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Breakiing News Thurs. Sept. 15, 2011

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here's a good article by John Michael Greer at Energy Bulletin today.
EnergyBulletin: The Glass Bead Game by John Michael Greer
When I proposed in last week’s Archdruid Report post that readers write science fiction stories about the crisis of industrial society, I wasn’t thinking of Fed chairman Ben Bernanke as a potential author. Still, a speech of his that made the New York Times a few days back suggests that he’s got a sufficiently wild imagination for the job.

Thanks as always to our good friends, RJ  at Global Glass Onion and  the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer,  for their contributions and help. Be sure to check out their very informative and inspiring blogs today!.

Bloomberg: Releasing 70,000 Psychiatric Patients Shows Japan Debt Task
Reuters: Japan mulls 4th extra budget of 1-2 trillion yen: report
Bloomberg: Japan Receives Reprocessed Radioactive Waste

Global Conflict
BBC: Nine die in India as communities clash over land - At least nine people have been killed in the Indian state of Rajasthan when two communities clashed over a piece of land, police said. Members of the low-caste Gujjar and Muslim communities opened fire and pelted each other with stones on Wednesday in Bharatpur town, famous for its bird sanctuary.
BBC: Kashmir teenagers arrested over Delhi blast  - Police in Indian-administered Kashmir have arrested two school boys in connection with last week's bomb attack in Delhi.
CNN: Bodies hanging from bridge in Mexico are warning to social media users
Social media users who denounce drug cartel activities along the Mexican border received a brutal warning this week: Two mangled bodies hanging like cuts of meat from a pedestrian bridge.
GuardianUK: United States in last-ditch effort to set up Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
US fears major diplomatic embarrassment if Israelis and Palestinians collide in New York over looming request at UN for recognition of Palestinian statehood
RawStory: Underwear bomber shouts ‘Osama’s alive’ in court 
VOA: As Iraq pullback nears, US still at war in south 
SeattlePI: Israel clears out embassy staff in Jordan 
UPI: In Israel, the other army of God emerges
Israel is bracing for trouble over the Palestinians' expected move to declare statehood this month but there are fears that the real crisis will come from growing influence of right-wing Orthodox Jews in the Israeli armed forces, particularly the army.

Hacker News
SHTFPlan: Cyber Attacks Will Target Physical Infrastructure, Commerce, Transportation Systems

Financial News
CalculatedRisk: LA Port Traffic in August: Imports decline
Reuters: UBS $2 billion rogue trade suspect held in London 
Politico: Financial agencies get big boost in spending
Reuters: World economy in danger zone: Zoellick - World Bank President Robert Zoellick said on Wednesday the world had entered a new economic danger zone and Europe, Japan and the United States all needed to make hard decisions to avoid dragging down the global economy.

ZeroHedge: Soros Thinks The Unthinkable About Europe
In a lengthy, honest, and somewhat gloomy op-ed in The New York Review Of Books, George Soros follows a similar tack to our post yesterday with regard to the current crisis and its origins in and similarities to the 2007/8 subprime crisis in the US. He then steps into discussing possible resolutions and does what any and all Keynesian-clowns are unable to do - think the unthinkable in order to reach a tenable solution.
Spiegel: Greeks Vow to Rebel Against New 'Monster Tax' 
Mish: Mortgage Default Notices Surge 33% Nationwide, 55% in California, 200% by Bank of America; Corresponding Jump in Foreclosures Will Follow
IntellAsia: China buys gold to 'weaken' US dollar: Wikileaks 
WSJ: Canada's Household Debt Hits Record High  
BusinessInsider: Here Are The Countries Most Likely To Default 
TheTelegraph: Will German indecision on the euro drag the whole world down?  Monetary union hasn’t worked, but Germany, Europe’s strongest nation, won’t face the consequences.

