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From the good folks at Reality Zone, (I've added Reality Zone to the links of interest section on the right! thanks for the link RJ!) we have a list of the reptilian senators that voted FOR dictatorship and the unlimited detention of American citizens.
May all those bastards rot, or burn, depending on whichever works best, in hell.

The names of those who voted for INDEFINITE DETENTION !

Thanks to RJ  at Global Glass Onion and  the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer,  for their contributions and help.RJ will have his excellent weekly wrap up posted later today and be sure to stop by the Ozarker's blog to see what she has for us this week! She posts on Saturday afternoon usually, so don't forget!

Posted at Silent Country this morning

 SilentCountry: Christopher Hitchens, RIP

DesdemonaDespair: First debris from Japan tsunami reaches Olympic Peninsula
NPR: Japanese Officials Declare 'Cold Shutdown' Of Crippled Reactors

Global Conflict
BusinessInsider: This Single Picture Sums Up The Iraq Being Left Behind By The U.S.
 image was removed from Business Insider but is at Gregg Carlstrom's twitter.
Tweeted by Al Jazeera journalist Gregg Carlstrom from the "end of Iraq war" ceremony yesterday, this shot shows two "full bird" Army colonels sitting a few rows behind Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki's seat. Under all the VIPs names are bunker assignments telling them where to hide if they were attacked by mortars.
CSMonitor: Exclusive: Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer - In an exclusive interview, an engineer working to unlock the secrets of the captured RQ-170 Sentinel says they exploited a known vulnerability and tricked the US drone into landing in Iran.
Guardian: Last Post in Iraq: this is the death knell of the American empire -  What was intended to be a demonstration of power turned into the most costly boomerang in history, in both blood and treasure 
BlacklistedNews: Iraq: An Army of Soldiers to be Replaced by an Army of Businessmen
Time: Ten Grim Lessons Learned From the Iraq War 
CSMonitor: Exclusive: Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer
TheAtlantic: Chinese Protesters Take Over Their Town: Why Beijing Should Expect More
ABCNews: Hundreds Rally in Baghdad Against Iranian Exiles  - Friday's demonstrators in Baghdad demanded the Iranians be evicted because their group — the People's Mujahedeen Organization of Iran, which seeks to overthrow Tehran's clerical rulers — is considered by some to be a terrorist organization.

Gaddafi's killing may be a war crime (ya think?): International Criminal Court  - Luis Moreno Ocampo of the ICC said Thursday he sent a letter to the head of the National Transitional Council asking what the government's plans are to investigate alleged war crimes by all parties, including the rebels
Guardian: Russia seizes radioactive material in luggage bound for Tehran - Russian customs service said material found after alarm triggered at Sheremetyevo international airport in Moscow
A Sheremetyevo airport customs spokeswoman said the material had been identified as sodium-22 but gave no other details.
Sodium-22 is a radioactive isotope of sodium that can be used in medical equipment. 
TheNewYorker: The New Censorship in Egypt
BusinessInsider: Russia Says UN Resolution Sends 'Clear Signal' to Syrians 
the Ozarker pointed something interesting out today, check out the same story from two different sources.  Interesting, isn't it? there's also another link around here somewhere to the story in the Guardian.
CNN: Russia seizes radioactive objects from flight to Iran 
MSNBC: Iran-bound radioactive material seized at airport, Russia says
CNN: Homs: Bloody winter in Syria's revolution capital
Occupy Goes Home - A cold, persistent rain fell on East New York last Tuesday as a crowd of hundreds snaked its way through the Brooklyn2 neighborhood, filled the street, and filed past blocks scabbed with vacant, boarded buildings. By design, the front of the procession was dominated by local residents and community activists. But the bulk of the crowd was made up of people who had probably never been so far out on the 3 line before: displaced residents of Zuccotti Park3 marching under the banner of Occupy Wall Street4. The marchers made frequent stops outside vacant foreclosed homes and marked them with black-and-yellow-striped tape that read "Occupy." At one stop, a young man named Quincy5 stood on a stoop and told the crowd he was slated for eviction that very day. City Councilmember Charles Barron6, speaking for the crowd, said, "We are not going to let this young man lose his home today." Quincy wept. The final destination of the march was a secret to all but a few until the crowd turned up Vermont Avenue, where balloons and banners outside number 702 heralded a housewarming party.
LAWeekly: Occupy LA Plans to ‘Occupy ICE’ at Downtown Federal Building: Immigrant Crackdowns to be Protested 
CorrenteWire: Police raid Oakland’s #Aquapy (a tweet compilation).

