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Breaking News Thurs. Dec. 15, 2011

Here's something worth thinking about, from the Ozarker
Washington'sBlog: High-Level American Officials Admit that the United States Uses False Flag Terror … And Warn of Future Attacks
and this from RJ.
JDeaniCite: Obama administration backs bill authorizing indefinite military detention of US citizens
Put them together and it spells bad news for America. Here's how I think it will go down, They'll do the first one, and use the second one. Easy-peezey! Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? (that's sarcasm) 

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DesdemonaDespair: In Japan, killing whales matters more than saving people
MSNBC: Wild monkeys to help detect radiation from crippled Fukushima nuclear plant
Global Conflict
USAToday: U.S. war in Iraq officially ends 
Guardian: US exit from Iraq: 'this is not a withdrawal, this is an act on a stage'
Telegraph: Iran to transfer nuclear production across series of secret facilities  - Iran is to transfer its nuclear production across a series of underground and bomb-proof secret facilities as it steps up efforts to thwart an apparent Western sabotage campaign.
One by one, the Marines sat down, swore to tell the truth and began to give secret interviews discussing one of the most horrific episodes of America’s time in Iraq: the 2005 massacre by Marines of Iraqi civilians in the town of Haditha. 
The 400 pages of interrogations, once closely guarded as secrets of war, were supposed to have been destroyed as the last American troops prepare to leave Iraq. Instead, they were discovered along with reams of other classified documents, including military maps showing helicopter routes and radar capabilities, by a reporter for The New York Times at a junkyard outside Baghdad. An attendant was burning them as fuel to cook a dinner of smoked carp. 
BBC: America's war with Iraq over after eight years
TheAtlantic: Video: Welcome to Syria's Civil War
BBC: Picture of China's first refitted warship 'emerges'
BlacklistedNews: Iraqi Deputy PM: Maliki Becoming a ‘Dictator’
TheAtlantic: Iran Waves a Red Cape in Front of the West (UPDATED)
BlacklistedNews: Cheney Urges Attack on Iran to Destroy Lost Drone
RawStory: Iraqis burn U.S. flags to celebrate troop pullout
USAToday: US House passes $662 billion defense bill
Telegraph: Chinese government vows to hunt down rebel village 'leaders'  - The Chinese government has vowed to hunt down and "severely punish" the men it believes are leading a rebellion in Wukan, the southern village that is now on the fifth day of a police siege.  
BBC: Who, What, Why: How useful is a captured drone?

BBC: Syria 'authorised forces to shoot to kill' in crackdown - Syrian soldiers said their commanders told them to stop anti-government protests "by all means necessary", Human Rights Watch has said. 
WashingtonPost: Marines promoted inflated story for Medal of Honor recipient
FDL: US Drones Keep Falling Out of the Sky David Dayen, Firedoglake
JDeaniCite: Inside Wukan: the Chinese village that fought back - For the first time on record, the Chinese Communist party has lost all control, with the population of 20,000 in this southern fishing village now in open revolt.
CNN: Syrian defectors tell of orders to kill and torture protesters
Hosted: Vandals torch second Palestinian mosque 
VancouverSun: Jewish extremists attack Jerusalem mosque
Hacker News
Telegraph: Leveson Inquiry: I showed James Murdoch hacking email, says News of the World legal chief
James Murdoch was shown a “damning” email suggesting that phone hacking was widespread at the News of the World more than three years ago, the Leveson Inquiry has heard.

Financial News
Reuters: Exclusive: Regulators know where MF Global funds went - Regulators now have a more complete picture of money transfers in the final days of bankrupt brokerage MF Global, but must sort out which transactions were legitimate before more money can be released to customers, a top official told Reuters on Wednesday.
Zerohedge: David Stockman's Thoughts on the Coming European Train Wreck
CNNMoney: Foreclosures fall, but outlook isn't bright
Time: As the Crisis Refuses to Calm, Scenarios of Euro Collapse Appear
DailyBail: Senators Say Bernanke Promises Fed Won't Bailout Europe
CNBC: Gov. Shutdown Looms as US Tax Fight Gets Nastier
BusinessInsider: Foreign Investment In China Fell For The First Time Since 2009
Guardian: EU tensions between UK and France rise as Cameron agitates treaty deal  - Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly calls British prime minister 'an obstinate kid' over EU summit veto
Zerohedge: Game Theory Over: Bank Of France's Noyer Says Britain Should Be Downgraded, Not France
BusinessInsider: The 99-Week Ceiling On Jobless Benefits May Fall To 79 Weeks Or Even 59 Weeks
Reuters: Republicans push $915 billion spending bill
MacroBusiness: France is next 
TheAtlantic: Is Big Government or Big Business the Bigger Threat?
CapitalSpectator: Inflation's Split Personality - Inflation hawks have been telling us for some time now that dramatically higher inflation is just around the corner. Eventually they'll be right, but not yet. 
MarketWatch: Global economic tornado befuddles Israel
BusinessInsider: WAKE UP: The Government Might Really Shut Down This Time  - It's a scene that's repeated itself at least three times this year — the government is hours from a shutdown, and congressional lawmakers remain far apart on an agreement. But this time, it just might happen. Much of the federal government will shut down early Saturday morning if lawmakers can't pass a nearly $1 trillion spending bill, or a short-term stop gap.

