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Hello guys! Today in Pamland, it's fleece washing day! (that's why I'm running a bit late posting today) Getting my wool cleaned and carded and ready for spinning later this year. Speaking of old timey skills, check out this story. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this one. LOL
CNN: Amish man in Indiana arrested, accused of sexting girl, 12
Police in Indiana say they arrested an Amish man who arrived in a horse-drawn buggy for a presumed rendezvous with a 12-year-old girl to whom he had sent sexually explicit cell phone messages.
That's some wacky news right there.
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I'm off to start carding now!! Fiber fiber everywhere!! :D

Guardian: UK government's Fukushima crisis plan based on bigger leak than Chernobyl
Exclusive: As Japan's nuclear emergency unfolded, scientists devised a worst case scenario involving issuing iodine pills to Britons
HuffingtonPost: Fukushima Nuclear Plant Remains 'Ticking Time Bomb' After Japan Disaster: Michio Kaku, Theoretical Physicist

Global Conflict
CBSNews: Obama to announce return of 30,000 troops from Afghanistan by end of next year
Time: 40 al-Qaeda Militants Escape Yemen Jail
OnTheIssuesMag: Gender Values: The Costs of War At ten years and counting, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are the longest in U.S. history. Not surprisingly, they are the most expensive, with total war spending poised to top two trillion dollars early this summer. These numbers are so huge it's hard to wrap the mind around them.  
AmericanProspect: Are Drones Effective? 
Guardian: Arab League chief admits second thoughts about Libya air strikesAmr Moussa, who played central role in securing Arab support for Nato strikes, calls for ceasefire and 'political solution'
GlobalPost: Flood of US weapons in Afghanistan and Pakistan fueling militant groups, experts saySome US weapons meant for US and Afghan troops are ending up in the hands of the Taliban and other militants.

Hack Attacks
EndoftheLie: Mission accomplished: thanks to LulzSec, draconian cybersecurity gains support
BlackListedNews: U.S. building virtual Internet as cyberattack testbed 

Financial News
BeforeItsNews: Gold and Silver Imports in India Surge a Massive 222% - Official Inflation Surges to 8.65%
Reuters: Daimler CEO warns of rising emerging market risksGermany's Daimler (DAIGn.DE) warned of growing economic risks in emerging markets such as China that could cause the auto industry's growth engine to sputter.
Reuters: S&P says California credit rating at "crossroad"
California's credit rating is at a "crossroad," Standard & Poor's Ratings Services said on Tuesday, noting concerns about the state's cash and budget politics as the new fiscal year approaches.
OfTwoMinds: The Death of Demand: The Post-Consumer Debt Economy 
Salon: Bad medicine alert: Austerity in the U.K.
A lesson for U.S. politicians: Spending cuts in Britain are forcing more government borrowing, not less 
MSNBC: Millions of middle-class people could get Medicaid
'The fact that this is being discovered now tells you, what else is baked into this law?' former GOP governor says
WorthWhile: This is what a balance-sheet recession looks like, and it's not pretty
Reuters: Analysis: JPMorgan unbowed by SEC, but may show wounds later
FinancialArmageddon: 'Scrap Yards Are the New Pawn Shops'
Take one helping of an economy wrecked by rampant greed, reckless speculation, and failed policies, and combine that with financial and other markets distorted by the same toxic brew, and what do you get? Developments like these:
NakedCapitalism: OCC Gives Banks Another Blow Job
NakedCapitalism: Bhidé Cites “Rampant, Extensive Criminality” As Proof That Bank Reform Has Gone Down the Wrong Path
NYT: The Deficit, Real vs. Imagined
BusinessInsider: CHART OF THE DAY: This Chart Guarantees Lots More Housing Pain Ahead
CNBC: U.S. Competitiveness Becoming A Tale of Two EconomiesU.S. competitiveness is a tale of two economies.
The World Economic Forum ranks the U.S. fourth out of 139 countries in its competitiveness survey. Yet even as the U.S. remains strong abroad, consumer confidence is low and unemployment is high at home.
MSNBC: CBO sees government benefits swamping economy 
BusinessInsider: Here Are The US City Economies That Have Actually Shrunk Since 2000 
KTNVNews: Class action lawsuit filed against Bank of America goes national

Peak oil and Energy News
CnnMoney: Lawmakers set to allow speedier Arctic drilling
The House is set to streamline regulations around Arctic drilling this week that would speed the development of oil and gas reserves off the Alaskan coast over the objections of environmentalists.

EnergyBulletin: Forum: Just how safe is ‘fracking’ of natural gas?
NYT: Middle East's Push Toward Renewable Energy Spurred by Rising Oil Prices 
Guardian: International Energy Agency fears higher emissions if nuclear power is cutReducing nuclear will cost much more, be less sustainable and there will be less energy security says IEA chief Nobuo Tanaka
BeforeItsNews: Gas May Never Fall Below $3 Ever Again, Certainly Not In Near Future – With Video
TheOilDrum: Peak Oil - the clear and present danger ARPA-E FY2010 Annual Report Highlights Transformational Projects Since Agency’s Establishment 
EnergyCollective: Video: New Technology May Prevent Another Oil Spill Like BP's 
TreeHugger: Timelapse of Wind Turbine Installation Shows That Visibility Matters(Video) 
DetNews: EPA cuts cellulosic ethanol mandate for 2012 
AlJazeera: IAEA chief urges nuclear safety inspectionsRandom check on plants worldwide by watchdog advocated following Japan crisis.