Hacker News
Guardian: How James Murdoch’s phone-hacking cover-ups went belly-up

Financial News
NYT: Lawmakers Agree on Spending Bill, Avoiding Shutdown
Zerohedge: Fitch Downgrades 8 Global Banks Including BNP, SocGen, BofA, Deutsche, And Morgan Stanley
ProjectSyndicate: Fragile and Unbalanced in 2012 - Nouriel Roubini -The outlook for the global economy in 2012 is clear, but it isn’t pretty: recession in Europe, anemic growth at best in the United States, and a sharp slowdown in China and in most emerging-market economies. 
Krugman: Way Off Baseline - Oh, my. Jonathan Chait — who reads National Review so that the rest of us don’t have to — finds a former Bush budget aide claiming that Obama must be responsible for the deficit, because back in 2008 the CBO projected a surplus. I suspect, however, that Chait is being too charitable in calling this guy ignorant.
Economix: After All This Time, Americans Still See the World as a Glass Half-Full
Krugman: G.O.P. Monetary Madness - Apparently the desperate search of Republicans for someone they can nominate not named Willard M. Romney continues.
WSJ: Congress Blinks on Shutdown -Congressional leaders—fearful of voters' wrath over Washington's bickering and brinkmanship—stepped back Thursday from a possible government shutdown, clearing the way for extending a payroll tax cut that is set to expire at year's end.
Guardian: Are we really heading for a second Great Depression? - IMF chief Christine Lagarde is right to be worried about potential economic doomsday scenarios – but the Europe of 2011 is very different to that of the 1930s
Zerohedge: Hungarian Rescue Talks Fail
Hosted: China trims holdings of US Treasury debt 
MarketWatch: No quick fix for euro crisis in 2012  - It’s Merkel vs. markets as Germany leads long slogZerohedge: Australian Banks Given One Week To Prepare For European "Meltdown"
Telegraph: France is staring into the abyss over eurozone crisis  - France is staring into the abyss today, facing fundamental challenges to its political and economic status, and perhaps even its idea of itself as exceptional and, yes, a little better than the rest of us.
WashingtonPost: U.S., China embroiled in trade spat over chicken feet
CNNMoney: Stocks: Bracing for choppiness
NYT: As Sales Lag, Stores Shuffle the Calendar - When is the final Saturday before Christmas? Don’t bother consulting a calendar if you’re shopping at Macy’s, Sears or J. C. Penney. They’ve moved it forward a week.
Politico: Treat foreclosure as a crime scene - Bubbling under the surface of politics is the foreclosure crisis — where the power of big finance is brushing up against the rule of law.
BusinessInsider: Irish Economy Shrinks 1.9% — Has Its Worst Quarter Since Q1 2009
BusinessInsider: The 99-Week Ceiling On Jobless Benefits May Fall To 79 Weeks Or Even 59 Weeks
BusinessInsider: MISS: November Industrial Production Fell 0.2%: Not good. Industrial Production fell 0.2% in November. Economists were expecting 0.2% increase.
Guardian: US threatens tariff war with China  - White House suggests it may retaliate after Chinese impose series of tariffs on SUVs and other large cars from US
Reuters: S&P cuts 10 Spanish banks 
Guardian: Eurozone crisis live: IMF's Lagarde warns of return to Great Depression - 15 December 2011
MomeyWatch: Iraq war ends with a $4 trillion IOU  - Veterans’ health care costs to rise sharply over the next 40 years
Reuters: NYC faces "extreme" risk from Europe's debt crisis
Telegraph: Euro Zone Deal Runs Into Second Thoughts
SeattleTimes: Congress weighing length of jobless benefits - Is there any downside to extending federal jobless benefits, as Congress is about to do? The benefits are a crucial lifeline to the longtime unemployed. But they also can be a disincentive to looking for work and prolong joblessness, economists say, as lawmakers weigh shortening them.

