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 8:30 a.m. listening to news of the job report.
 Also, didn't want this story to get lost in all the employment craziness,
ActivistPost: DHS Bomb Implant Threat Debunked, New Step In Ongoing Terror HypeIn the last week the Department Of Homeland Security and various corporate media outlets have hyped the possibility of Al Qaeda implanting bombs inside would-be assassins.
The problem? The main example of this form of terrorism that is being used is, according to multiple news reports, is an absolute lie.
also, today while the Pres was talking about the employment numbers, the final shuttle launch was counting down. Space Shuttle Atlantis.
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PopSci: Spray-Can Cooling Foams Keep Japan Comfortably Chilled in This Summer Heat

Bloomberg: Japan May Be Nuclear Free by May as Tests Delay Restarts
Japan may have no nuclear reactors running by May next year should the round of tests announced by the government this week cause further delays to restarting units idled for maintenance, a Bloomberg survey shows.

Global Conflict
BBC: Kenya police tear-gas maize and fuel price protesters

Kenyan police have fired tear gas at hundreds of protesters in the capital, Nairobi, who were demonstrating against the high prices of food and fuel.
NPR: Foreign Policy: Drunk With Power In North Korea
PBS: Condolence Letter Policy Shift Opens Conversation on Military Suicides
UPI: South Sudan becomes new nation Saturday
The United Nations wants the Sudanese government to allow peacekeepers to remain in place as the south prepares to celebrate its independence, officials say.
South Sudan becomes the world's newest nation Saturday.
VancouverSun: After 9 years, Canada ends combat operations in Afghanistan
LAT: Throngs of Syrian protesters call for regime's demise 
CNN: Syria's 'secret doctors' risk their own lives 
GlobalPublicSquare: Life after bin Laden in Pakistan

Hacker News
ActivistPost: Anonymous Threatened Orlando Mayor According to Police; Still Fueling the Web Crackdown
Guardian: How to avoid getting your phone hacked
Remote access to your voicemail is convenient for you … and an opportunity for others to gain access to your inbox. But you can protect yourself

Financial News
BeforeItsNews: The New World Order: Why The Entire Economy Is About To Change

WSJMoneyWatch: How the bubble destroyed the middle class
Commentary: Sluggish growth is no mystery: No one has any money

DailyBail: How Goldman Sachs Created 'Shitty' CDOs, Sold Them To AIG, Forced AIG Into
CuriousCapitalist: Is America facing a Japanese future?

