology of scanning internet users' sessions, and, where it is difficult to isolate a users' actual IP session, simply replicating and recording the entire IP data pipe.
FDL: Sarah Palin’s Plan for Mideast Peace: Reading the Old Testament and “Defending Our Enemies in Israel”
“Anyone who studies history, studies the old testament, studies geography understands that Israel now is surrounded by enemies at all times,” Palin said on Jeanine Pirro’s “Justice With Judge Jeanine.” “It should be now that America takes a stand in defending our enemies in Israel.”
ActivistPost: Domestic Spying Exposed as Patriot Act Extension Looms (Video) 
RawStory: Advocacy group pushes back on government wiretapping 
AlterNet: 10 Steps to Defeat the Corporatocracy
The only way to overcome the power of money is regain our courage and solidarity. Here's how to do that. 

Food and Water
Thanks to Rice Farmer for the following story.

TheTelegraph: Ban on washing cars this summer as new hosepipe bans come in
Householders could be banned from washing their cars or irrigating their lawns this summer, the Environment Agency has warned, as part of new laws to restrict water use.
MSNBC: Drought in US, EU stressing crops, farmers
U.S. wheat prices are on their way to their biggest weekly gain
BigPictureAgriculture: Home Beer Brewing (Video)
NaturalNews: Global food inflation hits hemp seed, coconut oil and other superfoods: Here's why it's happening
(NaturalNews) Food inflation is hitting the superfood industry right where it hurts -- in the wallet. Thanks to several factors you'll read about here, prices on hemp seeds, hemp oils, coconut oil and other superfoods are set to skyrocket beginning in just a few days. One of the largest superfood suppliers in the USA, Nutiva, has announced an 11% price increase coming May 27th, and that may be just the beginning of an accelerating trend in steady increases.
ForeignPolicy: How Food Explains the World
 From China's strategic pork reserve to a future where insects are the new white meat, 10 reasons we really are what we eat.
CircleofBlue: The Stream, May 23: Water and the Middle East 
KHOUNews: Texas politicians knew agency hid the amount of radiation in drinking water
MLiveNews: Hundreds of Midland, Texas residents suing Dow Chemical and three other companies over chromium contamination

Science and Technology
NewScientist: Llama muck and maize revolution drove Inca success 

ArchaeologyNewsNetwork: 6500-year-old heritage junked 
Australia's largest KFC restaurant stands above one of the country’s most significant Aboriginal heritage sites in Newcastle West, a new archaeological report has revealed.
ArchaeologyNewsNetwork: Archeologist finds oldest 3-D statue in Western Hemisphere

Medical and Health
Guardian: Children growing weaker as computers replace outdoor activity

Modern life is 'producing a generation of weaklings', claims research as physical strength declines in 10-year-olds
WiredScience: Google Search Patterns Could Track MRSA Spread
BlackListedNews: CDC Autism Researcher Indicted for Fraud
    "... [O]ver the four-year period he submitted over a dozen false invoices from the CDC for research expenses to Aarhus University, where he held a faculty position, instructing them to transfer the funds to a CDC account, which was in fact his personal account ...
    Thorsen's research on autism is widely known in academic circles, where he was until this week a highly respected figure. A paper of his on the subject, which is known as 'The Danish Study', is quoted extensively to refute the autism vaccine connection."
ibtimes: First Full Face Transplant in US [PHOTOS]
(absolutely amazing story)

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ActivistPost: USDA fines family four million dollars for selling bunny rabbits

Wired: Your One-Stop Shop for Hidden Stairways and Secret Crypts 
ModernSurvivalBlog: Keep A Hard-Copy Contacts List 
ModernSurvivalOnline: Question for you……..
Rourke is taking a poll, go help him out.

Other News
BeforeItsNews: 8.4 Magnitude Libya Confirmed -Official Cover Up!
(I'm posting this because it just keeps showing up. My question is, where are the first hand reports from Lybia? Surely someone there has a cell phone camera and internet access? Anyway, just wanted to put this out there and see if anyone has anything to say about it.)
NPR: Doomsday Believers Mull Unfulfilled Apocalypse
ibtimes: Harold Camping’s followers dejected, local church reaches out: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO 
NPR: 'Rapture' Prophet Harold Camping Says He Had 'A Really Tough Weekend'
ibtimes: Harold Camping found in Alameda [VIDEO]
BBC: Germany election: Bremen poll sees 16-year-olds vote 
TheTelegraph: Berlusconi 'paid £300,000 protection money to Mafia'
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi paid Mafia leaders £300,000 a year in protection money, a mobster informant has told a court.
Bloomberg: IMF Dropped Internal Probe of Strauss-Kahn After Woman Wouldn’t Cooperate 
WashingtonPost: Ranking America's High Schools
Since 1998, The Post’s Jay Mathews has ranked Washington-area public high schools using the Challenge Index, his measure of how effectively a school prepares its students for college. In 2011, the Post expanded its research to high schools across the United States.
ActivistPost: Ore. court rules medical pot users can have guns
NPR: The Root: The Sad History Of Cemented CemeteriesFor more than 10 years, Richmond, Va.'s oldest municipal burial ground for people of African descent has been covered over by an active parking lot owned by Virginia Commonwealth University. The dead cannot speak, so Richmond's African-American community has been fighting to remove the parking lot and protect its ancestral legacy. Squads tackle mock terrorists and building collapse in drill 
BBC: India's unwanted girls (as a mother of two brilliant daughters, this story is particularly heartbreaking.)
India's 2011 census shows a serious decline in the number of girls under the age of seven - activists fear eight million female foetuses may have been aborted in the past decade. The BBC's Geeta Pandey in Delhi explores what has led to this crisis.

The Forums

TinfoilPalace: How can Silvio Berlusconi still be in power?
TinfoilPalace: Predictions from "The New Nostradamus"
TheOilAge: Tom Whipple: Peak oil crisis and the summer ahead
TheOilAge: Tornado in Joplin Mo
Hubberts-Arms:   America is cursed if it doesn't support Israel
Hubberts-Arms: Oil Will Be A Past Relic When Today’s Babies Hit Fifty (this is an excellent article and thread at Hubberts Arms. Must read!)
SilentCountry:  NYT: Foreclosed homes, you ain't seen nothing yet 
SilentCountry: “Worst City in America” -- How Rampant Globalization Transformed Rockford, Illinois

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