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Guardian: Fukushima report shows nuclear power can never be safe and cheap
The first "independent" review of the safety failures during Japan's nuclear disaster reveals some chillingly obvious "lessons" to be learned

Global Conflict
RichardSilverstein: Ofer Brothers Ships Transported Mossad Agents to Iran, ‘High Ranking Security Official’ Shut Down Knesset Probe
ibtimes: U.S. ambassador warns Karzai over criticism of West
The U.S. ambassador to Kabul has issued a thinly veiled warning to Afghan President Hamid Karzai that harsh criticisms of the West could jeopardise the troops and funding critical to the Afghan government's survival.
Guardian: Iran hardliners force deputy foreign minister to resign
Dispute over Mohammad Sharif Malekzadeh latest in power struggle between Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Muslim clerics
CNN: NATO drone goes down in Libya
LAT: Under pressure, Syria's Assad pledges reforms
The embattled president mentions a possible change in the constitution to allow political parties, but opponents say he offers no concrete steps toward democracy.
BBC: PM attacks RAF warning over Libya
The prime minister has criticised military chiefs who have spoken out in public about the UK's role in Libya.
NPR: Suicide Car Bombings Kill At Least 22 In Iraq
TheAtlantic: If Our Troops Aren't in Danger Then It Isn't War
TheAtlantic: Tiny African Nation, Helpless to Fight Back, is Overtaken by Drug Trade
RawStory: Obama to reveal size of Afghan troop drawdown Wednesday
Time: All Confused On the Western Front: NATO and Libya's Rebels Don't Jibe
MaxKeiser: Bull Market in Agent ProvocateursNew evidence: undercover police triggered Barcelona riot

Hack Attacks
CNN: 19-year-old arrested over Sony hack, London police say
The 19-year-old is suspected of hacking into systems and mounting denial of service attacks against "a number of international businesses and intelligence agencies," police said. Naming suspects who have been arrested in Britain is illegal.
BlackListedNews: Problem, Reaction, and Solution: Lawmakers Weigh Harsher Penalties In Wake Of CIA, FBI Attacks
LegitGov: Hacker groups LulzSec and Anonymous in pact to attack government websites

Financial News
Forbes: So, That’s the End of Bitcoin Then
NYT: I.M.F. Warns of New Austerity Measures Ahead 
NYT: Fitch Warns Against Rollover of Greek Debt
CNBC: Morici: Greece Should Quit the Euro, Remark Debt
Forbes: Mississippi Is Richer Than the European Union
CNBC: Global Economy Comes Back To Haunt Developed Nations 
BusinessWeek: Republican Districts Seen Bearing Brunt of Social Security Cuts
Cutting U.S. Social Security benefits for seniors and the disabled may cause steeper spending declines in House districts controlled by Republicans, hurting local businesses, a Bloomberg Government study found.
NYT: China’s Boom Is Beginning to Show Cracks, Analysts Say
BusinessInsider: About Those 65 Million Vacant Homes In China...
Bloomberg: MetLife Pushes Reverse Mortgages as Wells Fargo, BofA Retreat
NYT: Will Business Buy In to Early Childhood Education?
EconoMonitor: The Next Crisis in Residential Mortgages – New Data Emerges
GlobeandMail: How to revive the American Dream 
CounterPunch: When Only "Crazies" See the Bank Giveaway for What It Was
BusinessWeek: The Real U.S. Fiscal Crisis Is JoblessnessAnemic job creation plagues the U.S. economy. Here's how information technology could play a key role in addressing it, says Chris Farrell 

SFGate: Poll: Most consumers short on emergency savings
BusinessInsider: BLOOMBERG: And Now We're Going To Kill CNBCThe second-richest and most powerful media company in the world, Bloomberg LLC, has announced the next phase in its global world-domination plan:
Killing financial TV giant CNBC.
BusinessInsider: Chinese Homes Prices Soar, Even As Government Paper Announces "Cities Rein In Home Prices"
MoneyWatch: AARP Takes Brave Stance on Social Security 
USAToday: Texas wins in U.S. economy shift 
BBC: Flights cancelled as ash cloud returns to Australia
BusinessInsider: Citi: The Chip Industry Is In Big Trouble, And Even Suppliers To Apple Are Feeling The Pain 
WSJ: Austerity Hits Incomes in Greece, Ireland, U.K.  
BlackListedNews: The Financial Collapse Of Greece: The Canary In The Coal Mine For The Global Economy?
ZeroHedge: Each Eurozone Household Will Guarantee €1,450 Of Greek Debt By 2014
OfTwominds: The Only Way Forward Is to Accept Reality: Default Is Not the End of the World 
AmericanDream: The Chinese Government Is Buying Up Economic Assets And Huge Tracts Of Land All Over The United States
Bloomberg: Brazilians Buy Miami Condos at Bargain Prices as Real Gains 45%  
SeattleTimes: U.S. airfares up 10 percentThe average domestic airfare grew to $247 in the first three months of 2011, a 10 percent increase over the same period last year, according to m American Express Global Business Travel
WSJ: China's Rare-Earth Exports Decline 
BusinessInsider: Federal Regulators Just Sued JPMorgan And RBS For Lying To Investors

Peak oil and Energy News
NatGeo: How Aluminum Cans Can Power a Village
AudioPodcast Platts: Petronas takes first steps into #shale #gas through strategic Canadian partnership. Podcast analysis: 
BusinessInsider: Remember The Oil Spike On January 28th? It Wasn't Just Egypt -- It Was A Goldman Trader's "Disorderly Trading" Too