CNN: June jobs report: Hiring slows, unemployment rises

CSMonitor: Briefing room word games: What's a 'slash' versus a 'cut' in Social Security?
In the White House briefing room, the meaning of words sometimes hangs on a hand gesture. As in the exchange Thursday with Jay Carney over what could happen to Social Security benefits.
MyBudget360: The grand financial recovery myth
8 charts reflecting the true beneficiaries of four years of taxpayer bailouts. Transfer payments make up 22 percent of household income and public debt surpasses annual GDP.
JaredBernsteinBlog: Family Budget Not Equal To Gov’t Budget: Reposting
Salon: Obama cuts Social Security...
The president indicates that funding for the hallmark Democratic program is on the table. Is this the last straw?
CBSNews: GOP hardens resolve on debt talks after poor jobs report
Emboldened by a weak jobs report, Republicans today doubled down on their argument that Washington can't afford to increase taxes on Americans or businesses as political leaders seek ways to shrink the ballooning federal budget deficit. 
Bloomberg: Elizabeth Warren’s Dream Becomes a Real Agency She May Never Get to Lead
NYT: Job Growth Falters Badly, Clouding Hope for Recovery
YahooNews: Unemployment rose to 9.2 percent as hiring stalls
BusinessInsider: Chase Had This Construction Worker Jailed For Trying To Cash A "Fake" Check That Was Actually Issued By Chase
GlobeandMail: JPMorgan close to becoming the top U.S. lender 
Reuters: UPDATE 1-U.S. Fed balance sheet grows to another record sizeThe U.S. Federal Reserve's balance sheet expanded to a record size in the week ended July 6 as the central bank bought more bonds in an effort to support the economy, Fed data released on Thursday showed.
BusinessInsider: Every Market Tanks After Jobs Report Disaster
WSJ: Italy at Risk of Catching Spanish Flu
WashingtonPost/Bloomberg: European Central Bank battles defaults in Greece, Ireland, Portugal
Bloomberg: The Housing Horror Show Is Worse Than You ThinkDespite some upbeat news, key housing market statistics point to years of stagnation
WashingtonPost: The budget deals of Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama, in one chart
BBC: Euro debt market jitters worsen
The cost of borrowing for debt-laden Portugal, the Irish Republic and Italy hit new highs on Friday.
BusinessInsider: And The So-Called "Real" Unemployment Rate Explodes To 16.2%
Another thing about this horrible jobs report:
In addition to the increase in unemployment (from 9.1% gto 9.2%), the alternative measure that includes "discouraged" workers jumped from 15.8% to 16.2%.
Remember, this includes part-timers, and other marginally attached, unedermployed workers.
ZeroHedge: Labor Force Participation Rate Drops To Fresh 25 Year Low: 64.1%
YahooFinance: Exclusive: EU states ready to rescue bank test failures
MoneyWatch: The Employment Report: Job Creation Weak, Unemployment Rises, Recovery Hopes Fall
Good: Can Brazil Teach Us How to Get Over Our Vocational Education Snobbery?
During my college years, I spent a lot of time with two plumbers named Mario and Luigi. But, like many of my peers who enjoyed hanging out with the two Nintendo video game superstars, I didn't see their careers as something prestigious, nor something to aspire to. Even nowadays with so many people hunting for work, government economists predict that over the next decade we'll have faster than average job growth for plumbers—and a good many other "trade" professions—but we often still look down upon vocational careers. Can't you just hear modern parents saying, "You want to be a plumber (or insert any vocational job)? You can do better than that." But it's time for us to get over our snobbery, especially with the economy being what it is. It turns out that Brazil is making a serious investment in vocational education, and their approach is one we can learn from.
Reuters: Analysis: Dismal jobs numbers give off recession whiff
U.S. job growth in June essentially ground to a halt for a second month running, suggesting a sharp first half slowdown is not merely a blip, as Wall Street economists and Federal Reserve officials had hoped.
AutomaticEarth: July 8 2011: Get ready for the North American gas shockIlargi: A gigantic miss in the BLS June jobs report. Way below expectations at 18,000 new jobs. Unemployment rises to 9.2%. In Italy, everything rumbles. Trading of major bank Unicredit was halted.
So what do we do? We look at North America's coming soon to a theater near you gas crisis. Here's Stoneleigh back from a long trip:
EuroIntelligence: White flag over Frankfurt
MoneyWatch: Obama on Lousy Jobs Report 
DailyFinance: Top 10 Ways Americans Are Cutting Back on Spending 
Reuters: For Americas "99ers," jobs crisis is hard to escape
Mary Kay Coyne has just filed what she says is her 1,862nd job application since being thrown out of work three years ago. She is one of millions of Americans whose unemployment benefits have expired -- after 99 weeks in many states -- as the United States suffers its highest level of long-term unemployment since 1948.
Economist: The Federal Debt: Countdown
THE stand-off over America’s debt ceiling has entered strange territory: pretty much everyone agrees the limit will be raised, but it is becoming ever harder to see just how.
WashingtonPost: Minnesota Shutdown May Cost State Economy $23 Million Weekly

Peak oil and Energy News
This is a MUST read article.
TransitionVoice: Voluntary poverty — it could save your life, but what a hard sell
Simple living can be comfortable, but are we ready to voluntarily seek out poverty just to survive after peak oil?
ZeroHedge: No, It's Not The Nat Gas "Fractal" Algo: Nanex Discloses The Very Ominous Implications Of Today's Berserk Crude Algo
NationalGeographic: Worldwide Energy Shortages Triggered by Drought, Subsidies
As the summer heats up, energy shortages are striking around the world—including the oil-rich Middle East.

