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Going to be short for now, I am taking my daughter and grandson to the gallery to see my pictures and to buy art supplies for the boy as he has surprised the family with excellent art skills and talent! I couldn't be happier! Yeah! when I get back I'll try and post more links for us.
I hope everyone is having as good a day as I am. For you grandmas and grandpas out there, cherish those grandbabies! Cherish them. :D

CreditWriteDowns: Fukushima Daiichi Disaster Prompts Closure of Another Plant
As workers continue to battle with the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant, more impacts from the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl are starting to arise. The latest impact will hit car manufacturers, with plants in central Japan hit the hardest: power firm Chubu Electric has agreed to shut its Hamaoka Nuclear Plant until it can build better defenses against the kind of massive earthquake and tsunami that hit on March 11, and Hamaoka provides power to at least 15 auto plants.
ENENEWS:Water level now below BOTTOM of fuel rods in No. 1 — Suggests nuclear fuel is in a molten mass at bottom of reactor (VIDEO)

Global Conflict
ZeroHedge: Greek Police Brutality Caught On Tape
This won't sit too well with the GCLU. We are, in fact hearing, that there is already a protest organized to protest police brutality, which will culminate with more cops beating the austerty out of more protesters, and so forth at an exponential pace.
TheAtlantic: 'Netanyahu Waited Too Long To Strike Iran'

Financial News
Reuters: Cisco warns of sales miss, eyes $1 billion savings
(Reuters) - Cisco Systems Inc warned that it will fare worse this quarter than Wall Street had feared, and laid out plans for global job cuts as it struggles to revive growth.
GlobeandMail: Chinese stock scams latest U.S. import

Peak oil and Energy News
YahooNews: How the oil industry saves $4.4B a year on taxes
$4-a-gallon gasoline makes $4.4 billion in oil industry tax breaks a tempting target for Obama

Environmental News
CSMonitor: Mississippi flooding drowns crops and casinos: What's the economic toll?
The economic toll of the Mississippi River flooding has yet to be calculated, as the crest pushes past Memphis towards New Orleans, but is expected to run in the billions.
CNN: Eight dead after earthquake hits Spain
SOTT: US: Washing Away the Fields of IowaTo an untrained eye, the fields of Iowa have a reassuring solidity. You cannot tell that the state has lost half its topsoil in the past century. According to a new report from the Environmental Working Group, Iowa's soil is washing away at rates far higher than anyone realized.
Ecocentric: Will Europe Embrace Fracking?
NewScientist: Chimps hunt monkey prey close to local extinction 
WashingtonPost: Ship carrying coal runs aground, destroys coral reef in Philippine marine sanctuary
HuffingtonPost: Climate Scientists Rap About The Dangers Of Climate Change (VIDEO) 
BlackListedNews: Fracking Linked to Flammable Drinking Water 
FarmWars: Gulf Blue Plague Realities: Deadly Radioactive MicroorganismsMichael Edward discusses the radioactive uranium now coming from the deep asphaltic oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and how it effects microorganisms. In addition, an exclusive audio interview with BP clean-up worker Paul Hebert, regarding his personal observations of the Gulf water boiling with microorganisms digesting the oil. 

America in Decline
OffTheCharts: Social Security: We’re Number…30!

 We’ve long emphasized that Social Security benefits are modest — averaging only about $1,100 a month for retirees, disabled workers, and widows.  And they’re also low in relation to earnings.  According to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, they replace just 42 percent of a median worker’s earnings.  That puts us in 30th place among the 34 OECD member countries. “So what?” argues our friend Andrew Biggs, who recently panned CBPP’s and other organizations’ use of these comparisons.  Biggs notes that while the United States pays low benefits by international standards, it’s fairly typical of the Anglo-Saxon countries.   Most Americans don’t care what Luxembourg does, says Biggs.  He’s right that the United States is in good company among Anglo-Saxon nations, most of which are more parsimonious toward their retirees than nations that border the Mediterranean or the North Sea.

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: FOCUS on Latest FAO Report: High Red Bean Prices in Central America

LewRockwell: Survival Gardening
Grist: Factory farms the only way to ‘feed the world’? Not so, argues Science paper   
ActivistPost: Home Rule takes a beating as Maine defeats food freedom bills
CircleofBlue: The Stream, May 12: Agriculture vs. Industry 

Science and Technology

ArchaeologyNewsNetwork: 2000-year-old wine unearthed in Henan province

YahooNews: Superflare from Crab Nebula Has Astronomers Mystified

Medical and Health
USAToday: Navy researcher links toxins in war-zone dust to ailments

WashingtonPost: Cancer patients denied pain relief in Ukraine, suffer unbearable agony

RawStory: WikiLeaks gags staff, threatens leakers with $20 million penalty

Other News
WashingtonPost: The Very Secret Diary of Osama bin Laden: Some excerpts

Reuters: Two Swedes jailed for life for Philippine Internet porn(Reuters) - Two Swedes have been jailed for life in the Philippines for violating human trafficking laws by running a live Internet porn operation in a southern city that catered to foreigners.
SHTFPlan: The Ultimate Prepper Bug Out Home
Spiegel: The Slow, Painful Demise of Rural Germany 
BisinessInsider: NYC Police Arrest Two Men In Terror Plot
MotherJones: The Tea Party Wants to Teach Your Kids About the Constitution 
WiredDangerRoom: Osama Drew The Line at Building a Ford F-150 of Death 
Reuters: German court frees convicted Nazi Demjanjuk over age 

The Forums

TinfoilPalace: New Madrid Agenda Now Underway (Benjamin Fulford) 
TinfoilPalace: More frequent whale strandings leaves experts puzzled 
TheOilAge: What happened to China's 'peaceful rise'?
TheOilAge: Coin converion values
Hubberts-Arms: The Silver Crash of 2011? by Martin Armstrong
Hubberts-Arms: Pics of Knife Forging and Fabrication Process
SilentCountry: 15 Frightful Food Facts
SilentCountry: Wikileaks reveals Arctic resource race

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