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Breaking News Tues. Aug. 16, 2011

Here is a brilliant post about the mess in the UK by Highlander. Posted at Hubberts-Arms. I've not read much that put the situation in the UK in such crystal clear perspective.
The sordid Murdoch clan have manipulated this country for decades, interfered with murder investigations and been directly responsible for hounding people to death. They walk away unscathed except for the small matter of a custard pie.
The banksters sold the entire country down the river into bankruptcy through institutionalized fraud on a global scale - and not one was even prosecuted. They continue stealing from us just as before.
Similarly, politicians defraud the taxpayer of hundreds of thousands of pounds - a very few get sent down for a short time, all less than 2 years and they're being released early already
Each of these three activities have caused far more damage to the country and society than the rioting of a bunch of urban kids venting their dysfunctional anger and hate on the consumer culture they've been force fed since birth. Perhaps they looked to the elite as their role models? If a right-honourable member of parliament can feed at the trough, then why shouldn't they nick a TV?
The former have expensive lawyers and went to the right schools. Most weren't even prosecuted. They walk away and continue BAU.
Meanwhile the underclass are baldly told that their rights don't matter - that the book is going to get thrown so hard it'll draw blood to set an example to all the other low-lives in the ghetto to stay in their place.
Themis was blind, just and merciless
She is absent from British law

Also, something artsy!
and something poetryry! LOL
Slate: "Body of Dreams" Poem of the Week
A bardo is a boundary between states,
Tibetan in origin—a gap that can serve as a bridge,
an open span filled with an atmosphere of suspension,

I hope all of you have a good day today. Thanks go out to RJ at Global Glass Onion and the Ozarker at
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Global Conflict
MetroUK: David Starkey 'racism' storm: BBC defends Newsnight debate - The broadcaster claimed that while ‘some people will have found David Starkey’s comments offensive, he was robustly challenged by presenter Emily Maitlis and the other contributors’.
Mr Starkey, 66, caused anger when he said that ‘the whites have become black’ during a discussion about the riots in Britain last week.
(propaganda alert)
MSNBC: New evidence links Iran to terror group 

UPI: Germany boosts arms sales to Mideast 
SeattlePI: Al-Qaida chief urges attacks on 'criminal' America
VancouverSun: Israel approves extra 1,000 Egyptian troops in Sinai
NYT: Mexico: Police Force Quits After Officers Are Killed
CNN:  Gunfire 'all night and morning' in besieged Syrian city
GlobeAndMail: U.S. ‘deeply troubled’ by Israeli plan to build new West Bank settlement homes 
Guardian: Riots: magistrates advised to 'disregard normal sentencing' - Cases which usually would be dealt with by magistrates courts could now be referred to crown court for tougher sentences
RawStory: White House: U.S. would ‘consider’ staying in Iraq past 2011
RawStory: Iraq’s Vice President says pullout of U.S. troops will ‘improve security’ 
Reuters: China says will shut plant as thousands protest
BBC: Libya conflict: Gaddafi forces 'launched Scud missile'
BBC: Syria unrest: Palestinian refugees flee camp, says UN 
BostonNews: Rebels poised to cut off Tripoli, Fighting could spread soon to Libyan capital
SHTFPlan: Signs of Coming Riots: “The United States is Becoming a Very Frightening Place” 
Bloomberg: California Researchers Detect Radioactive Release From Fukushima Plant 
Guardian: MI5 joins social messaging trawl for riot organisers - Intelligence agency asked to crack encrypted messages – especially on BlackBerry Messenger – to help police 
Guardian: Nick Clegg to unveil 'riot payback scheme' as No 10 agrees to inquiry - Clegg to say people convicted of rioting crimes should have to 'look their victims in the eye', while No 10 plans a 'public engagement exercise' to establish causes of disturbances
TheEconomist: Joining the drones club 
ActivistPost: False confessions 
People have a strange and worrying tendency to admit to things they have not, in fact, done
TimesLive: Army surrounds China monastery after monk's death - Soldiers and police surrounded a monastery in southwest China where a Tibetan monk set himself on fire and died, cutting off power, water and food to around 100 people inside, says witnesses.
BBC: Shell detects second leak under North Sea
BBC: Israeli air strikes on Gaza after rocket hits Beersheba - Israel has carried out a series of air strikes on the Gaza Strip, after militants in the Hamas-run territory fired a rocket into southern Israel.
Guardian: Police accessed BlackBerry messages to thwart planned riots - Detectives made breakthrough hours ahead of planned attacks in capital after scouring mobile phones of arrested people
ABCNews: Feds: Terrorist Extradited, Charged With Recruiting Americans
CBSNews: E-mail account key in Aussie bomb arrest

