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Here's a little something from Kunstler to start the day.
It was amusing to see President Obama try to align himself with the OWS movement. The genial Millard Fillmore update asked them not to "demonize those who work on Wall Street." Of course, demonization proceeds from the failure of this president and his appointed agents in authority to subject those who work on Wall Street to the laws that mere mortals are supposed to follow in money matters. Hence, those who work on Wall Street appear to be something other than mortals. And since their work (on Wall Street) has had a malign influence on the common weal, some might leap to the conclusion that they are malevolent non-mortals, i.e. demons.

Sincerest thanks to RJ  at Global Glass Onion and  the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer, for their contributions and help. If you missed RJ's Friday wrap up, Week ending Oct. 15 , be sure to take a min. or hour, and go by and check it out, and our own Ozarker had a wonderful post up Saturday titled, "No People Were Harmed in the Making of This Plot" a great read as always!

Global Conflict
AlJazeera: Egypt's government: designed for dictatorship - Will Egypt's parliamentary elections bring the change needed or simply rebuild a defunct system of government?
AlJazeera: 'Paramilitaries' rise from Mexico's cartels - Gangs are moving from fighting for trafficking routes to asserting control over territory, and analysts are worried.
CNN: Women march in Yemen's capital
NYT: Iran Accuses U.S. of Trying to Sow Regional Discord
TheGuardian: Ahmadinejad likens claims of Iranian assassination plot to Iraq WMD
Iranian president says US claims of Iranian involvement in an alleged plot to kill Saudi ambassador will prove false
CNN: Wall Street demonstrations start second month
GlobeAndMail: Why did Occupy Wall Street take so long to happen? - In fact the real question about the exciting, disturbing, sometimes baffling and definitely growing Occupy Wall Street movement is not, what do they actually want, but what took them so long?

Hacker News
(make of this what you will)
DHS: Anonymous Interested in Hacking Nation’s Infrastructure

The hacker collective known as Anonymous has expressed interest in hacking industrial systems that control critical infrastructures, such as gas and oil pipelines, chemical plants and water and sewage treatment facilities, according to a Department of Homeland Security bulletin.
But DHS doubts the anarchic group has the necessary skills. At least for now.

Financial News
Bloomberg: Central Banks Sell Most U.S. Bonds Since 2007 as Funds Buy
TheHill: K Street money flowing into deficit panel 
Bloomberg: Germany Shoots Down ‘Dreams’ of Swift Fix
Forbes: Steve Jobs' estate not likely to owe tax - Estimates put his net worth around $7 billion 
CBS: Social Security COLA Increase Expected, First Since 2009 
Slate: Why Wall Street Hates Obama - The explanation is surprisingly simple.
RealEstateEconomyWatch: Americans Double Up to Make Do
During the Depression, few American homes had an empty bedroom.  The housing recession of the past four years has made empty spare rooms a luxury again by freezing families in place for years and limiting their housing choices.
The latest numbers from Census’ Current Population Survey found there are more than 3 million more “doubled-up” households, homes occupied by at least one “additional” adult, a person age 18 or older who is not enrolled in school and is not the householder or spouse.
DSNews: Barclays Expects 'Triple-Dip' With Another 7% Drop in Home Prices 
GlobeAndMail: Before changing jobs, read the contract fine print 
SunSentinel: 'Shadow inventory' of homes could topple real-estate recovery
NYT: The Top 1%: Executives, Doctors and Bankers
CanadianBusiness: Deadbeat state: Ill. owes billions in unpaid bills
CreditWritedowns: A Douse of Cold Water
MoneyMorning: Derivatives: The $600 Trillion Time Bomb That's Set to Explode - Do you want to know the real reason banks aren't lending and the PIIGS have control of the barnyard in Europe?
It's because risk in the $600 trillion derivatives market isn't evening out. To the contrary, it's growing increasingly concentrated among a select few banks, especially here in the United States.
NPR: Income Disparity And The 'Price Of Civilization'
MoneyLand: Higher Prices: The Odd Reward for Being a Loyal Customer
Reuters: Moody's warns France on possible negative outlook - Moody's warned on Monday it may slap a negative outlook on France's Aaa credit rating in the next three months if the costs for helping to bail out banks and other euro zone members stretch its budget too much.
NYT: Germany Lowers Expectations for E.U. Summit
Krugman: Surprise Anti-Austerians - It is indeed a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world. Right now, the two most prominent institutions calling for an end to the disastrous turn to short-run austerity are … Goldman Sachs and the International Monetary Fund.
Stateline: Auditors: All states receive extra highway money

Peak oil and Energy News
TechReview: Small Nukes Get Boost
Fluor, the engineering giant, is investing $30 million to rescue the struggling startup NuScale.
NYT: Ending Dispute, Well Partner Settles With BP for $4 Billion - LONDON — The British oil company BP said Monday that a partner in the well that exploded last year in the Gulf of Mexico, Anadarko Petroleum, had agreed to pay $4 billion to settle claims related to the ensuing oil spill. 
TheOidDrum: Countdown to $100 Oil - No Normal Recession
EnergyCollective: The Smart Grid Offers a Glimpse into the Internet of Things
(ok, this just sounds creepy)
Smart Grid deployments are not only delivering improved energy security, grid reliability, and consumer control to us, they are bringing the Internet of Things closer to reality.  The Internet of Things (IoT) is defined in the Smart Grid Dictionary as a conceptual description of the ability to connect any objects with an IP address and some level of embedded intelligence to the communications network.  Embedded intelligence can include localization, sensing, identification, security, networking, processing, and control.
BismarkTribune: North Dakota likely to pass Calif. as oil producer this year
Reuters: Analysis: Libya oil fields face guerrilla war threat
- Pro-Gaddafi fighters may resort to hit-and-run guerilla attacks against Libyan politicians, foreign workers and oil installations in the remote southwestern Fezzan district if they are driven from their last bastions, risk consultants say.
OilPrice.com: New Natural Gas Deposit Discovered in Ukraine