Dubai, part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), stopped supplying gasoline to the other emirates, because the government can’t afford to continue subsidizing gasoline, which it currently sells at far below global market rates. Now a UAE company has hashed out a deal to turn fast-food fryer oil into biodiesel to fuel vehicles. In Iran, one of the world’s largest natural gas producers, many power plants have run out of natural gas, and are instead burning oil to keep the lights on.
Platts: US confidence in oil pipelines needs to be rebuilt:TransCanada president
A top official of TransCanada expressed concern Thursday over a string of recent crude oil pipeline leaks and spills in the US, stressing the need to rebuild public confidence.
"Incidents in the past 18 months have shaken public confidence and threatened the social license of pipeline companies to do business," company President Russell Girling said at a TD Securities conference here.
Platts: Aramco sells Jul LPG on crude output hike, cracker glitches
Saudi Aramco has sold a little over a quarter of a million mt of LPG in the spot market for July loading due to a crude production hike by the Kingdom and stoppages at two cracker units there, trade sources said this week.
Saudi Aramco has so far sold 264,000 mt of refrigerated LPG in six cargoes of 44,000 mt each for July loading, the highest in a month so far this year.
"Yes, this month is very exceptional," said a source close to Saudi Aramco about the company's July spot availability.
UPI: Energy Resources: Shale gas’s role in U.S. energy future debated
DetroitFreepress: EPA official says E15 gasoline is safe

Tutor2U: China, rare earth minerals and the WTO

China’s wrist’s been slapped by the WTO over its restricting of its exports of rare earth minerals including bauxite, magnesium, zinc and silica of which China is the leading producer according to The Economist this week.
IBTimes: India's Gold, Silver Imports Surge 200% to $17.7 Billion in Q2; Chinese Bullion Demand Surging Further

Environmental News

BBC: Hyper- arid Atacama desert hit by snow
MotherNatureNetwork: 10 incredible images of the Sun
ThinkProgress: Arctic Death Spiral: Second Lowest June Sea Ice Extent, Lowest June Volume
NDReport: Court Ruling Underscores Urgent Need for NRC to Complete Action on Yucca Application
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit today underscored the importance of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s obligation to complete its review of the Department of Energy’s license application for Yucca Mountain. The court’s decision comes almost exactly one year after the NRC Atomic Safety Licensing Board denied the Department of Energy’s motion to withdraw the Yucca Mountain repository licensing application. The Energy and Commerce Committee is investigating the administration’s decision-making process to terminate the Yucca Mountain nuclear repository.
ExtinctionProtocol: Activity increasing at Italy’s Mt. Etna volcano
ExtinctionProtocol: Earth continues to reel as powerful earthquakes shake Kermadec sea-floor
SOTT: Sea turtle choked with 317 plastic pieces found dead on Australian beach
SOTT: China: Fishing industry braces for oil-leak impact
YahooFinance: China orders offshore oil companies to assess risks following spill off eastern coast
Grist: Critical List: $6 billion ethanol subsidy to end; Wyoming wolves screwed by Senate politics
CSMonitor: EPA tells coal-fired plants to reduce pollution. Some may just shut down.
The details of new EPA regulations, released Thursday, mandate reductions in power-plant emissions. 'Old, decrepit plants' without pollution controls may be just too costly to retrofit and be shut down by their owners, say analysts.

America in Decline
BlackListedNews: Wisconsin Replaces Union Workers with Prison Inmates

IdeaLab: Study: US Seventh Most Innovative Country In The World
WashingtonPost: Outsource cuts won’t mean insourcing jobs
CBSNews: Could NASA be on the chopping block?
As NASA prepares for the final launch of the space shuttle, it finds itself in a potentially troubling spot. As Washington works to cut spending, without a storied space vehicle, one could ask: is the space program worth it?
ActivistPost: Man's House Trashed Mafia Style By Thugs Hired By Mortgage Company (Video)The Intel Hub
A Brooksville, Florida man who fell behind on his mortgage payments had his home trashed and ransacked mafia style by paid thugs hired by his mortgage company.
NakedCapitalism: Defining Deviancy Away: How the Justice Department Adopted “See No Evil” Approach to Corporate Crime
PennLive: When did public education become public enemy No. 1?

Food and Water
FarmWars: GMO Rice is On It’s Way to a Store Near You

Bloomberg: Poor Countries Seen Likely to Be ‘Hammered’ by Food Costs, Water Shortages 
Developing economies will be “hammered” as declining water supply adds to problems confronting farmers who are already struggling to meet food demand, pushing prices even higher, said CH2M Hill Cos. Countries in short supply of water including China will continue to boost food imports, draining resources in some of the largest agricultural producers including the U.S. and Brazil, said Lee McIntire, chairman and chief executive officer.