CNNMoney: Bernanke worried Europe could hurt U.S.
BusinessInsider: MILLIONAIRE'S ISLAND: A Simple Example Of Why 'Rich People' Don't Create Jobs
AlephBlog: Peak Credit - We’ve heard about “peak oil.”  We’ve heard about other resources, and how production will decline over time. But what of credit? It isn’t that hard to create, but it is hard to create well, particularly when debt levels are high, as in this environment. 
Telegraph: China’s epic hangover begins - China's credit bubble has finally popped. 
BlacklistedNews: The Collapse Of The Euro, The Death Of The Euro And The End Of The Euro
Bloomberg: China to Impose Anti-Dumping Duties on GM, U.S. Cars - China announced plans to impose anti-dumping duties on some vehicles imported from the U.S. after failing to block a U.S. tariff on Chinese tires. Punitive duties will be as high as 12.9 percent for autos from General Motors Co. (GM) and 8.8 percent for Chrysler Group LLC, China’s commerce ministry said today on its website.
NationalJournal: What If Lehman Happened Today? - Gary Gensler is no one’s idea of a biblical David. But Gensler, chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, is fighting Goliath, and not just one Goliath—he’s challenging several at once.
CuriousCapitalist: Realtor Revise: Housing Downturn Was Worse Than We Thought
BusinessInsider: CHAOS IN WASHINGTON: Obama Calls On Congress To Pass Short Term Spending Bill As Negotiations Stall
CNBC: Debt Crisis Pushes Economies to The Edge: Poll
Survey: CEOs foresee no hiring pickup next 6 months
Time: As the Crisis Refuses to Calm, Scenarios of Euro Collapse Appear
MarketWatch: Is the government lying to us about the economy?
CapitalSpectator: Jobless Claims Drop To The Lowest Level Since May 2008 - Now we’re getting somewhere. Initial claims for new jobless benefits fell last week by a hefty 19,000 to settle at a seasonally adjusted 366,000. That’s the lowest tally since May 2008, which is to say before the Lehman implosion that turned a financial problem into a macro crisis.
NYT: Extension of Payroll Tax Cut Seen as Potential Peril to Social Security
Bloomberg: France Braces for Cut in AAA Debt Rating as Noyer Takes a Swipe at Britain - French leaders are girding for the loss of the nation’s top credit grade, with the central bank governor taking a swipe at Britain as he called debt-rating companies “incomprehensible and irrational.”

Peak oil and Energy News
CNBC: Oil Settles Under $95, Pushed Down By OPEC Deal
MiamiHerald: Iran: Saudis not compensating If Tehran sanctioned - OPEC agreed to keep crude output at a daily 30 million barrels Wednesday but left it up to its 12 members to voluntarily honor that ceiling without overshooting it.

SFGate: Oil Surges on Speculation of Supply Disruption, U.S. Stimulus
SeattleTimes: Shell gambles billions in Arctic Alaska oil push  - Standing in front of a brightly colored, 3-D image of the geology far below the floor of the Chukchi Sea, Steve Phelps pointed to the "giant opportunity" that has prompted Shell Oil to pour billions of dollars into the Alaska Arctic.

SeattleTimes: IEA warns high oil prices threaten global economy  - High oil prices threaten to worsen a global economic slowdown and crude producers should consider boosting output, the chief economist for the International Energy Agency said Wednesday.
Zerohedge: Citi Predicts Gold At $3400 In "The Next Two Years", Potential For Move As High As $6000
Mineweb: Gold plunges as much as 3.5% on technical selloff
Mineweb: Battle lines drawn in gold price direction predictions 

Environmental News
ExtinctionProtocol: Thousands of birds crash into Walmart parking lot but wildlife expert’s explanation for the event makes even less sense
MotherJones: What if you came home and found a baby seal sleeping on your couch? It might look LIKE THIS:  - A baby fur seal crawled through the cat flap of a New Zealand home, hopped up on the sofa and fell asleep.
BusinessInsider: Brazil Sues Oil Giant Chevron For $10.85 Billion Over Offshore Leak
ExtinctionProtocol: Researchers shocked to find thousands of spewing methane fountains in Arctic region - Methane bubbles seen rising below the ice in the Siberian Ice shelf 
DesdemonaDespair: Giant algae bloom destroys Texas oyster crop – ‘We’ve never seen anything like this before’
ScientificAmerican: U.S. Exempts Species Classified as Endangered in the Rest of the World - In the last few months the Western black rhino and the South Florida Rainbow Snake have gone extinct, as far as official recordkeepers are concerned. Less than 3,200 tigers remain as human development, pollution and climate change impinge on ever narrowing habitats.
ExtinctionProtocol: Freak weather blamed for apples falling from the sky over Coventry, UK
MSNBC: New species found ... and lost?

