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A logical search for a nexus
For drought’s kick in our solar plexus
Shows prayer's not performing:
Either there’s global warming
Or else God hates Rick Perry and Texas. 

Now, for the news! :D

Atlantic: China Wary of Japan's New, Pro-U.S. Prime Minister
TheTelegraph: Tesco quits Japan: what the analysts say
As Tesco put its loss-making Japan business up for sale, analysts considered the implications of the supermarket chain's decision.

Global Conflict
YahooNews: Daughter Gadhafi said was dead apparently lives
WiredDangerRoom: Mullah Omar Says The Taliban Are Ready To Talk
RawStory: Syria prison deaths show sharp rise in 2011: Amnesty International
LAT: Afghan Taliban victory predicted in letter
Purportedly written by Mullah Mohammed Omar, leader of the Afghan Taliban, the statement tries to appeal to Afghan moderates and suggests the Taliban doesn't seek to monopolize power.
BBC: Nigeria UN bomb: 'Al-Qaeda-linked' man named as suspect
A man with alleged links to al-Qaeda is suspected of being behind the bombing of the UN headquarters in Abuja, Nigerian officials say.
Time: U.S. Afghan Toll Reaches New High
TruthOut: Lessons and False Lessons From Libya
Guardian: EU to impose oil embargo on Syria
Officials say cutting €3bn annual lifeline and in effect halting all business between Syria and EU will be serious blow to regime

Hacker News
RawStory: Time Warner profits from Guy Fawkes masks worn at ‘Anonymous’ protests
PopSci: Heat Hacking: Criminals Can Steal Your ATM PIN Code Via the Heat Your Fingers Leave Behind
RawStory: Rupert and James Murdoch called to testify again, this time under oath

Financial News
Reuters: Some U.S. firms paid more to CEOs than taxes: study - Twenty-five of the 100 highest paid U.S. CEOs earned more last year than their companies paid in federal income tax, a pay study said on Wednesday.

ZeroHedge: After Pissing Off Germany, Lagarde Now Angers France, Which Blames The Collapse In Financial Markets On The Seasons
CNNMoney: Beware of Wall Street's latest 'safe' investment 
Reuters: Exclusive: Bank of America kept AIG legal threat under wraps - Top Bank of America Corp lawyers knew as early as January that American International Group Inc was prepared to sue the bank for more than $10 billion, seven months before the lawsuit was filed, according to sources familiar with the matter.

StatCan: Canadian economic accounts
MailOnline: Now banks ring up their cash-strapped customers to warn them:  
'Ditch mobiles and gym membership or lose your home'
In an extraordinary admission, the taxpayer-owned banks said that for the first time they were doing secret credit checks to identify high-risk customers.
Guardian: Mortgage advice and spending tips from out of the blue? Scary
UK Asset Resolution is cold calling some Bradford & Bingley and Northern Rock mortgage borrowers and offering advice on how to manage their personal finances
LAT: Home prices notch third straight monthly gain
A key index of home prices in 20 metropolitan areas rose 1.1% from May to June. Real estate experts say the improvement is seasonal and that prices could fall again as sales slow in the fall and winter.
BusinessInsider: Here Are The FOMC Minutes
CaliforniaWatch: Consumer bankruptcy filings rise in 2010
GuardianUK: Childcare costs stopping mothers going to work, says study
Number of women opting to look after their children instead of doing paid employment increases by 32,000 in a last year
WashingtonPost: GOP tax expert to help run debt-reduction ‘super committee’
CBSnews: CBSNews: Home prices are down -- so where are the buyers?
WSJ: Vital Signs: Disposable Income Dips 
FDL: Nevada AG Catherine Cortez Masto Destroys BofA in New Lawsuit
BusinessInsider: Dear Ben, Please Print Us More Money
GlobeandMail: Indian millionaires to double by 2015
Asia will add 1.66 million dollar-millionaires by 2015, taking the total number of wealthy to 2.82 million as the world’s fastest-growing major economies of China and India continue to mint millionaires, a report from Julius Baer said on Wednesday. 
MailOnline: Bernie Madoff living in 'alternate reality' with no blame for losing $50bn of other people's money
Bloomberg: Grandma Bunks With Jobless Kids as Multigenerational Homes Surge 
Guardian: Homelessness could spread to middle class, Crisis study warnsHomelessness charity points to direct link between economic downturn and welfare cuts, and rising numbers living on streets

