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Hope all is well with everyone today! Here, I've got seeds planted for fall! Below in the Doomsteading section is a link to a pdf sent out by a seed company, about fall planting. Take time to check it out and get some cabbages or broccoli for fall! It will be tasty!
wanted to post the following story up here so it didn't get lost.

UPI: Murdoch paper hacked dead-soldier phones
What a vile little man.
this just in...
Hosted: News of the World shutting down amid scandal
News International announced Thursday it is shutting down the News of the World, the best-selling tabloid at the center of Britain's phone hacking scandal.

Also, hat tip to GLP where I found the following story. Anyone hear about this? I didn't.
LoneRangerSilver: New Hampshire man lights himself on fire to protest America’s decline
Late last week, Thomas James Ball reached his breaking point. Driven to desperation by a system that bankrupted him and destroyed his family, Ball walked up to the main door of the Keene County, New Hampshire courthouse, doused himself with gasoline, and lit himself ablaze.

Hardly anyone seems to have noticed.
Going on 8 p.m. here now. rj sent me a message about the above story and I wanted to be sure and put it up.
rj says, "
kunstler mentioned that a few weeks back...
feedback i got on that from a friend up there was that he set himself on fire because he couldn't meet child support.."
thanks for that rj.
the poor man. what a terrible thing to do.

Much thanks to RJ at Global Glass Onion and the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer for their generous donations of links this morning.
Hope Ozarker doesn't have too bad a storm today. I know earlier it was pretty dark there and threatening a storm. Good luck Ozarker!

Zerohedge: Tepco Shuts Down Cooling System At Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Plant After Sparks Detected
Platts: ANALYSIS: Japan needs 55,000 b/d more oil over Jul-Sep for power sector
Bloomberg: Japan Has Two Reactors Without Approval as Fukushima Raises Safety Concern

Global Conflict
NewScientist: Protecting protestors with photos that never existed AN IMAGE processing system that obscures the position from which photographs are taken could help protestors in repressive regimes escape arrest - and give journalists "plausible deniability" over the provenance of leaked photos.
NewYorkPost: Feds warn airlines of terrorists using surgically-implanted bombs
WiredDangerRoom: Iraq’s ‘Flying Bombs’ Return, Killing 6 G.I.s
Hosted: Obama to send condolence letters on troop suicides
President Barack Obama said Wednesday that he's decided to reverse a long-standing policy of not sending condolence letters to the families of service members who commit suicide while in a combat zone.
NPR: Report: Papers Show North Korean Bribes For Pakistan's Nuclear Know-How
CNN: Official: 11 Afghan civilians killed in NATO-led strike 

Reuters: Greece stops Gaza-bound boat, immobilizes flotilla
The Greek coastguard intercepted a small French boat with Pro-Palestinian activists aboard on Thursday, the third flotilla ship to be prevented from sailing to Gaza to challenge an Israeli blockade.
ActivistPost: China warns US against Dalai Lama meeting
China on Thursday warned the United States against holding official talks with the Dalai Lama, as thousands of people in Washington gathered to celebrate the Tibetan spiritual leader's birthday.

Hacker News
CNN: Murdoch paper suffers new blow in hacking scandal
Cyrptogon: Hackers Are Everywhere. Panic!  

Financial News
Reuters: U.S. Treasury secretly weighs options to avert default
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A small team of U.S. Treasury officials is discussing options to stave off default if Congress fails to raise the country's borrowing limit by an August 2 deadline, sources familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.
LifeInc: After 'mancession,' women losing out in recovery
BusinessInsider: What A Debt Ceiling "Grand Bargain" Looks Like 
IBTimes: Retail chains' discount push sales above forecastsMSNBC: Weak job market leaves many in gloomy moodWorkers, jobseekers express growing pessimism amid slow recovery 