Environmental News
Forbes: The Black Death: Longing For The Good Old Days (this article is probably the most ridiculous piece on climate change I've ever read. It makes about as much sense as the Noah's Ark theme park)

Bloomberg: More Heavy Rain Predicted for China After Floods Kill Dozens (1)
McClatchy: NOAA: U.S. unprepared for changes in Arctic ice
IndyStay: Storm that brought floods and fires may be sign of what's to come
MSNBC: Radioactive tritium leaks found at 48 US nuke sites
'You got pipes that have been buried underground for 30 or 40 years, and they've never been inspected,' whistleblower says
Reuters: Ocean life on the brink of mass extinctions: study
Grist: U.S. nuke regulators repeatedly weakened safety rules
Boston.com: Study reveals long-term rise in sea levelResearcher cites link to increase in temperatures
Reuters: Ash cloud grounds Australian flights into Wednesday
An ash cloud from a volcano in Chile has wreaked havoc on Australian flights and prompted the country's leading airline Qantas to cancel flights to and from the nation's biggest airports on Tuesday and Wednesday.
News24: Climate debate turns nasty
Singapore - Australian climate scientists say they have received death threats, e-mails with sexual slurs and other insults in a surge of abuse that appears to be a co-ordinated campaign of intimidation.
The threats have come as the government tries to step up the fight against climate change by trying to win agreement on a deeply unpopular scheme to price carbon emissions, which the political opposition says will cost jobs and raise fuel and power prices.
WashingtonPost: Swollen Missouri River floods Midwestern towns
Weeks of relentless flooding have plagued portions of Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. Worse yet, forecasts predict that the Missouri River could stay above flood stage through August.
ScientificAmerican: Armadillo Moves North Across a Warmer North America
The armadillo is moving north thanks to climate change, as are mice and other mammals
DetNews: Honda sets steep carbon dioxide reduction targets
BusinessWeek: Climate Change Suit Against Utilities Rejected by Top Court
States can’t invoke federal law to force utilities to cut greenhouse-gas emissions, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, shutting off one avenue for groups that advocate bolder steps against climate change.
FT: Hydrogen cars: daunting logistics
McClatchy: NOAA: U.S. unprepared for changes in Arctic ice
ColumbusDispatch: Ohio taking in flood of Pennsylvania's toxic brine for disposal

America in Decline
BusinessInsider: Meet The Guy Who Robbed A Bank Just To Get Healthcare In Jail
MotherJones: Overworked America: 12 Charts that Will Make Your Blood BoilWhy "efficiency" and "productivity" really mean more profits for corporations and less sanity for you.
RawStory: No automatic right to lawyer in U.S. civil cases: court
The US Supreme Court ruled Monday that states did not have an automatic duty to provide counsel in civil courts in the case of a divorced father who was jailed for failing to pay child support.
Policito: New survey: Yes, America is going to hell
CommonDreams: The Patriot Act and the Quiet Death of the US Bill of Rights

Food and Water
WSJ: G-20 Sets Sights on Food Markets
BusinessInsider: EXCERPT: “The Ripple Effect: The Fate Of Freshwater In The Twenty-First Century”
Bloomberg: Corn Gains as Flooding Threatens China Crop Amid Rising Demand  
OrlandoSentinel: Recent rains still leave South Florida facing groundwater shortage 
MoneyMorning: Agriculture's Impending 'Storm' Will Send Corn Prices Soaring 
M&C: EU faces hard Kremlin stance on bid to end veggie ban

Science and Technology
BBC: India: Bangalore stops Google Street View
Google has stopped collecting images for its Street View service in the southern Indian city of Bangalore after objections from police.
wikiHow: How to Opt out of Facial Recognition on Facebook

Medical and Health
BusinessInsider: Check Out The Disgusting New Labels You're About To See On Cigarettes
CNN: Support in coming out helps LGB well-being
TheChart: Portable pools pose surprising drowning dangers

Other News
WSJ: State Mulls Amends for Sterilizations
RALEIGH, N.C.—A consensus is emerging on how to compensate thousands of men and women sterilized in one of the largest state eugenics programs in the U.S. But North Carolina's budget troubles make it unlikely that the aging victims will get cash payments anytime soon.
CNN: ATF director expected to resign amid Mexico gun controversy
WSJ: The War Against Girls
Since the late 1970s, 163 million female babies have been aborted by parents seeking sons
RawStory: Wal-Mart gender discrimination decision could change rules for class action suits
WashingtonPost: Why Ron Paul keeps winning straw polls
Spiegel: A Map without IsraelGermany's Left Party Faces Charges of Anti-Semitism
Time: The Curse of the Crocodile: Russia's Deadly Designer Drug

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:What Do You Think is Going on with the Mississippi River Drainage?
TinfoilPalace:Solar Threat: We’ll Have Minutes to Respond; Government Plans Controlled Blackouts; Elite Contingency Plans
TheOilAge:Solar Flare Heading Our Way
TheOilAge:Missouri River Flood of Biblical Proportions
Hubberts-Arms:$100,000 in Student Loan Debt, Can’t Find a Job New
Hubberts-Arms:    GOP Senator Gets Drunk, Steals a Truck, Wrecks Truck, Takes a Nap
SilentCountry:No battle plan survives the first encounter with the ememy
SilentCountry:The 40-Year War On American Families: It's Time To End This

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