Hacker News
Reuters: Hackers protest in San Francisco subway - Four San Francisco subway stations shut down temporarily on Monday during a demonstration organized by the hacker group Anonymous over police brutality and free speech.
LAT: Protest closes 4 BART stations, leaving commuter crowd stranded
Downtown San Francisco train stations and a swath of busy Market Street close as followers of the 'hacktivist' group Anonymous protest alleged police brutality. No arrests or injuries have been reported.
TPM: Convicted News Of The World Reporter: Editor Tried To Cover-Up Phone Hacking
MSNBC: Report: Hacking reporter claims cover-up at News International paper - Also, lawmakers say they are likely to recall James Murdoch for testimony

Financial News
Tweeted by Nouriel RoubiniRick Perry follows the old Leninist strategy: "The Worse The Better". Ie if the Fed is muzzled & economy double dips & sinks he gets elected
GonzaloLira: “The Sequel”: How 2011 Is A Repeat of 2008—Only Bigger, Longer, and Uncut by Bailouts  
NYT: What’s With All the Bernanke Bashing?
NakedCapitalism: Video: The Bankers as the Enemy of Humanity 
NYT: Stop Coddling the Super-Rich 
NYT: Germany Is Flying Above the Economic Storm in Europe
NYPost: Fitch reaffirms AAA rating for US, outlook stable 
Bloomberg: Manufacturing in New York Fed Regions Shrinks for Third Month
NYT: G.O.P. on Defensive as Analysts Question Party’s Fiscal Policy
Today: Buffett touches a nerve with plea for more taxes 
MoneyUSANews: What the Latest Fed Policy Means for Your Money - Two more years of low rates means savers will continue to be punished
SFGate: Qantas to slash 1,000 jobs, start new Asia airline 
AllEducationMatters: Suicides and Student Loan Debt 
IBTimes: Oil Prices: The U.S. Economy’s Albatross
Bloomberg: Nevada Joins States Balking at Bank Releases in Foreclosure Deal
Bloomberg: Swiss Ponder Battle Over Runaway Franc - Switzerland, the nation that hasn’t gone to war with a foreign power since Napoleon, is reluctantly debating a generational taboo: ceding monetary independence to win a battle over its runaway currency. 

WSJ: How to Negotiate Your Salary Like an FBI Agent 
CNBC: Euro Zone Second Quarter GDP Growth Slows to 0.2 Percent 
RortyBomb: Examining the Limitations of a Neoliberal Safety Net: Romney’s Unemployment Insurance Savings Accounts
KnowingAndMaking: Why Obama should propose a Balanced Budget Amendment
HuffPostBusiness: Will the Mortgage Mess Meet Too Big To Fail? 
NJ.com: N.J. judge allows 4 major banks to resume uncontested foreclosure proceedings
YahooFinance: First Person: 5 Reasons I'm Not Retiring Early 
DMarron: Another Record Low for Homes Under Construction 
BBC: WTO rules Philippines tax on alcohol imports is illegal - The World Trade Organisation has ruled that a tax levied in the Philippines on imports of alcohol breaks global rules on free trade.
BlackListedNews: Why is George Soros selling gold and buying farmland?
CNN: Buffett is right: Raise taxes on the wealthy 
CalculatedRisk: Housing Starts decline slightly in July
BBC: German economic growth slows sharply - Growth in the German economy slowed sharply between April and June and was weaker at the start of the year than previously thought, figures show.
TheTelegraph: Banking enters the new world order - There is no official market definition of a panic, but few would disagree that at times in the past two weeks there have been moments when the financial sector has been in the grip of one.
MoneyControl: Why China can't help the world this time around
Slate: The Construction Workers Have Left the Building - Why a sharp drop in the unemployment rate for builders isn't good news.

