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Cryptogon: Japan: Kan Considered Evacuation of Tokyo in Wake Nuclear Disaster, but Feared Chaos and Collapse of the State

Global Conflict
SFBG: Six arrested protesting bank foreclosures during Occupy SF 
Telegraph: Europe dilutes UN sanctions against Syria - European states have defended themselves against accusations of weakness after they gave in to Russia and China to water down a proposed UN resolution on Syria.
VancouverSun: Angry Syrian mob hurls eggs and tomatoes at U.S. ambassador
DailyBail: HE DID IT AGAIN - NYPD Thug Anthony Bologna Pepper Sprays Photographer At Wall Street Protests, Police Chief Ray Kelly Calls 1st Mace Incident 'Appropriate'
WilliamHogeland: “Occupy Wall Street” and the History of Democratic Finance Protest
Yemen Says Al-Qaida-linked Cleric Awlaki Killed  
MotherJones: Why #occupywallstreet Isn't Working 
UPI: Europe supports Palestinian statehood 
NYT: U.S. Recalibrates Remarks About Pakistan
NPR: US Missile Strike Kills 3 In Northwest Pakistan 
LegitGov: 800 additional U.S. military trainers to be sent to Afghanistan by March
LegitGov: Palestinians plan to oust Tony Blair as Middle East peace envoy over 'bias to Israel'
CNN: Palestinian statehood application goes to U.N. Security Council committee
ModernSurvivalBlog: Thousands of Missiles to Down Passenger Jets?
A terrorists dream. Thousands of heat seeking shoulder-fired surface-to-air missiles are missing from Libya. ABC news reports that there are concerns that some of the thousands of heat-seeking missiles could easily end up in the hands of al Qaeda or other terrorists groups, creating a threat to commercial airliners. (…ya think?)
MSNBC: US 'threat' of military action unites Pakistan - Accusations that the country is helping Afghan insurgents triggers backlash 
TheAtlantic: We Don't Give Out Foreign Aid to Make People Like Us
MSNBC: Syria regime loyalists pelt US envoy with eggs - Secretary of State Clinton condemns attack, demands protection of diplomats
DeclineoftheEmpire: On The Meaning Of "Occupy Wall Street"
IBTimes: Occupy Wall Street Protest: Why Reckless Bankers Still Owe America
GlobeandMail: Palestinians reject call for peace talks due to new Israeli housing
UPI: Occupy Wall Street gets union support

Financial News
GreekCrisis: How to stop a second Great Depression  by George Soros
EconoMonitor: This ‘competitiveness’ thing is a scam -  Rebecca Wilder - What is ‘competitiveness’? It’s an important part of the euro area leaders’ negotiated terms in the July 21st Summit announcement by the European Heads of State.
MyBudget360: The punishment of the American saver – JP Morgan Chase CEO makes 843 times the median household income and pays his Chase customers 0.01 percent on their savings.
USAToday: Federal retirement plans almost as costly as Social Security 
BusinessInsider: CITI: Policymakers Are Too Timid To Prevent The 'Nightmare Scenario' - The developed world is heading into recession and every major policymaking body is making the wrong moves.
Mish: Shilling Sees Evidence of Deflation in 5 of 7 Key Areas; Bernanke Begs Congress for Fiscal Stimulus, Admits Fed is Out of Bullets 
NYT: Outsize Severance, Even for Failed Executives - The golden goodbye has not gone away.  Just last week, Léo Apotheker was shown the door after a tumultuous 11-month run atop Hewlett-Packard. His reward? $13.2 million in cash and stock severance, in addition to a sign-on package worth about $10 million, according to a corporate filing on Thursday. 
BusinessInsider: 1,000,000 Economists Can Be Wrong: The Free Trade Fallacies
WSJ: Web Searches Cut Unemployment Duration by 25% 
BusinessInsider: And Now IBM Has Also Blown Past Microsoft, Becoming The Second-Most Valuable Tech Company In The World 
LAT: U.S. data point away from another recession - Gross domestic product rose at an annual rate of 1.3% in the second quarter, the Commerce Department said. Meanwhile, the Labor Department reports a drop in claims for unemployment benefits.

CommonDreams: Sorry, But This Trader’s Banking Confession Was No Prank - This week, an insignificant market trader and self-proclaimed financial self-help guru, Alessio Rastani, rocketed to stardom after speaking frankly on the BBC about the collapsing market and his plans to make money from it.

