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I'm running around like a crazy person today, my grandson is on the way to visit for a few days!!! Yeah!!!

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TheTelegraph: Nuclear fuel has melted through base of Fukushima plant
The nuclear fuel in three of the reactors at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant has melted through the base of the pressure vessels and is pooling in the outer containment vessels, according to a report by the Japanese government.

Global Conflict
CNN: Another slain Syrian teen allegedly tortured 
BBC: Iraq will ask US troops to stay post-2011, says PanettaIraq will ask the US to keep troops in the country beyond an end-of-2011 pullout deadline, says the nominee to be the next US defence secretary.
Atlantic:  Well, Here's a Downside of the Egyptian Revolution
li Lake reports that the U.S. is engaged in a frustrating effort to return released Egyptian terrorists to jail:
CNN: 3 Iraqi government officials assassinated Thursday
VOA: Some Afghans Fear Early US Departure
CBSNews: Karzai says Taliban deal a must to end Afghan war
CNN: Released hiker describes friends' abuse in Iranian prison
NYT: U.S. Is Intensifying a Secret Campaign of Yemen Airstrikes
LAT: Shaky Libya campaign shows NATO's weakness, Gates says
In a Brussels address, the outgoing defense chief says the alliance faces "collective military irrelevance" after years of inadequate spending by most members.
Guardian: Syria ratchets up military operation on Jisr al-Shughour
Up to 5,000 troops and dozens of tanks reportedly massed near Turkish border as revolt against regime enters decisive phase
BlackListedNews: Bloodlust: Blair Demands Wider Middle East Warfare 
Time: Syrian Oppression: How the Elite Are Hanging Tough Together 
RTTNews: Iraq 'To Request' US Troops Stay Beyond Deadline, Panetta Tells Senate 
NYT: Egypt’s Economy Slows to a Crawl; Revolt Is Tested 
BusinessInsider: BAKER/HAMILTON: Repeal The War Powers ResolutionIn today's Washington Post, former Secretary of State James Baker and former Congressmen Lee Hamilton argue for repealing the 1973 War Powers Resolution and replacing it with a War Powers Consultation Act. Baker and Hamilton write that the act would clearly differentiate between operations like the bin Laden raid, for which the president would not need congressional approval, and the allied campaign in Libya, for which he would.

Well, I'm posting a bit early today, gotta get ready for the boy to visit! If anything comes up, I'll be sure and post it.
thanks to everyone for visiting this blog and for all the kind words of support.

Financial News
DailyBail: James Carville Tells Don Imus: 2012 Could Be 'Very Rough For Obama', Says Civil Unrest 'Very Possible' (LINKS)
(it may not be long until we'll be seeing the US in the Global Conflict section)

MSNBC: Despite recovery, bank lending still falling 
DailyBail: Matt Taibbi: The Real Housewives Of Wall Street: How Morgan Stanley Wives Christy 
BusinessInsider: HOLY COW: Robert Shiller Could Easily See Another 25% Drop In Home Prices 
TheEconomist: The Fed, the budget and the economy Policy fatigue
Policymakers seem helpless in the face of bad economic news  
USAToday: States considering online lottery sales 
CNNMoney: Recovery at Risk Unemployment benefits fading away 
CNNMoney: Unemployment claims stuck above 400,000 
McClatchy: Key regulator: Speculators swamping oil, grain markets
WashingtonPost: How Americans want — and don’t want — to cut the deficit, in one table
WSJ: As 'Junk' Bonds Fall, Some Blame the Fed 
BusinessInsider: Chinese Ratings Agency Says The US Has Already Defaulted
Bloomberg: China Feed Mills Use Wheat as Corn Prices Rise
Time: Bilderberg: The Uber-Powerful Global Elite Meet Behind Closed Doors in St. Moritz
Wired: Citi Credit Card Data Breached for 200,000 Customers
ZeroHedge: 30% Of People With A 401(k) Have Taken Out A Loan Against It: New All Time Record
NYT: The Economics of Men Behaving Badly
AngryBear: Monetary Policy. I'm not only not feeling it, I'm dehydrating because of it.
Reuters: When will incomes return to their 2006 level?
What happens if, instead of measuring GDP by adding up all the money spent in the country, you measure it by adding up all the money earned in the country?
TheEconomist: Read this speech, then sell the dollar
MyBudget360: The destruction of the middle class will not be televised
56 percent of American workers have less than $25,000 saved. Even worse 60 percent of retirees have less than $50,000 saved. 45 million on food stamps and the consequences of peak debt.
BlackListedNews: Americans’ Equity in Their Homes Near Record Low
USAToday: Citigroup latest to report data breach
(happy talk ALERT!) Bloomberg: Second Half 2011 U.S. Growth Rebound Intact, Economists Say 
CalculatedRisk: Signs of financial distress? 
MarketWatch: Fed passes China to become largest US creditor
The Federal Reserve has surpassed China as the single largest creditor of the U.S. government.
BusinessInsider: Is This The End Of The Big Box Retailer?
ZeroHedge: US Taxpayers About To Be Saddled With Another European Bailout Courtesy Of AIG 
MotherJones: It's the McEconomy, Stupid 
Bloomberg: Obama Aides Said to Discuss Seeking Employer Payroll Tax Cut (1)  
TheStreetLight: Greek Endgame?
The key players in this drama are making it embarrassingly easy to imagine exactly how a Greek default could happen this summer.
HuffPost: How Long Before The Unemployed Find Work Or Give Up? 
NYT: Companies Spend on Equipment, Not Workers 
YahooFinance: End of an Era: Death of the U.S. Pickup Truck
After a great ride, the days of big pickup trucks driving sales and profits for U.S. car companies is over for good, a victim of rising fuel costs, a troubled economy and changing consumer tastes.
USAToday: States considering online lottery sales
Reuters: "Monstrous risks" in emerging marketsEmerging markets face "monstrous" risks this year, with investors continually ignoring intensifying inflationary pressures and credit bubbles, leading market strategist Richard Bernstein warned on Wednesday. 