BusinessInsider: Paul Krugman Takes Keynesianism Into The Twilight Zone 
NakedCapitalism: Bank of America Death Watch: Unloading “Non-Core” Assets Aggressively 
NYT: It’s the Aggregate Demand, Stupid 
DetroitFreePress: Fannie Mae promises to keep families in homes, but instead pressures banks to foreclose 
ModeledBehavior: Double Dip Watch: Industrial Production Surge 

Peak oil and Energy News
EnergyBulletin: Personal energy cubes
CSMonitor: Russia's Arctic 'sea grab' - Russia is expected within months to claim to the United Nations its right to annex about 380,000 square miles of the Arctic.
Guardian: Ecuador: four months to save the world's last great wilderness from 'oil curse'
When large reserves of oil were discovered under Yasuní national park, Ecuador offered the world a choice: give us money and we will not allow drilling. Now $60m must be found by December
HeatingOil: US Oil Production Forecast to Increase
Grist: Hundreds of miles of new pipelines to carry Pennsylvania gas
CarpeDiem: Corn Ethanol Scam: A Profligate Biofuel Policy
(here's why the uncontacted tribe was murdered. Say good bye to what remains of the rain forest too)
BusinessInsider: The Americas Are The Next OPEC

IBTimes: Gold Technical Precious Metals (2011-08-16)

Environmental News
Hat tip to MotherJones
RightlyConcerned: Bryan Fischer: Shoot these man-eaters on sight 

Guardian: North sea oil spill 'worst for a decade' - The government estimates oil leak could involve more than 1,300 barrels but claims it has been greatly reduced

ClimateChangePsychology: Where have all the people gone?
ColorLines: Arizona Border Fence Causes Flood and Self-Destructs—as Predicted
DesMoinesRegister: Natural gas pipeline leaks into Missouri River
BBC: Severe snow storm causes chaos in NZ - New Zealand has been hit with what forecasters are calling a 'once-in-a-lifetime' winter storm, which has brought much of the country to a standstill.

ClimateProgress: After North Sea Oil Spill, Shell Prepares to Drill in Arctic Where There is ‘No Infrastructure’ for Clean-Up
LAT: Two New York men nearly drown -- in an elevator
DesdemonaDespair: More rain, flooding for already drenched East Coast – Rain records set throughout the mid-Atlantic
DesdemonaDespair: Arctic warming unlocks fabled Northwest Passage
Hosted: Powerful quake hits waters off Indonesia
CircleofBlue: Coal Conversion in the Rust Belt: Will It Be a Diamond for Small Ohio River Town? - An energy company has plans to withdraw water from the Ohio River, the potential site for a coal-to-liquid-fuels conversion plant, which would be the first of its kind in the United States and the sixth in the world. Though it will bring jobs to the region, the proposal is facing strong opposition from environmental groups.
CircleofBlue: U.S. House Passes Bill to Accelerate Decision on Tar Sands Keystone XL Pipeline - If the Republican-sponsored bill passes the Democrat-controlled Senate, the final decision could come by the beginning of November.

America in Decline
DissidentVoice: As Economy Tanks, “New Normal” Police State Takes Shape
IntelDaily: CIA shot own planes, used napalm in Bay of Pigs, documents show
RawStory: Cash for kids’ judge gets 28 year jail sentence - A former Pennsylvania judge who rendered guilty verdicts in exchange for over $1 million in kickbacks from a for-profit youth rehabilitation center will spend up to 28 years in prison, following his sentencing hearing last Thursday. 
BlackListedNews: As America’s Economy Collapses, “New Normal” Police State Takes Shape
CNN: Ten years on, Kuwaiti inmates fear indefinite Guantanamo detention

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Where does our Dietary Calcium Come From?
Bloomberg: Rice Poised to Rise With Thailand Imposing Curbs as U.S. Crop Shrinks 20%
NaturalNews: Proof that the FDA's assault on raw milk has nothing to do with consumer safety
Statesman: Houston enacts mandatory water restrictions