Brookings: China's Midterm Jockeying: Gearing Up for 2012 (Part 5: Party Apparatchiks) 
CSMonitor: Pay off school loans, or build up savings? - Debt priorities, size of emergency funds, and recommended board games are all topics in this week's mailbag
ChrisMartenson: The Economy is On the Ropes and Going Down 
Reuters: Analysis: Stagnant U.S. jobs market bodes ill for world economyReuters: Analysis: Stagnant U.S. jobs market bodes ill for world economy
Bloomberg: Europe Inflation Accelerates to Fastest Since 2008
Bloomberg: E&Y Says Greek Default Seems Unavoidable; Sees Risk of Recession 
CalculatedRisk: Kansas City Manufacturing Survey: Manufacturing activity expands "modestly" in September 
BusinessInsider: A Little Perspective On Those Morgan Stanley Credit Default Swaps Everyone's Talking About
WSJ: Obama: U.S. Has Become a ‘Little Soft’ 
Cryptogon: A Form of ‘Neo-Stagflation’ Has Emerged
CSMonitor: European debt crisis: Seven basics you need to know
Reuters: Strapped states crave bigger online tax bite
Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley Seen as Risky as Italian Banks
CatholicOnline: Bank of America has declared war--on America 
Economist'sView: Plosser: Recent Stimulus Will Hurt the Fed's Credibility
Reuters: Fed's Bullard worried by price expectations drop: report 
TheBarrel: Is Dodd-Frank the real jobs bill?
Project-Syndicate: A Free Lunch for America
WSJ: Banks Plan New Fees for Using Debit Cards  
SHTFPlan: The Savings of Millions of People are Going to Vanish in Less Than 12 Months
McClatchy: Foreigners filling temporary jobs at North Carolina farms
CNBC: Why the Fed's Zero Interest Rate Policy Isn't Working
CNBC: Goldman Sachs Sees 40% Risk of ‘Great Stagnation’

Peak oil and Energy News
EnergyBulletin: Peak oil - Sept 30
FuelFix: Explosions rock Shell’s Singapore refinery 
Platts: US ethanol production falls to its lowest level in year: EIA data
SaudiGazette: Some OPEC members may let oil below $90  
TheOilDrum: Deepwater GOM: Reserves versus Production - Part 1: Thunder Horse & Mars-Ursa

Bloomberg: Rare Earths Fall as Toyota Develops Alternatives: Commodities
MineWeb: Physical silver deliveries backing up as lower prices boost demand - Evidence suggests that the recent fall in the silver price has led to a sharp demand increase as deliveries come under pressure with many buyers and no sellers.
SHTFPlan: Media Lunacy: Gold Is Backed By Nothing, Unlike the US Dollar Which Is Backed by the American Government
MineWeb: Rio Tinto battles bad publicity in Mongolia - Rio Tinto has to win over MPs who oppose giving away most of the mine to foreign firms in its bid to persuade Mongolians the $10 billion Oyu Tolgoi copper deposit is in safe hands.

Environmental News
TheTelegraph: BP and Transocean argue over fresh Gulf of Mexico oil 'leaks' - The US Coast Guard has warned that more oil may have leaked from the Deepwater Horizon rig, causing a new round of finger-pointing between BP and Transocean. 
Statesman: Oil and gas group resists EPA proposed rules on fracking
ExtinctionProtocol: Mysterious boom and tremors rattle South Carolina 
CarepDiem: Legal Double Standard: Oil Companies Get Indicted for Bird Deaths While Wind Companies Get a Pass 
BeingWhereWeAre: The Plight of the Honeybee - Dan Rather did an excellent report on the honeybee crisis, also known as colony collapse disorder (CCD).  For several years, honeybee colonies have been dying off in alarming numbers but no one has been able to conclusively determine the cause.  Turns out that scientists within the EPA have been voicing concerns over a class of insecticides called  neonicotinoids since they came up for registration 15 years ago.  But, instead of asking for independent third party studies of the insecticides, EPA administrators accepted the studies done by the chemical companies themselves.  This, as was noted in the report, is like asking the foxes to design the chicken coop
NYT: A Pipeline Divides Along Old Lines: Jobs Versus the Environment
ExtinctionProtocol: Repeat: Philippines to be hit with back-to-back typhoons
DesdemonaDespair: Sharks in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in ‘quite rapid’ decline
DiscoveryNews: Shark Fans and Victims United Against PETA
SeattleTimes: Report: EPA cut corners on climate finding - The Obama administration cut corners before concluding that climate-change pollution can endanger human health, a key finding underpinning costly new regulations, an internal government watchdog said Wednesday.
Shine: Is this chicken too sexy? PETA thinks so.
 DesdemonaDespair: Arctic ice shelves have lost half of their size in six years