Bloomberg: Irish Begged to Buy Fridges to Boost Economy 
OOIDA: U.S. truckers shocked by agreement with Mexico
(Grain Valley, Mo., July 6, 2011) – Small-business truckers and professional truck drivers, represented by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), are fuming about a move made today by the government. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is signing a cross-border trucking agreement with Mexico without providing the public or Congress with the final details of the agreement.
GlobalEconomicAnalysis: "Hamster Wheel Economy" 
BusinessInsider: The Treasury Department's Secret Plans To Prevent The Government From Defaulting 
CNNMoney: Debt ceiling: Cut, cap and balance ... or else 
ProjectSyndicate: The Ideological Crisis of Western Capitalism
MaxKeiser: Germany 4.0 
BusinessInsider: Check It Out: Default Odds Have Worsened For Virtually Every Single Country In Europe Today
A quick update on the CDS market...
Literally every single country in Europe is worse today than it was yesterday, with Portuguese CDS going above 1000 for the first time ever.
This undermines the rally you're seeing in equities today, as it suggests that confidence remains on the decline.
WSJ: Dutch Raise Doubts Over Greek Debt Plan  
NYT: As Plastic Reigns, the Treasury Slows Its Printing Presses
The number of dollar bills rolling off the great government presses here and in Fort Worth fell to a modern low last year. Production of $5 bills also dropped to the lowest level in 30 years. And for the first time in that period, the Treasury Department did not print any $10 bills.
A worker preparing sheets of dollar bills to be cut into singles. Paper bills circulate less and now last years longer.
The meaning seems clear. The future is here. Cash is in decline. 

TheGlobeAndMail: Another showdown over U.S. debt, but the stakes have never been higher 
UPI: Luxury cars look at higher fuel fines
The U.S. government is telling the makers of luxury cars that they, too, must join the higher fuel efficiency band wagon, an industry analyst said.

Bloomberg: German May Industrial Output Rose in May
BusinessInsider: The Two Least Profitable Corporations In America By Far, For The Second Year Running
CreditWriteDowns: This is what happens when there is a public record, part 2
NYT: Taxes and Billionaires
The House speaker, John Boehner, suggests that the Republican threat of letting the United States default on its debts is driven by concern for jobs for ordinary Americans.
So take a look at one of the tax loopholes that Congressional Republicans are refusing to close — even if the cost is that America’s credit rating blows up. This loophole has nothing to do with creating jobs and everything to do with protecting some of America’s wealthiest financiers.
BusinessInsider: ECB Hikes Interest Rates To 1.50%
YahooFinance: U.S. Debt, Default & Beyond: Financial Armageddon Is Inevitable, Says Author
IBTimes: Wall St opens higher after improved labor data 
BusinessInsider: The Collapse In US Discretionary Spending 
Reuters: Consumer delinquencies tick up in first quarterMore consumers had trouble making payments on credit cards and other debts during the first three months of the year due to higher food and gas prices, an industry report said on Thursday.
Bloomberg: Has the U.S. Turned Against Consumers?
The Federal Reserve, the government, and Wall Street are all bleeding the consumer—and nothing is being done to stop it, writes Ed Wallace 

CNNMoney: Housing prices: No rebound in sight
CNBC: China May Cut Spending on 7 Strategic Industries
IBtimes: ECB signals more rate rises to come, helps Portugal
BusinessInsider: Warren Buffett's Radical Solution To Avoid A Government Default
UPI: Obama to offer $4 trillion in cuts in broad deal
Bloomberg: Antilla: With Wal-Mart’s Win, Joke’s on Women
I was talking to Deondrea Thomas, who works as a sales associate in the shoe department at the Duncanville, Texas, Wal-Mart. She’d been chatting away for 10 minutes when I asked whether she’d ever used Wal-Mart’s “Open Door” policy for employees who have a complaint about their job.
Suddenly, there was dead air. Then, a burst of nervous laughter. “Nobody likes that policy,” she said, her cheerful tone turning abruptly dark. Take a concern to management and “your hours will be cut or there will be some kind of retaliation.” 
YahooFinance: Rate on 30-year fixed mortgage rises to 4.60 pct.
Average rate on 30-year fixed loan rises to 4.60 pct.; 15-year jumps to 3.75 pct.
TPM: Poll: Majority Don’t Want Entitlement Cuts To Reduce Deficit  
CNNMoney: Housing prices: No rebound in sight

