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Breaking News Tues. Aug, 30, 2011

Posting a bit early today, got to run to town later. If anything big happens I'll update the blog! Have a good day Doomers!
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Also, read this article if you have time. It's pretty sobering.
BlacklistedNews: 30 Signs That America Has Become A Horrible Place For Children  
Didn't want this one to get lost either.
Politicususa: John Boehner and Eric Cantor May Hold Aid For Hurricane Victims Hostage
Salon: Ron Paul on hurricane response: "We should be like 1900"The official candidate of liberty wants to go back to the good old days of (non-existent) federal disaster response 

BlackListedNews: Why Fukushima Is Worse Than Chernobyl
Some scientists say Fukushima is worse than the 1986 Chernobyl accident, with which it shares a maximum level-7 rating on the sliding scale of nuclear disasters. One of the most prominent of them is Dr Helen Caldicott, an Australian physician and long time anti-nuclear activist who warns of "horrors to come" in Fukushima.

Global Conflict
CNN: Gadhafi family members in Algeria, ambassador says
LegitGov: Intelligence Agencies Seek Tools to Predict Global Events
McClatchy: With source of water still in Gadhafi hands, Tripoli goes thirsty
Afghanistan.blogs: August deadliest month for U.S. troops in Afghanistan
SeattlePI: Libya rebels pledge assault on Gadhafi stronghold
Politico: $30B wasted in Iraq, Afghanistan?
UPI: CIA veteran calls for return to rendition

UPI: Latest WikiLeaks postings name names
WASHINGTON, Aug. 30 (UPI) -- Nearly 134,000 U.S. cables posted on the Web recently by WikiLeaks list names of people who spoke in confidence to U.S. diplomats, government officials said.

Financial News
ILene: Pavlov Rang the Bell

USAToday: Recession leaves many in permanent cutback mode 
ProjectSyndicate: Ben Bernanke’s Dream World
MaxKeiser: Keiser Report: Redback vs Greenback (E177) 
 RitHoltz: Effects Of Corruption On The Markets
BusinessInsider: A Deep Dive Into The Case Shiller Housing Data
24/7WallSt.: Central Bankers Ignore Voters
Bloomberg: FDIC Objects to BofA $8.5B Mortgage-Bond Deal
Mish: US In Recession Right Here, Right Now 
Chron: Consumer spending rebounds, rose 0.8 pct. in July
DShort.com: Will the "Real" GDP Please Stand Up?
(The Deflator Makes Big a Difference)

Reuters: Small business hiring slows in August, wages dip
CNBC: Central Banks Cannot Go Bust—But Can Cause Trouble 
MyBudget360: The tragedy of the too big to fail banking sector – over $1 trillion in deposits are over the $250,000 FDIC limit. $6.5 trillion in insured deposits backed by $3.9 billion.
ZeroHedge: How The Economy Quietly Entered A Recession On Friday, And Why The GDP Predicts A Sub-Zero Nonfarm Payroll Number

Peak oil and Energy News
theEconomist: That's oil she wrote

Platts: South Korea awards offshore oil, gas exploration rights to Daewoo, STX

BusinessInsider: Bubble Watch: China's Demand For Gold Pushes Prices Even Higher
YahooFinance: Precious Metals, Agriculture ETFs Outperforming Stocks

Environmental News
NPR: Irene's Deadly Toll Rises; 40 Confirmed Deaths 

VancouverSun: Damages from Irene estimated at $7 billion
TreeHugger: Nation's Top Climate Scientist, 140 Others Arrested at White House
NASA's Dr. James Hansen, perhaps our nation's preeminent climate scientist, was arrested with over 140 others at the White House today. Scientists, environmentalists, farmers, students, and other concerned citizens were gathered in the nation's capitol to protest the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline that threatens to ruin many pristine habitats and spell certain disaster for the global climate system. Their stirring acts of civil disobedience made for yet another dramatic day in the series of scheduled protests that continue to put pressure on President Barack Obama to cancel the 1,700 pipeline.
NYT: From Coastline to Mountains, Water Fast and Lethal
TreeHugger: Witnessing Summer Starvation Among Polar Bears (Pics)
Env-Econ: "Hurricane Irene Opens New Inlets on Hatteras Island" 
Env-Econ: Pictures of the Day: Brand new Outer Banks inlets

