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Check out this story here. It is so tragic and frightening, and so strange.
Guardian: At least two killed as three buildings collapse in Rio de Janeiro
Witnesses heard loud bang before the three buildings in central Rio collapsed almost simultaneously
According to authorities the three buildings – with 18, 10 and four floors respectively – collapsed almost simultaneously sending rubble crashing down into the street and creating a giant cloud of dust and cement.
Witnesses said they heard a loud bang before the buildings crumbled.
CNN: 3 dead, 19 missing in Rio building collapse

Extra Special thanks to RJ at the Global Glass Onion and the lovely and gentle Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer for their help with links today!

Fukushima's animals abandoned and left to die

Global Conflict
LegitGov: Prime Minsiter Julia Gillard escorted by riot police amid angry Australia day protests in Canberra
SOTT: Australians chase their prime minister out of town
ExtinctionProtocol: A war with Iran will turn Middle East into a firestorm warns U.S. veteran
USAToday: Ahmadinejad: Iran is ready for new nuclear talks with West
Bloomberg: Pentagon Is Said to Seek $525 Billion Budget That Includes Base Closings

VOA: Syrian Troops Storm Protest Hub
CBSNews: Egypt bans Americans from leaving as tensions rise
NYT: Will Israel Attack Iran? 
WSJ: More Drones, Fewer Troops
CNN: Australian PM escorted out of building amid protest 
CNN: Tensions flare over Falkland Islands 
Guardian: Iran won't build nuclear weapon in 2012, says draft Isis report  - Analysis by Institute for Science and International Security says sanctions and threat of Israeli attack are having effect
MSNBC: American writer still being held in Somalia; US rescue for him? 

Occupy D.C. protest draws congressional scrutiny

BlacklistedNews: ACTA has same dangers as PIPA and SOPA

Domestic Financial News
BusinessInsider: Think Twice Before You Cash That Big Fat Insurance Check, You Could Be Footing The BillNo, it's not another $9.8 billion suitcase scenario, but here's a story that had us scratching our heads this week: 
EconomistsView: The Fed will Keep Rates at "Exceptionally Low Levels" Through Late 2014
AdvisorPerspectives: Why Home Prices Have Much Further To Fall
eXiled: Is Progressive Hero Eric Schneiderman Selling Out (Or Getting Sold Out)? A Closer Look At Obama’s New “Financial Fraud” Task Force 
HuffingtonPost: Reuters: Public Citizen, Other Groups Call for U.S. to Break Up Bank of America MIT faculty see promise in American manufacturing
NakedCapitalism: Quelle Surprise! Bank of America Accused of Blocking Arizona AG Investigation
CreditWriteDowns: Geithner tells Bloomberg that Obama will give him the sack if Obama is re-elected 
Bloomberg: Bernanke Makes Case for More Bond Buying 
JAMA: State of the Union—Health Care Cannot Be Ignored -  In almost 7000 words of text, a total of 44 words were spent on the topic, a mere 0.6% for a subject accounting for more than one-sixth of the US economy. Medicare and Medicaid received 1 mention each, in the same sentence. 
CalculatedRisk: Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims increase to 377,000 
Guardian: US Federal Reserve to keep interest rates near zero until 2014 - Federal Reserve Bank's pessimism indicates the economy may not fully recover from the recession for another two years
Forbes: Why Ford Needs To Worry
IBTimes: Bill Gates Says Higher Taxes on Wealthy is 'Justice' 
CNNMoney: Federal student loan rate set to double
Bloomberg: Factory Jobs Obama Wants Are Unlikely to Return in Large Numbers 

Global Financial News
EconomixBlog: How Obama's Tough Talk Plays in China
Guardian: Angela Merkel casts doubt on saving Greece from financial meltdown
TheDenouement: The Specter of Rapid Austerity 
Guardian: Angela Merkel casts doubt on saving Greece from financial meltdown - German chancellor speaks candidly to the Guardian and five other leading European newspapers as part of a unique collaboration to explore the EU's predicament
CNN: Merkel: Germany won't make bailout promises it can't keep 

