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here's something from RJ that caught my eye this morning.
YahooNews: Mississippi man who said he was abducted by aliens dies
Charles Hickson, the Mississippi man who claimed he was abducted and probed by aliens while he was fishing with a friend in 1973 and never backed off the story despite the ridicule he endured, has died.
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LegitGov: Emergency evacuation drill held, presuming further meltdown of Fukushima No. 3 reactor core

Global Conflict
CNN: Iran court says it is considering bail for American hikers
BBC: Iraq unrest: Dual bombings strike security forces - Bomb attacks have left at least 15 people dead and wounded dozens in Iraq, officials say.
MSNBC: Iran judiciary official: Release of US hikers not imminent
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had previously said alleged spies would be released 'in a couple of days' 
MSNBC: US officials doubt al-Qaida chief fled Pakistan - Intelligence community skeptical of Pakistani source's claim
NYT: U.S. Scrambles to Avert Palestinian Vote at U.N.
CNN: Blackwater founder Erik Prince enters video game business

Financial News
BBC: Spain town police on mass sick leave over unpaid wages
CensusBlog: Households Doubling Up - In coping with economic challenges over the past few years, many of us have combined households with other family members or individuals.
Bloomberg: Greece Should ‘Default Big,’ Says Man Who Managed Argentina’s 2001 Crisis
JaredBernstein: The Lost Decade for the Middle Class
MacroAdvisers: UPDATED: The American Jobs Act: Greater than Expected Impact
USCensusBureau: Households Doubling Up
In coping with economic challenges over the past few years, many of us have combined households with other family members or individuals. These “doubled-up” households are defined as those that include at least one “additional” adult – in other words, a person 18 or older who is not enrolled in school and is not the householder, spouse or cohabiting partner of the householder.
WashingtonPost: CBO: Spend money now! 
AngryBear: Record Severe Poverty IIThe Census Bureau has released estimates of poverty in 2010. Coverage focused on the headline poverty rate which is horrible enough. Much worse, 6.7% of people in the USA suffered severe poverty, that is lived in households with income less than half the poverty line. This is the highest severe poverty rate on record (the series only goes back to 1975 -- I don't know why). 
WSJ: Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Report: Fast Facts
MyBudget360: The $1 trillion student loan market begins to implodeDepartment of Education shows two-year default rates at for-profit colleges up to 15 percent. Student loan debt increasing at a rate of $170,000 per minute.
ATaxingMatter: Inequality and its corrosive effects on democracy - Linda Beale - Obama has proposed a jobs plan --including payroll tax relief for workers--that would be paid for, among other things, by treating carried interest as the ordinary income compensation that it clearly is. In these times when so many Americans are suffering and a very very few are continuing to haul in much more of the economic income than any work they do merits, you'd think that the right-wing in Congress would finally realize that their allegiance to the wealthy sacrifices the vast majority of ordinary Americans and may indeed result in the construction of an oligarchy and the destruction of our democracy.  But today's papers are full of the Republican commitment to their ideological 'no tax increase' pledge.
IBTimes: China urges U.S. not to resort to protectionism
GuardianUK: Cost of dying rises above £7,000 - Survey shows that funeral costs have risen by 61% over the past seven years, as bereaved families struggle to cover the expense
theEconomist: How likely is deflation?
Mish: Census Report Shows Poverty Rate Hits 15.1%; Record 46.2 Million in Poverty; Real Median Household Income Sinks Below Level First Reached in 1989
WSJ: Income Slides to 1996 Levels - Median Household Earnings Fall for Third Year, Census Says
WashingtonPost: MF: Austerity boosts unemployment, lowers paychecks  
DeathandTaxes: Woman Who Called Ex 65,000 Times in One Year Is Less Annoying Than Bank of America 
DetroitNews: In Lordstown, there's a new sense of realism
McClatchy: 'Supercommittee' hears grim economic, budget outlook from CBO
Bloomberg: Greenspan Urges Trimming Entitlements in Testimony at Panel
CNN: French bank downgrade is latest blow to Europe 
LAT: U.S. poverty totals hit a 50-year high - Census Bureau's grim statistics show recession's lingering effects, as young adults move back home and 1 million more Americans go without health insurance.

