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I hope you are all going to have a great day tomorrow. I won't be posting tomorrow because I'll be stuffing my face. With low fat stuffing stuff of course, LOL.
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Also, this just in! A great essay by our own Professor Guy McPherson!
I really thought it was just lovely.

Falling in love again

When I was young, I fell in the love with the girl next door. Well, maybe it wasn’t love. But she was lovely and it felt like love, to my young heart. It wasn’t about sex, although she was sexy. Color me smitten.

Thanks to RJ  at Global Glass Onion and  the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer, for their contributions and help. Be sure to check out their great blogs today! And if you haven't visited the blogs linked at the bottom of the post, what are you waiting for!!! LOL Git 'er done!

Cryptogon: Japan: 8% of Country’s Surface Area Contaminated with Radioactive Fallout from Fukushima Disaster

Global Conflict
SeattlePI: Hague prosecutor seeks fair trial for Gadhafi son 
Atlantic: 'Lone Wolf' Bomb Suspect Needed a Lot of Help from the the NYPD
BusinessInsider: Russian President Threatens To Target U.S. Missile Defense Sites 

RawStory: Egyptian activist: U.S.-supplied teargas ‘clinging to my lungs’
CBSNews: Yemen's Saleh signs deal handing over power
WashingtonPost: Egyptian military enforces calm in Tahrir Square
WashingtonPost: Iran's president says West needs to prove Tehran's alleged nuclear weapons program
Reuters: Egypt's military ruler battles with Mubarak comparison
LegitGov: Guantanamo authorities reading attorney-client mail, lawyers say
CNN: Military police try to halt Cairo protests
Telegraph: Repression worse now than under Mubarak, says report
Amnesty International on Tuesday accused Egypt's rulers of levels of brutality that sometimes exceed those of Hosni Mubarak's regime, saying that the hopes of protesters had been "crushed" since the former president was forced to step down.
WashingtonPost: Husain Haqqani, Pakistan's ambassador to the United States, quits amid scandal
Time: As Thousands Protest in Cairo, Egypt's Military Changes Its Plans
NYT: Deal to Hasten Transition in Egypt Is Jeered at Protests

LegitGov: Guantanamo authorities reading attorney-client mail, lawyers say
Reuters: Three U.S. students held in Egypt over protests
Zerohedge: "No Fly Zone" Over Syria Imminent? 
WashingtonPost: Egyptian generals pledge to cede power early 
Fox: Israel Expects 'Grave Erosion' in Peace Pact With Egypt 
SydneyMorningHerald: Assad urged to avoid Libyan leader's fate 
BlacklistedNews: Leaving Iraq, US Plans to Send Troops to Kuwait, Drones to Texas & Turkey 
LegitGov: Bush, Blair Found Guilty of War Crimes 
SeattleTimes: US steps up criticism of Egypt's leaders
The Obama administration on Tuesday sharply stepped up its criticism of Egypt's ruling council for its role in a wave of violence that has left 29 dead in the last four days, and demanded that military leaders hand over power to civilians as promised before July. 
NYT: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S. Is Forced Out
TheAtlantic: Something the Pakistani Army Should Really Worry About

LAT: Occupy LA protesters say city wants them out by Monday
Reuters: Pepper spray outrage
NYT: California’s Campus Movements Dig In Their Heels
LegitGov.: Lt John Pike Pepper Spray Attack Prompts UC Davis General Strike Monday
RawStory: ‘Occupy’ marchers from New York reach D.C.
SOTT: Anonymous targets pepper-spraying policeman
SFGate: Police crackdowns on Occupy camps are real threat
CNN: Open Story: Occupy Wall Street protests
CNN: 'Occupy' protesters disrupt Obama speech 
LAT: UC Davis chancellor: Police defied my orders by using pepper spray

Hacker News
Wired: Confusion Center: Feds Now Say Hacker Didn't Destroy Water Pump