Peak oil and Energy News
EnergyBulletin: US study casts pall over BC's shale gas biz Escaping the Oil Curse - Libyans have a new lease on life, a feeling that, at long last, they are the masters of their own fate. Perhaps Iraqis, after a decade of warfare, feel the same way. Both countries are oil producers, and there is widespread expectation among their citizens that that wealth will be a big advantage in rebuilding their societies.
WashingtonPost: Most of the world’s oil comes from aging fields
ScientificAmerican: China Scales Up Solar Power by 50 Percent
ViableOpposition: The Future of Oil - 2010 to 2035 - Now that we've seen West Texas Intermediate prices flirting with the $100 a barrel mark yet again and OPEC maintaining its production level at 30 million BOPD, I thought that it was time to take a look at the latest World Energy Outlook (2011) from the International Energy Agency (IEA) and see what they predict for the world's energy markets, focussing on oil, for the next 25 years.
Politico: House, Senate pass wrong pipeline safety bill
IBTimes: ExxonMobil Reconsidering Kurdish Exploration Deal, Says Iraq
VancouverSun: Energy board lays out requirements for Arctic oil drilling
IBTimes: ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil Big Spenders In Gulf Oil Lease Sale

Mineweb: Despite rebound, gold on track for worst week in 3 months
IBTimes: Prices of Iron Ore to hit $150 per Metric Ton Average Predicted in 2012

Environmental News

ScientificAmerican: Caught on Video: A Himalayan Glacier Deflates
SOTT: India - Bird deaths: 250 crows die in Hazaribagh; samples sent to diagnose disease
DesdemonaDespair: Climate change blamed for dead trees in Africa – ‘Whole groups of species are dying out’ 
ExtinctionProtocol: Birds accused of losing bearings in New Mexico and flying into trucks- 50 found dead 
ThinkProgress: Climategate Investigation Warms Up Globally: UK Police Seize TallBloke's Computers, DOJ Tells U.S. Denier to Preserve Records SUNGRAZING COMET SURVIVES: Sungrazing Comet Lovejoy has confounded the experts and survived its close encounter with the sun.  Last night, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded amazing movies of the comet entering and exiting the sun's atmosphere. Comet Lovejoy's scorched remnant is now receding from the sun in full view of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. 
TransitionVoice: We messed up, but you can still save the planet
Your generation has been brought up to believe in the power of personal choice – as long as it is confined to the marketplace. You have almost unimaginable freedom to do anything you want, except have any real power in the world.
Mind you, we’ve left you with some cool stuff – you’ve got iPods and rock’n’roll, so you can listen to songs about love, freedom and sex while the world falls apart. Until the batteries run out.
While you’ve been playing, we’ve been using the atmosphere as a trash can, dumping the carbon left over after we burned the fuel to make your toys dance. We’ve now stolen the very air you breathe, polluting a future that most of my generation will never see.
Sorry about that.

Independent: Shock as retreat of Arctic sea ice releases deadly greenhouse gas 
- Russian research team astonished after finding 'fountains' of methane bubbling to surface
America in Decline
MattWeidner: Amerika 2.0- Concentration Camps and Indefinite Detention of American Citizens  - Fighting For The American People: - More proof of the totalitarianism that now suffocates the formerly free United States of America was just announced yesterday, when Obama abandoned the suggestion that he might give some passing thought to the United States Constitution. The Constitution is Dead. America is Dead. We now officially live in a dangerous and terrifying new world. But you wouldn’t know a thing of it if you watched the 6:00 news or read your local newspaper. Instead you’ve got to dig deep or read what news organizations around the world are saying. Look around at so many other things and ask basic questions. Like, why has the federal bureau of prisons embarked on a wild land buying and prison building spree that vastly increases the amount of acreage they have available for prison facilities when violent crimes are declining? All other areas of the US economy are declining but the domestic crime, detention and torture industries are vastly expanding. Think about it. GuardianUK is the New York Times of the United Kingdom. Highly respected journalism. The headline today ran: AMERICANS FACE GUANTANAMO DETENTION  
The headline from Guardian has been changed and is now...
Guardian: Military given go-ahead to detain US terrorist suspects without trial  - Civil rights groups dismayed as Barack Obama abandons commitment to veto new security law contained in defence bill