America in Decline
MSNBC: Ala. police to enforce America's 'strongest' immigration law - Beginning Thursday, authorities can question people suspected of being in the country illegally and hold them without bond
DeclineoftheEmpire: More Signs Of Decay In America
SHTFPlan: New Homeland Security Fence to Prevent Illegal Crossings… On Canadian Border 
MSNBC: Beachside fixer-upper among offerings in $22 billion federal garage saleRevenue-raising plan wins bipartisan support but faces a lot of red tape
The island that houses the Plum Island Animal Disease Center Building 257, closed in 1995 in New York, is being marketed by the federal government as 840 acres of "sandy shoreline, beautiful views and a harbor," but needing "biohazard remediation."
EconHautauqua: US Becomes a Center of Poverty-wage Manufacturing
Cryptogon: Police Device Used To Steal Your Cell Phone Data During Traffic Stop

Food and Water
MSNBC: E. coli scare prompts Tyson to recall ground beef
BigPictureAgriculture: The U.S. Corn Crop Accounts for 65% of Nitrogen Use by Farmers
DesdemonaDespair: Graph of the Day: Global Food Security Levels in the Face of High Food Prices

Science and Technology
YahooNews: Another Dead Satellite to Fall From Space in November
PopSci: Fermilab Stops Smashing Hadrons, Looks Into Smashing Muons
TechReview: A Simple Way to Boost Battery Storage - A stretchy binder material that's compatible with existing factories could help electric cars and portable electronics go 30 percent longer.
Kurzweil: Nissan teams up with EPFL for BMI-assisted driving
ScientificAmerican:Error and Trial: Italian Scientists Face Prison as Earthquake Manslaughter Hearing Resumes This Weekend - Six renowned geophysicists are on the hot seat, but is it for failing to predict an earthquake, or failing to clearly communicate their findings?
CassandraLegacy: Laughing with neutrinos 
Wired: Jargon Watch: Flytilla, Botcloud, Dot-Brand
McClatchy: Fermilab loses stature with closing of accelerator
ScientificAmerican: Geothermal Power Plants Could Help Produce Lithium for Electric CarsA new process aims to extract lithium from the brines used to generate electricity in a geothermal power plant

Medical and Health
KurzweilAI: Fed-funded research: magic mushrooms create ‘openness’
M&C: Woman had ‘Uniboob’ After Botched Plastic Surgery [NSFW] 
ScientificAmerican: Why Are More Deaths Expected in the Cantaloupe-Related Listeria Outbreak? - The CDC explains why this is the deadliest foodborne illness outbreak in more than a decade

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
CanadianDoomer: Sweet Potatoes - Did you know?
ModernSurvivalBlog: Review: Freeze Dried 25-Year Storage Food
ModernSurvivalOnline: Video of the Week: Firemaking wth RobwithaB #1

Other News
Time: Why Fewer Young American Jews Share Their Parents' View of Israel 
Time: Escaping from Burma but Falling into Slavery
Wired: Sept. 30, 1861: A Novelist With a Nose for Disaster
SOTT: COINTELPRO: Pied piper Charlie Veitch pulls a 9/11 U-turn, says people who disbelieve official story are part of 'paranoid cult'

BusinessInsider: STUDY: This Is The Worst Place To Live In Western Europe
It sucks to be British, according to a new report at Western Europe's quality of life by USwitch, a company that seeks to help consumers understand how to make better choices.
Metro: Runaway cow secures TV deal after wreaking havoc in shopping centre
A runaway cow that walked into Intersport in an Austrian shopping centre and wreaked havoc has been offered a TV deal by the top sports company.
MSNBC: Feds snare nearly 3,000 criminal immigrants
ICE: 'Convicted criminal aliens' and 'those that game our nation's immigration system' targeted

NYT: Phony Fear Factor, by Paul Krugman - After spending a year and a half talking about deficits, deficits, deficits when we should have been talking about jobs, job, jobs we’re finally back to discussing the right issue.  Listen to just about any speech by a Republican presidential hopeful, and you’ll hear assertions that the Obama administration is responsible for weak job growth. How so? The answer, repeated again and again, is that businesses are afraid to expand and create jobs because they fear costly regulations and higher taxes. Nor are politicians the only people saying this. Conservative economists repeat the claim in op-ed articles, and Federal Reserve officials repeat it to justify their opposition to even modest efforts to aid the economy. The first thing you need to know, then, is that there’s no evidence supporting this claim and a lot of evidence showing that it’s false ... as a new paper by Lawrence Mishel of the Economic Policy Institute documents at length. So Republican assertions about what ails the economy are pure fantasy, at odds with all the evidence. Should we be surprised?
RawStory: Democrats call for investigation of Justice Clarence Thomas - Twenty House Democrats called Thursday on the U.S. Judicial Conference to formally request that the U.S. Department of Justice investigate Justice Clarence Thomas's non-compliance with the Ethics in Government Act of 1978.

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TinfoilPalace:"Rebellion Has Arrived In America"
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Hubberts-Arms:6 strange sightings from the CIA's declassified UFO files 
SilentCountry: Goodbye Dear Cornelian
SilentCountry:US 'threat' of military action unites Pakistan

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