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LegitGov: Fukushima, Tokyo saw fewer births in April-June amid radiation fears

Global Conflict
USAToday: Man charged with Obama assassination attempt
JerusalemPost: Israel watches as world rejects strict sanctions on Iran
BlackListedNews: Pentagon successfully tests hypersonic flying bomb Muslim activists discouraging people from reporting terrorism concerns to police after learning NYPD spies on them
NYT: Nuclear Watchdog Seeks Consensus on Iran 
AFP: Egypt protesters stage anti-military rally 
CNN: Massive demo in Cairo's Tahrir Square - Tens of thousands of Egyptians turned out in Cairo's Tahrir Square on Friday to protest plans for a constitution that would shield the military...
Reuters: China's Wen warns "outside forces" off sea dispute - Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said on Friday that "outside forces" had no excuse to get involved in a complex dispute over the South China Sea, offering a veiled warning to the United States and others not to stick their noses into the sensitive issue.
BusinessInsider: The US Is Now One Step Closer To Blowing Up Anyplace In The World In Under An Hour 
SeattlePI: Egyptians protest against more powers to military 
VancouverSun: U.S. defence chief calls China, India 'threats' 
Telegraph: Saudi royal family split by Crown Prince appointment - The tightly managed Saudi royal family has been split by the decision to appoint a hardline conservative as Crown Prince, with a senior prince resigning from its innermost council. 

DylanRatigan: Verizon Building a Projection Screen Thanks to Occupy Wall Street  
USAToday: Dozens of Occupy protesters arrested Occupy protesters march nationwide; many arrested
LAT: Occupy LA: Protesters to seek restraining order against police 
Wired: Here’s What The Occupy Wall Street Raid Looked Like Through Cellphones

NYT: Clashes and More Than 240 Arrests on Protest’s ‘Day of Action’ 

Financial News
CharlesHughSmith: The Interests of Global Elites Are Diverging
JournalofCommerce: Long Beach Container Traffic Plunges 20 Percent 
WashingtonPost: Supercommittee appears unlikely to reach agreement
BusinessInsider: US Debt To GDP Hits 102% And Rising
IBTimes: Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists 
SHTFPlan: The Good News Is Consumer Spending Is Up; The Bad News Is…
ExtinctionProtocol: The next financial crisis will be ‘hellish’ warns asset manager
DeclineoftheEmpire: The Monthly Retail Sales Celebration 
SeattleTimes: Italian leader Monti faces second confidence vote 
AJC: Balanced budget vote will be close, but goal is far away 
BusinessInsider: Republicans May Have Totally Killed The Solyndra Scandal By Bullying Steven Chu 
Zerohedge: Another Tough Month For Tilson As CNBC's Favorite Buffett-Worshipper Is Down Over 24% YTD 
CalculatedRisk: Credit Stress Indicators 
NYT: Words of a Euro Doomsayer Have New Resonance
Yahoo: Deep spending cuts pose a new threat to US economy
HuffingtonPost: Foreclosure Crisis Is Far From Over, Report Finds - Five years in, the nation is less than halfway through its foreclosure crisis, the nonpartisan Center for Responsible Lending warned in a report released Thursday. "For people that think we're out of the woods, they need to kind of rethink that premise,"
Atlantic: 68% of the Sons of the 1% Work at Their Dad's Company  - Nepotism and wealth go together according to a study published in the Journal of Labor Economics.

BusinessInsider: More Proof That Americans Are Workaholics Who Don't Know How To Take A Break - Even though American workers get, on average, fewer paid vacation days that workers in most other developed nations, they aren't using them up.

