Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Documentary! Aug. 6, 2011 "Electronic Armageddon"

I'm actually having trouble with my interwebs this morning. Very choppy and off and on, maybe it's the solar storm messing with things.
also, I'm feeling stronger and better now and looking forward to seeing the doc next week for beginning tests and whatever it is they do. Then I'll get this gall bladder out and be good to go. Again thanks to everyone who helped us. I wouldn't even be going to the doc if not for my good friends.

For today, I saw this posted over at Silent Country by Doom Nymph and thought in light of the big CMEs hitting  earth today, it might be a good show to watch. It mainly is talking about an EMP attack but, the same things can be caused by good ole Sol! So, get your prep on, and enjoy the show.

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