Financial News
YahooNews: As Time Ran Out, Super Committee Watched Football, Hung Around in Bars
Now that there's nothing left to be secretive about, Super Committee Democrats and Republicans are sharing details about the deficit-reduction panel's fabulous collapse with members of the press. In short: the committee's failure to come up with $1.2 trillion in deficit savings was not for lack of food, beer, changes of scenery or sideshow entertainment.
BusinessInsider: FOMC MINUTES OUT EARLY: Some Members Favored More Easing
Zerohedge: Goldman Finally Capitulates: Closes EURUSD Trade At 2.3% Loss
Spiegel: Europe Short on Cash as Bond Fears Deepen
Zerohedge: A Compendium Of Unforeseen (NOT!) Risk In Today's MSM Headlines on Europe, China & Banks - Meaty Reading For The Holidays
Barron's: Stocks Heading Over the Edge
GlobeandMail: Germany warns no ‘bazooka' for debt crisis  
CNNMoney: Bank of America stock near 2-year low
GlobeandMail: China data fuel fears of global recession  
WSJ: Fate of 2012 Unemployment Extension Gets Cloudier 
Time: Think Black Friday Has the Cheapest Prices? Think Again
BlackListedNews: AIG Sues U.S. Taxpayers for 25 Billion…Really.
CalculatedRisk: State Unemployment Rates "little changed or slightly lower" in October

CharlesHughSmith: What's Lost With the Demise of the Euro? Only What Was Unsustainable

CharlesHughSmith: Some Heretical Thoughts on the U.S. Dollar
Krugman: Neo-Calvinists and the Euro Crisis
Time: Was the Government Bailout of AIG Illegal?
MarketWatch: Debt crisis now at German doorstep
AsiaTimes: Proposed sale of Taiwan raises no laughs - A recent New York Times op-ed article by Paul Kane, a former international security fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, has hit a raw nerve. Kane called on United States President Barack Obama to end military support for Taiwan in exchange for China forgiving the US$1.14 trillion of American debt it currently holds. "With a single bold act, President Obama could correct the country's course, help assure his re-election, and preserve our children's future," Kane baffled his readers. As absurd the plea appears, and although the author has since declared his op-ed a satire, it seems the idea was not as fanciful as it seemed. 
MarginalRevolution: We’re going to see a lot more part-time employment - This is from a few weeks’ back and I had been meaning to cover it: Wal-Mart will drop health insurance benefits for its part-time workers, the New York Times reports this morning. Sarah Kliff offers related comment:The [ACA] law, however, is largely silent on the subject of part-time workers, and there are no penalties for not offering them coverage. That makes the divide between “full time” and “part time” a key distinction for the health-care law, and one the Obama administration is fine-tuning. It will not be an easy fine tune.
ChrisMartenson: The New Price Era of Oil and Gold
EarlyWarning: European Industrial Orders Cliff Dive in Sep