Peak oil and Energy News
Bloomberg: Airlines Get All Clear for Plant-Based Fuel
After decades of waiting, commercial airlines have been given the go-ahead to use fuel made from algae, wood chips and other plants with obscure names.
CNBC: Oil Climbs Above $98 After US Jobless Report 
UPI: Russia looks to secure arctic claimsMoscow said Tuesday it dispatched a nuclear-powered icebreaking vessel to the arctic to determine the boundaries of the Russian continental shelf.
Moscow is trying to convince the international community that it has a greater claim to the arctic. A 1982 convention gives bordering nations the right to extend arctic claims if the government can prove its continental shelf extends beyond a 200-mile limit.

YahooFinance: Oil rises above $97 after US crude supply drop
Oil up above $97 in Europe after report on US crude supplies drop suggests rising demand

Bloomberg: Million-Barrel Tanker on Fire off Yemen After Grenade Attack
Grist: Groundbreaking solar plant in Spain generates 24 hours of power
While Americans celebrated U.S. history on the Fourth of July yesterday, a company in Spain celebrated an historic moment for the solar industry: Torresol's 19.9 megawatt (MW) concentrating solar power plant became the first ever to generate uninterrupted electricity for 24 hours straight.
ExtinctionProtocol: Officials warn of new cold war over fight for Arctic territory and energy resources
TransitionVoice: Drill, baby, drill, the reprise
The most easy problem for America to solve. We have 25 percent of the world’s coal here. Trillions of cubic square feet of natural gas here. We just built one of the world’s largest lines of natural gas here. We have got more oil in three Western states in shale oil than all of Saudi Arabia. Did you hear that on your local nightly news? Are you kidding? We’ve got it. I say let’s go get it.
thanks to Collapsenet for the following story
EnergyShortage: Three-mile-long queues at petrol stations as Yemen's fuel crisis starves economy

Guardian: Britain's richest man to build giant Arctic iron ore mine
Lakshmi Mittal's 'mega-mine' is believed to be the largest mineral extraction project in the region but threatens unique wildlife
MineWeb: Indian firm makes 267m. tonne rare earth discovery
The Varun group has announced it has found 2.67m tonnes of heavy mineral deposits in Madagascar and is already in talks with potential partners both from India and Internationally
ZeroHedge: UK Royal Mint Silver Production Surges 100% - Sovereign Edward Supply Tight But Bullion Premiums Low
MineWeb: Greek gold mining licences for European Goldfields on way
The country said today it expects to give the London-based gold miner a long-awaited permit to dig for gold later in July
IBTimes: UK Royal Mint Silver Production Surges 100% - Sovereign Edward Supply Tight but Bullion Premiums Low

Environmental News
Guardian: Climate change will increase threat of war, Chris Huhne to warn
UK climate secretary to tell defence experts that conflict caused by climate change risks reversing the progress of civilisation
UPI: Energy Resources: Sulfur emissions 'mask' global warming 
TreeHugger: Vietnam Era Weapon Being Used to Clear the AmazonAgent Orange is one of the most devastating weapons of modern warfare, a chemical which killed or injured an estimated 400,000 people during the Vietnam War -- and now it's being used against the Amazon rainforest. According to officials, ranchers in Brazil have begun spraying the highly toxic herbicide over patches of forest as a covert method to illegally clear foliage, more difficult to detect that chainsaws and tractors. In recent weeks, an aerial survey detected some 440 acres of rainforest that had been sprayed with the compound -- poisoning thousands of trees and an untold number of animals, potentially for generations.