Environmental News
DesdemonaDespair: Mass extinction of ocean species soon to be ‘inevitable’

LONDON, UK, June 21, 2011 (ENS) - The oceans are at high risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species unprecedented in human history, a panel of international marine experts warns in a report released today [pdf].
CNN: North Dakota residents told to evacuate ahead of expected flooding 
CNN: Wildfires burn 1.4 million acres across 12 states Severe storms whack Chicago 
DesdemonaDespair: As U.S. nuclear plants age, NRC loosens safety regulations – Problems often fixed by saying rules too strict
ExtinctionProtocol: Nerves frayed as Christchurch hit by another wave of violent tremorsJune 22, 2011 – NEW ZEALAND – Last night another wave of violent tremors shook Christchurch residents again, and disrupted exams for some university students. The most violent earthquake – 5.4 – hit just after 10:30pm, scaring the wits out of exhausted Christchurch residents.
ThinkProgress: Flooding Shuts Down Nebraska Nuke, It “May Be Late Fall” Before Restart
YahooNews: Fierce Tornadoes Caught on Tape in Midwest 
AgWeb: Oregon Dairy Pays $12,000 for Alleged Animal Waste Discharges EPA says discharge samples into slough leading to Tillamook Bay showed a high concentration of E.coli bacteria. 

America in Decline
AlterNet: 5 WikiLeaks Revelations Exposing the Rapidly Growing Corporatism Dominating American Diplomacy Abroad
One of WikiLeaks' greatest achievements has been to expose the exorbitant amount of influence that multinational corporations have over Washington's diplomacy
MotherJones: Harrowing, Heartbreaking Tales of Overworked AmericansFirst person stories of doing more with less, from warehouses and classrooms to operating rooms and air-traffic control towers.
Bloomberg: U.S. Postal Service to Stop Paying Into Worker Pension Fund (2)

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Missouri River Floods a Million Acres of Farmland
"But the biggest loser in this flood likely will be rural farmland. Farm fields all along the river are underwater. Early estimates put acreage lost, close to a million acres."---Market to Market
FarmWars: African Alliances Challenge Introduction of GM Technology
Civil society and private sector organisations come together to fight introduction of GM technology.
USFoodPolicy: Loss of genetic diversity in food production
Whether using GMO or conventional technologies, plant breeders and animal scientists require good sources of genetic diversity to improve their varieties. Yet, this genetic diversity is being lost around the world.
TheAtlantic: Georgia's Harsh Immigration Law Costs Millions in Unharvested Crops
Jay Bookman provides some unsurprising news about Georgia's illegal immigration crackdown: there are unintended, negative consequences.

Science and Technology
TechReview: Google Places Two Bets on a Post-PC World
The latest Android tablets and Chromebooks suggest different "post-PC" worlds, both more complicated than the one Apple is going for.
WiredDangerRoom: When Secret Sats Spy on Us, Monsieur Legault Spies Back
LegitGov: F.B.I. Seizes Web Servers, Knocking Sites Offline 
NewScientist: DARPA seeks business model for interstellar travel WANTED: A real life starship in the next 100 years. Anyone with an idea on how to make this happen - or a religious or ethical objection - has until 8 July to submit their idea for presentation at a public symposium this year.

Medical and Health
ScientificAmerican: High Wired: Does Addictive Internet Use Restructure the Brain?
Brain scans hint excessive time online is tied to stark physical changes in the brain
CNN: Surgery is no quick fix for obese teens
Hosted: FDA concludes silicone breast implants mostly safe 
ABCNews: Babesiosis: Backyard Killer Mimics Malaria and Is on RiseBabesiosis, a potentially deadly tick-borne illness that mimics malaria, is on the rise in the suburbs north of New York City, according to a paper published in the May issue of the Emerging Infection Disease Journal.
The disease has also spiked in coastal Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Long Island. At least 1,000 cases have been reported, mostly in the Northeast and the upper Midwest, and for those who are immune-compromised, it can be fatal. 
Grist: More birth defects in mountaintop removal mining areas

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
DoomerinCanada: Bragg's Vinegar and Getting Pig-Ready
ModernSurvivalBlog: 55 Preparedness Items
ModernSurvivalOnline: Guest Post – Part #1: Best All-Around Survival Weapon-The SKS

Other News
NakedCapitalism: Republican Lynch Mob Looking Awfully Hard to Find Rope With Which to Hang Elizabeth Warren
Bloomberg: Americans Worse Than When Obama Inaugurated by 44%-34% Margin  
DemocracyNow: Former CIA Agent Glenn Carle Draws Agency Censorship With Chronicle of "War on Terror" Interrogation

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:We Almost Lost Nebraska and Nobody Knew It. 
TinfoilPalace:Earthquake Christchurch NZ Emeline Please report in
TheOilAge:FBI busting in and seizing servers
TheOilAge:A Flower
Hubberts-Arms:The 24 Types of Libertarians
Hubberts-Arms:Toy Security Wand Lets Kids Play At Being TSA Agents
SilentCountry:Geologists: Volcanic Eruption Near (San Diego) County Possible
SilentCountry:Doomsday Dream Prompts Dutch Man to Build Huge Noah's Ark

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