TruthOut: The Supercommittee Should Go Really Big and Turn Against the 1 Percent

WSJ: Consumers May Be Spending More, but They’re Not Happy About - Consumers are spending more this year, but that doesn’t mean they’re happy about it. One of the enduring mysteries in the U.S. economy in recent months has been the apparent disconnect between how consumers feel and how they actually behave. Each month brings new reports of Americans’ gloom — the major consumer sentiment indexes have been mired in recessionary territory for months — and yet actual spending has continued to rise. New data from Gallup helps illustrate, if not necessarily explain, what’s going on.
Zerohedge: From Bad To Worse As Europe Opens 
CalculatedRisk: Q3 real GDP growth revised down to 2.0% annualized rate 
BusinessInsider: YIKES: Credit Risk Looks Even Worse Than Last Time Greece Almost Defaulted - The TED spread—a leading indicator of general credit risk in the economy—is blowing out, surpassing levels it saw last time Greece.. 
FiredogLake: Obama Threatens Veto on Undoing Trigger Cuts - President Obama positioned himself well politically in his statement on the demise of the Super Committee yesterday, particularly with this passage: One way or another, we will be trimming the deficit by a total of at least $2.2 trillion over the next 10 years. That’s going to happen, one way or another. We’ve got $1 trillion locked in, and either Congress comes up with $1.2 trillion, which so far they’ve failed to do, or the sequester kicks in and these automatic spending cuts will occur that bring in an additional $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction. Now, the question right now is whether we can reduce the deficit in a way that helps the economy grow, that operates with a scalpel, not with a hatchet, and if not, whether Congress is willing to stick to the painful deal that we made in August for the automatic cuts. Already, some in Congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts.  My message to them is simple: No. I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts to domestic and defense spending. There will be no easy off ramps on this one. If you read on, however, you find that Obama has no problem with changing the trigger cuts, as long as it’s a “balanced” plan of the same value. In other words, those who want to avert the defense trigger are going to have to raise taxes. And, as Obama says, “they’ve still got a year to figure it out.” 
GlobeandMail: Euro zone factory orders tumble  
TheTelegraph: US economy grew slower than expected in Q3 - The US economy grew slower than predicted over the third quarter as struggling businesses spent less on stocking shelves.
Reuters: Fed to test six big U.S. banks for Euro stress
Reuters: Afghanistan will need $7 billion a year over next decade: WB - Afghanistan is likely to need around $7 billion a year from the international community to help pay its security and other bills long after foreign troops leave, even if two large mines start production as planned, the World Bank said on Tuesday. That annual spending, projected for the decade to 2021, does not include the cost of thousands of foreign troops expected to stay in Afghanistan to support and train Afghan forces after 2014, the deadline for NATO-led combat soldiers to return home. 

Peak oil and Energy News
EnergyBulletin: Peak oil gets pepper sprayed
TheOilDrum: Deepwater GOM: Reserves versus Production - Part 3: Older Fields and Conclusion
ScientificAmerican: Will Energy Storage Play a Big Role in the Electric Grid?
VancouverSun: Oilsands output apt to triple by 2035, NEB reports 
CNBC: Oil Has No Supply Problem, Dicker Says 
UPI: Exxon: Efficiency isn't a luxury 
UPI: Saudi Aramco refocuses spending plans 
Reuters: Renewable energy becoming cost competitive, IEA says

Mineweb: The "Moses" generation and the future of gold - Alf Field
"I have come out of retirement for this one off, once only, speech to warn that the good ship "Life As We Know It" is sinking. You have the choice of getting into a life boat now or going down with the ship. The life boats consist of precious metals and other assets that will survive the coming currency destruction." [Let me explain.]
Environmental News
M 5.1, Northern Chile
M 4.7, West Chile Rise CNN: 6.2-magnitude quake hits Bolivia
ExtinctionProtocol: Rumblings underground: East India region hit by 23 minor tremors a day
CBS: Sticky goo disables more than 100 cars in Pa.
 A flood of gooey muck dropped from a tanker truck disabled more than 100 cars and damaged an unknown number of other vehicles along a nearly 40-mile stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, officials said.
BBC: 'Brinicle' ice finger of death filmed in Antarctic - (amazing story and video!)
DesdemonaDespair: Graph of the Day: Temporal Change of Krill and Salps in the Southern Ocean, 1926-2003
HuffingtonPost: Greenhouse Gases Hit Record Levels; Concentrations Exceed Scientists' Worst-Case Scenarios  
YahooNews: Climate Study Finds Mysterious Rise in Erratic Weather - The world isn't just warming, in parts of the planet the weather is becoming more erratic, new research indicates. 