Science and Technology
Grist: In a world of 7 billion, what does the typical person look like?
BBC: Iron Age road link to Iceni tribe
KurzweilAI: Spin liquids: an exotic quantum state of matter 
GizMag: Third generation electric smart car and first generation smart electric bike set to debut
BusinessInsider: PHOTOS: Russian Company Unveils Plans For First "Space Hotel"
WiredScience: Super-Dense Stars May Squash Neutrons Into Cubes

Medical and Health
NYT: Regimens: Soothing Melodies for Cancer Patients
RawStory: Study explains coffee’s anti-cancer effect
BBC: 15-minute daily exercise is 'bare minimum for health'
TheChart: More evidence shows autism raises risk for later siblings 
CNN: Will you have a heart attack? These tests might tell

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ActivistPost: Zombies Hate Preppers 

TransitionVoice: If you’re not overwhelmed, something’s wrong with you
TreeHugger: How To Build a Container Garden
PermacultureForumUK: Super easy compost tea
SHTFPlan: Hard Core Medical Supplies – This Ain’t Your Basic First Aid Kit 

Other News
CNN: Florida megachurch pastor found dead in New York hotel room 
CBSNews: Fla. megachurch pastor Zachery Tims found dead with drugs in NY hotel
NEW YORK - Florida megachurch pastor Zachery Tims was found dead in a New York City hotel room on Friday, according to police. A white powdery substance believed to be narcotics was discovered on the body, The Wall Street Journal reports.
CBSNews: Iowa man tries to lure teen and gets mom's fist instead

TreeHugger: The Modern Green Prefab MiniHome Lands At The Green Eco-Trailer Park 
StraitsTimes: Maid accused of mixing her urine with employer's drinking water
CNN: Louisiana police: Father confesses to decapitating special-needs son 
ExtinctionProtocol: Ontario city mystified by mysterious hum 
NewYorkPost: The next cig thing; Popular smoke-free e-cigs are kicking ash

Clusterfucknation: High Corn
Looking every inch the Assistant Manager of a J.C. Penny, Rick Perry of Texas stepped on-board the touring evangelical freak show that the Republican pre-primary parade has turned into. I like to think of him as George W. Bush without all the encumbering intellect. I give it three months before media snoops catch him in bed with Michele Bachmann. The two of them will claim it was all right because Jesus was there as chaperone and anyway, "...alls we did was watch the Vikings-Cowboy game...."
AddictingInfo: Rick Perry Introduces First ‘Obama Destroyed the Economy’ Campaign Video 
CNN: Obama checks in to Foursquare
TPM: Rick Perry Thinks ‘Printing More Money’ Is ‘Almost Treason’ Because It Would Help The Economy And Thus Obama 
Bloomberg: Perry Says Fed Spending Before Election Would Be ‘Treasonous’ 
ZeroHedge: In A CNN Interview, Ron Paul Discusses The Media's Blackout Of His Presidential Candidacy, And Many Other Things 
ZeroHedge: W2.0:Rick Perry Wants To Try Ben Bernanke For Treason 
TruthDig: President Bachmann: Another Mideast Messiah 
DeLong: Other People Do Not Understand the Obama Administration Either… 
TPM: Jon Stewart: Rick Perry is Much, Much More Than George W. Bush On Steroids (VIDEO) 
TheStreet: 10 Myths That Politicians Want You to Believe 
ThinkProgress: The Ten Weirdest Ideas In Rick Perry’s ‘Fed Up’ 
TheDailyBeast: A Christian Plot for Domination? - Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry aren't just devout—both have deep ties to a fringe fundamentalist movement known as Dominionism, which says Christians should rule the world.
Krugman: Ignorance, Paranoia, and Implied Violence
TruthOut: Rick Perry: Tax the Poor!

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:McGowan's Laurel Canyon ,Part Nineteen Out.
TinfoilPalace:Off-Grid John Videos
TheOilAge:As Economy Tanks, “New Normal” Police State Takes Shape
TheOilAge:Diplomat says NATO to Invade Syria 
Hubberts-Arms:Military Pensions on the chopping block?
Hubberts-Arms:School District Bans Sherlock Holmes Novel for Anti-Mormon Themes
SilentCountry:George Ure's Urban Survival (and other sites) are being attacked.
SilentCountry:Fatuous seniors ready for their Nora Desmond moment


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