NDRReport: Underwater search yields another 351 particles
A nine-week operation has recovered more than 350 particles of irradiated nuclear fuel from the seabed near Dounreay.
ExtinctionProtocol: Earth’s morphing skies: noctilucent cloud formation spreading from poles
When noctilucent clouds (NLCs) first appeared in the 19th century, they were a high-latitude phenomenon. You had to travel toward the poles to see their electric-blue glow. Not anymore. 
DesdemonaDespair: Oil and gas spills in North Sea every week, papers reveal
BeforeItsNews: UN Warns of "A Major Planetary Catastrophe"
Humanity is close to breaching the sustainability of Earth, and needs a technological revolution greater – and faster – than the industrial revolution to avoid “a major planetary catastrophe,” according to a new United Nations report.  The world is facing exploding population, an energy crisis, global climate change, increasingly destructive natural disasters and increasing starvation. 
NakedCapitalism: On Dangerous Disconnect Between Economics and Ecology
Yves Smith - William Rees is one of the pioneers of ecological economics and is the originator and co-developer of ‘ecological footprint analysis’. This video contains some basic facts about current consumption levels in advanced economies that are attention-grabbing.
NDRReport: Nuclear waste requires cradle-to-grave strategy

America in Decline
SSI: Kill the snake. VIPR Searches and the American Citizen: "Dominate. Intimidate. Control." The new American Gestapo goes on the road.  
Now, thanks to TSA Chief John Pistole's determination to "take the TSA to the next level," there will soon be no place safe from the TSA's groping searches. Only this time, the "ritualized humiliation" is being meted out by the serpentine-labeled Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) task forces, comprised of federal air marshals, surface transportation security inspectors, transportation security officers, behavior detection officers and explosive detection canine teams. At a cost of $30 million in 2009, VIPR relies on 25 teams of agents, in addition to assistance from local law enforcement agencies as well as immigration agents. And as a sign of where things are headed, Pistole, himself a former FBI agent, wants to turn the TSA into a "national-security, counterterrorism organization, fully integrated into U.S. government efforts." To accomplish this, Pistole has requested funding for an additional 12 teams for fiscal year 2012, bringing VIPR's operating budget close to $110 million. VIPR is the first major step in the government's effort to secure so-called "soft" targets such as malls, stadiums, bridges, etc. In fact, some security experts predict that checkpoints and screening stations will eventually be established at all soft targets, such as department stores, restaurants, and schools. Given the virtually limitless number of potential soft targets vulnerable to terrorist attack, subjection to intrusive pat-downs and full-body imaging will become an integral component of everyday life in the United States.
ActivistPost: Brzezinski: Middle Class Unrest To Hit U.S. (Video)
Zbigniew Brzezinski, who forty years ago wrote of a highly controlled future society where the population would be subjugated by a technocratic elite, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe yesterday to predict that middle class unrest caused by economic disenfranchisement would soon hit America.
CSMonitor: In South Korea, all textbooks will be e-books by 2015
Speeding past the US, South Korea will be digitizing reading material in all public schools by 2015.
USAToday: Atlanta public school exams fudged
DesmoineRegister: Hard times keep Des Moines shelters full
ActivistPost: Obama Administration Shuts Down Investigations Into Bush-era Torture
RawStory: African-American woman suspects discrimination after TSA hair search
TSA demands to search African-American woman's hair because it "poofs." She's suing for discrimination

Food and Water
BusinessInsider: J. Crew's Mickey Drexler Uses A Record-Breaking 18 Million Gallons To Water His Hamptons Estate
NaturalNews: Deadly chemical accident at Tyson chicken processing plant lands 173 workers in hospital
The accidental mixing of two unidentified chemicals at a Tyson chicken processing plant in Springdale, Ark., has landed 173 of its roughly 300 workers in the hospital, according to reports. The two chemicals, which Tyson refused to identify, somehow got mixed together to produce deadly chlorine gas, which sent five of the workers to intensive care, with another 50 remaining hospitalized days after it occurred.
USFoodPolicy: Barry Estabrook's Tomatoland
Barry Estabrook's new book Tomatoland is getting great coverage.
The NYT review is by Dwight Garner, who grew up not far from the heart of the Florida tomato industry.  Here also is an NPR interview on Fresh Air.Estabrook traces the supermarket tomato from its birthplace in the deserts of Peru to the impoverished town of Immokalee, Florida, a.k.a. the tomato capital of the United States. He visits the laboratories of seedsmen trying to develop varieties that can withstand the rigors of agribusiness and still taste like a garden tomato, and then moves on to commercial growers who operate on tens of thousands of acres, and eventually to a hillside field in Pennsylvania, where he meets an obsessed farmer who produces delectable tomatoes for the nation’s top restaurants.
Bloomberg: World Food Prices Climb on Sugar, Dairy Costs
World food prices climbed in June on increased sugar and dairy costs, adding to inflationary pressure that has prompted central banks across the world to raise interest rates.
TheStreet: 15 Food Companies That Serve You 'Wood'
SlowFoodUSA: Gardens contribute to food sovereignty in Africa