America in Decline
NYDailyNews; Fox News viewers don't know current events: study
AlterNet: Horrific Peek into Women's Prisons Finds: "Sisters, Fighting For Our Lives Together'New book offers a horrific peek behind the walls of US prisons and reveals the human rights violations suffered by women in confinement.
Reuters: Republicans urge stronger anti-terrorism laws
LegitGov: TSA officer charged with sexual assault
Time: Watch: America's 'New Poor' Struggle to Survive In Fresno
NYT: A Failure Is Absorbed With Disgust and Fear, but Little Surprise - Does the American political system even work anymore?
PopSci: Nation's Densest Network of License Plate Data-Trackers Raises Privacy Concerns
In Washington, D.C., where there are plenty of powerful people and precious places to protect, the cops have lots of high-tech tools at their disposal. But one tool, automatic license plate readers, could become much more than a crime-prevention device. D.C. police maintain the country’s densest network of plate readers, and keep a three-year database of license plate locations — meaning they can track where everyone’s car is, all the time, whether at the grocery store, an ammunition shop or Planned Parenthood.
SOTT: US: Harold Rodman, TSA worker, arrested for sexual assault

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: A World Map of Regional Food Security Challenges (CGIAR) - Achieving Food Security in the Face of Climate ChangeThe following graphic from CGIAR illustrates global regional examples of threats from climate.
Politico: Chipping away at farmer payments
Zerohedge: Bull Market in Food : Rosenberg and Hendry on Ag
Statesman: Parched Texas town wants pipeline in state park

Science and Technology
ArchaeologyNewsNetwork: 'Earliest' evidence of human violence
MSNBC: Europeans report contact with Russia's stranded Mars probe  - Two weeks after launch, ground station in Australia hears from stranded Phobos-Grunt craft
PopSci: Lost Mars Probe Briefly Phones Home, But the Window to Save the Phobos-Grunt Mission is Closing
TimeVideo: The Surveillance Hummingbird: Watch It Fly and Spy 
MSNBCPhotoBlog: Life and death in the galaxy next door 
SOTT: Old coins force re-think on Jerusalem's Western Wall 

Medical and Health
WBIR: Honoring the dead: Inside a Body Farm memorial service
M&C: South African doctor warns against using circumcision to fight HIV
CNN: Merck to pay $950 million for illegal marketing of Vioxx
PopSci: Electronic Contact Lenses Tested Successfully in Real Live Eyes
TechReview: Exposing the Cost of Health Care
MSNBC: Sharp rise in hospitalizations tied to energy drinks 
CNN: Coffee may reduce women's cancer risk  
CNN: Keep holiday food away from your pooch 
TheChart: Canned soup raises BPA levelsEating even moderate amounts of canned soup significantly increases exposure to Bisphenol-A according to a new study published Tuesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: Survival Preparedness for Winter Weather

Other News Ore. governor bans death penalty for rest of term
Prospect: Sandusky's Victim One Bullied out of School   
CNN: Texas court suspends judge taped beating daughter - Judge William Adams, who made national headlines after the release of a 2004 video of him beating his then-teenage daughter, has been suspended  HuffingtonPost: Sarah Palin Hacking Trial: Husband Todd Paid By Government To Attend Despite not Testifying  
Slate: Porn That Women Like: Why Does It Make Men So Uncomfortable?
USAToday: US sues Utah over new immigration law

NewYorkDailyNews: Romney launches 'misleading' attack on Obama
NBC: FACT CHECK: Hyperbole on terror interrogations
Michele Bachmann did not intend to be taken literally when she told the Republican presidential debate Tuesday that civil-liberties activists have taken over the interrogation of terrorists from the CIA. But even as a rhetorical point, it didn't hold water.
Her hyperbole on the American Civil Liberties Union was one of the more notable stretches in the national security and foreign policy debate. A look at some of the claims and how they compare with the facts:
CNN: First on CNN: Key social conservatives secretly meet to stop Romney in Iowa

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Anti-foaming agent found in Chicken McNuggets 
TinFoilPalace; Russia Reports U.S. Earthquakes Were Nuke Attacks on Underground Tunnel - 08.24.11
TheOilAge: US/IMF to "rescue" Europe.. with water pistols 
TheOilAge: Hackers destroyed a pump used by a US water utility 
HubbertsArms: Fukushima: “China Syndrome Is Inevitable” … “Huge Steam Explosions”, “Massive Hy  
HubbertsArms: Three things to check off your list before 2012 …  
SilentCountry: 75% drop in living standards?
SilentCountry: Alert the One Percenters - Titleist is Laying off Workers at its

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