Peak oil and Energy News
ZeroHedge: The Story Of The Berserk Nat Gas Algo Just Got Really Strange
PostGazette: ExxonMobil's $1.7B bet on gas 
Oil giant sees natural gas as eventual last man standing
Reuters: UPDATE 2-China May crude imports top 5 mln bpd * Net fuel imports lowest since November
* Oil demand may spike in summer amid power shortage

ZeroHedge: Electric Company Of Saudi Arabia Warns Country May Run Out Of Oil By 2030
TheEconomist: Oil production fails to keep up with demand
MotherJones: Yes, We're Still Running Out of Oil
Reuters: OPEC says oil supply gap looms later this year
OPEC followed this week's failure to reach an output deal with a forecast world oil supplies would begin to fall short later this year, draining inventories just when demand is expected to hit a seasonal peak.
TheEconomist: BP's energy review
Bouncing back
New figures show extraordinary growth in energy use last year

Environmental News
VOA: Californians Urged to Get Ready for Earthquakes
CBSNews: Massive, unchecked Ariz. wildfire still growing

Chron: Huston and Texas News: Weekend weather: Baking heat, sun and scant showers
SOTT: Bacteria-laced algae are invading freshwater streams across the globe
EnvironmentAgency: Drought declared in the Anglian region
Drought has hit parts of East Anglia, with other areas in England and Wales also giving grounds for concern. 

MiamiHerald: Drought’s environmental toll is broad, deep
Without a big rainy season, the water shortage could continue into next year, adding to the challenges for an agency facing major budget cuts
TreeHugger: 310 U.S. Cities Saw Record-High Temperatures Yesterday
ClimateProgress: U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Fights Regulations On Chemicals Linked to Penis Deformations, Birth Defects 

America in Decline
CNN: Justices rule that fleeing the police is a violent felony
YahooFinance: End of an Era: Death of the U.S. Pickup TruckAfter a great ride, the days of big pickup trucks driving sales and profits for U.S. car companies is over for good, a victim of rising fuel costs, a troubled economy and changing consumer tastes.

Food and Water
Bloomberg: Corn Climbs to Three-Year High as USDA Slashes Supply Estimates
DesdemonaDespair: Graph of the Day: The Global Agricultural Productivity Gap, 2010-2050 
MercuryNews: Colorado River users could face shortage in 2015
Bloomberg: Hog Rally Seen as Producers May Cull Herds on Feed Costs (1) 
WSJ: Farm Flooding Keeps Grain Supplies Tight 
MSNBC: Wet spring, lousy harvest mean higher food pricesRain delays planting schedules and will likely diminish crops by harvest time
TruthOut: Food Sovereignty Responds to Corporate Takeover of Food ProductionCrooks&Liars: Welcome Back To The Casino. Instead of Mortgages, Now They're Gambling With The World's Food Supply 
BBC: Hedge funds 'grabbing land' in AfricaHedge funds are behind "land grabs" in Africa to boost their profits in the food and biofuel sectors, a US think-tank says.  