Science and Technology
NewScientist: Farewell shuttle: 30 years of space flight in pictures
For three decades, NASA's space shuttle programme has expanded our knowledge of the cosmos and made space feel closer by establishing a continuous human presence aboard the International Space Station. New Scientist looks back on the programme's best and worst moments.
ArchaeologyNewsNetwork: 1,000 year-old Shaman's effigy head from Pennsylvania

Medical and Health
NaturalNews: FDA unleashes end game scheme to outlaw virtually all dietary supplements formulated after 1994
(NaturalNews) In the wake of hundreds of dietary supplements recently being outlawed across the EU, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has quietly unleashed a regulatory scheme that, if fully implemented, could ban virtually all dietary supplements in the USA that were formulated after 1994.
TheGlobeAndMail: Deadly and spreading, superbug on the loose in Ontario hospitals
Ontario hospitals are bracing for an influx of a highly contagious superbug that has already claimed the lives of at least 18 elderly patients in the province.
ScientificAmerican: Satellite Data Aids in Predicting Cholera Outbreaks
Measurement of chlorophyll, sea surface temperature and sea surface height are being used to track the stubborn water-borne disease's next moves
UPI: Aussie couple infected with toothed worms
PRAHRAN, Australia, July 7 (UPI) -- An Australian doctor said a couple in Victoria are believed to be the first in the country to become infected with a species of parasitic worms with teeth.

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
SowTrueSeed: Fall Planting Guide pdf
DoomerInCanaca: Survival Kit - 1918 Boy Scout Style
MotherEarthNews: Introducing The Principles of Permaculture Design – Using Nature as our Teacher
Guardian: The emotional depth of a cow
News that cows have best friends comes as no surprise to those of us who have worked with them – and their mood swings
ModernSurvival: A view of Martial Law
ModernsurvivalOnline: Do preppers want the world to end?

Other News
BusinessInsider: Neo-Nazi David Duke Exploring Presidential RunAdd to the growing list of candidates considering a bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012 America’s most famous white-power advocate: David Duke.
LAT: More U.S. agencies implicated in Mexico gun-trafficking probe
The head of the ATF says the FBI and Drug Enforcement Administration never told him they had informant relationships with Mexican drug cartel figures targeted by Operation Fast and Furious.
 CNBC: Apocalypse 2012: 14 Spectacularly Wrong Predictions
TheGlobeAndMail: Phone-hacking scandal likely marks end of media baron’s control of British politics
GLP: !!! Holy Crap, I Just Found The Freakiest Thing On Google Speech To Text, You Gotta Read This !!!
BBC: Yellowstone National Park grizzly bear kills hiker
A female grizzly bear has killed a man in the US out on a hike with his wife in Yellowstone National Park after the couple apparently surprised the bear and its cubs, officials say.
CNN: Workers injured in Dutch soccer stadium roof collapse
theAtlantic: Old Saudi 'Educational' Flyer Warns Women of 'Dangers'
Good: Sex, Rape, and Single-Sex Dorms: How Promoting "Virtue" Can Make It Hard to Prevent Violence
MPP: Netherlands to Close Prisons: Not Enough CriminalsFor years prohibitionists, including our own Drug Enforcement Administration, have claimed — falsely — that the tolerant marijuana policies of the Netherlands have made that nation a nest of crime and drug abuse. They may have trouble wrapping their little brains around this:

The Forums
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TinfoilPalace:Just for Fun, What was your Past Life?
TheOilAge:More psychopathic capitalism
TheOilAge:IMF Chief & Missing US Gold
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