Environmental News
M 5.1, Near East Coast of Honshu, Japan

M 5.1, New Britain Region, P.N.G.
Weather.com: Dust Storm Rolls Through Texas South Plains
A thick cloud of dust covers everything in sight during a dust storm on Monday. (Credit: Lockerz, Twitter.com/SFEwingIV)
MSNBC: Dust storm roils through Texas South Plains - Store clerk in Lubbock: 'It went from light to dark, just like that'

ExtinctionProtocol: More cyclones than usual are on the way to Australian coast 
Atlantic: Oil Spill Disaster on New Zealand Shoreline 
EnergyCollective: Can Geoengineering Combat Climate Change?
Climate change threatens an increasing list of worst-case scenarios: melting ice caps, rising sea levels, longer droughts, and more violent storms. Climate scientists have largely focused on reducing emissions to counter global warming, but a growing number view geoengineering as the Earth’s last, best line of defense. 
CrooksAndLiars: Senators Point Out Firm With Ties To TransCanada Was Chosen To Do XL Pipeline Environmental Impact Study. Conflict Much?
Whitehouse.gov: Illinois Team Wins Prize for Innovative Oil Spill Cleanup Technology
NewYorker: Billions And Billions - Sometime on October 31st, the world’s population will hit seven billion. Depending on how you look at things, it has taken humanity a long time to reach this landmark, or practically no time at all.

America in Decline
Cryptogon: Facebook Accused of Violating U.S. Wiretap Law
ChinaDaily: US cities face fiscal cirsis
CourierPostOnline: Feds may freeze N.J. heating aid
WASHINGTON — Congress is proposing to cut a popular program that's expected to help more than 1 million low-income New Jerseyans pay their heating bills this winter.
Cuts to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program could reduce or eliminate aid to thousands of laid-off workers, retirees living on fixed incomes and struggling families with young children, advocates say.
PCMag: Verizon Wireless Now Collecting Your Web, Location, App Data News & Opinion - For the last month, Verizon Wireless has been notifying customers through email of a major change to its default privacy setting: it will begin collecting your Web browsing history, cell phone location and app usage, for third-party marketing purposes. 
IBTimes: America’s biggest growth industry: declinism
The opinions expressed are her own.
Conservative agitator Pat Buchanan’s new book says America might not survive until 2025; it’s called “The Suicide of a Superpower.” Even less alarmist observers are suddenly sounding a lot like Buchanan, as economists now predict that China may surpass the United States as the world’s largest economy a lot sooner than we thought, and important conferences are convened to deal with what Fareed Zakaria memorably dubbed “the post-American world.”

Food and Water
Cryptogon: Organic Farming vs. Conventional Farming: Results of a 30 Year Study
Time: Why the World May Be Running Out of Clean Water
A parched lake in Texas illustrates the effects of a record-breaking drought that hit the state and much of the American Southwest this year Albert Cesare / The Odessa American / AP

CapitalPress: New farmers face old woes
Statesman: Texas ranchers, farmers, seeing record losses in grip of drought, say, 'These are desperate times'

Science and Technology
WiredScience: Dark Matter: Now More Mysterious Than Ever
Wired: Paging Jesse Ventura: Iowa Guard Builds Predator-Style Ammo Packs
Remember that scene in the movie Predator, when Jesse Ventura is unleashing his M-134 mini-gun into the forest? It was being fed by an ammo box strapped to his back. Turns out, that wasn’t an actual piece of Army kit, at least until members of the Iowa National Guard created it themselves.

Medical and Health
LAT: Republicans lay groundwork for healthcare repeal - Seeing a chance to regain power next year, GOP activists are making sure they're ready to act on a full rollback of President Obama's overhaul.
CNN: Get bumpers out of cribs, doctor group urges

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
SHTFPlan: Just for Women: 23 Truths about Firearms

Other News
NYPost: 'Transformers' star LaBeouf beatdown
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Actor Shia LaBeouf was knocked to the ground and repeatedly punched in the head during a wild brawl outside a nightclub in Vancouver, British Columbia.
NBC: Thieves steal truck with President's equipment

MotherJones: Huckabee to Anti-Union Crowd: Deflate Car Tires and Mislead Voters

Former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has some advice for people who support the anti-union law passed in Ohio that faces a statewide repeal vote on November 8: Find out who's voting to repeal the bill and block them from ballot box. The onetime Arkansas governor suggested deflating tires and giving these voters the wrong election date. "That's up to you, how you creatively get the job done," Huckabee quipped.
McClatchy: Despite tea party's plea, Perry unlikely to call santuary cities special session
ABCNews: Ron Paul’s Economic Plan Eliminates Department of Education and 5 Others
USAToday: Poll: Washington to blame more than Wall Street for economy

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:Willpower is simply about.....blood glucose levels
TinfoilPalace:New book claims Hitler and Eva Braun fled Berlin and died (divorced) of old age in Argentina 
TheOilAge:You’re fucked, that’s what!
TheOilAge:Egyptian army massacres protesters
Hubberts-Arms:Peak Coal Hits Appalachia
Hubberts-Arms:Fukushima Reactor 1 core has now reached groundwater!
SilentCountry:Womens' issues
SilentCountry: Lights out in the U.K.

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