Peak oil and Energy News
Grist: China to build 50+ nuclear reactors based on unsafe 60’s tech, says Wikileaks
NYT: How to Deflate a Gold Bubble (That Might Not Even Exist) 
UPI: Iraq reviews oil and natural gas law 
CNBC: Germany Dims Nuclear Plants, but Hopes to Keep Lights On 
Discovery: 'Lens' Wind Turbines Magnify Power 
PopularMechanics: Pond-Powered Biofuels: Turning Algae into America's New Energy
Using a complex (and still expensive) photosynthetic process, breakthrough innovators have developed biodiesel and ethanol from an unlikely source that can double its output overnight and just might help give alternative energy the bump it needs: little green goo. (Click here for PM's special report on the truth about biofuels)
 SeattleTimes: Rosneft teams up with ExxonMobil in Arctic deal 

WikiHow: How to Calculate the Value of Scrap Gold
Reurter: Gold surge draws prospectors, thieves worldwide - It has been called the saint-seducing metal, with good reason.

Environmental News
MotherJones: A Privately Owned Nuclear Weapons Plant in…Kansas City?

BBC: Irene floods in North Carolina and New York 'disaster'

US President Barack Obama has officially declared the floods caused by Tropical Storm Irene in North Carolina and New York a major disaster.
Guardian: What tar sands and the Keystone XL pipeline mean for climate changeEnvironmentalist Bill McKibben was among 100 people arrested at the weekend for protesting against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. But why are climate campaigners so concerned?
CNN: Residents evacuated as firefighters battle blaze in parched Texas
ExtinctionProtocol: Round 2: Sequel may be worst than the original- TS Katia on similar path as Irene
MSNBC: New major hurricane possible by weekend
US prospects unclear as Tropical Storm Katia forms; another system could enter Gulf  

MSNBC: Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano blasts out ash 
TheTelegraph: Japan earthquake 'increases likelihood of Tokyo disaster'The likelihood of a massive earthquake directly beneath Tokyo has significantly increased thanks to the March 11 disaster in northern Japan. 

ClimateProgress: Scientist: “The Murdoch Media Empire Has Cost Humanity Perhaps One or Two Decades of Time in the Battle Against Climate Change.”
EnvironmentalHealthNews: Mass extinctions linked to climate change are already underway.
Forbes: Hurricane Irene Sparks An Electronic Counterattack
WSJ: Passaic River Rises as New Jersey Faces Flood Fallout 
ExtinctionProtocol: Graph of the Day: Number of Extreme Storms and Floods Per Year in the U.S., 1900-2010

FDL: Virginia Nuclear Plant Not Built to Withstand Last Week’s Earthquake 
TheTennessean: U.S. extreme weather may be the new norm 
TreeHugger: Why Civil Disobedience is Key to the Climate Movement 
Grist: New York’s one-inch escape from Irene 
TreeHugger: Gibson Guitar Corp. Investigated Again On Legality Of Rainforest Wood Imports

America in Decline
ModernSurvivalBlog: 60, The Average Age of Farmers
Cryptogon: Guatemalans Deliberately Infected with Syphilis by U.S. Researchers 
MotherJones: North Carolina GOP Trying to Ban Gay Marriage Twice 
LewRockwell: Hide Your Liberty Dollars, Secret Service Is Coming To Confiscate!

Food and Water
SustainableBusiness: Chipotle Creates Foundation for Sustainable Food
CNNMoney: Wind power makes greenhouses greener
Grist: In battle between fuel and food, food is losing worse than ever

Science and Technology
IntelDaily: China Moves Toward Permanent Space Presence 

CosmicLog: Stellar blasts caught on video
Bloomberg: Google Confirms It Aims to Own Your Online ID
Amid a furor over Google+'s ban on pseudonymity and anonymity, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt just admitted the company intends to be an 'identity service"