Peak oil and Energy News
EarlyWarning: Saudi Oil Production Declining - Saudi oil production has been declining modestly for the last 2-3 months (depending on your preferred data source) while the oil rig count in country has continued to increase.
TheOilDrum: The Energy Return of Norwegian Oil and Gas Production
EnergyBulletin: Peak oil - Nov 17
PeakOIl: Peak Oil Futures: UK Scenarios up to 2030
Platts: Saudi Aramco CEO says expects oil prices to remain 'healthy' 
Permaculture: The Big Solar Backtrack 
GlobeandMail: OPEC considers lowering oil output forecast 
Reuters: WRAPUP 1-Kurd, Baghdad oil officials meet on Exxon spat 
UPI: U.S. ties geopolitics to energy

Mineweb: World's largest gear-driven mills for Latin American copper project
Mineweb: Uranium: Swords to plowshares program ends

Environmental News
M 5.0, New Britain Region, P.N.G.
M 5.9, Off E. Coast of N. Island, N.Z. DesdemonaDespair: Illegal caviar trade threatens endangered Danube sturgeons
DesdemonaDespair: Amphibians face ‘terrifying’ rate of extinction
VancouverSun: Six U.S. states abandon carbon-trade partnership 

America in Decline
Cryptogon: Is the U.S. Getting Domestic Indefinite Military Detention for Thanksgiving?
RitHoltz: The US is Now a Corporate Monarchy 
CommonDreams: No Speedy Trial for Bradley Manning; Now in Pre-Trial Confinement for 560 Days - 3 of 34 Arrested for Protesting Manning’s Quantico Pre-Trial Conditions Found Guilty of Obstruction of Traffic-$15 Fine 
MotherJones: Being Poor in America Really Sucks - There's voluminous evidence demonstrating that income inequality has skyrocketed in the United States over the past few decades and is now higher than in virtually every other developed country. This might not be all that bad if income mobility had also increased, but a number of recent studies have shown just the opposite: at best, mobility is no better than it's ever been, and it might actually have decreased a bit. Generally speaking, the rich are a lot richer than they used to be, and unless you start in an upper middle class family to begin with, the odds of ever joining the ranks of the rich have gone down. But why?
Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Agritechnica 2011: Testosterone on Display. Size Matters.
If the Agritechnica show truly reveals to us the direction that agriculture is headed, then, it is obvious that the theme is "The Big are Getting...

Science and Technology
PopSci: Image Recognition Software Can Help Cops ID Gang Graffiti Automatically
ArchaeologyNewsNetwork: Israelis mapping Mount of Olives necropolis

Medical and Health
HealthZone: What a woman’s brain looks like on sex (hehehe)
M&C: Starting at the bottom - Africa needs better toilets: report
SOTT: Give Ritalin to Four-Year-Olds with ADHD, Say Expert 
MedicalXPress: Today's teens will die younger of heart disease
EarlyWarning: US Mental Health Drug Usage

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: This Is What’s Wrong In America!
ModernSurvivalBlog: Moving? Consider the State Firearms Laws

Other News
LAT: Prop. 8 ruling: State officials can't veto voter-approved measures
SOTT: Hysteria Alert!: UK doctors call for ban on smoking in cars
BlackListedNews: Australia at the very center of a new world order.
Hosted: Crystal Cathedral to be sold to Catholic diocese
CNN: Charter jet passengers hit up for cash mid-flight  - Passengers aboard two chartered jetliners from India to Britain were hit up for about $200 each, in cash, to continue their trip this week in what one flier compared to a hostage situation.
Spiegel: A Passion for Bigfoot - Hiking the Redwoods with California's 'Squatchers'
RawStory: Syracuse puts coach on leave over abuse probe

CBSNeews: Obama, Dems slam balanced budget amendment
BusinessInsider: 2012 Diva Herman Cain Is Getting His Own Secret Service Detail - CNN reports that 2012 presidential wild card Herman Cain will become the first GOP candidate to get his very own Secret Service detail

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: WTH Is It With These Ludicrous Teachers and Coaches?!
TinfoilPalace: GE Filed 57,000-Page Tax Return, Paid No Taxes on $14 Billion in Profits
TheOilAge: We’re In The Middle Of A Run On Europe—And It’s Gonna Get... 
TheOilAge: Israel imposes heavy sentence on army whistle-blower 
HubbertsArms: OWS: "In a few days you’re going to see what a Moltov cocktail can do to Macy's" 
HubbertsArms: Germany's secret plans to derail a British referendum on the EU 
SilentCountry: Have we reached the next BIG leg down
SilentCountry: Tea Bagger Deadbeats

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