Peak oil and Energy News
Reuters: Insight: Power reliability will cost Americans more - Major blackouts like the one that affected 5 million people in the U.S. Southwest and Mexico last week are rare, but occur more often in the United States than in some other developed nations because U.S. electric companies keep excess power capacity, and consumer costs, to a minimum.
IBTimes: Climate Change: Shift to Natural Gas Set to Fail  
CharlesHughSmith: Cheap Oil, Cheap Money, And Our Culture of Debt and Speculation  
Was the end of abundant cheap domestic oil and the end of the gold-backed dollar not coincidental, but causally related?
Oil and finance are inextricably linked, for as long as the US (Fed) prints dollars, and exporters accept them in trade for physical oil, then the US is able to effectively act as if it still has lots of cheap oil, for in a real sense, it does as long as it can trade paper for oil.
Correspondent David P. recently connected the end of the gold backing of the dollar with the decline of domestic production and the rise of the debt/speculative "financialized" economy: 
Platts: BP sees 'good' initial result from Alaska North Slope heavy oil test well
EnergyBulletin: Have frackers pushed their luck too far?
Platts: Libya, Syria and the oil market
Grist: Chinese cheaters? How China dominates solar
Policito: Diesel could signal economy's course - Voters may be angry about high gasoline prices, but the path of the economy could well rest on what happens next with diesel fuel.
Reuters: IEA cuts oil demand growth forecasts for 2011, 2012 - World oil consumption will increase more slowly than expected this year and next as the pace of global economic growth eases, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Tuesday.
TheNational: Oil defies forecasts of declining demand
CNN: Cars don't waste fuel. Drivers waste fuel

Environmental News
CNN: Heavy rains, floods kill 233, affect 5.5 million in Pakistan
WSJ: BP May Avoid Gross Negligence Conviction Over Gulf Oil Spill

America in Decline
TruthOut: Getting Sick Doesn't Pay
Seattle - If the nation’s 14 million unemployed workers return to jobs, they will find some sobering changes in the workplace: They’ll earn less, pay more for health insurance and receive fewer benefits, some as basic as paid sick leave.
RawStory: Mother sues police for shooting unarmed 14-year-old son to death
A mother has filed a federal lawsuit after her 14-year-old son got into a fight at a school bus stop and was later shot to death by a police officer while the her son was hiding in a shed.
USAToday: Fewer pat-downs for kids in TSA security checks
SOTT: US Passenger: Was cuffed, searched over 'appearance'
DeclineoftheEmpire: America Has Abandoned Its Young People
YahooNews: 101-year-old Detroit woman evicted in foreclosureA 101-year-old woman was evicted from the southwest Detroit home where she lived for nearly six decades after her 65-year-old son failed to pay the mortgage.

Food and Water
WorldBank: Kenya's Female Farmers - Kenya’s food supply depends more & more on women farmers.
AlJazeera: You can't buy a better agriculture - With the Earth's cropland quickly eroding, a shift to perennials is needed for a sustainable food supply.
 YahooFinance: Smaller corn surplus could push food prices higher - Food prices could rise next year because an unseasonably hot summer likely damaged much of this year's corn crop. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated Monday that a surplus of 672 million bushels of corn will be left over at the end of next summer.
Yahoofinance: Smaller corn surplus could push food prices higher - Gov't estimates smaller corn surplus, could drive food prices higher in 2012
BigPictureAgriculture: What the Average American Eats in a Year
Guardian: Financial speculators responsible for rising global food prices, claims report
Influence of financial players on agricultural commodity markets blamed for global food price inflation and hunger

Science and Technology
IBTimes: Real Life "Death Star" Blasts Alien Planet with Powerful X-Ray Attack [VIDEO] 
ArchaeologyNewsNetwork: Medieval skeletons reveal fear of the undead - Two skeletons discovered with large stones wedged into their mouths, were buried in this way around 1300  years ago to stop them rising from their graves to haunt the living , a new documentary featuring the work of archaeologists at IT Sligo will suggest.
MSNBC: Facebook 'If I Die' app kills your computer Fake app includes keylogger that can steal sensitive information

Medical and Health
Hosted: Mich. to require BMI reports on kids 
MSNBC: Laughter is a physical, not a mental, thing, study suggests - Using muscles to go ha, ha, ha results in release of chemicals in the brain that make people feel good and more resistant to pain, tests find 