Guardian: Pennsylvania police officer filmed firing taser at teenage girl – video - CCTV footage shows a police officer pushing a 14-year-old girl against a parked car and firing a taser at her groin. Shortly before the taser was fired the teenager is seen raising her hands in surrender. She received hospital treatment after the incident in Allentown, Pennsylvania
CNN: Former educators charged in Oklahoma child porn case, authorities say 
CNN: Arizona sheriff rebuts federal allegations of discrimination against Latinos 
DesdemonaDespair: Study: Hunger stalks U.S. cities as poverty rises 
TheNation: Our Frayed Social Safety Net, in 8 Infographics - Everyone from the 99 Percenters to the Have-Plenty knows it: ours is a highly unequal society. And a highly unequal society demands a robust social safety net. Do we have one? Not so much. Take a look:
BeforeItsNews: 50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe

Food and Water
TruthOut: EXCLUSIVE: Under Industry Pressure, USDA Works to Speed Approval of Monsanto's Genetically Engineered Crops

BlacklistedNews: Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Crops Leading to Mental Illness, Obesity BigPictureAgriculture: Trend: Farms with over $1 Million in Production Continue to Gain Market Share
FarmWars: Call to Action: Researchers Needed for Non-GMO Seed Project!
BigPictureAgriculture: Corn, the Nutrient Hungry Crop - Farmers applied roughly two-thirds of all nutrients on corn, wheat, soybean, and cotton fields, but the portion going to all other crops increased.
BBC: The scandal of the Alabama poor cut off from water - Banks stand to lose millions of dollars in debt repayments if the biggest municipal bankruptcy in American history is allowed to proceed. But the real victims of the financial collapse in the US state of Alabama's most populous county are its poorest residents - forced to bathe in bottled water and use portable toilets after being cut off from the mains supply.
CommonDreams: Food Industry Brings Bitter Harvest to Child Cocoa Laborers

SeattleTimes: Texas drought takes cow numbers down by 600K  - The worst drought in Texas' history has led to the largest-ever one-year decline in the leading cattle-state's cow herd, raising the likelihood of increased beef prices as the number of animals decline and demand remains strong.

Science and Technology
BlacklistedNews: The Carrier IQ conspiracy Slashdot: US Sentinel Drone Fooled Into Landing With GPS Spoofing
DeclineoftheEmpire: Techo-Optimists Running Wild! (a really good read!)
Fox: Censoring Clicks or Saving the Web? SOPA Hearing May Shape Net's Future
RedditScience: Scientists report first solar cell producing more electrons in photocurrent than solar photons entering cell
PopSci: Chimps are Unnecessary for Most Research and Should Be Used Sparingly, Report Says
BostonGlobe: Brothers create computer data sifter
CosmicLog: NASA revises its spaceship plans
MSNBC: FBI contacted phone monitoring firm about software  - But Carrier IQ exec says agency hasn't sought or obtained any info from them

Medical and Health
LegitGov: Hong Kong school closed in bird flu scare
RedditScience: People find alcohol sweeter in noisy environments, which might drown out our ability to judge how much we’re drinking
PopSci: Wound-Treating Jelly Regenerates Fresh, Scar-Free Skin
CBS: White House blasts new Medicare overhaul proposal as "radical"
TulsaWorld: More young adults on parents' insurance plans
MSNBC: Lingering shortage of ADHD drugs unravels lives
MSNBC: Walk 3 mph or faster to outpace the Grim Reaper, scientists say