Peak Oil and Energy News
Oil prices, exhaustible resources, and economic growth .pdf
TheOilDrum: With Gas so Cheap and Well Drilling Down, Why is Gas Production so High?
IBTimes: IMF: Halt in Iran Oil Could Push Crude up 30 pct

Mineweb: Gold at highest since December as Fed view boosts markets

ExtinctionProtocol: Thousands evacuated in NS Wales as torrential rains soak Queensland
DesdemonaDespair: In Mackerel’s plunder, hints of epic fish collapse – ‘We’ve got to fish harder before it’s all gone’ 

America in Decline
NewScientist: FBI releases plans to monitor social networks
WBIR: Parents sacrifice savings to help kids get started  
CharlesHughSmith: The New American Divide
CNN: Judge orders defendant to decrypt laptop - A judge on Monday ordered a Colorado woman to decrypt her laptop computer so prosecutors can use the files against her in a criminal case.
The defendant, accused of bank fraud, had unsuccessfully argued that being forced to do so violates the Fifth Amendment's protection against compelled self-incrimination.
"I conclude that the Fifth Amendment is not implicated by requiring production of the unencrypted contents of the Toshiba Satellite M305 laptop computer," Colorado U.S. District Judge Robert Blackburn ruled Monday (.pdf).

Food and Water
CityFarmer: The Urban Canopy ROOFTOP Farm!

Science and Technology
ANN: Neanderthals engineered stone tools
PopSci: The World's Only Iridescent Mammal Is Blind and Lives Underground

PopSci: Video: Eight Years After Martian Touchdown, Opportunity Rover Soldiers On
MSNBC: Google Maps will now warn you about emergency situations
CNN: Remote tribe has social networks like ours

Medical and Health

Atlantic: The Super-Resistant Bacteria That Has India 'Hell Scared' - Can India's already troubled health system -- much less its political system -- handle the NDM-1?
LegitGov: Morgellons disease probably a delusion, feds say
NYT: Grief Could Join List of Disorders  people are supposed to be happy robots all the time so they can work at Foxconn productivity levels. 
ABCNews: Skin lesions typical of Morgellons, some containing blue fibers. (PLoS One)
NYT: Grieving may be included as part of depression
CNN: 100 dead from suspected tainted heart medicine in Pakistan
CNN: Working long hours doubles depression odds
Vitals: Mystery skin disease Morgellons has no clear cause, CDC study says

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: Your Survival Books?

Other News
LegitGov: Home Secretary reveals strict Olympics rules as 97 Games-related arrests have already been made
NationofChange: Mexican Authorities Discover Child Trafficking Ring  - An alleged illegal adoption ring was uncovered by police in Mexico.  
McClatchy: Judge rules feds did not violate rights of accused Alaska militiaman

ThinkProgress: Gingrich: ‘Most Of The Asians,’ Some Latinos, But Not Many African Americans Understand EntrepreneurshipBusinessWeek: 'Stop-Newt' Republicans Confront Base Unwilling to Take Orders
SunTimes:  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, Obama have intense exchange on tarmac 
NewScientist: Newt 'Lightyear' Gingrich promises moon base by 2020
CBS: Politics Jan Brewer gets an earful from Obama in Ariz. 1 of 9

TinfoilPalace: High protein diet helps weight loss: study 

TinfoilPalace: The Real Neanderthal
TheOilAge: interactive overview:global house prices 
TheOilAge: Spain, Portugal need help 
HubbertsArms: Study points to therapy for radiation sickness 
HubbertsArms: Toronto teens send Lego man into space: video 
SilentCountry: How long would it take Mitt Romney to earn your annual salary? 
SilentCountry: The Wars Come Home: Violent Sex Crimes Committed By Soldiers


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