CNN: Teen restrictions fail to curb fatal crashes
CNN: 4 common killers in the world: Heart disease, cancer, lung disease, diabetes
IBTimes: Dangerous, Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Spreading at Alarming Rate in Europe - WHO 
KurzweilAI: ‘Trojan horse’ particle sneaks chemotherapy in to kill ovarian cancer cells 
IBTimes: Diabetes Epidemic now Stands at 366 Million: Study - New diabetes Atlas figures have revealed Wednesday by the International Diabetes Federation that there is a rise in the diabetes epidemic across the globe has worsened. It has been revealed that 366 million now suffer from the disease with a staggering 4.6 million people dying from the disease every year, in a study that will shock and shame the world's health care.
M&C: UN: Malaria cases drop by half worldwide in last decade
IBTimes: Insulin May Keep Alzheimer’s at Bay: Report - Spray insulin in your nose twice daily and you may put your early Alzheimer's disease at bay, a study suggests.
Bloomberg: Illinois Says Hospitals No Longer ‘Poorhouses’ Shielded From Tax - More than a dozen hospitals in Illinois face the prospect of paying millions of dollars in property taxes or, in some cases, shutting down as a result of a state ruling denying exemptions for three nonprofit healthcare providers. 

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
USAToday: Beekeeping can supply you and neighbors with honey
ModernSurvivalBlog: How To Signal For Help While Stranded 

EconomicCollapseBlog: Do You Now Understand Why You Need To Prepare For Emergencies? This Has Been The Worst Year For Natural Disasters In U.S. History 
CanadianDoomer: Vinegar and Baking Soda ...  
CanadianDoomer: Cheaper Butter  
ModernSurvivalBlog: Grid Down, 4 Months, 250 million dead

Other News
Reuters: Cherokee Indians say they will not be dictated to by U.S.OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - The nation's second-largest Indian tribe said on Tuesday that it would not be dictated to by the U.S. government over its move to banish 2,800 African Americans from its citizenship rolls.
AmberGriscaye: The Aztec Account of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico
Reuters: Poe Museum Nevermore? 
Reuters: Amish men jailed for not displaying buggy safety signs - Eight members of a traditional Amish sect were behind bars on Tuesday after refusing to pay fines for failure to display orange-red safety triangles on their horse-drawn buggies.
UPI: 'Kosher' Facebook launched in Israel
"People who are God-fearing and care about their children's education cannot tolerate the adverts and pictures one sees on the regular Facebook," Swisa told "I personally know people who have deteriorated spiritually because of all kinds of things they were introduced to there."
MaxKeiser: Ralph Nader on 9/11
YahooNews: Child sex abuse claims mount against Boy Scouts 
YahooNews: Australia priest denies raping Anglican archbishopA Catholic priest accused in parliament of raping an Anglican archbishop decades ago denied the claims as the Church condemned his naming by a lawmaker as "inappropriate and unfair". 

PoliticusUSA: She’s In: Elizabeth Warren To Run For US Senate
FirstRead: Perry 'taken aback' by debate crowd reaction - The morning after a sometimes-rocky appearance in front of a Tea Party debate audience, Gov. Rick Perry said he was "taken aback" by cheers from some crowd members on a hypothetical question of whether a young man who decides not to buy health insurance should be refused care if he develops a life-threatening illness and be left to die.
BusinessInsider: MAJOR GOP UPSET: Republican Wins Weiner's House Seat In NY Special Election 
FDL: Known Clowns
On Sunday — as we all must know by now — Paul Krugman had the temerity to say something too truthful for the right wing:
And then the [9/11] attack was used to justify an unrelated war the neocons wanted to fight, for all the wrong reasons.
MotherJones: The GOP's Genius Plan to Beat Obama in 2012
If Pennsylvania Republicans and their buddies in other states execute a plan to change election rules, Obama has a one-way ticket to Losertown.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:Possible September 26th Megaquake?
TinfoilPalace:Why Your DNA Isn't Your Destiny 
TheOilAge:Is a Pandemic Coming? 
TheOilAge:A Plan to Unionize the Military 
Hubberts-Arms:Nature Bats Last: Radical Political Theology
Hubberts-Arms:16 Year Old builds Own House for a Mortgage Free Future (Tiny Houses Redux)
SilentCountry:Ron Paul - The Republic is close to *Finished* (video)
SilentCountry:Warning to Humanity, circa 1992

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