EarlyWarning: Urban density around the world
CorrenteWire: The Ministry of Fear reports on the weather - The Department of Homeland Security only went up to "extreme," but weather.com turns the knobs all the way up to "catastrophic"!  This is really disgraceful (and I far prefer the fact-based coverage at Weather Underground). I think that MsExPat, now in Manhattan, has the right of it in comments, which I will now hoist: I've lived on the eastern seaboard, near New York City, all my life, and we've had severe hurricanes before. But never has NY been evacuated by mayoral fiat, nor has the public transportation system ever been shut down completely, as it was fifteen minutes ago (with the storm now downgraded to a Cat 1, and hundreds of miles away, still, from NY). Think about it: people are being forced into evacuation, yet the entire public transport system was shut down at least 8 hours before the storm arrives! Counter-intuitive, or what? I don't think that what's going on has anything to do with my safety. I see it as "Natural Disaster Theater", very akin to "Security Theater." Fear is one of the tools that the powers that be use to distract us from the very real and present threats to our well being--like the unpunished theft of trillions of our dollars. Natural disasters are opportunities to manipulate and ratchet up the fear/control of the masses. And that's what were seeing now. Not a hurricane: a fear opportunity....
BBC: Killer plant 'eats' great tit at Somerset nursery

A plant has killed and "eaten" a great tit at a garden nursery in Somerset.
HealthFreemoms: Monsanto’s Roundup May End Bananas – Canaries In The Mine
Bananas are dying. They’re killed by a fungus, one known to be caused by glyphosate, which is used on bananas. But the loss of bananas may be only the tip of the disaster.
TreeHugger: Wacky Farming Theme Park Aims to Fix Our Food Problems with Barn Dances and Giant Robot Animals
ABCNews: Oyster Population Plummets in Louisiana After BP Spill, Floods
SwitchBoard: Gauley River: Endangered by Mountaintop Removal

America in Decline
CBSNews: US warrantless surveillance memos remain sealed
Justice Dept. refusing to release legal memos the Bush administration used to justify his warrantless surveillance program
NYTOpinion: American Theocracy Revisited

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: How has Climate Change Affected Iowa's Weather So Far?

Science and Technology
TechReview: A Plan To Place An Asteroid In Earth Orbit
- Chinese scientists have discovered a near Earth asteroid that, with a slight push, could enter Earth orbit
This nudge should place the asteroid in an orbit at about twice the distance of the Moon. From there it can be studied and mined, they say.
PopSci: Quantum Dot Thermometers Take the Temperature of Individual Living Cells
PopSci: Russia Postpones Mission to the ISS, Could Leave Station Unoccupied for the First Time in a Decade
If only we had invented a reliable American-made reusable transport system
BBC: Neanderthal survival story revealed in Jersey caves
As almost exclusively carnivorous, both male and female Neanderthals hunted.
ScientificAmerican: A Higgs Setback: Did Stephen Hawking Just Win the Most Outrageous Bet in Physics History?
TPM: NASA Testing Suitcase-Sized Nukes To Power Colonies On Remote Planets
MSNBC: NASA says space station may be evacuated in November
Outpost could be empty for first time in 11 years if Russians can't figure out rocket failure
CosmicLog: Milky Way galaxy re-created

Medical and Health
McClatchy: Haiti quake creates new crisis among women, girls

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
CanadianDoomer: How the Very Poor Live 
GuyMcPherson: Film series: food production 
ContainerGardening: Successful food production in recycled containers (Jimmy PIOQUINTO)
CanadianDoomer: Roasted Tomato Sauce and Soup 

Other News
TheCaudallure: Cuban man with 12 fingers and 12 toes
It’s known as polydactyly, which means “many fingers”, and is caused by a genetic mutation that affects the genes related to development patterning. It a relatively common congenital defect, however Mr Garrido is a rare case because of how well all of his extra fingers and toes are formed.

BostonHerald: Michelle Bachmann quips Irene and quake were messages from God
TPM: Clouds On The Horizon? Rick Perry Faces Barrage Of Negative Headlines
TPM: Who Doomed Sarah Palin’s Presidential Dream?
Bloomberg: House Republicans Seek to Force UN Changes by Using U.S. Funding Leverage
Politico: Is Rick Perry dumb?
(Does a 25lb. sack of flour make a big biscuit?)

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:Callous Michele Bachmann Calls Deadly Hurricane Irene "Message from God" to Cut Spending
TinfoilPalace:What the heck is THIS?
TheOilAge:IMF chief, others warn of a new meltdown
TheOilAge:ELENIN Breaking Apart
Hubberts-Arms:    Well, look what Hurricane Irene blew in....
Hubberts-Arms:Tie in between fracking and earthquakes.
SilentCountry:10 American Industries still hanging on
SilentCountry:Avian flu's back, warns UN

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