Science and Technology

Bloomberg: Hackers Fight Rivals, FBI to Control Hijacked-Computer Networks 
NewScientist: Friday Illusion: If you think you have eagle eyes, this video may prove you wrong
AmericanDream: Facebook Is Now Using Facial Recognition Technology – Have You Checked Your Privacy Settings Lately?
ScientificAmerican: Electrical Fire Knocks Out Spent Fuel Cooling at Nebraska Nuclear Plant
The safety of spent fuel pools, as at the Fort Calhoun plant outside Omaha, has been an issue since the accident at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi plant.
ScientificAmerican: Shattered Expectations: Ultrabright Supernovae Defy Explanation
A rare, superluminous kind of stellar explosion does not fit into the usual supernova categories
CSMonitor: Solar storm delivers a glancing blow to Earth – and a warning
The solar storm caused by a massive eruption two days ago arrived at Earth Wednesday, but it was only a taste of what scientists say might come – and the world is not prepared.
UniverseToday: Voyagers Find Giant Jacuzzi-like Bubbles at Edge of Solar System
The barrier at the edge of our solar system may not be the smooth shield that scientists once thought. The venerable Voyager spacecraft have detected a huge, turbulent sea of magnetic bubbles in the heliosheath — the interface between the heliosphere and interstellar space — similar to an actively bubbling Jacuzzi tub.

Medical and Health
NPR: German Officials Conclude Sprouts Are The E. Coli Culprit
Xiahuanet: Bean sprouts blamed for E. coli outbreak again 
Guardian: Pharmageddon: how America got hooked on killer prescription drugs
White House declares prescription drug abuse in US 'alarming' as thousands flock to Florida – the home of oxycodone pill mills
(thank you RJ! great article, definitely a bad problem here in Tennessee)
"It's my back," he says, rubbing his lower vertebrae. "I'm a builder. I fell off the roof and hurt my back." That's odd, as we have just watched him run out of the clinic and over to his truck without so much as a limp. He's clutching a prescription for 180 30mg doses of the painkiller oxycodone.Chad is one of thousands of "pillbillies" who descend on Florida every year from across the south and east coasts of America. Some come in trucks bearing telltale number plates from Kentucky, Georgia, Tennessee, even far-away Ohio. Others come by the busload on the apocryphally named Oxycodone Express. It's a lucrative trade. Chad tells us he has just paid $275 (£168) to the doctor inside the clinic, or pill mill, as it is pejoratively called. The doctor, who can see up to 100 people in a sitting, can make more than $25,000 in a day, cash in hand. For Chad the profits are handsome too. He will spend $720 at a pharmacy on his 180 pills, giving him a total outlay of about $1,000. Back in Kentucky he can sell each pill for $30, giving them a street value of $5,400 and Chad a clear profit of more than $4,000. If he goes to 10 pill mills in Palm Beach on this one trip he could multiply that windfall tenfold. But then there's the other cost of the oxycodone trade, a cost that is less often talked about, certainly not by Chad or his accommodating doctor.
RawStory: Nicotine discovery may lead to new weight loss drugs
SunStar: 99 tested positive of snail fever in PaloNINETY-nine persons in Palo town, Leyte were confirmed to have been infected with schistosomiasis or snail fever due to the massive flooding last March.
MontrealGazette: Measles epidemic spreads in Quebec
254 cases; disease leapfrogged from Europe
BayportPatch: Pardon me, Parasites?
Find out how to kill intestinal parasites the natural way.
USANewshealth: Eating Dirt Has Long, Maybe Healthy, History
Review of data on 'geophagy' suggests people do it to help ward off germs and parasites
BlackListedNews :GE toxins found in foetuses, research shows 
StraitsTimes: Dengue vaccine could be ready by 2015 
Reuters: Face transplant performed on woman mauled by chimpanzeeA Connecticut woman mauled by a chimpanzee in 2009 has received a full face transplant, the third surgery of its kind performed in the country, Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital said on Friday.

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
BigPictureAg: Farm Photo: 1938 Prefab House Delivery
WikiHow: How to Use a Laptop on a Sailboat

Other News
LAT: What the Newt Gingrich staff implosion means for the 2012 Republican race 
NYT: Moving Online, Beck Will Charge Viewers a Fee
CBSNews: Schieffer: Gingrich is done
BusinessPundit: 15 of the Most Weird and WTF Museums
RawStory: Bradley Manning activist subpoenaed in WikiLeaks investigation
MotherJones: The Right's Favorite Historian: Founding Fathers Opposed Darwin 
Reuters: Alabama sets nation's toughest immigration lawRepublican Governor Robert Bentley on Thursday signed into law a crackdown on illegal immigration in Alabama that both supporters and critics consider the toughest in the nation.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:Snow fall in Africa! 
TinfoilPalace:Heat Burst raises temp at midnight to 102!! in 15 minutes. 
TheOilAge:Not much for the rest of us
TheOilAge:"Superweed" threatens US crops
Hubberts-Arms:Texas to Privatize Medicare?
Hubberts-Arms:Flying Bear kills two
SilentCountry:"You Should Be Scared"
SilentCountry:Former PM of Iceland Charged

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