America in Decline
Spiegel: US Determined to Punish Bradley Manning
HuffingtonPost: For Families On Welfare, Few Protections From Theft And Fraud 
Guardian: Revealed: Huge Increase In Executive Pay For America's Top Bosses- Chief executive pay has roared back after two years of stagnation and decline. America's top bosses enjoyed pay hikes of between 27 and 40% last year, according to the largest survey of US CEO pay. The dramatic bounceback comes as the latest government figures show wages for the majority of Americans are failing to keep up with inflation.

HuffingtonPost: Indefinite Military Detention Of U.S. Citizens Is A Win For Terrorists, Former Admiral Says
BlacklistedNews: Explaining to a 5-Year Old Why the Indefinite Detention Bill DOES Apply to U.S. Citizens on U.S. Soil
BlacklistedNews: Ron Paul: Obama pushing ‘martial law,’ Holder should be ‘fired’
LegitGov: White House Lifts Veto Threat of Defense Bill
AlJazeera: US anti-terrorism bill: Liberty vs security - Is the principle of indefinite detention without trial now an accepted and permanent part of American life? Census shows 1 in 2 people are poor or low-income
BlacklistedNews: Rise Of The Beast System: 11 Ways That Amerika Is Becoming More Like North Korea  
Esquire: Income Inequality Is a Symptom, Not the Disease - On the front page of the business section in today's New York Times, poverty and class reporter Jason DeParle applies the Timesian massage to the news that the recession has put something of a crimp in the incomes of the upper one percent of our fellow Americans and that, because their income has "slipped," on average, from $1.4 million a year in 2007 to $957,000 in 2009, the problem of income inequality in this country is getting better all the time. 
TriCitiesNews: Southern Baptist publisher recalls pink Bibles - NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- The Southern Baptist Convention's publishing division is recalling pink Bibles, saying some of the money raised through their sale was being given to Planned Parenthood.

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Global Wheat Stocks are at their Highest Level in Twelve Years - All three categories have increased: global wheat production, global wheat consumption, and global wheat supply or stocks.
EnergyBulletin: Soaring Oil and Food Prices Threaten Affordable Food Supply

Science and Technology
TechReview: New Camera Captures Light in Motion - The system records 0.6 trillion frames a second—good enough to follow the path of a laser beam as it bounces off objects.
Wired: Spiders' Hundreds of Fine Hairs Are Hundreds of Ears
RedditScience: Scientists develop cotton fabric that cleans itself of stains and bacteria when exposed to ordinary sunlight.
PopSci: Amazon Software Knows Where You Are, Predicts Where You'll Go Next 
CNN: Online piracy laws must preserve Web freedom
MSNBC: 100 years on, Antarctic science going strong  - It's one of the primary drivers of human activity on the continent

Medical and Health
NYT: Nearly 1 in 5 Women in US Survey Say They Have Been Sexually Assaulted
NYT: Lawmakers Offer Bipartisan Plan to Overhaul Medicare
LAT: Matters of life & death: Having to think about the unthinkable
MSNBC: Woman gets kidney after posting Craigslist ad 
CNN: CDC: Health reform extends coverage to young Americans
CNN: Survey: 1 in 3 women affected by partner's violent behavior

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: Safecastle Contest – Submit an Article
here's a good doomer skill to have if ever there was one!
BBC: In pictures: How to roll a Cuban cigar
ModernSurvivalBlog: Holiday Gun Sales are Smashing Records
CBSNews: Sisters survive deadly attack at Utah cabin

Other News
LAT: Tanker truck explodes in fireball on 60 Freeway
DailyMail: Girls are no worse than boys at maths
Good: The Vicious Cycle of Status Envy: Why We Buy Things We Can't Afford
Guardian: Chinese fugitive evades police for 13 years – by becoming TV actor  - Ji Siguang, who was playing a Buddhist monk in the series Shaolin Tigers, arrested over 1998 assault of police officer
BBC: Toxic alcohol kills 102 in India
NPR: Death Sentences Drop To Historic Lows  
CNN: Vermont fraternity suspended over rape survey  - The University of Vermont's Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity is under investigation after a survey surfaced online asking fraternity brothers who they would rape.
LAT: Pakistan police rescue chained students from madrasa

WashingtonPost: Ron Paul: The Alternative Candidate is a force to be reckoned with
ChicagoTribune: Is the GOP handing Obama another term?
NPR: Democrats Abandoning Millionaire Surtax Proposal
NYT: Gingrich Stance Summons Cold War, but Enemy Is Iran 

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Double Rainbow
TinfoilPalace: Anyone Heard of UFO - Area 51 Disclosure guy, Ed Fouche?
TheOilAge: What a Way to Go - now on YouTube - MUST SEE 
TheOilAge: Grim News: Reaper Down 
HubbertsArms: Wow, Rachel Maddow swings for the fence, knocks it outta the park. HubbertsArms: What Is The Best Country In The World For Americans To Relocate To 
SilentCountry: Okay... Amazon is Getting Creepy.
SilentCountry: 'Matrix'-Style Learning Implants New Skills in Brain

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