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: A Nation Cannot Survive Treason From Within
ModernSurvivalBlog: Carbon Monoxide, Winter’s Silent Killer
Zerohedge: Guest Post: The Poor Man’s Guide To Survival Gear

Other News
CBSNews: Penn State's McQueary: I saw Sandusky molest boy
McClatchy: Wis. woman, 84, stands firm against voter-ID law
Hosted: Europol says major child pornography ring busted - Police arrested 112 people in 22 countries after a yearlong investigation into child pornography, Europol said Friday, warning that technology is making combating the spread of child abuse images ever more difficult.
BBC: Dozens arrested in Europe over child pornography ring
MetroUK: Dwarves dumped by Wolverhampton Snow White panto to cut costs - A cash-strapped Wolverhampton theatre has cut seven dwarves from its panto production of Snow White in favour of children in a remarkable cost-cutting exercise.
Newsday: Riverhead students suspended for 'Tebowing'
WashingtonPost: Authorities: Defendant in sex misconduct trial shoots prosecutor, 2 others at ...
MSNBC: Protection racket over snacks? 5 bodies found at Mexico student group's HQ
MSNBC: As Manning heads to trial over WikiLeaks, new push for whistleblower protections

WashingtonPost: A nation of populists and class warriors - Pew Research has just released the most detailed polling I’ve seen yet on Occupy Wall Street, economic fairness, rising inequality, and the lack of Wall Street accountability. If these numbers don’t put an end to the nonsense about how Dems risk alienating the “middle of the country” by embracing a populist “class warfare” message, nothing will:

WSJ: Fire Bernanke? Not So Fast, Mr. Gingrich - The American Spectator, a conservative opinion publication, points out that Newt Gingrich’s promise to fire Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke isn’t as easily executed as the Republican presidential candidate has often made it sound on the stump: "If Gingrich wanted Bernanke gone and Bernanke refused, Gingrich would be faced with two options. The first would be to initiate legal action against Bernanke. The Federal Reserve Act, in section 10.2, stipulates that a governor can only be ‘removed for cause,’ or for some malfeasance. Removing Bernanke for cause, however, would involve proving wrongdoing of some kind, and the process would ultimately be decided by employment lawyers and the legal system, not by Gingrich alone … The other option available to Gingrich would be, simply, to amend the Federal Reserve Act to allow the president to fire the Fed chairman at his discretion … Of course, moving legislation through Congress is vastly more complicated than simply firing an underling.” In recent interviews, Mr. Gingrich has seemed to concede that the second cumbersome course is the one he would have to choose. But the courts have set a high hurdle...
Gawker: All Your Rick Perry Gay Sex Rumors Collected in One Handy Book
MSNBC: Romney's missing hard drives raise questions over government records
Reuters: Romney back in front-runner mode in Republican race
TheNewYorker: Here Comes Ron Paul
BusinessInsider: Bottom Line From Last Night's Debate: Gingrich Couldn't Take The Heat, And Romney's Back On Top
TruthOut: Lee Fang, News Analysis: “Gingrich publicly acknowledged his extramarital sin to then-Focus on the Family leader James Dobson in 2007. Dobson asked if the rumors were true, that Gingrich pursued the Clinton impeachment while carrying on with an affair with a young congressional aide (now Gingrich's third wife, Callista). ‘There’s certainly times when I’ve fallen short of God’s standards,’ he confessed during the on air interview. ‘Do you understand the word repentance?’ barked Dobson.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: David Wilcock: The Book of Maklumat, The Book of Codes THE BIGGEST SECRET IS OUT 

TinfoilPalace: Oh exciting news...
TheOilAge: The Hundred Million Dollar Penny 
TheOilAge: All In Bet - Defcon 1 Flashing  
HubbertsArms: The Political New Math: 6 > 100,000,000  
HubbertsArms: Reuters: Libya names 10 winners for its 2012 oil supplies.   
HubbertsArms: The Surveillance Noose Tightens: Cashless Voice Recognition System
SilentCountry: "Take All Their Oil" 
SilentCountry: We are too stupid to believe

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