Science and Technology 
CNN: Space shuttle Atlantis lifts off

BusinessInsider: Mess With Apple Store Customers, Apple Sends The Secret Service After You
Brooklyn-based artist Kyle McDonald was busted by the Secret Service for messing around with Apple store computers and shoppers.
McDonald installed software on New York City Apple Store demo computers that captured pictures of people as they tested the machines. The photos were then automatically uploaded to McDonald's Tumblr, People Staring At Computers.
TruthOut: Four Reasons Why Pfc. Bradley Manning Deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Not a Prison Cell
Prospect: There’s No Such Thing as Free E-mail
Google’s latest foray into social networking makes headway on giving users control over their information, but it’s up to us to stay vigilant.
ActivistPost: Humans become 'pets' in rise of the machines: Apple co-founder
NYT: Scientists Demand Improved Hybrid Performance From Automakers

Medical and Health
PopSci: Using a Lab-Grown Trachea, Surgeons Conduct the World's First

BusinessInsiger: Scientists Have Discovered A New Way To Kill Cancer Cells
TechReview: Making Genomics Routine in Cancer Care
Researchers are developing more and more genetic tests for specific cancers, but doctors don't use them as often as they should—a new network of clinics aims to change that.
M&C: WHO urges Asia-Pacific to boost health warnings on cigarettes
Manila - The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday urged Asia-Pacific countries to boost the use of graphic health warnings on cigarette packs.
Slate: Mississippi Tops Latest Obesity Rankings
But all 50 states see rates soar over the past two decades.
MotherNatureNetwork: Scientists turn human skin cells into functioning neurons
The technology could be used for regenerative therapies to treat nervous system conditions like Parkinson's disease.

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
BigPictureAgriculture: Old Farm Photo: Plowing with Horses in South Dakota

GreenWizardry: What will the future look like?
I have already established that, due to the various challenges facing us, the future is looking very different from the past.  In this post I will be describing a number of possible futures that I see as being possible.
MotherNatureNetwork: 10 remarkably useful plants you can find in the wild

Other News
WashingtonPost: Execution of Mexican national prompts concern about impact

For the state of Texas, the execution was a matter of justice. For a majority of the Supreme Court, the decision not to stay the execution was a matter of legal obligation.
But for diplomats, the execution was at least in part a matter of international credibility.
Leal was not informed after his arrest that, under international law -- specifically under the United Nations’ Vienna Convention -- he was permitted access to Mexican consular officials. That, experts said, put the United States in breach of an international treaty, and undermined the strength of the American commitment to law.
NakedCapitalism: The Pathology of Elite Organizations
StarTribune: Anti-tax extremism in Minnesota
Reuters: New "win a baby" game draws fire
A controversial IVF lottery will launch in Britain this month giving prospective parents the chance to win thousands of pounds toward expensive fertility treatments in top clinics.
CBSNews: "No sense" to ex-con's shooting spree in Mich.
Investigators are trying to determine what led a Grand Rapids man to go on a deadly shooting spree yesterday - and to then take his own life after a tense standoff with police.
Rodrick Shonte Dantzler, a 34-year-old ex-convict, killed seven people, including two children, before killing himself inside a house where he had been holding hostages.
BusinessInsider: Bachmann "Vows" To Oppose Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage, And Pornography
NakedCapitalism: News of the World Scandal: “The Murdochs Have Lost Control of Events” (Updated)
For those of us on the wrong side of the pond, it’s hard to appreciate the significance of the News of the World scandal. A 2009 investigation of this News Corp tabloid for interceptions of messages to royal aides led to a private investigator and a News of the World employee being convicted and sentenced to prison. The current scandal centers on the paper hacking into the voice mailboxes of over 2000 individuals. Sources allege the victims include Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasury secretary) George Osborne.
ScienceBlog: Viral Video: Seagull stole GoPro
This video of a seagull allegedly stealing a camera and giving a bird's eye view of Cannes, France has gone viral. It is likely a fake, but compelling anyway.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:How the brain can be trained to erase embarrassing memories
TinfoilPalace:Man pees in reservoir; City flushes 8M gallons
TheOilAge:Suspicious GOM development! 
TheOilAge:Gaza flotilla 2011 stopped even before launching
Hubberts-Arms:Friday Rant: Why Do So Many Americans Put Faith in Prayer but Not in Science?
Hubberts-Arms:The Sovereign Debt Crisis Is Never Going To End Until There Is A Major Global Financial Collapse
SilentCountry:Family fights government over rare ‘Double Eagle’ gold coins
SilentCountry:Eleven Million Jobs Short

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