PopSci: Bacteria in Gut Influence Brains of Mice, Soothed by Probiotic Broth
WiredScience: LHC Experiment Finds No Signs of Supersymmetry
PCMag: Did the Large Hadron Collider Just Debunk Superstring Theory? 
CosmicLog: Jupiter probe looks back at Earth

Medical and Health
PopSci: Engineers of Laboratory-Grown Muscle Figure Out How to Make It Firm and Strong

HealthCareOrganizationalEthics: Why the U.S. Isn't Ready for Single Payer Yet
Discovery: Black Death Strain May be Extinct But other forms of the deadly pathogen still plague victims today.
Guardian: Japan's life expectancy 'down to equality and public health measures'Diet is by no means the only factor that leads a girl born in Japan today to expect to live to 86, a new analysis finds
MSNBC: Hospital garb harbors nasty bacteria, new study says
60 percent of uniforms tested positive. Should workers wear duds outside? 

CNN: Choosing death can be like a 'birth,' advocates say 
TheChart: Lack of deep sleep contributes to high blood pressure 
MSNBC: Why some people don't get the flu 
After exposure, some have a 'behind the scenes' immune response — saving them from being bed-ridden for days
ABCNews: HIV-Positive Performer Shuts Down L.A. Porn Industry
thanks to BA doomer at Hubberts Arms for the following story
Wired: Borders are Irrelevant: Polio Returns to China

Very bad news from China, as reported by Xinhua and confirmed by the World Health Organization: For the first time in 12 years, polio paralysis has surfaced in China. Four children, the oldest 2 years old, were diagnosed with polio in mid-July. They all live in Hotan prefecture in Xinjiang province (by weird coincidence, also the site of the latest Chinese food-safety scandal). 

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: Main-Stream Slams Hurricane IRENE Preppers

TreeHugger: 10 Gorgeous New Bikes We Want Right Now
(here's my favorite!)
And to go with the coolest bikes, the coolest helmet!
Discovery: DIY Star Wars Bike Helmet is Pure Awesomeness!
 ModernSurvivalBlog: How to use a Watch as a Compass
PreparednessPro: What Desperation Looks Like 
PreparednessPro: Surviving a Natural Disaster Begins Today

Other News
Guardian: Political documents (accidentally) revealed – gallery
After Andrew Mitchell inadvertently showed off confidential No 10 briefing papers, we reveal some previous examples of a similar mistake
Guardian: Women executives could wait 98 years for equal pay, says report
Women managers already more than £10k behind men doing the same job and may not get parity till 2109, according to CMI
RawStory: 9/11 coloring book sparks controversy for demonizing Muslims
CNN: Police: Days-old infant found dead in grocery restroom
CNN: Father charged after throwing crying son overboard on tour boat 
WSJ: U.S. Moves Closer to Minority Majority
Cities and their surrounding suburbs are ground zero for the country’s changing racial and ethnic composition, with just a handful of metropolitan areas driving the nation’s demographic destiny, according to this report released today by demographer William Frey of the Brookings Institution. 
BeforeitsNews: 9/11: New 15-Minute Documentary You Have To See!
This new 15-minute documentary narrated by actor Ed Asner features AE911Truth experts including structural engineers, chemical engineers, physicists and others.

PoliticalCarnival: Rick Perry Signs Antigay Pledge + bonus PhotOH! “Homescholers for Perry”
RawStory: Michigan women gets 30 days in jail for throwing pie at Sen. Levin
MotherJones: No Expertise Please, We're Republicans
USAToday: Bachmann aide: Hurricane comment was in 'jest'
BusinessInsider: GOP Plans Weekly Votes To Repeal "Job-Destroying Regulations," New Tax Cuts
NationofChange: The Election March of the Trolls

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:Arizona Wilder - Bizarre Experiences of a Mind Control Slave - 1 of 6
TinfoilPalace:Black Death study lets rats off the hook
TheOilAge:ExxonMobil Signs $500 Billion Deal For Russian Arctic Oil
TheOilAge:Afghanistan is lost, COIN never works
Hubberts-Arms:Mortal Remains Juice Extraction
Hubberts-Arms:WikiLeaks denies it reveals sources in new US cables
SilentCountry:Monsanto creating a super bug?
SilentCountry:DOW WATCH for August 29th-Sept 2nd

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