CBSNews: Report: Government spends billions more hiring contractors over public workers
MarketWatch: Port of Long Beach July container traffic slows 
BusinessInsider: Kyle Bass: Greece Will Default, And It Won't Be Orderly 
Mish: Dreamland (or Nightmare) Real Estate Agents Dump Homeowners Asking Too Much; Housing Shills Still Cheerlead Others to Doom
MarginalRevolution: Does Greek default mean Greece leaving the eurozone?
WSJ: Dark Side of Brazil's Rise  
Bloomberg: Wen Says World Must Get ‘Houses in Order,’ Not Rely on China 
IMFDirect: Haves and Have Less—Why Inequality Throws Us Off Balance 
NYTDealbook: Some Banks Hang On to Bailout Billions 
MarketWatch: Philly Fed index negative for third time in four  
AngryBear: Real Averge Hourly Earnings
TaxPolicyCenter: What the Great Budget Debate Is Really About

Peak oil and Energy News
AngryBear: Spencer on Petroleum Exports and US trade balances
Platts: Falling Indian rupee makes polymer imports costlier

CityA.M.: Rising copper prices hit commuters as thieves steal cables

Environmental News
RawStory: Senate Republicans block FEMA disaster relief funds 
CNN: Quakes hit off Cuba, Japan and New Zealand 
ThinkProgress: The Great Oyster Crash and Why Ocean Acidification Is “A Ticking Time Bomb” for Both Marine Life and Humanity
BBC: BP oil spill: US report shares Deepwater Horizon blame
RawStory: WATCH LIVE: Al Gore’s 24 hours of climate reality
Time: In Europe's Museums, Rhino Horns Are Easy Pickings
A picture taken on July 28, 2011 shows stuffed rhinoceros at the Brussels Royal Institute for Natural Sciences Museum. The museum became the latest of a rising number of science museums in Europe targeted by thieves for rhino horns

OceanSentry: Kayakers allege fishermen dragged sea lions to deaths 
EarthquakeNews: M 4.4, Mariana Islands region 
Grist: Shocker: BP oil spill was BP’s fault
Geologists on Canary Islands commence study on El Hierro swarm of 6000 quakes
ExtinctionProtocol: Thousands homeless as flood waters ravage lands in southern Pakistan 
EstinctionProtocol: Planet convulses in spasm of major earthquakes in 14 hour period 
CNN: King Crabs invade Antarctica

DesdemonaDespair: ‘Artificial volcano’ test to mitigate global warming

America in Decline
ChicagoTribune: Bankruptcy among college grads grows 
FromTheHeartland: Some real Shock and Awe: Racially profiled and cuffed in Detroit
DailyKos: Obama to propose Medicare and Medicaid cuts
BusinessInsider: 14 Shocking NEW Facts About Poverty In America
ZeroHedge: Median Male Worker Makes Less Now Than 43 Years Ago
IntelDaily: Dumpster Diving?
Have you ever thought about getting your food out of a trash can?  Don’t laugh.  Dumpster diving has become a hot new trend in America.  In fact, dumpster divers even have a trendy new name.  They call themselves “freegans”, and as the economy crumbles their numbers are multiplying.
TruthOut: The Cult of Death
DeclineoftheEmpire: Proud To Be An American! 
SHTFPlan: We’re Watching You: Surveillance Expansion In the Land of the Free is Unprecedented In Human History

Food and Water
AFB: Global Demand Drives Food Prices Higher in Third Quarter

Science and Technology
MSNBC: Tiny robot to attempt Hawaii Ironman triathlon - 'Evolta', just 20 inches tall, is expected to complete course in about a week
MSNBC: Multicolored fireball in sky dazzles Southwest
Authorities receive numerous reports of what is likely a meteor — and not anything carrying 'little green men' 

MSNBC: 'Naked' scanners may soon be on the way out

Medical and Health
ExtinctionProtocol:Scientists warn strains of influenza becoming resistant to common treatments
Politico: Bioethicist challenges Bachmann on HPV 'retardation'Leading bioethicist Art Caplan emails some reporters with "The HPV challenge" for Michele Bachmann:

    "If she can produce a case in one week starting today verified by three medical experts that she and i pick of a woman who became 'retarded' (her words) due to HPV vaccine i will donate that to a charity of her choice. She must donate 10k to a charity I pick if she fails to do so."
ThinkProgress: If You Want To Cut Health Care Costs, You Probably Shouldn’t Adopt The Health Industry’s Favorite Idea 
CNN: 'Toddlers and Tiaras' and sexualizing 3-year-olds 
TheChart: Researchers closer to developing a ‘pain-o-meter’ 
MSNBC: Global child deaths plunge by 12,000 a day - 'We cannot for a moment forget the chilling fact of around 21,000 children dying every day from preventable causes' 
MSNBC: Poor countries see rise in breast, cervical cancer - Cases, deaths growing in most countries; more women dying at younger ages
CSMonitor: Census report: More Americans relying on Medicare, Medicaid (VIDEO)
More people turned to Medicare and Medicaid last year and fewer relied on employers for health insurance coverage, the Census Bureau reported Tuesday. What does this portend for Obama's health-care reform law?

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: Test Yourself for Suburbia or Rural Living
ModernSurvivalBlog: Definition of an EMP 

Other News
OutsidetheBeltway: Most Educated American Cities
WPXI: Father Charged With Abuse For Tossing Son Off Boat - Man Allegedly Slapped Son Multiple Times, Threw Him Off Newport Beach Harbor Cruise
NOLA: Pick the winner for August 2011's 'Blight in New Orleans' photo contest
BBC: New world record-breakers debut in Guinness book 2012
MSNBC: Two killed in Norway cruise liner fire - Blaze breaks out on ship carrying 262 people; police suspect explosion in engine room 

ExtinctionProtocol: Sign of the Times: Adult film industry builds 2012 bunker
Time: Where Did All the Male Teachers Go? France Worries That Boy Students May Be Suffering

RawReplay: Santorum: ‘People are living too long’ - Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum told supporters in Lancaster, South Carolina Tuesday that the Social Security retirement age had to be increased because “people are living too long.”

ThinkProgress: With Record Number Of Americans Falling Into Poverty, Rand Paul Says The Poor Are Getting Rich
Census data revealed today that a record 46.2 million Americans were living in poverty in 2010. But in an aptly-timed hearing entitled “Is Poverty A Death Sentence,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) flat out rejected the idea that poverty in the U.S is worrisome. As the Ranking Member of the Senate Health subcommittee, Paul offered a dissertation-length statement on how the correlation between poverty and death is only found in the Third World and to claim such a connection within the U.S. is nothing more than “socialism” and “tyranny.”
Chris Hedges on Corporate Money and the Two-Party System
MultiplerEffect: The Power of Moral Framing
WashingtonPost: A Senate procedural snarl plus a single senator’s objections could force another FAA shutdown 
MSNBC: Pat Robertson: Divorcing a spouse with Alzheimer's is justifiable - Asked about marriage vows to stay together 'til death do us part,' he says: 'This is a kind of death' 

McClatchy: Bush to blame for U.S. debt crisis, S.C. Rep. Clyburn says
Bloomberg: Perry Supported By Republicans as Plurality Reject ViewsRepublicans give Rick Perry frontrunner status in their party’s presidential primary race even as warning signs flash over his ability to win support in the general election. 
Bloomberg: Republicans Blamed Most for Ineffective Government: U.S. Poll
NYTOpinion: Is It Weird Enough Yet?
DailyMail: Sarah Palin snorted cocaine off 55 gallon oil drum and had affairs with NBA star and husband's business partner: Sensational claims in new book 
ThinkProgress: Memo to Right-Wing Anti-EPA Job-Killers: Sick and Dead People Aren’t Very Productive 

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:Scientists set to test manmade "Volcano" in the U.K.
TinfoilPalace:Chinese Scientists says Comet Elenin has massive UFO Fleet following in formation in it’s tail 
TheOilAge:Relocation: assessing when it's time to GO! (3 of 3)
TheOilAge:If China bails out EU, who will bail out China? 
Hubberts-Arms:The War Nerd "Does" 9/11--MUST READ
Hubberts-Arms:Deliberate Impoverishment of the Western World 
SilentCountry:Beijing is building the largest airport in the world
SilentCountry: Cyber Attacks Against the Grid

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